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10 Ways To Look More Modern Over 50

Happy Thursday ladies. A return from vacation brought some technical challenges so I’m glad to be back! I’m sharing some thoughts on looking modern today because it’s my preferred style and it may be yours too. Here are 10 ways to look more modern over 50 because if you’re anything like me, you want to look fresh and current, not out of date.

Looking stylish and modern over 50 has nothing to do with your budget and everything to do with your fashion choices. When we look current we appear more vibrant which gives us visibility in a society that all too often ignores our demographic.

Updated Haircut

Your hairstyle needs to work for the way your hair is now, at mid-life. Many women over 50, myself included experience thinning, which requires newer products and an updated style that will add volume to camouflage where it’s thin. Keeping it long may feel safe, but the length drags it down which makes it harder to cover the thinning areas on your scalp. Talk with your stylist about light layers or investigate toppers and hairpieces which look fabulous these days.

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woman wearing white tee, blue kimono and plaid pants

If you’ve worn the same cut for 10-20 years, it’s probably time for an update. Styled in a pixie or streaming past your shoulders, gray or colored, it’s essential to keep your hair in tip-top shape so stay abreast of new products and give them a try.

Classic Styles

There’s nothing I love more than building a wardrobe around classic pieces. But the classics of yesteryear can begin to look dated, so keep an eye out for changing shapes. Unless retro is your jam, pay attention to lapels, shoulder proportions, and length of blazers because these things go out of fashion and the “classics” will morph with them. The boyfriend blazer has been popular for the last few years, as have knitted jackets which all look more current than a straight-up traditional shape.


By our 50s, our skin has become laxer and gravity is shifting things south. Now more than ever, we need to rely on our lingerie to keep things smooth under our garments. While shapewear may not be in your wheelhouse, know that there are many new brands available that offer comfort and support without feeling strangled.

beige bra on leopard print stool

Get a professional bra fitting once a year to ensure the “girls” are in the right place. This can take years off your figure and pounds off your shape. Choose lingerie in your own flesh tone, (nudes vary) so they’re invisible under all your outfits. A visible panty line is never flattering and can be avoided with vanishing edge panties or these lace-trimmed shorts which I’ve just discovered are amazingly comfortable and totally invisible.

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Can floral prints look aging? In a word, yes, as will overly large ones. Small, all-over prints have been trending for several seasons, but they will quickly look dated so keep an eye on the fashion direction. Patterns are most flattering when their size correlates to the size of your facial features. Choose them in moderation and style them with simple shaped accessories.


Sleek silhouettes in solid fabrics tend to look more modern, no matter the color. A classic pencil skirt worn with a crisp white shirt or cashmere pullover is a contemporary look that needs very little adornment. A simple t-shirt with jeans and a blazer is another look that many of us have already hanging in our closet. When in doubt, tone down and reach for contemporary shapes.

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woman walking in blue coat and jeans

Wear All Black

Don’t shoot the messenger here, but wearing an all-black outfit tends to make you look more up to date. Black has been taking a beating lately because many women are finding it’s not as flattering against their complexion as it once was. I get it, but wearing black head-to-toe, has a chic, urban, edgy vibe that is never passé.

over 50 woman wearing black sweater pants and shoes

Well Fitting Jeans

A great fitting pair of blue jeans is a wardrobe essential for most women, and you’re never too old to rock a great pair. Dark wash and straight-leg styles are the most versatile these days and have an up-to-date vibe. And there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for good-looking jeans. Today’s options have lots of lycra which move with you without bunching or pinching.

High or mid-rise jeans help control and hide the muffin top depending on your body shape and personal style. The latest shapes are straight or flared and are steering away from skinny jeans. That said, if you love your skinnies, go for it and style them with an updated top because there are no rules here, just suggestions.

woman walking towards you on sidewalk in modern blazer and blue jeans


By our 50s and over, many of us have foot issues that require…no, demand, we wear comfortable footwear. That doesn’t mean you’re relegated to chunky, athletic sneakers or tennis shoes. Innumerable brands make sandals, flats, boots, and loafers with arch support and additional cushioning these days that allow you to be comfortable and stylish.

The athleisure trend has made stylish sneakers a great look with just about anything these days, including casual dresses.

dressing on a budget in modern fashions


Wearing cosmetics is a personal choice and many women are “over it. I get that, but because our coloring fades as we age, a quick slick of lipstick and a lightly filled-in brow go a long way to freshening up your look and helping you look vibrant.

Some Personal Favorites

Makeup trends change as much as fashion, so keep an eye on what’s new and remember, too much makeup can be as aging as too little. Remember “Whose Afraid of Baby Jane”? Pick your focal point and have fun with the new colors and textures.


There’s nothing like a great accessory to finish off your outfit. If your outfit is multifaceted, keep your jewelry simple. Layering several delicate necklaces is a popular look that will give you more bang for your buck than one tiny chain and is more on-trend. Having said that, statement necklaces are having their moment now and look best when worn alone.

woman wearing modern gray sweater and simple accessories

Clean-lined garments and accessories tend to look more modern so if that’s the look you’re going for, dial down the details and let the combinations speak for themself.

Do any of these resonate with you? What can you add to the list?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.

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  1. I really like today’s post. You gave us a lot of very good information. Thank you.

    1. I’m so glad you liked it

  2. This is a great list Jennifer . What resonated most with me today was the topic of prints, it had me walking to my closet to take a look! I find myself drawn to blouses with prints and this will help me be more disciplined in my choices. Most of what I have are geometric or small prints, often black and white, but the occasional large print still calls out to me. I’ve let my pixie cut hair go silver, add being busty, broad shouldered and short- waisted and the wrong print definitely feels matronly. I’m going to keep all these tips in mind when shopping, I’ll save me money!

    1. I’m glad some of these resonated with you, Brenda

  3. Love your posts Jennifer. They are always informative and interesting.
    I particularly like the posts where you delve into products such as sun care, make-up and hair care.
    And of course I love the fashion. It all helps in keeping us modern.

  4. Hi there Jennifer

    Well done – liked your outfits/coordination and you looked so refreshed.

  5. Thank you for this great post. I want to archive it as a check for myself to revisit from time to time. Grateful for all of your upbeat, interesting posts. I was worried something was wrong yesterday!

    1. I’m sorry you were worried. Technical challenges are so very frustrating

  6. Love you 1 – 10 ways to look up to date.
    Glad you are well and your blog is up and running. 😊

    1. Thank you so much Lin! xx

  7. As much as possible/safe, use a tooth whitener. And my best tip is one you shared, which is to fill in your brow a little. It makes your face “there” in a way no other makeup will. I use a pencil or powder, and start with defining a top line (to lift the face), then just a very light fill and use a spoolie to brush into a natural place. There are tinted eyebrow gels out there too, to add to this or to use alone for those who don’t want to bother with more.

    1. Teeth are so very important. They can expensive to keep in shape but worth it if you can

  8. I missed you yesterday, glad you are back today! Great post! Thank you!
    Say, I am shopping for a new swimming suit, would you please give some ideas for fit and what looks best on our aging bodies? Thank you!
    You inspire me!

      1. Thank you so much!❤️

  9. Christine says:

    Thanks for your posts. I always enjoy them and learn a lot. Do you by chance have a link for the v-neck blue striped tee?

  10. Another great and informative blog. I have just updated my eyeglasses in the last month. And will be changing my hair style again, from very short to a bob and now going short again. Just too much time messing with my hair. I stopped coloring my hair two years ago, and my hair is now salt/pepper. I would love for it to go all gray but I think I am destined to have my dad’s color. My Mom went gray in her 60s and her hair was pure white, just beautiful! Loved all the outfits you showed, the blues are just beautiful on you. Have a great weekend Jennifer!

    1. Eyeglasses are so important! And very tricky to get right

      1. Jennifer,
        This was a wonderful post. Lots to think about and keep in mind. I realize I haven’t updated my eyeglasses in years and it’s long overdue. Would you consider a post on choosing eyeglasses? I have been avoiding it and need to update to a more modern classic look. Thank you. Ellen

  11. Great post and welcome back! A 30-something stylist for J.Crew says to show skin (arms or neck) when wearing all black, which seems a good suggestion to me. She opted for rolled sleeves and a v-neck. Lapels are hard to figure out: b/c jackets cost real money, I’ve been opting for shawl collar, band, or no-collar jackets – also sweater jackets – to avoid the issue. As we age, I think we wear a lot more colors than younger women, although my daughter bought a half dozen or so bright tee shirts last summer – a first for her.

    1. I agree with that stylist! Showing some skin makes a big difference.

  12. Awesome post Jennifer. So many great tips! I am currently struggling with figuring out my makeup routine. Bronzers suddenly seem over the top for my skin tone and I truly don’t want the Baby Jane look. 😇 So, time to play with some new colors.

  13. Thanks for your wonderful post with great tips. I need to be reminded of this throughout the year. Skin care is on there for me. Sun damage! It’s all maintenance from now on. Now I’m off to make hair appointment, new glasses appointment and on and on!

  14. Really enjoyed this post and these reminders! Since I retired, I am struggling with looking less “formal” and finding my new relaxed style. I also, went gray over the past 2 years and let my hair grown long. I agree with you I need a new cut! These tips are so helpful.

    1. That can be a tough transition for many women when they retire. I tend to look more formal than many women but that’s just my style recipe, and some of it may be in yours

  15. Thanks for all of your great suggestions. I look forward to your blog and enjoy reading everyone’s comments.

  16. Excellent tips, Jennifer so sincerely appreciate. With that said; something on my To Do List is to convert the closure on my delicate shorter necklaces to magnetic ones. ( For those who are interested in doing the same, Amazon carries a selection of them. In the majority of cases other supplies will include jewelry pliers and small jump rings.) Last but not least; what I am noticing is finger nails are being kept more natural looking and have found, when choosing a color it should be kept within the translucent beige tones and not pink. -Brenda-

    1. Great suggestion Brenda- about 5 years ago I put magnetic closures on all my shorter necklaces and they’re great. I highly recommend them. I only have a problem when I want to wear two necklaces at the same time and the magnets all like to join up and sometimes tangle. I wonder if anyone else has encountered this?

      1. You can get a multiple chain connector that works with more than one necklace and makes the whole layering thing much easier. Google on Amazon for example.

    2. I need to do that as well. My arthritic fingers just don’t work as well as they used to.

  17. Thanks for all of the great (as usual) tips. The one thing I would add is pay attention to your posture. I find that as I get older I seem to slouch forward more that I used to. I have to remind myself to stand up straight and keep my shoulders back.

    Good to have you back Jennifer!

    1. Yes, yes, and yes!! My posture could use some work and I notice many of us are leading with our chin these days because of tech neck.

  18. Thank you! No matter how many people say in magazines to not wear black as you age, to me it’s the epitome of style. A beautiful scarf, blazer, or jewelry can keep it lively near your face. Or multiple pearls. I’ll never give up my blacks, just keep changing silhouettes!

    1. I agree. I am always confident wearing black.

  19. Carrie Fox says:

    I think updating your eyewear is really important as well.

  20. Great Post! Lots of things to consider. I was so happy to read that “all black” is OK! I like the suggestion of Jan that this could be repeated throughout the year.

  21. Hi Jennifer. The only thing I would add is to consider wearing bright or deeply saturated colours. Only the Queen can pull off pastels!

    1. Pastels are tricky territory, for sure. Great idea for a post!

  22. Enjoyed today’s post! I love an all black outfit or all cream, and I’m known for wearing my pearls! Would like to also say that while you were in Hawaii & your hair had more of an unkempt look, I thought you looked great! Your hair made you look you look active, alert, younger! ❤️

    1. Thank you, Dottie, that’s sweet.

  23. Gail Schwartz says:

    A great post. Lots of food for thought

  24. Great post and very timely as I start to think about my spring wardrobe and perhaps new make-up colours.

  25. You could repeat this blog several times a year for my benefit! As you pointed out, so much of what we can do to stay current is in the details. I am spending more time and moola on taking care of my complexion. I have always wore a certain amount of makeup but today my concern is to have a light hand and carefully searching out the best products that I can afford. Yes to keeping our hair styles current and since I wear glasses, keep updating my choices of eye wear too. In the background but more importantly, I am focusing on my health, mentally and physically. Omg!! The list never ends, but isn’t that a good thing?
    I love this blog and have learned so much that applies to this new era of my life.
    Thank you!!

    1. So true! My lists gets longer all the time too. Making ourselves a priority is so important.

  26. Jan Correll says:

    Great post, Jennifer. I think the updated haircut is definitely #1!!!


  27. Excellent post. Thank you.

  28. Wonderful ideas, I am very happy basics are back.

  29. Great outfits. Love the variety, lengths, and colors.

  30. Interesting re the all black outfits. For the past few years, maybe even the last 10 or is, I felt that all black was aging because none of the 20 or 30 YOs I work with would ever wear an all black outfit. Of course I don’t live in a big city, so there is that. And until this year, they also really didn’t wear column of color or marching sets, but that seems to be changing, so maybe all black is making a come back as well. Always food for thought

    1. Everything does make a comeback at some point. It’s just usually got a twist.