Monday Musings- Summer Fabrics and Wardrobe Planning

Happy Monday, ladies. It was a drippy, windy, pretty nasty weekend for us. On Saturday, we went out for a very casual dinner to celebrate our 45th anniversary, then laid low to stay dry.

You may notice I look a little paler than usual in this photo. I, unfortunately, developed an eye infection last week that requires a course of antibiotic drops. My doctor also advised me to replace all my eye makeup, which broke my heart because I’d just bought new mascara and eyeshadow! Replacing everything is not going to be an inexpensive process, so I’m taking my time. And since I have to do it, I think it’ll be fun to try some new brands and products. I’ll keep you posted…at least my lipstick is safe.

I’m getting excited about our trip to visit my brother in Mexico. Where he lives has a very casual and relaxed atmosphere, so I’m in the mood to pack loose, comfy, and quite possibly colorful clothes. Colorful? Me? I won’t rule it out because while I adore neutrals and the whole coastal grandmother vibe, I’ve learned to never say never about fashion. I find brighter colors easier to embrace in strong sunny places.

sun hats and a fun novel

The word boho keeps coming up as I think about what I want to pack for this trip. I’m trying to wrap my head around how I could incorporate that into my outfits because I’ve only ever dabbled in the look. I bought some wide-leg cotton gauze pants at a boutique over the weekend and love the vibe, so that’s a start. I love linen in hot weather but cotton gauze runs a very close second.

I’m still waiting for my gauze popover shirts to arrive, and so frustrated at how long it’s taking. Am I the only person who gets impatient waiting for deliveries? Maybe that’s why I love Amazon so much…fast delivery. This soft gauze shirt in resort pink is also on its way to me for the trip, as well as this cotton gauze skirt so I thought an outfit of the week was in order.

Outfit of the Week


I’ve always been a fan of pink with black and especially love it when the pink is heavily saturated, like this cotton gauze shirt. I love how it looks paired with this pull-on gauze skirt. These would be a great coverup for this black goddess suit that I shared with you when I wore it in Miami here. My lavender Birks have just arrived, but now I think I need this pink pair. They’re waterproof and great for walking along the shore. I added this MDSolarSciences sun-protective tinted lip balm that I love and now have in several shades.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so anxious for spring!

Thanks for reading, and be sure to wear what sparks delight and makes you feel confident.


  1. Belated Happy anniversary! My hubby and I will celebrate our 40th in May. We’re taking a BIG trip to celebrate, a tour of Japan (I’ve never been and hubby was there 50 years ago as a college student to study judo for 6 wks) and a stopover Hawaiian Islands cruise on the way back home (our first time in Hawaii). We’re trying to make up for the Covid years when we were unable to travel and traveling to see as many places as we can while we’re still feeling up to handling the rigors of international travel and touring.

    Your blog is my absolute favorite! I always find something useful. I’ve been wanting to add some pink to my wardrobe for this spring and summer. I think one of these gauze shirts will be a useful way to do that. I’m going to try the lip balm, too. Thanks for so much useful info for we ladies of a certain stage of life.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Every year past 40 has felt like the icing on the cake. Such a bonus time of life. We just passed 52 years!

    I’m sorry your eyes are a bother again. Dry eyes seem to attract infection. I hope your eyes are better soon.

    I love love love the pink and black outfit. I’m ordering the lipstick tomorrow and hope to put together the rest asap. Thanks for your fine eye. Even if it is infected! 😉

    1. Lol! The drops are helping finally.

  3. First, Happy Anniversary! Forty five years married is quite an accomplishment. My hubby and I almost made it, but he passed away one week before our 45th and we had his celebration of life instead of an Anniversary party 12 years ago.
    Sorry about your eye infection. Hopefully, it clears up quickly and you actually benefit from trying new make up.
    I recently threw away 2 pair of gauze pants that I loved and wore every summer for about 20 years. I have several linen pants and hope I can find some more gauze pants to replace those I reluctantly threw away last fall. Both the white pair and the navy blue pair were literally falling apart and thread bare. So, at least one pair of gauze pants is on my list before the summer heat. No tropical vacation this year, but a trip to Washington DC in August is already scheduled so heat and humidity is in the forecast.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your husband, Norma. Do expect it to be miserably humid there in August. I don’t miss that humidity.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Seriously, I think you look even younger without eye make-up.

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary.
    And hopefully your eye infection clears up ASAP.
    I love pink and blue, but I prefer navy/ denim over black, on myself.
    In Mexico I gravitate towards white and blue, just to feel cool 😎

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Happy Anniversary! 45 years is amazing, you both looks so young and healthy. We are coming up on 39 years this summer, and I don’t know that many years have passed.

    Hope your eye clears up quick, you look great without eye makeup. I did not notice until you mentioned it.

    1. The years do whip by faster and faster♥️

  7. Judith Cronin says:

    Where in MX does your brother live? I lived at Ajijic/Chapala for eight years, so I am sure you will enjoy the casual vibe.

    1. He’s on the Baja side

  8. Linda Todd says:

    Jennifer I am sure I smnot the first to tell you the photo in the post is lovely. If you hadn’t drawn attention to it we would never have noticed that you were not wearing eye makeup up.
    I have changed my full face makeup as I have aged to eye liner smudged some concealer where needed and blush and lippy. Light apicatuon of all. I have a friend who must have very poor lighting in her bathroom. She always wears way too much of everything and sadly looks rather clownish.

  9. I go to Mexico several times a year, and I’m pretty boho, so I’m here with advice! Gauze is perfect since it is always hot in Mexico, no matter the season. If you are afraid to go totally boho with your clothes, do it with a hat or bag. Or sandals. Jewelry can feel heavy in Mexican heat, likewise scarves. I have a few Johnny Was shirts, embroidered and colorful, that I pair with some neutral EF crepe pants. Embroidery and color are always perfect in Mexico. At home, I call myself “restrained boho” but I tend to go full boho in Mexico. Don’t forget some fun sunglasses!

    1. Thank you so much Kay! Embroidery has even appealed to me lately which is odd for my style at home but would be fun in Mexico!

    2. Love pink and black too ! Jjill dresses on-sale right now are very cute . Also some cute boho ones on natural life site . Happy anniversary ! Enjoy your trip ?
      You inspire me to wear gauze but it never gets very hot her on coast . I canwear sleeves year round .

      1. I’d count myself lucky to live near the coast:)

  10. Happy Anniversary!
    I do like pink and black if the pink is dark enough. Really like the one you ordered.

  11. You make a handsome couple! Oh I can picture you easily in bright cool swirly skirts with tank tops and hair wraps in colorful tones! Cook sandals too! (Or cool fabric palazzo pants too)! Have an amazing visit!
    Sorry about the eye infection Jennifer🥲

  12. Meg Johnson says:

    Happy Anniversary! May you have many more happy healthy years together!🥂. I think you look great without the eye makeup.

    1. You’re so kind. Thank you

  13. Happy Anniversary Jennifer! I am so sorry to hear about your eye infection. My dry eye led me to stop wearing eye makeup. I missed it but my husband always liked me better without it. I haven’t worn anything but a little blush and tinted lip conditioner since then. I find that if I wear black or lavender next to my face, I look pale. We have the same coloring so that may be what you are seeing in the picture. I love pink and black together! You will look wonderful in that outfit as well as feel comfortable and that is what you want on vacation. Have a great trip and I hope you catch a break on that terrible weather in Cali. My son lives in Vista. They have gotten rain and chilly weather in North San Diego County. Our sun has come out but still 32 degrees here in Colorado.

    1. I gave up eye makeup years ago for the same reason. I find I have fewer flare ups, in general, since I gave it up. Blush & lip tint is all I wear now too.

  14. Happy anniversary! It’s a testament to your relationship that all you need to celebrate is each other.
    Sorry about your eye problems. Glad you can look on the bright side (no pun intended) by trying new products.
    I live pink and black. Is the pink gauze shirt pastel or a rose pink?

    1. The one on order is pastel. I’m thinking I’d prefer the brighter rose

  15. I’m not usually a pink person, but the gauze shirt is calling my name. Someday if the rain stops I can wear it

  16. Happy anniversary! My thoughts when I saw the pic of you two was how great your skin looks and the two of you look so happy together. I didn’t even notice you didn’t have on eye makeup.

      1. Happy 45th Anniversary Jennifer🎉💕

      2. Thank you!

  17. Sorry about your eye infection, I’ll be honest I didn’t think you looked pale, happy and relaxed. It is a bummer to toss out make up you just bought and like. Your pink shirt looks great for the humid weather of Mexico. Enjoy your trip and I hope your items arrive in time for you.

    1. Shipping seems to be slower than usual with this bizarre weather so I have my fingers crossed.

  18. My first impression of your photo was NOT that you looked pale, but that you looked relaxed and happy and GREAT! So sorry about the eye infection and having to ditch all your eye makeup. UGH. The bright side, as you said, is trying some new products. Hopefully you can find some travel or sample sizes. Pink gauze is catching my eye, as is blue. Gauze is such a nice fabric.

    1. You’re sweet. Thank you.

  19. Paula Craig says:

    Hope your eye infection clears up quickly! I luv pink & black & will order the shirt.
    Gauze is great for Louisiana b/c it is cool!! Yes, I will also get the pool Birkenstock’s.
    I think you will look fabulous in Mexico with your outfit. Have fun!

    1. Thanks Paula. I’m looking forward to dry weather.

  20. Happy Anniversary and many more! Hope your eye infection clears up very soon. xo

  21. Happy Anniversary! That’s a lovely picture.

  22. Happy 45th Anniversary
    You both look great.
    Hope your eye infection clears up and your packages arrive ASAP before your trip to Mexico.

    1. Thank you Lin. Sometimes I think I keep UPS in business 😂

  23. Happy anniversary. Pale pink (or any pastel) is not my color, but I like the shirt in the photo with blue jeans. I’ve never worn pink with black but like it with navy and denim.
    Sorry to hear about your eye infection. I had an infection last week that seemed to come out of nowhere — really unpleasant.

    1. I hope your eye has healed. They are painful.

  24. Happy anniversary….
    Great picture of you both !

  25. Happy Anniversary Jennifer, lovely photo of you two. We will celebrate 43 years in August, so blessed!

    Love the pink and black.

    Still soppy and dreary here in the northwest, spring please!

    Have a good day!

    1. We are blessed. Happy Anniversary.

  26. Pat Patterson says:

    Good morning Jennifer, Happy 45th!, we celebrated our 51st in February.
    Hope your eye heals quickly, btw, sometimes a natural look is the most beautiful. 🥰. I’m very interested the boho look especially the transporting of hats on vacation. It never occurs to me to pack more than one hat.
    Have a great day, it’s gray, cold and windy here in the northeast, hope the sun comes out for you today.

    1. Thank you Pat. Stay warm!

  27. First of all, Happy Anniversary!
    Our weather isn’t much better than yours, although ours is snow and as I’m writing this, I’m watching it snow yet again.
    I’m seeing a lot of linen in the stores and have purchased a shirt (pink), ankle pants (black) and a white linen jacket, although it will be a few months before I get to wear these.
    On another note, it’s sad that Nordstroms is pulling out of Canada. I actually had a few items in my cart before they closed the website. A note on the site states that they will be happy to serve us when we visit the U.S. So it appears there are no immediate plans for us to order from the U.S. site.
    Hope you have an enjoyable Monday and your weather improves soon.

    1. Violet L O'Brien says:

      Happy 45th to you both! Hope your eye heals quickly and that you enjoy your time away.
      Can’t wait till Spring!!

    2. I’m so frustrated that Canada is doing that. Why wouldn’t they allow Canadians to order and just pay duty and shipping? Talbots does that for footwear.

  28. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful photo of you both despite a nasty eye infection you look fabulous and happy! Love the outfit of the week in particular the black hat I must add to my wardrobe. Safe travels and enjoy

  29. Loved Mon post also yes I would definitely wear blue “any blue” with black sorry to hear of you eye infection was it caused by eye makeup years ago my daughter had trouble regarding eye makeup sure made us become much more aware and cautious of what we put on our face

    1. It’s just a complication of my dry eyes and rosacea. 🥲

  30. First off, Happy 45th Anniversary Jennifer! Coming up to ours this spring too!! We were child brides, obviously, lol 🙂 As to your musings on this Monday, I also adore gauze summer blouses. The one pictured on the model was close to one purchased in 1978 in Sao Paulo, Brazil (along with a darling 3-tiered cotton skirt) except that it had a button quarter placket and darling little Peter Pan collar with half loose full sleeves in white. I wore it until it literally fell off my body; it went with absolutely everything (same with the skirt). I wish I could find one like it to replace it, but alas still no joy. This pink V-neck version comes mighty close though.

    1. A seamstress could make you a replacement! Do you still have it she could use as a pattern?

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