Inheriting a Love of Books

I haven’t dropped off the map…I’ve just stumbled a little bit.
We spent the last weekend with some friends at Lake Tahoe… which was predictably stunning and allowed us to escape the 100+ temperatures, here at home. Always a nice thing to do.
Just prior to leaving for Tahoe, I had a rather unfortunate encounter with my ottoman. I wish I could say the ottoman jumped out and attacked me. But it’s been in pretty much the same place for 6 years… so this was entirely self-inflicted and falls squarely into the klutz category.
I assumed I’d just broken a toe…which I’ve done before…so I ignored it. Not smart. After limping around all weekend…goggling my pain level… I finally I decided it was more painful than it should be.

I hobbled over to my Dr. where X-rays showed I’d actually broken a bigger bone, deep inside my foot.
Validation and ugly footwear collided in his office.

Couldn’t they have given me a little smaller boot? Apparently not!


I’m supposed to elevate it as much as possible so I’ve caught up on some reading and knitting.
Father’s Day is tomorrow.
My Dad instilled a great love of books and reading in all his children. Every weekend, when I was little, we’d spend hours at the big downtown library. Most evenings he would read fantasy books to my brothers and I. Making the stories come alive for us, long before we could read them ourselves.

When my children were little, we made a weekly trip to the library… each of us filling a canvas bag with new books. My children loved to read!

I adore his eager little expression and tight grip on his book!


I was so happy my daughter-in-law began reading to my grandson James, very early. He adores his books!  In this electronic era,  it’s wonderful to see my love of books passed on to the next generation.
Happy Father’s Day to my son, who celebrates his very first Father’s Day tomorrow. 

It’s heartwarming to watch my son,  parent his little boy. He’s a loving, devoted daddy that James is fortunate to have.

I will be doing a lot of this for the next several weeks. Luckily I’d just picked up a new stack of books from the library and can catch up on some reading.
Are you a fan of library books or do you like to own them?


  1. Diane Blanc says:

    Books are everything to me – mostly I buy them because I turn down page corners and make comments in margins. Used books are a treasure trove and I always have a stack of “waiting to be read” books by my chair and night stand. Diane

  2. I love books. Usually I buy them because it takes so long to get them on a waiting list.

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