Monday Musings – Decompressing

Happy Monday ladies. Yesterday I took a break from all social media and being here on the blog. I seldom do it but it felt fabulous! I love the ocean but surround me with gorgeous trees and I am a serene camper.

mannequinn wearing tweed jacket and cropped leather pants

I’m a big fan of tweed jackets look so would dress this one down to fit my casual lifestyle. The lavender is one of my happy colors so I would fold back the lapels to open the neckline and wear it over a thin, white cotton turtleneck, like this. I see that worn with these skinny jeans and these interesting, waterproof booties. 

I would pass on the blouse because it’s a style I avoid. I don’t gravitate to feminine shapes plus I prefer scoop or v necklines with my broad shoulders.

The cropped faux leather pants would likely be almost full length on me so they’d be great with ballet flats. I have two pair of faux leather pants and I love them. They look a tiny bit edgy and because they have stretch, they’re very comfy.

Here’s what I’m musing about this week:

The Only Woman In The Room

The Olny Woman In The Room Book and mug

I’m not spending as much time reading as I would like to but hope to rectify that this week. The Only Woman In The Room is a fictionalized biography that tells the fascinating and true story of Hedy Lamarr. Her little known journey to escape the Nazis and her secret life as a scientist and inventor. The perfect combination of Hollywood glamour and international intrigue. Next up is The Lying Game which is a Reese’s Book Club pick. Have you read it?


This weekend my daughter and I took a beautiful walk in Pacific Spirit Park in Vancouver. I forgot what an active and outdoorsy place this can be, especially in the summer. I didn’t bring the right shoes with me. so we stopped on the way and I picked up a pair of Sketchers. I’m a bit hooked on the cloud walk technology which gives extra padding right where my tired feet need it.

The long walk was absolutely beautiful – perfect temperature around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, sunny skies but we were shaded by the tall trees. In a few spots on the trails we were able to get a perfect view of the ocean – sailboats bobbing past, people wandering on the beach below. We brought my daughter’s pug along, with

There is something so peaceful to me about walking in the forest, and I’m so happy we are able to soak up some of this late summer in Vancouver.


Vacuum Cleaners

Ok, ok, perhaps not the most exciting topic for all of us, but I happen to LOVE my vacuum cleaner. My daughter has had the same one for ever a very long time and is on the hunt for a new one. Her dog sheds a LOT so she’s going to need a really good one. She would love to get a robotic one but her little pug is hard of hearing and Vanessa doesn’t want to freak her out!!


Vacuums last a long time, and you use them regularly – so an efficient one is a great investment. Again, perhaps not the most thrilling gift, but if it can make your home life easier, more convenient, and cleaner, I think it’s worth doing some research.

I love that mine hangs on the wall and is easy to plug in and out. It sucks up EVERYTHING and is easy to clean. A huge bonus is that my grandson loves to use it:) Vanessa’s place is pretty small and she doesn’t want the vacuum to become a new art installation (mine’s in the garage!) so she has her eye on a few sleeker models. Well, Christmas is pretty far away but we’ll see if this makes its way to the tree for her later this year.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your long weekend and do something special for yourself.



  1. Love the walks in the forest, so peaceful and refreshing to the body and mind. It is hotter than hatties here in Florida. Can’t wait for fall to come which isn’t much, but at least it cools down. Read a very good book, The Hideaway by Laura Deaton. Also have read the Lying Game. Also very good. Have a marvelous rest of your week, and enjoy your beautiful weather🌞🌞🍂🍂🍁🍁🍁

  2. I have read both of those titles; I really like Ruth Ware, author of The Lying Game; all her stories have a twist at the end. For a good thriller try The Woman in The Window by Finn. My book club just finished My Dear Hamilton by Dray and Kamoie; totally romantic, historical fiction because there is so little documentation on Eliza Hamilton, Alexander’s wife. Right now I am reading Love and Ruin by Paula McLain; it’s about Hemingway’s third wife. As a retired librarian I could talk books all day; i was secretly thankful for the shut in for the last few months. It gave me a good excuse to get lost in a book for hours! Here in SoCal it is hot, hot, hot and the burning fires have left a haze in the sky. Those lush forest photos look so enjoyable!

  3. Shirley Davey says:

    So glad you are enjoying our beautiful city, Vancouver is the best place in the world, you can be on the beach and then 30 minutes later up the mountains to ski. The people are reserved but once you get to know them you have friends for life. Our parks are wonderful lush and green what’s not to like.

  4. Sharon Satterfield says:

    I’ve been looking for a Chanel styled navy blazer for the last couple of years, perhaps this Fall. The one featured is too light for me and not a fan of fringe although I know it’s in style. I’ve had a robotic vacuum for four years I absolutely love it.

  5. Dee Smith says:

    Thank you for the book suggestions. Have you tried Australian writer Liz Byrski…goods reads!!

  6. Francesca B. says:

    Just to add to the book suggestions….I am loving this crime fiction set in Australia written by Jane Harper. Just finished The Lost Man and now on The Dry. One of the books is being made into a film as we speak. Fantastic atmospheric writing. Enjoy!

    1. Hello Francesca from NZ – I too love Jane Harper’s books (and see a new one is to be released 22 September – yay!). She’s a fantastic writer and surprisingly only first published relatively recently in 2015. The movie, The Dry should be a wonderful insight into life / scenes in rural Victoria, Australia.

      1. Francesca B. says:

        I love Australia and its people. Magnificent country! My family were there for a job that lasted four and a half years (bliss) and in the end my kids had aussie accents and looked like locals. We all treasure our time there, and that’s another reason why I love the books, takes me back. Loving Thomas Keneally (national treasure) “Napoleon’s Last Island” too!

  7. I will be so happy when I can go to Vancouver again (and Victoria, my favorite.)

  8. Dianne🇨🇦 says:

    Thanks for the style ideas, I agree but I cannot imagine me wearing faux leather pants!

    Love the little jacket

    So happy to read about your time in my city.

    Pacific Spirit Park is my dog walk area when I have the grand dog.

    There is a lovely dog beach near UBC, your daughters pug would Love it.

  9. Chris Bannard says:

    We used to live right across the street from Pacific Spirit Park. It was great to be out the door and in the park. I am not a fan of Skechers any more. They were comfortable for a while and then they seemed to cause my feet to be in pain sooner than I expected. I am trying a new brand called On. Specifically the On Cloud. Designed for running but I have high hopes they will work for lots of walking. A friend absolutely loves them so fingers crossed.

  10. Great styling ideas!! Seize the moment…enjoying outdoors with your daughter & her pug. Great views.

  11. Jennifer, I, too, LOVE my Dyson cordless vacuum. In fact we may get rid of our heavy big vacuum as we tend to use this one so much. We have had 3 robotic vacuum cleaners. Since we would run them every other day, we found they only last about 3 years for us. We now purchase them from Hammacher Schlemmer and hold on to the receipt and box. They will replace the old one for an equal in value robotic vacuum or give you a gift card for the value of a new one. We pay more for one from them but it’s worth it to keep up the exchange. To go even deeper, we really like our new robotic Brava Jet mop for our hardwood floors.

    1. I haven’t hauled out my big clunky vacuum since we bought this Dyson. Maybe I need a robotic one:)

  12. Finally got a Dyson cordless a few months ago….BLISS. Hangs on the wall in the laundry room, only 5 pounds, easy to empty, goes from hardwood to rug….LOVE IT !

    1. Martha Edmundson says:

      The scenery is wonderful. Your photograph makes me want to be there! I’ve never visited the Northwest US or Vancouver for vacation. It may need to be next on my bucket list.

  13. Elaine @ Following Augustine says:

    With all the time I’ve spent in Vancouver, I don’t think I’ve ever been to Pacific Spirit Park! We did the nearby UBC ropes course with our grandsons a couple of years ago, but I’m definitely going to have to check out the park trails and views on a future visit. If you’re at all interested in Northwest Coast native culture, I’d highly recommend a visit to the Museum of Anthropology, also at UBC.

  14. Book Goddess says:

    I loved The Only Woman in the Room – an amazing story about a brave and brilliant woman! I recommend The Muralist by B. A. Shapiro. Fascinating historical fiction about a woman artist in the Federal Art Project of the New Deal, and the niece who uncovers her true story.

  15. Francesca B. says:

    Lovely to hear about the beauty of Vancouver Jennifer thank you for the pictures. Me and mine spent some time there and we loved the city and taking a boat to Victoria Island and the Butchart Gardens. Gorgeous restaurants; the science museum, a lovely place to live. I have been reading Women in Sunlight Frances Mayes,and A Theatre for Dreamers by Polly Samson, and all of Emma Straub books. Love Ferrante….and a new Rose Tremain is coming out and she is really worth reading always. So hot here in California that it is very unnerving and the air quality is awful, the sun a sickly color.Very worrying times; which is why a book offers relief.

    1. Thanks for the book suggestions. I haven’t read any of these authors!

  16. Thank you for the book suggestions. I just put my name on the waiting list for both at our library (ebook).
    Sounds like you and your daughter are enjoying your time together. Wonderful!

  17. Nothing better than the smell of the ocean and walking through a forest to relax. Enjoy your time in Vancouver.
    Let us know how you like those books – I’m starting to stock up for fall/winter reading. I just ordered 4 of Deborah Crombie’s Kinkaid/James detective series.
    Today is a rainy day in southern Ontario, so I’m starting to put away some of my summer clothes and looking at what I have for fall. I often forget what I have from previous years and purchase the same items if I don’t do this 🙂

  18. Linda Henderson says:

    Thanks for the book recommendations. Always interested in talking books. The pictures of Vancouver are lovely. Oh boy, the green!

  19. Your styling ideas sound perfect for me, although I think I would have to opt for a straight leg or skinny pant. I can’t wait for turtleneck season😀. I’m envious of you in BC – the weather sounds perfect! I have fond memories of walking in Stanley Park – we try to go there at least once every visit. Enjoy BC, cool weather sans smoke.

  20. I was hoping for a picture of the pug…

  21. Love your ideas with the jacket , flex pants, turtle neck and the booties just top the whole outfit. What a difference. I WOULD wear this outfit for sure.

  22. I liked that jacket too. I’ve read The Lying Game, its really a good read. So nice for you to spend time with your daughter. Nothing better then walking in the woods! I think we are in the market for a new vacuum. My husband loves to research all that stuff so I leave it up to him. Enjoy the beautiful day!

  23. Jennifer, I knew you would like that tweed jacket, and I can see you wearing it styled the way you describe. That color is perfect for you too. One time I was in Vancouver and enjoyed walking in Stewart Park. What a beautiful area! Enjoy.
    P.S. I am reading the new book The Lying Life if Adults by Ferrante (My Brilliant Friend author). Anyone else out there a Ferrante fan?

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