Nordstrom House Brand Coats

Happy Tuesday ladies. It’s winter in most parts of the country so today I have two coats that work well with my jeans and will also dress up nicely.

I am honored and delighted to once again have this post sponsored by Nordstrom and ShopStyle Collective. If you’ve read me for any length of time, you know it’s no secret that Nordstrom is my favorite department store. I’m increasingly devoted to their Nordstrom Made brands because the selection is outstanding and the prices are great!

As always, you can click the red text for more info, and to shop the item.

woman wearing blue nordstrom house brand coat by halogen

Let’s start with this coat that captured my heart at first sight. It’s unlined like the long version I shared with you here. Can you guess what sold me on this coat? The amazing color. It does come in 3 other colors, but how could I resist this blue?

blonde woman wearing blue halogen coat and jeans

The Halogen Brand has some fabulous coats this season. This Double Breasted blue one is unlined, in double-faced wool that’s perfect for layering. It comes in sizes XXS-XXL (16W). I’m wearing a small. The sleeves are a bit long for me so I folded them under and luckily, Nordstrom offers free, simple alterations if you’re a member of their Nordy club!

I highly recommend joining their Nordy Club, free to join here, which allows you to earn points towards notes you can use to shop plus you get free basic alterations.

woman walking in nordstrom house brand blue coat and jeans

I seldom need to button my coats in my climate, but when I do, this has a great neckline for showcasing a pretty scarf. I paired it with this simple turtleneck, a pair of comfy jeans, and some fun booties. I’m on a bit of a Chelsea Boot kick this year and love these water-resistant ones in winter white.

blonde woman wearing plaid coat and jeans

Here’s another fabulous coat, this one is the Norstrom brand. You can rely on this house brand for high-quality, timeless, classic clothing, shoes, and accessories that complement and polish your wardrobe.  My  Windowpane Plaid Double Breasted Coat is fully lined and made in a soft, luxurious feeling wool blend that’s nice and toasty.

jennifer connolly of a well styled life wearing Nordstrom brand plaid coat

It’s available in XXS-16W, I am wearing a small. I love its dramatic length and it has a deep kick pleat at the back to make it easy to walk in. Its dramatic lapels just scream for a brooch like this or this one as we get closer to the holidays. I dug out an old one, with a festive motif.


Nordstrom House Brands get better each season and they’re adding new ones all the time. They also offer BOPUS, ROTUS (reserve online, try on in-store), and curbside pickup. When thinking about classics for your wardrobe, I always encourage you to check out Nordstrom because they have something for everyone.

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.








  1. Beautiful coat, love the blue. The windowpane black coat is equally beautiful. Wish I lived somewhere that I could wear it but unfortunately living in Florida it doesn’t get cold enough 😀😀😀 have a great rest of your week Jennifer

    1. They would be a touch too warm for Florida:)

  2. Rhoda K Clark says:

    Jennifer! I just received my two, yep, I bought two, Lo & Sons handbags. I am so very pleased with them. The packaging is beyond imagined and they are exactly what I needed. I sent them an email and told them how much I loved their product. And I also told them that I had been introduced to their product by you and your blog. Just wanted to say thank you.
    I thoroughly enjoy your posts and look forward to each one.

    1. I am so thrilled you love them as much as I do!! Thanks for telling the company about me, that was very kind of you.

  3. I remember winter. It was when November temps in Southern California were under 90 degrees. I haven’t had need for a coat for the past two years. I have a couple I take when I travel, but a French terry cardigan is about all I need for warmth these days.

  4. Both of these gorgeous coats are definitely keepers! Your pretty brooch found a perfect home on the large lapel.
    It reminds me to set out my holiday brooches soon. Another inspirational blog!

    1. Yes, I am looking forward to wearing my brooches too! I wear mine much more often on blazers and jackets.

  5. Cath🇨🇦 says:

    Looking at the Nordstrom.ca site, and typing in Halogen wool coat, some of these products don’t exist… but a $4000 coat popped up!
    Happily, I already have a good selection in the foyer closet, and just need more opportunities to wear them .
    All were purchased locally, since retirement in the last 5 years, here on Vancouver Island … where we are waiting for the waters to subside and mudslides cleared away. But it’s sunny ☀️at last!

    1. Stay safe, Cath! My daughter tells me it’s just torrential in Vancouver too.

  6. Lorrie Orr says:

    That’s a beautiful coat and you wear it well, Jennifer. The winter before last I bought a red wool coat as I was tired of all the grey and black I usually wear. With the pandemic I haven’t worn it as much as I wanted to, but it brightens my mood when I do wear it.

    1. Red would definitely lift your spirits!!

  7. I’m a petite with long arms and legs and a more than average bust. But small frame. I’m blessed to find anything to wear. I usually buy things that fit the bust and look for style of sleeves that are not fitted at shoulder. I love the blue but if you wear a long coat a lot, everyone will remember it. “Oh, you’re wearing that beautiful blue coat again.” 😊but it’s so pretty.

    1. That’s true, and why I wear neutrals so often. But I can’t let that steal all the joy from wearing a stunning color 🙂

  8. This doesn’t have anything to do with the coats…but I was wondering what eyeliner do you wear?? I LOVE how you make up your eyes and your eyeliner is not harsh. I would love to copy it!!! Nancy.

  9. It’s really too bad the petite selection in the Halogen sweaters is so poor, because all the sleeves look really long. There’s just no good way to alter sweaters.
    Both coats are pretty, but for me that weight and length are impractical. Ah, well.

    1. Sleeves on sweaters never bother me because I like to fold back the cuffs and/or push them up. Sadly, it is getting harder to find plus and petite garments everywhere these days.

  10. Jennifer, that blue cost is just perfect on you. You may have addressed this in earlier posts but you are so thin and fit, can you share diet and eating habits please?
    Thank you and have a great day.

    1. I’ve added a few pounds back after last year so need to get back on track. I find intermittent fasting helpful and wait to eat in the AM. I avoid fried foods, eat mostly fish, am gluten free so limited bread, pasta, etc. I’ve cut back on dairy dairy so not very much cheese. I drink very little wine these days and found cutting that back was very helpful.

      1. Thank you for the tips, Jennifer!

  11. Love that blue coat. It looks great with jeans. Dressy with a bit of sport. My look completely. That blue looks awesome on you.
    Also like that it is unlined.

    1. It’s hands down, one of my favorite colors 💙

  12. Love both coats. So happy the halogen coat comes in camel! Will definitely purchase the camel one, a classic for a great price.

    1. I’m loving Camel this fall too. It’s so versatile.

  13. Love that blue color, but in Michigan, I’m not sure that really qualifies as a winter coat. Since they have no lining, I would probably wear it for two days in the spring and two days in the fall, which is too bad, as both coats are lovely.

  14. How could you resist the blue
    indeed !! A fantastic color on you!

  15. Love the look of these coats and the blue looks amazing on you. I love Nordstrom!

    1. Thanks, Rose. I love them too:)

  16. Great looking coats for a really good price!

  17. Both coats look great with jeans or dresses. I would have a hard time choosing between those but the black windowpane would win because of the belt and Chicago winters are messy. The blue coat would be a mess fast! Happy Tuesday!

    1. The windowpane coat is warmer too!

  18. I love these coats, but no petites. I’ve been told to just wear a smaller size , like xxs. That doesn’t work brcause I’m not that narrator w and most especially, the proportions are all wrong- hips and bust way too low and of course the
    Length and sleeves. Even the lapels would need to shrink!
    Jennifer what do you do when you need petite sizing?

    1. I have the same issues, Susan! I need petite sizing for the shoulder width, sleeve length, and of course overall length. Not all petite women fit in extra small clothing; at least I sure don’t any longer!

    2. I typically have the sleeves and body shortened. Fitted garments with darts etc aren’t as easy to alter. Alterations can get pricey so I buy to fit my shoulders and alter what I can. If you need to shrink the lapels, etc, that’s pretty extensive so I would pass for myself.

  19. Gail Ardiel says:

    Looks absolutely fabulous on you.

  20. I can see why you love this coat – colour, shape and style! Exactly what I like!

  21. I agree that Nordstrom brands are a good value, both in terms of quality and price.

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