My Solution For Removing Facial Peach Fuzz

Happy Friday, ladies. I can happily say that I have cut my chin shaving for the very last time. For some of you, none of this will make sense, but if you grow the kind of peach fuzz that I now do, you may be intrigued. I didn’t use to have as much of an issue, but I do now, which is just another privilege of aging for me. Here’s my new solution for removing facial peach fuzz.

For the last year, I’ve been using my epilator to remove the peach fuzz, but it was painful and didn’t remove the surface dead skin the way my little razor did, so I went back to using that…until I cut my chin. Ouch…and so dumb! I know many women go to the salon to get a professional dermaplaning, but I’ve never been a “services” gal and tend to do things on my own at home.

This dermaplaning device is a 2021 New Beauty Award Winner with very positive reviews, so I decided to give it a try. It comes with a small tube of PREFLASH Essential Skin Prep which removes surface oil and makes skin feel temporarily tighter. I wasn’t a huge fan of how that felt, so I just use it on freshly washed and dried skin.

After charging overnight, slide a microblade onto the wand and choose the speed you want. The blades click into place right out of the case, so you can’t cut yourself. In fact, the blades don’t feel sharp, but I know they must be to get the job done.

Press the button once for gentle exfoliation and twice for a more invigorating treatment. I used it on the lowest level. Hold the edge of the device at a 45º angle to your face and hold the skin taut with your other hand.

You can also make faces like I do to stretch your skin in places so you can use it one-handed. I don’t have much facial hair on my upper lip, but I figured I should do my whole face because the blades are single-use.

I’m blown away by how much flaky skin this removed. I knew I had some, but seeing how much was eye-opening. It also removed more peach fuzz than I ever thought I had, so I guess I need a stronger magnifying mirror. My skin is so smooth… I don’t even recognize it! I’m using less of everything on my skin because things glide on like silk and go so much further on smooth skin.

The Dermaflash Luxe+ comes with four single-use exfoliating blades, so I also bought this package of 12 refills. It’s intended to be used once a week, but I’m finding I don’t need to do it that often.

Let’s dispel a few myths about shaving and dermaplaning your face. Shaving and deplaning facial peach fuzz does not cause it to grow back thicker or darker. When you derma plane, you’re removing very, very fine hair called vellus hair, along with dead skin cells. It boosts cell turnover, which brightens the complexion.

Dermaflash also makes a Mini Precision Peach Fuzz removal device for reaching small spots around the eyes, lips, and brows. I don’t trust myself not to take off an eyebrow accidentally, so this one is all I’ll need.

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Have you tried dermaplaning?


  1. I’ve been using the Flawless Finishing Touch and just love the ease of use and results. I think your featured product has the added bonus of removing flaky skin so will consider. Really appreciate this post! Relieved to learn I’m not alone with the peachy fuzz face

    1. You’re in good company 😉

  2. Are you using both sizes or just the mini for your entire face?

    1. I’m just using the larger one for everything.

  3. Katelyn K says:

    Please DO let us know ok? I have one stubborn 2cm flat seborrheic keratosis ‘tag’ next to my nose that is driving me crazy attempting to erradicate. No creams, lotions nor pre-cancer remedies work. I’ve even gone so far as ordering an African butter that was “guaranteed” to smooth the skin. I’ve used one of those skin tag shavers. No results. Am looking for a solution that doesn’t involve cuts and surgery.

    1. I will let you know once I’ve used it. You might need yours cut off.

  4. Katelyn K says:

    Great Post Jennifer:

    I agree that some of us (including me) suffer from that pesky peach fuzz and those nasty bristle-like occassional plucking required; hair protrusions. Yes, I pluck the bristles as they are easily removed for a few months at a time with a precision tweezer (think Tweezerman slant for best results).

    I didn’t know about the electronic device you posted here. Sounds good if it gets the job done without danger of cutting which may leave facial scars. I may just try this device as it appears affordable and eliminates the risk from the razors.

    What I’ve been using (and think perhaps you recommended (or maybe Cindy H?) is this affordable and travel friendly Schick Hydro Silk Touch-up exfoliating dermaplaining tool. Comes in a 3 pack and is very budget friendly on Amazon (see Jennifer for the link). Does the job very well and keeps the “fuzz” from coming back for a few weeks and has the exfoliating benefit. Never been cut by this specialized razor. This device is especially travel friendly as it requires no electricity (campers or dive boat expeditions). An additional benefit is proported to be brown shaping, however, plucking and manual cutting are my go to’s to keep the brows in check.

    I will give this one a go for use at home. While traveling, will rely on the Schick as it’s my go-to for areas with spotty electrical connections.


  5. Thank you, Jennifer, for these recommendations on peach fuzz and “wild hairs” removal. It’s kind of like an unspoken topic around most of the people I know; almost an embarrassment by some. Now, I have another question somewhat in this arena. Does anyone know of a foolproof or effective method for permanently removing skin tags? I’ve tried a number of methods, and so far, nothing. Any suggestions? Thank you for all that you do for us!

    1. My dermatologist simply snips mine off with very sharp scissors if they’re small enough. I did try that and it worked but made me a bit nervous. My girlfriend recommended this which I have ordered and will let you know how it works.

  6. Every time I click on a Nordstrom link from one of your posts, it blocks me saying unusual activity. What?

    1. I get that sometimes too. I don’t know what that means, sorry

  7. Thanks for this product information and the skin care advice. I’m not a services gal either. I make most of my skin care products and do my own facials and light treatments. This will be a great addition to my routine. I’ve always been afraid of growing black hair so thanks again for the education.

    1. It doesn’t change to color or courseness of the velus hair in our face. If it did, I would be a fully bearded lady by now 🙂

  8. I’ve been using a less expensive version from Amazon – Panasonic Facial hair remover for over a year with great results. It runs between $20 to $25

  9. Thanks for the information Jennifer. My facialist retired and I have not gotten a facial in several years. Would love to try this. My question is I have many white hairs on my chin. Will the derma planing work for that as well? I hate plucking them out and don’t want to shave. Also not sure electrolysis will work on the white hairs. Thank you.

    1. It does work on those little bristles too. I prefer to pluck mine tho because they’re gone longer.

  10. I use Derma Flash and love it. You have to go over the areas a couple of times and the lip area it tricky but it does remove peach fuzz and dead skin. My skin looks wonderful and it easily accepts my skin care products with the dead skin removed. I’ve used this for 4 or 5 years now. I’m very happy with it.

    1. I wish I’d found it sooner! It’s really amazing.

      1. But you have it now and how lovely that you shared this with all of us!
        It works magic on our skin. ☺️

  11. I am looking for a facial hair epilator. I don’t have peach fuzz , but rogue stiff hairs on chin and upper lip. I can thank my Italian relatives for this for sure. My mom tweezed a lot and my grandmother did too.

    I am currently using the Schick blades made for facial hair. I have never cut myself, and it does work. I just want something where they don’t grow back. I can’t afford laser removal .

    I will look and see what others are doing.

      1. Those are great little things but they don’t remove dead flakey skin which I found really great!

    1. I purchased the Braun FaceSpa Pro epilator kit on Amazon. It can be a little ouchy to use but I was tweezing before and that can be painful too. What I like about this epilator is I find I need to use it less and less frequently. I never had a serious mustache but the random coarse dark whisker and this dies the trick. I also use it to remove any peach fuzz.

      1. I do love my epilator too, but you’re right, it stings and it doesn’t do the flakey skin which I’m loving as a bonus to this deplaning tool.

  12. Quick question…other than eye makeup…are you wearing any makeup for photo purposes? I’ve been so afraid to remove my peach fuzz..thinking it will grow longer quicker and thicker, etc. though you said it doesn’t. How long have you been removing your fuzzies? I’m sure many women feel the same. Then what happens when I get too old to do it myself and don’t have a daughter to assist me…..will I be a bearded lady. Oh just the thought of it! Hope this made you chuckle…but seriously….it freaks me out! I appreciate all you do for us seasoned ladies.

    1. I’ve been shaving or epilating for 5-6 years. It’s never gotten thicker. I know many ladies have been doing it longer.

  13. I used to use those little razors you can get at the store. They were not doing the job and I bought a device similar to the one you purchased and it was worth the money. I get a facial every three months . I get dermaplanning at the facial but it only last 4-6 weeks.

  14. I’m ready to try this I think, but can’t help but wonder why not just use a man’s razor? They cut very close, and don’t (usually) cut their faces.

    1. That would work. Just be careful not to cut yourself.

  15. Well, count me in to that small number of ladies who find peach fuzz an issue. So far, it’s even a slim razor that does the trick. Yes, it makes a huge difference when applying any of my creams or makeup’s on a smooth skin. This looks like a great product! I continue to be amazed at how my basic daily routines have expanded as the years progress. I tell myself that this simply confirms the fact that I am not giving up!
    Thank you again Jennifer for keeping us current on new and improved products to help us through this journey!

    1. That’s a great attitude, Jan. Yes, my routines get extra steps each year but I’m not giving up either!

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