A Grandmother’s Heart Overflowing with Joy

I spent last week with my only/first grandson, James.
I love my entire family, although there is that crazy Uncle …. How I feel about this little fellow is something entirely different. My heart is simply overflowing with love for James. I can’t think of another way to express the feeling.
Did I love my own children this much? Of course I did, but it was love laced with concern. I stressed over the worries all parents have. Am I doing things right? Are they doing what they should, when they should?
While my daughter-in-law was expecting, my friend Cindy, (already a grandmother) predicted I would be forever changed by his birth. I admitted I would love him. Of course I would love him…but he’s just a baby after all! I thought she was a nutty and probably exaggerating.
I was totally unprepared for the intensity of my love for him. It didn’t explode in my heart the day he was born, as it does for parents.

It grew…and keeps growing. Things may change a bit as he enters those inhuman stages all children seem to go through, but I doubt it.

Oh! …were my children the only ones to do that?! Lucky me 🙂 

I am insanely in love with this little fellow. My son and daughter-in-law tell me he loves his Granny. I can’t tell because he’s not talking yet, but I’m doing all I can to be his favorite person in the entire world!

I took Lucy up with me last week. James’ first tug on a puppy beard was gentle and earned him his first puppy “kiss”.
There are so many firsts to enjoy.

 I never knew my own grandparents because we lived on opposite sides of the country.I feel so fortunate to live close enough to watch James grow and share some of these firsts.

James is army crawling all over the place these days, so Granny is arriving next week with this playpen equivalent. Cabinet locks and socket covers are already in place, but this little guy is really moving fast so to save sanity and prevent trips to an emergency room for stitches, this might come in handy.


On an totally unrelated subject,  I had another post partially written on the kindness and unkindness of some blogger comments, when I read  this post by my friend Adrienne today. It’s called “How to be a Happy Blogger”   She has some terrific tips and you should pop over for a read.

In  retrospect, it’s not really that unrelated. It’s about being happy, doing what makes you happy. Filling your heart with joy.

Life throws us all some curve balls. It’s how well we field or duck them, that helps determine our happiness level. As a constant work in progress, I embrace all the tips, help and joy I can. So if you have some to wisdom to share here, please do…I’m all ears!

What fills your heart with pure joy?
Can you arrange to do more of it?

Post Script-
Most of your comments have been removed by an annoyed hacker last summer. When I refused to pay his extortion price for the return of my blog, be began removing comments. Protect you passwords!


  1. I felt the exact feelings you describe! In fact; I am going to do a blog post on the same subject!

    I have pictures documenting every single step and every birth of every one of seven grandchildren!

    Savor every second…..every single second…grandchildren grow five times faster than our children…….(go figure?) I have pictures of them all over my refrigerator at various penny and tiny and middle ages….and NOW>>>>>all of a Sudden! Guess what?

    They can’t stand up in their playhouse; two are 18 years old…(one who picked the playhouse because “there’s even a door for the doggies!”; 4 are 16 years old…sophomores in high school! (thank God 5 of these grandchildren are within a mile of me!); and the “little one” is almost 13! It speeds by at breakneck speed. Not one could even stand up in that playhouse that Victoria picked out 13 years ago!!! Holy cow!!!

    Savor every moment! I did; and it still speeds by so fast your head spins!

    1. It’s amazing how fast the years whip around. It feels like my children were young just a few years ago!! My heart has simply opened up and overflowed with this grandson. They are the best!!!

  2. So funny my Thanksgiving post is about my granddaughter looks to be close in age. You so perfectly described the almost shocking and unprepared for intensity of my love for this child. This is exactly why she is my Thanksgiving post she fills my heart with joy.
    Accidental Icon

    1. They are so special, aren’t they? Happy Thanksgiving!!

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