Online Personal Color Analysis With Your Color Style

Online color analysis has never seemed like a viable option to me because the gold standard has always been in-person color draping. But with more and more color professionals offering this service, I decided to try several methods to see how effective they are. Each color expert uses different methods and the results are as varied as you would expect. In the next few weeks, you’re going to see far more photos of me without makeup than I ever thought I would share:)

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I started with color and style coach Jen Thoden. She is the creator and founder of the online color system,

We had a great chat here where she explains how she did my color analysis. I think you’ll enjoy our talk. BTW…Jen and I both agree that if you love a color, you should wear it no matter what any expert tells you.

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Jen mailed me her 12 color analysis cards which I held up to my bare face. I then snapped images to send to her for analysis. I tried various lighting conditions and while none of them looked accurate to me, Jen assured me that because she has the cards, she’s able to calibrate my images to get my accurate coloring.

She then uses photoshop to apply different colors and lipstick on my image to see how my complexion reacts. It’s a fascinating process! Boy did I look awful in some of those lipsticks:)

You can order your own Color Style Kit which includes:

  • 12 color analysis cards that you’ll hold up to your face to help you see what types of colors look best on you.
  • a fun video that shows you exactly how to use the color analysis cards.
  • a downloadable worksheet to create your color style profile.
  • videos that walk you through the concepts of color analysis and the Your Color Style methodology.
  • 4 step-by-step videos that explain each color type and color card in detail. These videos are designed to help you see where you fit best.
  • neutral undertones: a video lesson exclusively for you, if you feel you are neutral.
  • downloadable PDFs for each video.

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Jen also offers additional support and info inside her Color Style membership group which includes:

  • A downloadable color analysis cheat sheet.
  • 10% off of all your purchases on YourColorStyle.com
  • Monthly: Receive two new trending color reports helping you learn how to wear the colors you see everywhere in the stores.
  • Unlimited access to the entire repository of trending color reports and outfit ideas.
  • Exclusive access to the Color Type Fashion Facebook group where you can join a community of women that want to learn how to wear their colors in stylish ways.
  • Unlimited access to FOUR courses that show you how to create stylish and flattering outfits.

Her system is quite extensive and offers plenty of support going forward. You’ll get your best idea of how the Color Your Style System works by watching our conversation here.

Jen determined that I am Bright, Cool, & Light.

So what do you think?

Are you confident that your color palette still flatters your complexion?

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Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. I have been obsessed with color analysis for many, many years and have been analyzed with so many various stylist and each one was different.

    Then I saw the BEST, Emmy Award winning stylist, David Zyla. Not only does he do colors, he recommends style such as best neckline, best hem length, best sleeve length. After seeing him all the puzzle pieces cam together and I have never been happier!

    1. Many people love his system. I thoroughly enjoyed his book. I’m glad it resonates with you.

  2. Sorry, I posted the following in wrong place earlier, but here are my thoughts for what they are worth!

    I am 66 and have been colour diagnosed by draping several times in life. I was always told I was a deep autumn, but at the cooler end of that warm season, as my skin is a neutral warm ivory colour and my hair was more mahogany dark brown that gold with deep olive green eyes. Since starting to grey I have done my hair lighter, more mid brown, and my eyes have lightened to grey-green. I was redone two years ago as a bright spring, as this is still warm tone, but obviously lighter and brighter. However, I find the bright oranges and purples, corals, greens etc just wear me, and make my skin look hot and warmer than it is naturally. I have tried dark winter colours since then, but they are too cool and starkly dark for me. I have also tried lighter, softer autumn colours, but they either wash me out if too pale or again, hot me up to a flushed skin if too warm. I can no longer wear black, which used to be a staple as a deep autumn, and have no end of problems finding anything to wear nowadays. I buy because I need to put clothes on my back, but that is all, am not confident at all that I look good in any particular colours. This is such a loss ot me, when the dark autumn palette of olive green, black, ivory and deep red I used to wear was no problem at all for most of my life – help!

    1. I hear you, Trisha! I have three more colors analysis to share here, which will have plenty of surprises. You are not alone with this problem. Stay tuned and let’s find some answers together.

  3. I am so excited you’ve done this and sharing your journey with us. I loved watching the video! Even though I went through another process (in person) a lot of the same theories apply and it’s really interesting to follow along. Thanks!

  4. Kathy Franklin says:

    I was 1st color analyzed 36 years ago in the seasonal system. I was deemed a spring and told I was a very easy case. I learned that I had been wearing and loving the correct colors all along. I agreed with my typing, but did not agree that i should be wearing all of the colors in the so-called spring palette. I thought some were too light and some were too dark. I always believed that a 4 season system was way too narrow. I never bought the idea that everyone in the world fit neatly into one of only 4 types.

    I have read about and studied many other typing systems in the past 3 1/2 decades. I think they all have some merits. I learned to do seasonal color analysis way back 36 years ago after I was analyzed and worked for a while as an analyst. I found I had a knack for helping women (and a few men) select their best colors from the seasonal palette. I used the 4 season system, but did my best to personalize each woman’s palette. I only did analysis for a couple of years before quitting to focus on my career as a music teacher. I still find it very interesting and wish that more women could learn to truly see how different colors work for or against them. I truly believe it is something that most of us can learn to do. It is a matter of learning how to perceive.

    I never carried around a swatch book or felt I needed to do so. I can see whether a color has a warm or cool undertone and it is pretty obvious whether a color is light or dark. I agree with Jen Thoden that, for example, some women who are deemed to be springs in a 4 season system can wear very bright colors (that’s me) while some need softer tones. Some “springs” can handle deep tones while other cannot. I like the idea that the depth of our personal coloring should factor into our color selection. I always believed that to be the case and I tried 36 years ago to teach women to use that knowledge. Knowledge is power as they say and i really believe that teaching a person to learn to see how colors harmonize or clash with their own coloring is empowering.

  5. P.S. I get tons of compliments on “ millennial pink” ( a soft pink beige ), my skin tone, and blue/ teal, my eye tone, more than any other colors I’ve had on.

  6. I have had my colors analyzed online, and in person, but, because of the current technology involving correct color on our devices, I would still recommend in person analysis. I struggled to get my devices to photograph color on my face correctly, so I don’t feel I can 100 percent trust the outcome. I was told I was a blue autumn, which is the cool side of autumn, close to summer, but warmer, and interestingly, I was sent online the general autumn pallet, which is mostly warm. For the cost involved in purchasing new makeup and clothes, it would be nice to know for sure , the correct colors. In the past I have had three well known certified colorists say I was summer in person, I do believe in certain colors enhancing people, as I have an art background , interesting topic.

  7. Oh dear. I’m afraid I must stay in the “waste of money” camp. I wear the colors I like. The colors that make me happy. I have never understood why the opinion of someone with a “color theory” should make my decisions for me. If it turns out I don’t look “good” in lime green, well, so what? However, if you have the money to spend and it makes you happy, go for it.

  8. Joanne Long says:

    I watched Jen’s YouTube on colour analysis for white/grey hair. I’m definitely a bright/cool/medium
    which corresponds to the colour palette that I wear most often now. I’m following the Red Leopard
    group on Instagram. They use seasonal method and I’m identifying as a bright/summer/? (maybe romantic/boho). It’s all fun!

    1. Red Leopard is my third in this series. You might be very surprised at their findings for me. I am.

  9. I really enjoyed the video. There are so many different ways to do colour analysis so it’s interesting to see each one. I’m looking forward to the rest of your journey. I was very encouraged to hear Jen say that not all of us cool as we age. I was typed as an Autumn back in the 80’s and a couple years ago had another colour analysis and was still warm and deep and slightly muted, so now typed as a True Autumn. Those colours still make my eyes sparkle just as they did when I was younger! I have let my hair go grey but still a dark grey not silver at all. Looking forward to more colour posts from you. I appreciate all you do to keep us informed:)

  10. Such a fascinating journey for you. I had wondered about the on line experience and the camera differences. You look stunning in the look for your video call. I will go back and listen to more of her process with you. I do hope you feel you are getting some good ideas with all the ones you have done, but very frustrating if they are different. Thanks for including us in this, as I for one am extremely interested in the subject of colour and style done individually.

  11. maryellen walsh small says:

    Go to the paint store. Get a bunch of color cards in all colors that appeal to you and some that don’t. Hold the cards one by one up to your face in front of a mirror. See what you think. Ask a friend or family member, someone who has your best interests at heart to chime in.

    My guess is that older women by now know what looks good on them but could be surprised by a new great color or two.

    Simple way for people on a very limited retirement budget. If can’t buy new clothes, get a scarf in the chosen colors …or earrings. Both can be bought recycled on eBay.

  12. I have had my colors analyzed twice via draping. The fist time I was in my late thirties. I was a classic winter. I had my colors done again 3 years ago, in my mid seventies. I was. judged to be a summer.
    It is interesting to compare the two. The basic colors are the same but much lighter now. I do not stick exactly to the color recommendations but do try. I now wear navy or gray instead of black. I wear pinks instead of reds and pastels instead of the jewel tones.
    The “complement rate” definitely goes up when I am wearing the recommended colors.

  13. Fun and informative video! After she talked about camel, I knew I had to say something. Here I am a Northern European extraction blue-eyed blonde and once while out shopping with a friend years ago I tried on a camel coat while her back was turned. When she turned again to look at me she said, “Wow! your face just disappeared!” I’ve never been tempted by camel–altho’ I very much love classic looks–again.

    1. Camel comes in many undertones, shades, and tones. I love the warm ones on others but not myself. Perhaps you’ll be more flattered by ones that are closer to taupe.

  14. At this time, I might not choose to do a color analysis but I do find your journey very fascinating. If any of your blog followers would be participating in this process, I would love to hear and see their results too. Was it what they expected or were they surprised by the results.
    Like several other ladies noted, I too am not on Facebook.


    Hi Jennifer,
    I have become interested in having my color analysis done since you’ve been on your journey with color. Would you be willing to include how much each of the systems you tried costs? I’m 65, (a fellow Leo), retired, and cost is a factor. Love your blog! Thank you so much for the boatload of useful information you have shared with your subscribers over the years! Please know your work is highly valued.

    1. Each site has its prices listed. They vary with how extensive a process you’d like. I’d suggest checking on their site as prices may change and I don’t want to misquote them for you.

  16. I have been a follower and admirer of your blog, but have never responded to anything prior to this post. I find the idea of color analysis so interesting and loved how precisely you explained the process. I agree that those colors look fantastic on you. Thank you so much for taking on this project and also for being so supportive and affirmative in your support of mature women.

  17. How fun and interesting! It’s been a long time since I had my colors done but I think I was a cool. Now that I have silver hair colors seem different against my face.

    1. A change in hair color certainly affects how flattering colors can be for us

  18. New to your amazing blog, love it! Truly one of my favorites. I want to enter your contest but not on Facebook, how can I do that? You inspire me, thank you!

  19. patricia valentic says:

    Jennifer, Thank you for the fun video. I have been studying color analysis for myself for a long time. I have never been draped. I too wear a lot of neutrals. After playing with colors I find I still love neutrals but add color in what I think is my palette with accessories or maybe layers. The Vivienne files helps me with this style of dressing. Taupe is my best neutral and yes, it is hard to find. I will be watching to see if you score some great items. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed todays post. patval

  20. The color analyst has revealed your superpowers: Bright, Cool & Light. But we readers knew that! Your posts shine a bright light into the principles of line and proportion; you show us that confident style is always “cool”; and boy oh boy, such a fun, light touch!

  21. Interesting. I have similar coloring and the chart near your face (pinks/blues) are the colors I like and wear. Thanks for doing the work for me!

  22. That was interesting. I will have to watch the video completely when I have more time (I skipped through it).
    I did wonder if having the analysis online would be accurate. For example, on my computer screen some of the colours in your swatch book look warm. And I have taken photos of myself in different colours and noticed that my camera photographs greens bluer than they actually are and any bright blues read lighter.
    And I still believe that you would miss out on the full experience by not having your colours done in person and actually see how your complexion reacts to the different colours.
    I’m very curious to see all the results you have had and which one (if any) resonates with you.
    BTW I think you looked great in the outfit you had on for the video.

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