Monday Musings – What Surprised Me Last Week

My eyebrows have been migrating to my chin for years. And the brighter the light I’m in, the more I discover. This week I have been using my trusty suction cup magnifying mirror so I see everything.


I never travel without this mirror because even when hotels supply magnifying mirrors, they’re attached to the wall in dark bathrooms so I can’t see anything in them anyway. Mine simply sticks to any window so the light is bright and I can see everything…often things I don’t want to see:)

Anywho…this week, I got a very closeup look at my eyebrows. I’ve been using this

I went hunting for a photo to compare and found this one on the left that I posted on my blog back in 2019. The one on the right was taken yesterday.comparison of eyebrow color

My eye color looks sort of murky on the right but the brows are clear. I’m wearing eyeliner, eyeshadow, and eyebrow gel in the left picture. Mascara but nothing on my brows on the right side. The instructions on the brow conditioner don’t promise to make them grow in darker, but clearly, it is. I’m thrilled! Then I discovered their shampoo, hmm. Their brow stuff works so well…I wonder… Has anyone tried this stuff?

The other thing that surprised me this week was the panty I discovered. I’ve been a loyal fan of one brand of panties for as long as I can remember, but this week, I’ve switched. Cotton panties are considered to be the ‘healthiest’ panties because they provide the best airflow:) I’ve always found them to be a bit on the “clunky” side until I came across two pairs of these panties on a sale rounder. They’re great! The next day I went back and they were sold out.

Then I found these full briefs which I prefer the shape of. When I get home, all my nylon panties are being donated. These new ones aren’t cheap but I saved by buying 3 which brought the price down. The cotton feels soft and is very comfortable and while they may not be as invisible as some others under tight pants, they’re very good. Frankly, my jeans aren’t as skinny as in past years so I don’t need panties that are as thin as a razor blade.

What’s new on your radar this week?



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  1. The lady I go to for facials recommended I look into the micro blading for my eyebrows because she thought I would be happy with the results. When I went for the consultation she thought it would be a little harsh on my skin and said she mostly did it for her younger clientele. She recommended the powder tattoo which lasts for about 1 year. It is fabulous and I highly recommend it. They match your hair color and it is very natural looking, I am 64 and will continue the touch ups once a year. Jennifer I think you would really like the results and you can just go for a consultation to check it out. My daughter, age 36 and all of her friends do it too!

  2. My inner eyebrows are normal to thick. Do you think the Revitabrow could only be used on the missing eyebrow tails?

  3. Some good suggestions this week! Wonder how that shampoo and conditioner are? I’ve been using Rogain over six months and haven’t noticed growth. My dermatologist said 1/3 of people see growth 1/3 see nothing and 1/3 seem to have hair loss slowed. I seem to be in the latter category. I’ve been wearing Victoria secret cotton briefs for years, but the Natori look really nice!

  4. My eyebrows have become nonexistent, so I quickly went to the Nordstrom site and ordered the eyebrow product you recommended. I even had a Nordy Club $10 note to apply!

    1. Awesome. Be consistent and patient. They took several months to start growing in. I have been using it for close to a year and find the tube lasts way longer than they say it will.

  5. Just bought the the bliss undies on sale this year to try . I have been buying the Nordstrom brand cotton undies for years, then they stopped making them. Would stock up at the sale every year. Seems like all cotton is harder to find..

  6. Thanks Jennifer for the cool things l am going to order the eyebrow conditioner and the mirror perfect. When do you use it first thing in the morning before make up or at night ? Thanks. I like Jockey cotton pants as they often do deals for a packet of three! And soma are good too.

      1. Thank you kindly. All the very best 🙂 So love your blog Jennifer it is terrific!

  7. Hi Jennifer, my brows have thinned out significantly. How bad were yours. Wondering if this product would work on me. Fingers crossed!

    1. Mine looked moth-eaten and very, very sparce. It’s been quite remarkable for me so I hope you have the same success.

  8. My friend has beautiful eyebrow tattoos . She had them
    done ten years ago and was totally satisfied . Sending you hugs and prayers , Yvonne . Pris

  9. I have that trusty mirror and it travels the world with me, my daugter calls it and the tweezers the plucking station! Must try the eyebrow serum, not sure it is available in Canada.

  10. After a wonderful holiday in and around Vancouver,BC seeing your daughter, you must be happy to be home. After seeing your
    Sunday post, I was wondering if you’d discover Ilsa Jacobsen Tulip shoes from Denmark, and you have! I bought my first pair in orange locally about 2 years ago, and have had many compliments. They are so comfortable, especially if your feet give you a bit of grief. I now own 4 pairs and will look for new colours next year.

    As for panties…I started with Victoria’s Secret years ago when I discovered the seamless variety. Switched to the Marks brand in 🇨🇦 after realizing that their product was practically identical, apparently produced in the same place, and less expensive than VS, although perhaps not offering the fancier patterns or colours. Easy to wash when traveling, rolling up several pairs for packing, and feel very light and comfy even though not cotton. I use a very low dryer or lay over a drying rack. They have been discovered by others, so much harder to find recently.

    1. I am still in Vancouver and will be for a few more weeks. I’m also hoping to get over to see my brothers on Vancouver Island. I get here so seldom, I like to spend a long time when I do.

  11. Micro-blading has been a huge success for me. Because I was a redhead she choose a medium brown colour. .it has lasted over a decade . Expensive but well worth it.

  12. Natori Bliss have been a regular in my past several years, very comfy! I do prefer others at times – Soma did not work for me, but I’m testing out Tommy John which I like. Even with delicate cold water washing and air drying, I find Natori tend not to last as long as others, but they remain a staple for me.

  13. I started using a similar brow product in April (Neubrow). My hair is silvery but my natural color was dark brown. I’ve had very good results with the brow serum. My new brows are my old natural color, dark brown. I do have a few white ones. Thanks for the panty info – I’m due for some new ones.

  14. Went to all cotton when I retired and have had very few problems since. I do keep some Hanky Panky briefs on hand for white jeans and revealing knits, but otherwise, it’s all cotton all the time. I will definitely try that brand. They look like a step up from my French Cut Jockey style.

  15. Huge fan for 7+ years of these Natori Bliss cotton panties! Quality, and incredible body-conforming comfort. They hold their color, stitching and lightweight shape…machine wash delicate and air dry overnight, tho they tolerate the dryer. Great for travel. Yipee!

  16. I had very good results from Revitabrow as well, based on your original recommendation. I color my brows when I color my hair, so they have color. Less maintenance with brow pencils, etc.

  17. Good to hear about the eyebrow serum. Many posts ago you mentioned an eyelash growth serum that you had to stop using but that gave you amazing results. I failed to write it down and now I can’t find it. Can you please post again. Love your dailies!

  18. Nothing too new in my world- just enjoying all my linen wide leg pants (flax and a navy). So comfy! And easy to dress up or down! Love you Talbots and love your sales!
    My undies drawer has a mix of 100 % cotton (brand?) and my nylon panties from Soma. I have an assortment of both. Yes cotton is cool and nice in humid weather!
    Have a happy week!

  19. On the topic of eyebrows, has anyone tried temporary eyebrow tattoos?
    I start Chemotherapy this week and I’m looking at all possibilities. The Revitabrow seems like a product I would try after all the sessions are over.
    On another note, I had my hair cut really short the other day. It’s not quite a pixie cut, but the sides are just below my ears and the shortest I’ve ever had it. And my hair is curly now! I’ve always had wavy hair, but at this length the curls are popping out. All I do wash and let it air dry – I wish I had done this years ago.

    1. I tried micro blading 4 yrs ago. I had a touchup the following year. I’m very happy because my eyebrows were almost nonexistent. Did I tell you I’m 84 in a couple months?
      There are many YouTube videos that explain the procedure. I wish you all the best with your upcoming treatments..

    2. Good luck with your Chemo Yvonne. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
      I’ve always thought the tattoos were permanent and I hear they’re very successful for many women.

    3. I had my eyebrows permanently tattooed several years ago, twice, first time the gal used some kind of ‘ash’ in the mixture and over time my brows started to turn GREEN !! I had them re-done and was told it was because of the mixture used to tattoo, the 2nd time they’ve been o.k. but there are still places on my brows where I have to use a cover up to hide the green. Be very careful who does the tattoo for you,