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Dressing Room Diaries – New February Arrivals at Talbots

Happy Friday, ladies. Spring collections are trickling into the stores and I’m always anxious to see which colors the brands focus on. Talbots is going with bright and tossing in some classic neutrals. Their clothes are always fun to try on.

If you’re new here, welcome. Dressing room diaries are when I go into a store and try on new merchandise so you can see how it looks on a woman over 25. For reference, I am 5’4″ and weigh around 138 lbs. I have an inverted triangle body shape with broad shoulders and straight hips. I have a long torso, long arms, and very few curves. I often wear one size larger on top than the bottom. I try on clothes that don’t fit me and are not my best shape and color so that you can see what’s new in the store and get some styling ideas.

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woman wearing aqua sweater and white pants

This first picture is so you can all have the same laugh that I did in the dressing room. Wrong shape, the wrong size and there’s no fixing this combo on me. I have slim hips and these pants are not intended to look balloon-shaped but they are too large and too long. My broad shoulders are not flattered by this ‘puff’ shoulder, but man oh man, do I love the cheery color.

woman wearing blue striped shirt and white jeans

This classic, no-iron striped shirt has a reverse stripe on the inside placket in front and the inside of the cuffs. Since I always fold my sleeves back and pop my color, this adds a dash of fun to a classic shirt. I paired it with this non-padded, quilted vest that comes in 4 colors. I’m wearing navy which is a great neutral for spring.

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White jeans are less forgiving than  darker colors and being snug, is not what I want these days so I was thrilled to come across these barely boot cut in white. I have two blue washed in these jeans and love that they cover the top of my shoe but don’t flare!


The relaxed chinos are bright and more bright so I paired them with a sweater in the same shade. I am wearing a 6 petite which sits below the natural waist and that calls for a sweater over it on my long torso. The chinos come with folded-up hems which look more casual so I’m also showing them unfolded. These come in 11 colors in the full range of Talbots sizing.

The sweater comes in 5 colors, I’m wearing aquamarine. The puff shoulder isn’t great on me but is fabulous to widen the look of narrow shoulders. The shawl-collared cardigan is a deep indigo and also comes in cream or aquamarine, which would be a striking addition to this combination.



Talbots cotton tees are a nice substantial weight and mine have held up for hours. You can’t tell here, but they are also opaque which I love! I am wearing a small in indigo blue. The shaker knit cardigan is described as having a bishop sleeve and if it does it’s so subtle you can’t tell. It comes in 6 great brights and neutrals in their full range of sizes. I am wearing a misses small so it runs TTS. I am wearing tranquil blue which is bright and cheery.

woman wearing white denim jacket and turquoise chino's

Here, I just popped their classic jean jacket over the aquamarine chinos and sweater. I love the freshness of this look.  I am wearing a misses medium which is the size I prefer in a denim jacket. It does have spandex, but I like mine to be extra roomy for ease of movement so I size up.

woman wearing pink chinos and striped jacket

Same relaxed chinos as above, this time in punch pink. Wowza is this color fun! I love pairing black with pink so added the classic crew neck tee and topped it with a sweater jacket. The blazer background is ivory which is too muted to hold its own against the bright pink with black and looks unbalanced. I’d love this with jeans and a more muted shirt, tee, or sweater. The stripe was so dark, I couldn’t tell if it was navy or black. In cases like this, does it matter? Nope, not to me.


These are the same twill joggers I tried on in white in the first picture but this is a small petite and wow, what a difference. I don’t generally prefer shorter pants, but this style is intended to be this way and you really can’t change that. They run loose through the seat and thighs so I suggest you size down.

The abstract floral sweater is in shades of aquamarine, aqua, navy, white, and what appears to be black. It will coordinate with so many things from this latest collection and has a very upbeat vibe. I am wearing misses small, and it runs true to size.

Then I went to my other local Talbots and tried on these-

woman wearing white blouse and blue pants in Talbots dressing room

Their classic white no-iron shirt which I have been wearing for years. I am wearing an 8 petite and the sleeves are too short for my long arms so I always opt for the misses in these but they do run true to size. The pants are Talbot’s always popular, Chatham ankle pants which come in 6 colors, I’m wearing Cyan Blue. They have a slightly higher waist this season which I personally love, and the side zip which prevents lumps and bumps in the tummy area. The curvy fit version is here.

I topped this look with a 100% cotton tunic in the same Cyan blue. It comes in 6 colors, which will coordinate with their other new pants etc. I am wearing a petite medium, so it does run long and so it would work beautifully over leggings.

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These chino’s come right to the waist and fit like a dream. I really loved these ones for those of us with long torso’s or who want maximum muffin top control. The fabric is an oxford, menswear type. This is the only color and fabric they’re made in so far (fingers crossed they make more options). I am wearing the petite 6 and it fits perfectly so it runs true to size.

I could not resist pairing it with this sunny, yellow striped shirt. The cuffs and placket of this shirt have color coordinated polka dots! It’s 100% cotton but not labeled no-iron. It also comes in a navy option. I am wearing a petite medium and it runs totally true to size. This striped sweater is one of the cheeriest things I’ve had on in many months. Needless to say, it will go with everything, plus it’s soft, cozy, and flattering. I am wearing a medium petite and the arms are a great length.


This pullover was calling for more color so I topped it with this quilted vest in Punch Pink. Then I added these high-waist straight jeans in size 6 petite. The curvy version here. These are on the shortlist for me this spring too because I’m not feeling the love for skinny or tight-leg, white jeans.

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.

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  1. Being that it is snowing and only 13 degrees, this post was such a pleasure of things to come.
    Thanks for helping me see The Springy Future.
    All outfits were upbeat with happy with color.

  2. Roberta Adams says:

    The white blouse is way too shear

  3. Everything is so pretty! Certainly the bright colors make you think spring. I love the aqua color…so pretty!
    I would have had a field day trying on all of those outfits. I want everything!
    2 questions; the white blouse – did you feel it was comfortably soft? I have always had trouble with white shirts/blouses being very stiff with fabric that feels as though it “picks.” Usually they are the “no-iron” ones, so I’m wondering if this one felt good?
    The second question is, if I may ask, what eyeshadow do you have on? It’s pretty and flattering!
    Thanks Jennifer!

    1. The white shirt is soft and thinner than many no-iron options so you may want to wear a cami with it. My eyeshadow is new and I am surprised to be loving it because it has a metallic gleam to it. It is by Urban Decay called Mushroom.

  4. Love just about everything except perhaps the puff shoulder sweater. I just hope we follow suit here in NZ with those colours next summer. We are in summer at the moment and I have bought hardly anything as the colours have been so drab – ochres and mustards which don’t suit me at all. With the way of the world at the moment we could do with some bright colours to cheer us up.

  5. Of all, I loved the striped blue no-iron shirt outfit. Very classy. 👍😋

  6. Cath🇨🇦 says:

    Good grief… you must have been exhausted after the Talbot’s dressing room marathon! Such lovely punches of colour🌈
    My favourites are the stripe sweater with pink vest & white pants… and the blue stripe shirt with quilted vest. Very classic dressing.
    From a trip to Edinburgh, I have 2 ‘Thomas Pink’ striped tunic shirts which are lovely Egyptian cotton . An investment purchase.
    But , I will hold these ideas until later on when it’s not so damp & misty here on Vancouver Island .
    Today we had sun ☀️ so off for a rather chilly bicycle ride to a local beach.
    Thanks for what you do so well , Jennifer.

    1. You live in a gorgeous spot!

  7. Thank you for showing all these: the colors are lovely and your post helped me decide what I do NOT want as well as what I would like. Your sizing advice is generally spot on, but Talbots is increasing the lengths on some Petite pants. The white high-rise pants, for ex, are 28.5 inches long. I am 5′ 2.5″, so I am not a really short petite, and even so 28.5 inches is a good inch too long for me. I have the vest you showed in navy and pink from a couple of seasons back (mine’s green), and the armholes are really too big. But, I love the weight and color and wear it all the time anyway – outside in spring/fall and inside in the winter. Sometimes what we end up wearing is not what we would have envisioned. So, I’m going to buy the navy you selected.

  8. Love the aqua outfit! We’re hunkered down for a blizzard tomorrow so Spring seems extra far away!

  9. Jennifer, the first outfit looks great on you. It gives your figure a little vavoom!
    You are over analyzing your shoulders. The wider joggers very nice.

  10. Cynthia Dayton says:

    I so enjoyed listening to your interview on the Crysalis Colour Analysis Youtube this morning. After having an in-person analysis with one of their experts here in Oregon, I feel confident they got it right- finally! The education has been so valuable. Thank you for your openess in sharing your ongoing color story.


    1. Hi Cynthia. I had so much fun with the gals, taping that interview. I know my color analyst finally got me right too!! They truly are experts.

  11. Oh so refreshing to see colour! As to styles particularly like the tapered twill joggers and would be tempted to try with the shaker cardigan worn alone and reversed. (i.e.: Buttoned up the back.) -Brenda-

  12. So bright and summery. Warm weather clothes perk me up since it’s 19 degrees here.
    Love the striped jacket look. The white button-down is nice for all occasions dressing up or down but it looks a bit see -through to me. Maybe it’s just the picture.
    So nice to see your post.

  13. You look wonderful in that yellow shirt! I like your hair as you are growing it out. The contrast of the slightly darker roots adds depth and a bit of desirable “edge”.

    1. It’s funny but I’m liking that about my hair too. It seems to look more dimensional.

  14. Every outfit you have shown are just beautiful on you. Love the abstract sweater the striped sweater just all the colors are so suited to you! Have a great weekend Jennifer 😌😌😌

    1. These are happy colors

  15. Oh the cyan blue is calling my name 🙂 It’s so nice to see such vibrant colours for spring. I haven’t been in a store in ages, and have no idea if we will get such colouful options here.
    Happy Friday Jennifer.

    1. You just brought a touch of spring to our morning, Jennifer. Such pretty colours! I’m not comfortable wearing brights on bottom but love a pretty top. Spring can’t come quick enough.

    2. Happy Friday, Yvonne

  16. Love the spring colors! We are seeing a stretch of sun here in the Olympia Washington area. I even bought primroses for my window boxes yesterday. All the outfits remind me of my primroses, too. Not a fan of the puff sleeve, either. I sure loved the yellow blouse, especially.

    1. I’m a huge fan of primroses. So cheery in spring

  17. Littleredky says:

    I would take any of these with the exception of the yellow blouse, don’t do yellow. I would swap for the paisley in the collection. Have several of these items in my cart, just waiting on a sale. You look great in all of these outfits. As far as the aqua sweater I don’t think it makes your shoulders look wider, the puff at the shoulders is very small not like the puff at the cuffs. Thanks for the update on the spring fashions. By the way loving your hair.

    1. Thank you. I’m getting used to me hair 🙂

  18. That striped shirt outfit with the navy vest is very flattering on you. It makes me want to try it. It is definitely a winner.

  19. Such pretty colors. Thanks for trying them on for us and giving us a peak into the spring looks at Talbots!

  20. The yellow shirt and blue pants have a good balance on your shape. It’s very “ Hamptons”, classy, in my eyes. I can visualize a yellow flat and a small basket bag, maybe a yellow sweater tied around the neck, hmmmm nice.

  21. Love all the bright spring colors! Everything looks great on you Jennifer. My favorite is floral print sweater and vest. Looks great with the shorter pants.

  22. Love the striped blazer. The straight jeans look nice.

  23. Love how you combine the colors! I tend to hesitate on how to combine bright colors, tending to use only one at a time. You took it beyond my safety zone!

    1. It is beyond my safety zone too and I am glad I pushed it. I think we can have fun by challenging ourselves

  24. I loved seeing all of these combinations on you & the colors for spring are right up my alley.
    Thank you…

  25. Pinks and blues and yellow, oh my! The white jean jacket would go with everything too. I’m on the fence about white or bright colored pants/jeans. I do agree that white pants look much better if they are not snug at all. I am finding that a slim (not skinny) pant styles easier with so many of my favorite tops. As my height seems to be shrinking, my midsection appears to be getting thicker. I guess that only makes sense. Eee gads! Hopefully, some of my yoga stretches and watching my diet will help battle this problem.
    Thank you for showing us all things beautiful this morning! Maybe, give thought to grabbing that multi striped sweater? It’s a great look on you!

  26. I love the whole collection! It’s so cheerful. The yellow blouse with the blue pants and the the striped sweater with the pink vest looks great. I’m in the mood for more color this year. Let’s rock spring of 2022 with color.

    1. I love that combo too!

  27. Love all the clothes you styled today!

  28. I love the puff sleeve sweater on you! Love all the colors, too!

  29. The aquamarine chinos and sweater with the white denim jacket looks great on you. Fun and unexpected, modern and current, but still classic . For me this is the best of the bunch

  30. Paulette Levy says:

    Good morning Jennifer! Love the glimpse into springtime clothes as we in coastal New England face a major snow blizzard tomorrow with a possible 10-18 inches of snow. I just love the striped blazer with tee and those vivid rosy pink pants! You look great! As a matter of fact you look pretty terrific in almost everything you try on. I will be stuck inside at least a day or two but can dream about new spring clothes.

    1. Wow, that’s a lot of snow! Stay warm

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