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Monday Musings- Crepey Skin, House Update, and Outfit of The Week

Happy Monday, ladies! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. This week, I’m musing about crepey skin, sharing a house update, and the outfit of the week.

Crepey Skin

I’ve noticed the skin on my arms and legs looks more crepey than ever before. My knees have taken on a Shar-Pei appearance that would be funny if it weren’t so discouraging. While updating a post from last year, I was shocked at the difference one year can make! Sun damage, lack of estrogen, aging, stress, lack of hydration, and a host of other factors all contribute to crepey skin which is on display more in the warmer weather.

advanced clinical retinol cream

I’ve always slathered myself with a good moisturizer twice a day, but it’s no longer enough. Retinol products are supposed to help improve its appearance, so I’ve gone back to using this one. The neurotic in me isn’t wild that it contains mineral oil, but it’s cruelty-free and has lots of good stuff like hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, green tea, and camomile for redness. Since I’ll be using it everywhere, I also appreciate its price. This Paulas Choice option has cleaner ingredients but is much more expensive. I’ll finish this tub first before I try other products.

Outfit Of The Week

This week’s outfit features a pair of comfy pants/leggings, easy woven slides, a long linen vest to cover the backside, a woven crossbody, and some fun jewelry. The pieces are in easy-to-wear neutrals that’ll mix and match with lots of other pieces.

outfit of the week

These pants are more like leggings which so many women dread. I think leggings can be worn in a classy way and their success or failure is all in the styling. I ordered these woven sandals in a 9 1/2 and found they run a bit large so I reordered a 9 because they are so comfy!

House Update

bouquet of roses

We’ve decided to redo most of our landscaping. It turns out, the outside house drains bubble up in the middle of the yard instead of draining to the street. No wonder the yard floods when we do get rain. There are two sprinkler systems installed and half of them don’t work. The low spots need a french drain and we need some paths with lighting to navigate the yard safely. We’ll be ripping out ugly bushes, root-bound trees, and adding roses.

What have you tried for crepey skin?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



  1. I know I’m late to the conversation, but fwiw, I’d like to respond to comments on mineral oil. Paula’s Choice debunks the mineral oil myths. The website backs up their information with information from scientific articles. Hope this helps!
    Rating: GOOD
    Mineral Oil Description
    Clear, odorless oil derived from petroleum that is widely used in cosmetics. Despite mineral oil’s association with petroleum and the hype that it’s bad for or ages skin, keep in mind that petroleum is a natural ingredient derived from the earth. Once it’s purified to become mineral oil USP (cosmetics- and pharmaceutical-grade mineral oil), it has no resemblance to the original petroleum and isn’t a source of contaminants.Cosmetics-grade mineral oil and petrolatum are considered the safest, most non-sensitizing moisturizing ingredients ever found. Mineral oil and petrolatum are known to be efficacious in skin replenishing and are also among the most effective, established moisturizing ingredients available. The mineral oil in skincare products is certified as either USP (United States Pharmacopeia) or BP (British Pharmacopeia). It’s completely safe, soothing, non-sensitizing, and perfectly beneficial for skin.
    Mineral Oil References
    Toxicology Letters, October 2017, pages 70-78
    International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 2012, issue 6, pages 511-518
    International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 2007, issue 5, pages 385-390
    European Journal of Ophthalmology, 2007, issue 2, pages 151-159
    Food and Chemical Toxicology, February 1996, issue 2, pages 213-215

  2. My thoughts on skin care products. Use them on one side only and see if you see a difference over time : )

  3. Loved all the skin comments on this post. I’ll definitely try the Advanced Clinical Cream. I have used Paula’s Choice in the past and while I did like all of them, they are pricey. Thanks Jennifer.

  4. I enjoy reading your post every day. You say out loud what I feel so often… I don’t like my crepey skin or the extra skin on my neck. But, I try to remind myself what Betty White said on getting older: “It’s not a surprise, we knew it was coming — make the most of it. So you may not be as fast on your feet, and the image in your mirror may be a little disappointing, but if you are still functioning and not in pain, gratitude should be the name of the game.”

  5. Thank you for posting about dry, wrinkled skin. It has been a problem for me and I appreciate all the input on products and possible solutions.

  6. I’ve noticed in the past two years that some of my body parts have become crepey however in my case I’ve never have been a sun worshiper and though in my mid seventies I connect it with lack of exercise (toning) as I have been plagued with a bad back due to an old injury so have just not been as physically active. With that said; recently I’ve been given the green-light (as have had a few set backs) so have started using a rowing machine again and see where it takes me with hopes there will be an overall improvement both in stamina plus no need for retinol solutions. Keeping my fingers crossed and liking the ‘outfit of the week’. -Brenda-

  7. Christi S. says:

    Thanks for the information! What I do not understand is why hand cream does not have sunscreen. Really! As often as we wash our hands, we couldn’t begin to keep up with just sunscreen (and, the package always says to wash your hands after washing – can’t win). I’m going to try to fix my crepey skin via toning (free weights).

    Good luck with your landscaping. Share photos when completed.

  8. I recently ordered the Advanced Clinical retinol cream from Bed Bath and Beyond for $5.99. Also have been using Gold Bond crepe corrector. I will try anything…..I hate my crepey arms. I can cover up most everything else, but like to wear sleeveless during the summer. I think the gold bond does make a difference, and I”m anxious to see if the Advanced Clinical will show an improvement.

  9. I take my glasses off and my skin looks fine.

    1. I spit out my coffee when I read this!!!! LOL!

    2. Yes Donna!! Up close, my glasses tend to magnify and I don’t need to see that much detail on my face either! 😂
      Love your comment!

    3. Love this attitude Donna

    4. Oh, that is priceless. Thanks!!

    5. Linda Henderson says:

      Good one, Donna.

    6. My grandmother once told me as we age God makes us blind so we can’t see what’s happening to our faces 🙂 🙂

  10. In the reviews of this retinol cream, many customers have asked what the percentage of retinol is in this cream. This question was unanswered each time. I find that many skincare companies are evasive to this question. Please let us know if this product works for you. As you know, we are all looking for answers for crepey skin.

  11. The outfit is really nice. Never owned a white handbag or shoes (except sneakers) because I fear they will become dingy fast and require extra care. I think a fun color would work well. Maybe a periwinkle blue or dark rose/lilac.
    Crepey skin is a huge problem for me this year. It was there for a few years but this year it’s downright unsightly. Mainly the inner upper arms and thighs. And my lower jowl line and neck are sagging. The Strivection neck/chest cream seems to have made a difference in smoothing the skin. It’s not made for the nasal lines but I used it anyway and it smoothed them out. I haven’t tried it on the rest of my body since it’s $100 for a small jar.

  12. I’ve been using the same tub of Advanced Clinicals Retinol Cream on my arms and hands for the past year and will reorder it soon. My upper arms were (are) looking saggy due to weight loss and while I can’t say it’s helped with that I’ve not developed any new age spots on my arms or backs of hands so I consider it a win. I recently bought Alpha Skin Care Revitalizing Body Lotion that contains 12% glycolic acid after hearing good things about its skin smoothing ability. I have pretty sensitive skin so I tread lightly when trying a new product – so far, so good. Dr Dray (dermatologist) on YouTube has convinced me that we don’t always need to spend a lot to get a high quality skin care product. I bet your new landscaping will be gorgeous!

    1. Yes! Alpha Skin Care Renewal Body Lotion made my crepey skin disappear on the backs of my hands & forearms. I graduated to using it on my chest, entire length of legs & arms. I bought it after YT influencer Angie Hot & Flashy recommended it. I recently stopped using it because it’s become difficult to squeeze the lotion out since arthritis has worsened in my hands. I’m going to try to find a pump to use with it. I really don’t want to give it up and it’s now $15 (Subscribe & Save discount) for 12 ozs on Amazon.

  13. I’m open to each and every product/trick for saggy-baggy rippled skin above knees, plucked dead chicken look arms, and orange rind chin skin. Too much time in the sun, too much sugar, too much bad DNA…. I face it every day I look in the mirror. I’m going to start ordering some of the suggestions. Thank you for bringing up the subject and all the helpful comments.

  14. Jan Meyer says:

    I started using Josie Maran Retinol Body Cream helps a lot with crepe forearms. It’s about 45 bucks. It’s on her website. My skin doesn’t react to it and there is little fragrance in it.

    1. The backs of my hands are the next order of business for extra care

      1. I’ve been working on the backs of my hands too Jennifer! I now drive with thin fingerless gloves that I found on Amazon as sun coming through the windshield of the car is something I had never thought about before. And I have become religious about sunscreen.

        I recently purchased CrepeErase from City Beauty. I am super skeptical, but I have to admit that I am seeing a difference on my neck. I just started using it on the underside of my upper arms. Too expensive for the entire body. It just went on sale, so I bought a backup. Like you, I am concerned about products with mineral oil. I bought the Advanced Clinicals once and didn’t realize it had MO, so I threw it away. Then started looking for better options. I am using the retinol hand cream that I purchased from Beauty Pie on my arms. It has a runny consistency that works better as a body lotion than a hand cream and will be repurchasing. I have also purchased retinol from the Inky List and mixed it in with Cerave lotion, which I love. That works well too.

  15. I’ve been using a retinol 0.5 cream on my hands and forearms followed by very good “jao goe oil” (google it) at night which has done wonderful things in 2 months. My chest is another area I’m struggling with significant crepey skin, but that seems to be much more delicate and doesn’t manage the retinol quite as well. This aging thing isn’t for the faint of heart–literally!

  16. Jan Meyer says:

    I started using Josie Maran Retinol Body Cream helps a lot with crepe forearms. It’s about 45 bucks. It’s on her website. My skin doesn’t react to it and there is little fragrance to it.

    1. Thank you, Jan. I love her products

  17. I like your Oootd, but does the tunic bring back memories of the Brownie (Girl Scouts) uniforms of years past?

    1. LOL, I was a Girl Guide and our uniforms were blue.

  18. I am going to try the Advanced Clinicals cream, what a great price! Thanks. I like the outfit of the week but I wouldn’t wear a long vest as I’m just too short. I like wearing leggings to walk in as long as they aren’t too tight. Don’t envy taking on a landscaping job but it has to be done, good luck!

  19. Linda Conner says:

    I’ve been using the Advanced Clinical brand now for a couple of years. I originally found this product line at Ross, and figured I’d give it a try. I’m currently using their Vitamin C cream, the Retinol Cream, and the Hyaluronic Acid cream. I have noticed smoother skin, so I’ll keep using this bargain brand!!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I did see that Hyaluronic Acid version and wondered if I should try it too.

  20. I have been using the Advanced Clinical Retinol Cream for crepey skin on my legs, arms, and chest in the morning. I have used almost one jar, and I am not sure how much it has been helping. As the weather is warming, I will start using Jergens firming sunless tan again.

  21. I really want to try the crepey-skin creme you show, but I hesitate because I live in the sunny southwest where sun-screen would be even more crucial to apply and surely would need to re-apply and daily in order to avoid problems with the retinol. That’s a lot of extra time and product. Do you see a real change in skin appearance with this product?
    Any advice? I would use it on arms and legs.

    1. I’ve just restarted it so will let you know. I also just ordered a few more tops with sun protection factors to help because, yes, sunscreen is even more important when using a retinol.

  22. patricia valentic says:

    My husband is a dermatologist and he thinks the vaccine has made our skin age. We too are crepey. We were not before vaccine. This does not mean we are against vaccine. However, we are apprehensive of fourth booster. We have not decided on this one. I am not trying to influence here. Just reporting our observations and find it interesting that you are seeing your skin age rapidly. patval

    1. Wow! Interesting observation! And scary! What does your husband think of this retinol product? I’m thinking of giving it a try. I’ve noticed the change in the skin on my neck, arms and legs. And it has been rapidly increasing in the last year, since the first vaccines. I’ve attributed it to aging up to this point. But now I wonder! Will definitely check with my dermatologist but won’t be seeing her again until June.

    2. Lynn McClain says:

      The American Academy of Dermatology Association states that the only skin reaction to the Covid vaccine is an external rash that can appear on different parts of the body shortly after injection. It has absolutely no effect on collagen and elastin. It only works on the immune system. Stress and anxiety from the pandemic (or other sources) could affect the aging process.

      1. The stress and anxiety have certainly affected me in many, many ways.

      2. Linda Henderson says:

        Thank you, Lynn.

    3. I had not heard that, but find it fascinating.

    4. I have found the pandemic aging, but it’s due to stress not the vaccine. I find my skin is much drier than it used to be. When it comes to crepey, in particular, I had crepey skin before the pandemic for all the reasons stated by others. I wonder what your husband would make of a really weird change I’ve noticed: I’ve had premature white hair for 35 years, which I let go white during 2020-2021. Now, all of a sudden, new hair around my temples and along the back of my head is growing in black. How’s that for strange!

  23. Just ordered the retinol cream. I need something and love that you do the research for us. BTW-bought the Confidence lipstick and love it! Thank you

    1. I’m so glad you like it. I LOVE that Confidence color and it’s such a great name too 🙂

  24. I also use Gold Bond for crepey skin, and also Jergen’s firming , sunless tanning moisturizing lotion. I think arms look better tanned. I also use dumbbells to keep arms firm. I have to be careful using any retinol, seems like it irritates my skin. Probably a low amount in it so may not bother me.

  25. Love the ootd, so although it’s Norstrom (and therefore not petite-friendly), I’m going to shop my closet to see what I might come up with — everything but the vest I have, but I’ll look for a much shorter one. I’m with SSJ: the sandals detract from the look – too house-slipper-ish for me. And, yes, with aging skin, I’ll go with an elbow length tee. Thanks for the product info!

    1. Elbow-length tees have always been my favorite, now more than ever.

  26. As always, Jennifer, thank you for your skincare tips. I’ve always been fanatical about taking good care of my face and neck—and with good results. However, I’ve ignored moisturizing the rest of my body, resulting in crepey arms creeping up on me and dry skin on my legs. I’ve ordered the PC product you recommend and can’t wait to try it. Moisturized skin is healthy skin. It makes moving one’s body more comfortable.

  27. Jennifer, if you decide to continue using the Advanced Clinicals Retinol Walmart has it in a 2 pack for $24. And believe it or not, my local grocery store in Texas has it for $6!! May be worth checking around.

  28. Just can’t do the white sandals, but would wear it otherwise😊

  29. I have used the Advanced Clinicals Retiinol cream before and just did a reorder. It’s a 16 oz. tub that does last a bit longer when using it all over! I agree, what a difference a year can make. I am seeing continued evidence of my careless regard for sun damage in my youth.
    Your ootd is so versatile! I love neutrals with a fun pop of unique accessories!
    We worked out in our flower beds yesterday but it is so dry here. My strawberry rhubarb is popping up and I should water it if I would hope to harvest any thick, juicy stalks.
    We have a couple days near 60 and then it’s a slam back to the 30’s and always, tons of wind.
    Regardless, have the best week possible!

    1. We are back in the 40’s today!! Windy with rain due so I may get to wear my new trench coat after all 🙂 Have a great one, Jan

  30. Gold Bond has a crepey skin cream that works pretty well. I use it on my under arms and I do notice a difference. Doesn’t cure it, but at least helps with the appearance!

    1. Agreed, I’ll be happy with an improvement in appearance 🙂

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