Packing Light For A Mexican Holiday

I’m in the process of unpacking from my two weeks in Mexico. The first week seemed to pass slowly…but the second week flew past…way too quickly. That’s always the way with my vacations.
For the first several days, we stayed at the Loreto Bay Golf Resort on the Sea of Cortez.

A good book, beautiful scenery, ocean breezes and a comfy chaise lounge in the cool shade of a palapa…is my idea of decompressing. I can’t remember the last time my husband and I had a vacation where nothing is required…except relaxing.

In 2013, Carlos Slim’s conglomerate, Grupo Carso purchased the resort, golf course and surrounding properties.
Two other development companies had gone bankrupt while building this resort community, so the home owners all breathed a huge sigh of relief when Carlos swept in (he is the second richest man in the world) to save the area.

I never tired of the delicious shrimp cocktail they served us poolside. It was filled with large chunks of fresh shrimp, mixed with cucumber and pico de gallo. Served with sliced limes and topped with avocado slices…it was light and refreshing…perfect for mid-day. If it was later in the day, a Margarita was necessary included.
The second day we drove south to Puerto Escondido for a snorkeling trip. The water was crystal clear and smooth as glass. Everyone aboard reported it was the perfect snorkeling day. Lots of fish and sea life to observe.

I don’t do well fry in the sun and I’m not a water person, so I stayed aboard while everyone but the captain and I, went flippers up, into the water.

My weapons of sun defense:

-A white shirt from Solumbra with 55 Sunscreen incorporated right into the fabric.
-SPF 70 sunscreen.
-A hat from Coolibar with 50 SPF.
-Shade from the mast.

I love how cleverly they cut the lime for my Margarita. I had plenty of time to study the technique…but did require a second drink to nail it down.

Two days later we moved into my brothers gorgeous little villa, for the rest of our stay.

The community is filled with cobbled pathways that meander into lushly planted courtyards, gorgeous fountains or sparkling pools to hop in for a quick dip. I loved that the villas were all painted in happy, bright colors.

Each night there was a get together, somewhere in this little community. If not a cocktail party around one of the pools it was a clam bake to welcome a new home owner.

One night we were entertained by the Los Beach Dogs as the sun went down at the “Swing Bar”. The rule here was…if you fell off the swing, while sitting at the bar, your name got written on their large chalk board. There were a lot of names on that chalk board, but not mine.

I realized as I unpacked my bags tonight that I hadn’t worn at least 5 items that I’d carefully allotted for my carry-on only bags. I could have traveled even lighter!

I packed 4 hats, but wore this large one almost exclusively…because it offered the best protection.
My clothes were mostly black and white, so I didn’t need to bring duplicates of my black garments. Of course having access to laundry helped, but even without it, I could have brought less.

There was a small incident during our trip, involving my bangs and a pair of blunt scissors. Sadly, there was no mirror involved. But hey…it’s only hair and I’m now two for two with hair incidents this month.

Yes, I was told to turn off my phone when we took off, but I couldn’t resist taking this picture from the air.


The trip home was fraught with delays and hassles, but I did find an enormous Macaroon at LAX, which helped smooth the trip.



  1. That shrimp cocktail looks delicious especially with the avocado. I too, would have that daily. And I love the ‘sunflower’ lime – very clever.

    I sympathise with you about dealing with the heat. It can be draining on the body when it’s that intense and you can never be too careful about the sun so very sensible to invest in sun protection clothing that’s still stylish. Glad you had a relaxing break.

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