Not Feeling Blue

Happy Tuesday, ladies. A reader mentioned that she’s solved her color dilemma by buying everything in just two colors and combining them. Have you ever considered doing that? If I did, I’m pretty sure blue would be one of them. Today’s ootd is anchored by an elongated denim jacket that I wore over the weekend.

over 50 fashion blogger jennifer connolly wearing long denim jacket with striped shirt

My friends at Chico’s sent me this elongated denim jacket which I’m loving and find super useful. They’d sent me a similar one last year that I loved to bits, but it was one size too large so I ended up donating it. The minute it left my closet, I missed it so I’m thrilled to have a replacement that fits.

woman sitting on rocky coast
LAST MARCH…the cuffs are folded twice

I wear a lot of long sweaters and tunic length tops so this elongated denim jacket gives perfect coverage and I find myself reaching for it often. I wore it twice, just last week! It only comes in a regular length which is fine for me. I’m wearing a 0 (4/6) in Chico’s sizing.

elongated denim jacket with blue pants and striped shirt

Nothing beats the freshness of a blue and white stripe for me. I bought this AYR shirt last year and have worn it a lot. I mostly pair it with denim or white jeans so I was thrilled to find these Brigitte pants in the same blue. Then as luck, would have it, I discovered the pants match my Margaux ballet flats.

woman wearing elongated denim jacket with striped shirt

These pants come in 11 colors, sized in regular, petite, and tall. I’m wearing the Indy blue in regular and just turned the hem under one hem length. Since they just pull on, there’s nothing in front to leave a lump showing through a sweater or top. I went down a size in these to a 0 (4-S) in Chico’s sizing.

woman walking downstairs

My striped shirt comes in 9 colors and runs generously. I’m wearing a small, which has plenty of room because of its oversized fit. It’s a blend of cotton and nylon with 3% spandex for ease, so you could easily size down and still be comfy. The reviews on this shirt were so good I had to try it and I’m glad I did.

striped shirt

I took this photo in a dark room so the color is off, but you can see how beautifully this is made. I love this kind of quality when a brand takes the time to ensure the stripes line up in a seam. I have my eye on another one for this summer…now to choose a color.

BTW- A reader asked why I always wear the same sunglasses. It’s because they’re filled with my prescription. I wasn’t finding a frame I liked at the optometrist, so I ordered these and had my RX put in them. I may try contacts again this year, but my ocular rosacea really complains so I haven’t had too much luck with them.

What two colors could you wear every day?


Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.




  1. I love Chico’s Traveller pieces and have a few mix/match pieces in blues and grey. I plan to take lots of blue and grey tops and bottoms on my next two cruises. 🙂

    1. Cruises sound so wonderful!

  2. Lorrie Orr says:

    Blue would be my colour of choice if I had to choose just one. That’s a lovely shirt!

  3. I often toy with capsule wardrobes when I travel, and I usually do gray/navy as the neutrals and purple/teal as the colors.
    My question is this, and maybe it’s been asked before – don’t your ankles get cold? I run warm, such that I often only need a light wrap over a blouse when everyone else has layers of scarves & coats over turtlenecks. But the bare ankles and bare feet in shoes I find uncomfortable. I wish socks would come into fashion. Sometimes I just grit my teeth & hope no one looks because I’ve put on *gasp* a pair of knee-high stockings.

    1. I live in northern CA so it’s not very cold. I do have little half socks on most days though to protect my feet.

  4. I love this jacket! I bought last summer & even though I was in warm climate, it was light enough to wear for the cool early mornings. Love it!
    Blue is the one color I wear almost daily. Whatever I buy, it generally has to go with blue.

  5. Love the denim jacket. I need unlined jackets here in SoCal where it gets warm early.

  6. Love the casual chic of the blues together. 💙

  7. I forgot to say that I, too, am really aware of how well clothes are made — especially alignment of stripes, plaid, etc. Talbots has a gorgeous mac – I think you showed it — but the alignment is off in the front of the jacket (probably b/c of pocket). Could you provide info about the hat you are wearing — just love it! Also, unlike one of your fellow bloggers who is doing western week, you actually know how to wear a hat. 🙂 Thanks.

    1. I love hats! My hat is the Brixton Joanna from a few years ago. They are sold out of gray but have some other colors plus a straw version. I wear my straw one all the time and love this shape.

  8. Two colors is really hard, but indigo / navy would definitely be one of them if I judge by my current wardrobe. Other blues are also good — anything except pastels. Maybe grays — from almost ivory to deep charcoal. I think the real answer, though, is that I am trying to add color and reducing my choices to two is not going to cut it for me. The long jacket looks great on you. I’m shorter so the length wouldn’t work for me. I’m going to look for something longer than my 21-inch Talbot’s jacket but shorter than thigh length.

    1. I couldn’t do two but for many years it seemed I did with black and white.

  9. Was delighted to see your post yesterday about your successful colour analysis. I’ve always wanted to have mine done but I’ve always been a wee bit doubtful about the results and/ or the colour specialist hasn’t been in my geographical region. Just waiting for my husbands cataract operation next week and we should be able to schedule it for mid March. When I reached out to Terry I did mention you and your blog as being my point of contact.😀

    1. Sending good wishes for your husbands’ surgery. I am excited for you to see Terry. She is brilliant!!

  10. Having traveled several times to London and a 17 day trip to Europe, I traveled with everything in a carryon and medium size tote. Black and navy blue were my base colors and I brought several different colors in tops and scarfs. So easy to coordinate all the outfits. Love the blues!

  11. This is off subject, but I thought your skin looked beautiful in yesterday’s post. I haven’t been able to find an archived post that talks about your current makeup and wondered if you still only use a tinted sunscreen or if you have a foundation you love. Thank you! I always look forward to starting my morning with your informative, positive, often funny, and down to earth blog!

    1. Thank you so much! I have found a foundation I love and go back and forth between it and tinted sunscreen. My dermatologist introduced me to it. I now buy it from Dermstore here.

  12. I have that Chico’s long jeans jacket and love, love, love it! Anything that covers my very unattractive skinny, flat bum is a “go” for me! I also have the crop version of these pants in black and cream that I purchased from Chico’s last year. They fit well, and I like that they are pull on, no bulk around the tummy. The fabric is light weight and great for warmer weather. After washing, I only let them dry for 5 minutes (to soften them a bit) before hanging to air dry. Any longer than that and they will shrink.
    I have some Jessica Simpson ballet flats I have had several years, but haven’t worn much lately. Thank you for giving me “permission” to get them back out again!
    I also have a wide striped no iron tunic shirt that is great for traveling.
    I guess all of the above is why I follow and enjoy your posts; your style is a match for me!

  13. I hear you. Prescription sunglasses are expensive, so I have one pair plus my regular glasses. I’m not a fan of lenses that turn dark in the sunlight, as they are too slow to lighten up again indoors.

    1. I’m not a fan of transitions either.

  14. The beauty of a capsule wardrobe is that you don’t have to sacrifice colour choices to have a minimal wardrobe. I incorporated white, blue, pink, red and khaki into a Christmas summer vacation capsule with minimal stress. I love a monochromatic look but love wearing a variety of colours.

  15. Love the striped shirt— but wish it were navy instead of powder blue! The mac n cheese stripe is delightful.

  16. Love the blue and white strip! I’ve simplified my travel by deciding on whether I will take brown shoes or black shoes–then I build my wardrobe around that choice. Somehow it makes everything in the suitcase work together.

  17. The two color thing always works for me when packing for a trip. I can interchange outfits and save space at the same time.
    I usually pick off white and black or navy.
    It is fun to see how many outfits I can create with shoes, jewelry, scarves or just mix and match.
    Love the elongated jean jacket. Very practical.

  18. How terrific these pieces look together. I love 3/4 jackets but right now my trench and raincoat are all I have. This would be a great piece. If it’s denim, I wear it. I think I could wear pink and cream if I had to choose but I’d miss my blues. I’ve always wondered if I could do red, white and blue one summer. Blue & you..yada, yada,yada. 😄

  19. Ellie Bonner says:

    Try Acuvue Oasis contacts. Game changing for me!

    1. I will ask about them, thank you, Ellie

  20. I love denim jackets, but I find the dark, heavy denim over the lighter blue feels a bit top heavy, especially with ballet flats. I’m reminded of a previous post when you discussed mixing fabrics of different weights.
    Limiting colours is key if you want to simplify life. I have been able to travel for a month out of a carry on using this method and by accessorizing with scarves and jewelry. Sometimes we are more creative when we have less to work with…

    1. Bravo…excellent packing!!

  21. Wearing only a few colors reminds me of my son. He is terribly color blind so his wardrobe consisted only of navy, grey, khaki, white and black. My daughter in law has since changed that, lol. I love your striped shirt and denim jacket.

  22. Colleen Gander says:

    Ha! My husband’s tactic, when I first met him was to simplify his life by choosing everything in blue. Not only his clothes but bed linens, towels, anything that could be laundered together, from weekend denims, socks and boxers, shower towels and blue button-downs for the office. I really messed with his mind when I introduced grey and burgundy to his closet.

    1. Yes, married for 30 years and proud of my husband’s ability to choose his own burgundy, grey and olive clothes after the initial blue and white predominantly denim wardrobe he lived in when we first met.

  23. A Question not related to today’s post. In late November or early December I believe you had a link to a site where you could send your measurements and receive styling tips for your exact height, weight and measurements. I think it was about $100 or so. I thought what a great Christmas gift. Unfortunately, I’ve lost the link and can’t find it on your site. Please help me!
    Love denim jacket but don’t think I would wear the Chico jacket. It reminds me of car coats of long ago. I feel it would overwhelm me.
    I think limiting colors to just a few for travel is an excellent idea. I’ll have to try it if I can round up enough clothing in two or three shades.
    Thank you thank you for a wonderful blog that I look forward to every day!

    1. I don’t know of a site like that, so it must have been another blogger. I’m sorry

  24. Deborah B says:

    You look beautiful. Hands down – blue and white would be my choice! Blue makes me happy 💙

    1. I bought a longer jean jacket from Liverpool out of LA. Check it out. Has a softer look. Let me know what you think.

    2. Thank you, that’s so kind.

  25. When I was traveling to Ireland for 2 weeks I decided to do two colors – grey and pink. Of course there were shades of the color – from lighter pink to a wine color, but it allowed for more looks with fewer clothes.

    1. Pretty, pretty combo. I would love that

  26. Good morning. I was so happy to see the blue ballet flats in this post. I usually wear a 9W because of bunions: side on the right foot and on top of the left foot. Ballet flats are always a challenge. I seem to remember you saying that you have some challenges with shoes too. Please let me know how these fit. I also like how you show items that are for the most part readily available to purchase. I’ll be headed to Chicos to try on the denim jacket. Have a nice day.

    1. I wear the 39 1/2 W and love the extra room they give my bunion. The bow can be loosened like on real ballet shoes so you can adjust them that way too. I Love mine. I wore mine around the house to break them in before I wore them for a whole day.

  27. Theodora Repose says:

    I read about an aging designer who decided to only wear, black, white or denim. While being tempted, I would add blues.

  28. I too have ocular rosacea. How is yours treated?

    1. I just have eye drops but occasionally need an antibiotic for flares.

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