Monday Musings- Skirts and Overdoing

Happy Monday ladies. Our weekend seemed to zip past and it feels like I got very little accomplished. Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I’m listening to Do Nothing on Audible and it’s pretty eye-opening.

I’m pretty sure if you looked up overdoing in the dictionary, you would find my name. Part of it is my job, but part of it is being female. We’ve been told we can do it all for so long, we actually try. Multitasking is second nature for me and I have a hard time doing one thing at a time, which is not healthy.


How many of you wear them? I seldom do and wonder why because they’re infinitely more comfortable than most jeans or pants. Don’t they feel as modern as pants?

jennifer of a well style life wearign chico's white denim skirt and talbots sandals

I have 2 denim skirts that get a lot of wear in the blistering weather, and the maxi skirt that I wore in Hawaii. Maxi skirts are a bit more awkward when you’re moving around a lot, but they cover leg imperfections and look great with flat shoes. Shorter skirts put your legs on display, but so do shorts and crops. Chunky shoes work with long skirts but aren’t as flattering with shorter ones.


long denim skirt
I love the swingy shape and length of this one

Denim skirts are on trend for spring in all shapes and lengths. They seem more casual than other skirts, which may be why I gravitate to them. I prefer my denim skirts styled like a skirt, not like they were made out of a pair of jeans with the diagonal front seam.

More denim skirts

What are your thoughts on wearing skirts? Are they in your wardrobe and do you reach for them?

De Quervain’s tenosynovitis

On the subject of doing too much…I developed De Quervains tenosynovitis early last year. It’s a painful swelling of specific tendons of the thumb and wrist. My Dr called it texting thumb because it’s caused by chronic overuse of the wrist and thumb. I had a steroid shot last year which cleared it up miraculously for 10 months. I could have another steroid shot now, but I know that’s not a permanent solution so I’m back in PT and wearing a splint. Ugh…it’s likely because of how I type and use my phone.

It’s also how I drink my tea, hold my makeup brush and a pen, brush my hair and teeth, hold anything really. Opposable thumbs are pretty darn important! I did try acupuncture and he suggested I start doing much more with my left hand… which I’m amazingly clumsy with.

I’m really trying to work through my thoughts on skirts so would love your input.

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.




  1. I love to wear skirts but for one reason or another I rarely do! LOL. My main motivation is warm weather as skirts are definitely cooler. If I do choose to wear them in cooler, or cold weather its always with tights and boots. Either knee highs or ankle boots; I don’t like the look on me if my boots are ‘mid-way’ between my knees & ankles; but that’s just me. I am uber conscious though of proportion when putting together outfits that include skirts as a skirt length and/or volume can ‘make or break’ an outfit real fast. I am aware of some lengths that get into a ‘dowty’ area that I don’t like on me. The BEST area for length seems to be just above the knee or just below the knee; where my legs are narrowest. If I choose a midi-style the skirt must hit way down just above my ankles, again where my legs are the thinnest; unless I’m wearing boots, then that’s a different ‘ball game’ for me. I gravitate to a more contoured shape although the floaty gauzy fabrics are always tempting, but when I succumb to them I rarely wear them (unless I’m in Hawaii).
    As I live longer I’m looking at my legs more critically and find a self-tanner really helps to make me feel more confident when showing my lower legs; shorts? Pretty much the same fashion rules for me as skirts: lots of flats or sandals. NEVER high heels; no no no, looks too too in my opinion when one reaches a certain point in life!!!

  2. Skirts seem to be not in fashion lately and when I don’t see them around, in stores, etc., I forget about them. They are harder to style than pants or denim because of tucking in tops and if you live in a colder climate, you’re stuck wearing tights much of the year. I like skirts in the warm months and your denim options are great.

  3. I had a lot of spider varicose veins on my lower legs and didn’t like the way my legs looked when they were bare. I had sclerotherapy done by my dermatologist, and I was very pleased with the results. It was just an office procedure that took about an hour. Larger veins require treatment by a doctor with expertise in vascular medicine, but can also be scarred down either with chemicals or a laser. I would recommend doing it in the winter, since you have to wear compression stockings for a few weeks afterward. Also, the sclerotherapy injections were much more painful that I expected. I would definitely ask for a prescription for EMLA cream (a topical anesthetic) to use prior to the procedure.

    As for skirts, I find that in the summer I prefer skorts. Athleta has some cute ones. They provide a little more coverage than shorts but are still sporty and easy to move in. They look good with sandals or sneakers. I wear a lot of dresses in the summer, but would happily wear more skirts if I could find the right shape. When I was in France a few years ago, we were struck by a heat wave and I didn’t have adequate clothing for hot weather. Women there typically don’t wear shorts, so I went out shopping with the intention of getting a skirt or a dress. I tried on a very cute, A-line midi length skirt in a rust and cream batik print. I ended up not purchasing it (not sure why) and have regretted it ever since. If I could find something like that again, I would wear it all summer!

  4. I liked the post you did on skirts today. You look great in you everything you put together. I also liked the skirts you put on your links. I agree , skirts look so put together and are so much cooler in the warmer months. With that said, I can never feel comfortable in a skirt. My weight is in the middle area . I am never comfortable with my tops tucked in. I also feel dowdy (do not know why) as I like skirts on other women . I wish I could figure it out !!!1

    1. Completely agree with this, Karen. I’ve never been able to wear skirts well. It seems to cut me in half and, my waist is my widest part, so, they’re just not attractive. Skorts I’ll wear all summer (as a short replacement) but no skirts are in my closet.

  5. I had the same thumb condition. Had a simple surgical procedure to release the tendon and it worked. That was about 10 years ago. I recommend it.

    1. Thank you for telling me. I think I will look into a new surgeon.

  6. I agree that skirts – and dresses – are much more comfortable than pants but I find it hard to find ones that fit well. You look great in your denim skirt but I need skirts that hide my tummy. Also, what to do about varicose veins? I’d like to hear from others about experiences with vein treatments.

  7. Sorry to hear about your DeQuervain’s. I had surgery for that at age 17. There have been no issues for me since (now 64!).
    I love to wear skirts. They’re almost as easy as slipping on a dress. It’s good to know my trusty denim pencil skirt is back on trend!

    1. I’m hoping to avoid the surgery since my trigger finger one didn’t go as smoothly as planned. I may not be able to so I am interviewing surgeons.

  8. I am 5’2, weigh 113, and have short legs. Skirts were easy in the olden days when I could wear clunky heels–remember Bare Traps? I had back surgery, and now I have to wear flats; flats and a short skirt would be in proportion, but sitting is a problem. Skirts for day are too hard 🙁

  9. Oh yes, as females we find ourselves over tasking so often. I always felt that most women over performed their male counterparts in the work force too. But also, sadly receiving a lesser pay grade too.
    Now, my old school thoughts about wearing a skirt with bare legs comes to mind. In the past I always donned those awful panty hose and hated it but…why am I reluctant to wear a skirt today? So,it’s simply easier to avoid the whole issue. I love the longer, easy fit denim skirt and think it would look great with a striped tshirt. Maybe add a longer necklace and comfy sandals.

  10. Sorry about the thumbs and wrist. If I overdo with the phone I have problems as well. I have thumb joint problems where the cartilage wore out . If I wear my splint at night , I seem to be able to go without it in the day. I cannot put too much stress on lifting heavy things ,overuse, etc. There is surgery to fix it, but I would like to avoid it .

    I used to wear skirts, but with some veins, and short legs I just prefer not to. I had quite a collection of denim skirts. I wear capris and crops in our hot Texas summers. I do have a long maxi sleeveless dress that is very cool to wear.

  11. I find denim too heavy and hot for the sweltering summers here in Central Texas. I have been purchasing recycled-sari wrap skirts from the Darn Good Yarn company. They use several different materials, mostly silk. The mini skirts are so much more comfortable than anything else I’ve worn in summers here. The only drawback is that, being wrap skirts, there are no pockets. I’ve also found that a few stores, like Eddie Bauer and Duluth Trading sometimes have skirts that are lightweight for hot weather.

    1. I agree about denim being too hot for summer( I live in sweltering North Carolina), but I have purchased linen skirts (with pockets!). The linen is great for hot weather.

  12. I’d like to try wearing skirts in the summer. The narrowness of the denim skirts always felt too constricted, even with stretch fabrics, so I tended not to wear the ones I had over the years. . A skirt with more flounce would be a fun change. Let us know if you see more. Thanks!

  13. I love!! skirts but what do you do about extremely pale legs and veins that are showing more every year? I love a dress when it’s time to dress up, but I don’t think panty hose are coming back…….I can’t be the only one!!
    I have your shape in reverse, and a pear is a challenge that perhaps you can address every now and then?

    Thank you!

    1. Lisa with an R says:

      The only solution I have found for making my legs look better without resorting to panty hose is leg makeup or a spray tan. I have had good luck with leg makeup, although I was resistant to that at first. When it dries it stays put quite well, and isn’t much more difficult to apply than any body lotion. You just need to be a little more observant to apply it evenly and check to make sure it isn’t “ streaky.

      I first tried leg makeup when I wore a dress to a wedding and wanted to avoid hose. It worked well.

  14. Maribeth Conklin says:

    If I wear a skirt these days if would be in the summer. I like beachy looking maxi length skirts in summer. When I was younger I wore denim skirts but I find them to be a bit stiff. I have that same condition of the thumb palm joint. Months of O.T and splint wearing. They said it was arthritis and common. Mine is triggered by texting and playing games on my tablet. I haven’t tried a shot. Good luck!

  15. Once I found the right underwear to keep the chafing away, I started wearing skirts again especially in summer as they are much cooler. I learned this after living in Singapore. I just add one of the myriad Talbots’ tees, and I’m good to go. I really like the denim skirt you show here.

    1. What underwear are you using to keep away the chafing?

  16. Michele Wells says:

    I wear skirts going anywhere all summer long, especially denim skirts. Used to love sandals but now there are so many closed toe shoes to wear, and you don’t have to worry about doing your toenails.

  17. During summer I prefer skirts to shorts, due to the comfort. I wear an above-knee blue denim and a white denim. Typically I wear them with a favorite solid color T-shirt or lightweight sweater and flip flops. To dress them up I wear colorful flats and an Oxford shirt tucked in with a belt. I also have some print skirts that I will pull out this summer due to weight loss and a long skirt for evenings around the pool. We agree about the shoe balance!

    Jennifer, please take care of that hand, let it rest, and follow your PT’s instructions. Be Well!

  18. I love skirts. I am tall and I prefer them to shorts so I wear them a lot. I live in south Florida where it is warm/hot all year so I wear them almost every day. Denim is great and I try to have denim skirts in several colors. Blue, black, and white mostly but if I can find other colors I buy them. I also have many different lengths from mid-thigh to midi. I don’t like the super short ones anymore (seems inappropriate at age 65), so I have to try them on to make sure they aren’t too short for me.

  19. I love denim skirts in the warmer weather but really love skorts…I have several that can be dressed up or casual…so versatile…when I have my top and skort the same color looks like a dress…slimming and very comfortable!

  20. Gloria lynch says:

    You look great in the pictured skirt.
    I love skirts but think I need to wear stockings because my varicose veins are much more evident as I age. My parents both had them as well.
    There are so many other options for me with pants and jumpsuits.
    I do wear mid calf jumpsuits which cover the worst of the veins. The longer line of the jumpsuit also make me look taller (5’2”).

  21. I don’t know why I struggle with skirts so much now as I used to wear them a lot when still working. Perhaps I still think it’s a dressier look and my life is so casual now. I do like how you styled the white denim skirt, so maybe this is the summer to give it a try again.
    Sorry that you are still having trouble with your thumb.

  22. I am a skirt lover. In the winter with boots, in the summer with sandals or sneaks. I have been gravitating towards the midi skirt. They are cooler than crops and I can wear boy shorts with out then showing. I would love a nice denim skirt but they always have a tendency to bunch up around the knee. I think it is the heavier material. Any suggestions? I hope your thumb is on the mend!!!

  23. Jennifer, sorry to hear about your thumb. I hope you feel better soon. Increasing arthritis and a lifetime of grading essays have significantly reduced cartilage in both my thumbs. Neither meloxicam nor cortisone work anymore, so I’m recuperating now from a right thumb fascie arthroplasty surgery. Post-op pain is tolerable with great chance of success. Bottom line: know that modern medicine is beating back once debilitating conditions. Good luck!

  24. I definitely like the white skirt you’re wearing..looks like a lighter weight denim which is all I would wear in a skirt.
    I wore skirts often when I worked but now that I’m retired not so much. Still like them for a night out to dinner.
    I have a few long, light weight ones that I wear in the hot and humid weather… I find they are cooler.

  25. I am so sorry about your thumb, Jennifer. As I type this response with my thumbs, it occurs to me how inconvenient it would be to have them inoperable.

    I can’t tell you why, but I’ve never been a fan of denim skirts. Personally have found them to be uncomfortable. However, on the subject of skirts, I kept a black pencil skirt from my working days. Wonder how to style it for more casual purposes. Ideas?

  26. Susan Kelley says:

    Denim skirts ,to me ,always look better as classic,rather than gimmick!In design. That being said,Not well, I guess whatever a person feels comfortable in. I would love to be able to wear skirts again. But slacks and pants of all kinds seems to suit my lifestyle better because of various health,mobility issues at present. I am still purging the “Collection”! to add anything more right now. The book sounds interesting. I will try to get it on Kindle to read.

  27. Pat Balducci says:

    So enjoy and look forward to daily post. Have learned so much from you. Thanks so much and will watch daily.

  28. Lorraine Matthews says:

    Re. using your left hand: my husband has been practising various tasks with his left hand for some time now. He’s in his seventies and began doing it against the day when he might have a stroke! He’s now quite good at various day to day tasks.
    Hope your problem finds relief soon. Perhaps now is the time to start training your left side.
    Best wishes. Lorraine

    1. Great idea of his. I’m trying to train myself. It’s surprisingly hard.

  29. I struggle with skirts also -I’m a rectangle and they tend to make me look blockier. After trying on the entire skirt section in my closet (many still with tags), I decided to keep 3 but those may go as well. I find I only like a specific (straight) shape with no waistband & even in a knit, they are just not practical for most of my life. My compromise for warm weather is skorts. Nicer than shorts but more polished.

    1. I discovered skorts last summer! They’re great but I wish they made them longer. Of course that would make them culottes.

  30. Paulette Levy says:

    I do love my denim skirt ( purchased 1-2? Years ago from Talbots) it’s about knee length with a slight slit but not provocative at all. Just helpful to move. But I like the swingy denim skirt you’re showing here- it’s longer but really cute!
    I have trouble deciding what to do with tops I wear , since my waist is on the thicker side with very narrow hips. I’ve tried tying in front as you do or half tuck, but neither look really attractive on me.
    Maybe I should just wear tees? Leave them untucked? Not sure.

    1. Waist definition is always a concern of me too because I’m pretty straight and without it I look large all over because of my shoulders.

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