Favorite April Beauty Specials At HSN

Happy Wednesday, ladies. Today I’m sharing my favorite April beauty specials at HSN, including an intensive skin renewal system, a #1 bestselling neck & decolletage cream, and a self-tanner I’ve been anxious to try.

applying prai cream a favorite beauty pick at hsn

A big thank you to HSN and Shop Style for sponsoring this post!

TAN-LUXE The Butter Tanning Butter

TAN LUXE THE BUTTER april beauty specials at hsn

Let me start by saying that this is a luscious moisturizer, even without the self-tanning properties. This 16.9 oz bottle usually sells for $95 but this month,  HSN has it on special for $38 through the end of the month. It contains Vitamin E, sweet almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and tons of other moisturizing oils. It smells lovely and feels super hydrating going on.

tan-luxe april beauty special at hsn on legs

Here, I’ve applied TAN-LUXE The Butter Tanning Butter to my left leg and regular lotion to my right. In just 4 hours, I’m delighted to see how it quickly dialed down the pastiness. You can apply it all over, but I’m only interested in adding color to my legs. I’ve discovered that swapping Tan-Luxe in for my regular moisturizer every other morning is the perfect amount of color for me.

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Another bonus is that TAN-LUXE products have the HSN Clean Beauty seal meaning they’re free of sulfates, parabens, petroleum, and lots of other nasties, plus it’s cruelty-free! You know how much I love that.

Prai Throat & Decolletage Creme 6.8oz-Pearl Deco

Pearl deco jar of Prai throat & decolletage cream daily special at hsn

The skin on my neck is certainly aging faster than my face, no matter how much additional sunscreen I slather on. I’m sure tech neck is a major factor, but the skin is also thinner and more fragile. When HSN sent me this pretty pearl-encrusted jar, I couldn’t wait to try it.

woman opening prai cream

This Prai Beauty Throat & Decolletage Cream is a cult favorite with many women, the #1 bestselling neck cream on HSN, and is on an amazing special price, today only.  It’s a rich, luxurious creme that feels luscious and soothing, loaded with lots of great ingredients to help diminish fine lines and crepiness.

I wonder if it works on knees…just kidding.

The bonus is this jar is so pretty, that I’m happy to keep it on my bathroom counter and repurpose it when I’ve used up the cream.

BeautyBio R45 The reversal 3 Phase Retinol System + Phase 4


BeautyBio R45 System is a patented intensive night-time treatment with increasing concentrations of key ingredients to help address signs of aging like discoloration, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and uneven texture. This beauty special also includes Phase 4, the most concentrated phase from the R45: The Reversal Titration System at no additional cost which sells for $65 on its own.


The BeautyBio R45 Retinol System is an award-winning, retinol night system that utilizes a patented booster system that’s so powerful, that you only need to use it twice a year! A reader told me she uses this 2-3 times a year and it’s made an amazing difference in her skin.

beautybio r45 beauty specials at hsn

Each phase contains 2 chambers. Apply 1 pump from each chamber in Phase 1 to clean skin for two weeks. Do the same with Phase 2 for two weeks, then Phase 3 for two weeks. Followup with Phase 4 for two weeks which has a  67% more concentrated retinol concentration than Phase 3.

Left to right, you can see the increasing concentrations of retinol by the color. The deeper the yellow, the higher the concentration. The BEAUTYBIO R45 THE REVERSAL 3-PHASE RETINOL SYSTEM + PHASE 4 mimics the skin-smoothing effects of clinical retinol without the harsh side effects of highly active Vitamin A products.

You can always find great deals at HSN, which is known as the one-stop shop for low prices & smart deals on electronics, crafts, health & fitness, fashion, and beauty. There’s a new Today’s Special every day and One Smart Deal promotions on key items that can last anywhere between 1 day only to a week-long.

And remember, if you’re a new customer to HSN, you can use HELLO10 for $10 off a $20+ order.

Have you tried an intense system like this BeautyBio R45?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.




  1. Once again, I put my comment in the wrong place. It is under your response to Joanna. My comment dealt with my serious concern about the chemicals in the pearl container cream. I’d really like to hear your ideas on that. Thanks.

  2. Prescription Retinols will give you better results. They are not diluted with cream. And, if you have a prescription from your doctor you pay a minimal amount, depending on your medical coverage.

    I would love if there was a miracle cure for neck wrinkles but I think short of surgery they are here to stay. I apply cream every am & pm but to no avail. After using the Prai cream for a good period of time, would you please do a review.

    1. I will do a review after I use it for a while longer. My insurance won’t cover my Retin A which comes in a whopping $500+ so I bought a tube when I was visiting my brother in Mexico 🙂

      1. Hi Jennifer, I loved the pearl container of cream and went to order it immediately; however, I checked the ingredients and was shocked to see rows and rows of chemicals. Did you notice that? I didn’t order because even though I really love the pearl container, I won’t put all those chemicals on my body. I have found the Biossance squaline oil is helping with crepe skin.

      2. I do love Biossance as well. I’ll have to check those ingredients. I’m not familiar with many of their names.

      3. I get the generic Retin A which is Tretinoin. I’m starting out with the 0.5% and it is $28 at the Costco pharmacy.

      4. Yes! $500 is HUGE! Mine is 80% covered in Canada due to a medical issue. I can understand why you look elsewhere.

      5. I use prescription strength Retin A prescribed by my derm, and since insurance doesn’t cover, I pay out of a pocket, and it’s only about $100 per tube. Hmm…

  3. I have used the BeautyBio system prior to introduction of Phase 4. I had used retinol for years and the first two phases were too weak to have any effect. Phase 3 – I don’t recall so it must have been an average improvement! The amount of retinol in each phase is/was not disclosed. The presenter said she didn’t know the percentage! She and her father own the company and she should have expected that question, in my opinion. (This was several years ago, so things may have changed.) The tanner looks very interesting! Thank you Jennifer.

  4. I’m curious—do you have to shave your legs or exfoliate daily before using the self tanning lotion? I like the subtle results. Everything I have tried made my skin orange.

  5. Okay, girlfriend, I just went to HSN and ordered some of the Prai items. At 75 I need all the help I can get. I’ll report back after I have tried the products. Love your posts, Jennifer. You look fantastic! By the way, how had your hand healed from the surgery?

    1. My hand did not heal as well as I had hoped. It’s a bit of an ongoing issue these days and I am hoping to avoid future surgery on it because I seem to create a lot of scar tissue.

  6. Just ordered the Tan-Luxe for myself and my daughter, we are both very pale and have had skin cancers removed. Looking forward to using on my legs. Thank you for showing us how it works in such a short time. I don’t want to look like I’ve just spent a week on the beach, just don’t want to look like the walking dead……can’t wait to try it, if it last for the summer at this sale price it will be a win win.

  7. I am always looking for new skincare products. I wonder how the Prai Beauty cream compares to Strivectin? At the price HSN is offering it I may just give it a try.

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