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What I Wore – Paige Jean Outfits

Happy Wednesday ladies. I’ve got two more jean outfits I’ve worn lately. This time with a linen camp shirt, a cashmere sweater, and two trusty fedoras. I was shopping for jeans a few weeks ago and really struggled because I wanted a finished hem.

woman wearing paige jean outfits and with camp shirt and straw hat

I told the sales gal my size, which was no problem… but the finished hem was a big challenge. She kept coming up empty-handed until I told her that crops would be ankle length on me which opened up a slew of jeans options. I tried on and compared some AG, Frame, Good American, and these Paige. By a landslide, these Paige jeans were the most flattering because the back pockets were higher, closer together, and smaller than on all the other jeans.

woman wearing paige jean outfit with linen shirt and slip on sneakers

I wore them last week with this camp shirt, my straw fedora, and slip-on sneakers. I picked up this camp shirt for several reasons. I love the sleeve length, the soft ivory color, and the notched collar is so flattering. I’m sure I will tuck or half tuck it later, but for a casual look, it’s not too long to leave untucked.


I bought my bracelet in a boutique many, many years ago and it’s still a best seller in many places. I found this exact one here at Macy’s. It closes with a snap fastener and is so comfy. They come in lots of patterns and widths and never require polishing.

woman wearing a paige jeans oitfit with gray cashmere sweater and fedora

I wore my new jeans again up at Lake Tahoe yesterday, (where it’s considerably cooler) with a cashmere sweater and my wool fedora which is the exact style as my straw one. In case you haven’t noticed, if I love a shape, I stock up 🙂

woman wearing paige jeans outfit with cashmere sweater and grey fedora in forest

The sales gal spent a fair amount of time explaining what she liked about Paige denim. It’s a premium denim line started in LA by a former fit model who saw firsthand how difficult it was to find the “perfect” flattering denim. She focused on really good quality fabric and pocket placement which I had already discovered for myself in the 3-way mirror.

woman wearing paige jeans outfit with linen shirt

I now own two pair of premium denim, but made the mistake of buying my first pair with a frayed hem. I know many women love a frayed hem and distressed jeans, but I am most comfortable in pieces with classic proportions and  styling.

What’s your favorite denim brand?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. I am comfortable in Lucky brand and Democracy jeans. Not a fan of frayed edges either

  2. Really love both your outfits today. I am a jeans person and like the way the jeans fit you. I would wear both these looks
    Thanks for blog. Look forward to it every day.

  3. Katherine says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I have a question on the Linen Blend Long Sleeve Camp Shirt. My shoulders are narrow, and I am small on top. Are you wearing a small or medium? I don’t like my tops fitted that have this styling. I’m thinking of ordering it, need your input please.
    Thank you.

    1. I bought a small. You might prefer and XS

  4. I love JJill jeans because the denim is so lightweight and has just the right amount of spandex to make them comfortable without being skin tight.

    1. I agree, J.Jill makes very nice denim.

  5. Love your outfits! I like Paige jeans, Hudson and good old Levi’s.

    1. I’m hoping to try Hudson next. And of course, Levi’s are classic.

  6. Love the Paige jeans! How about the sizing?

    1. I bought a 28 which is the same size that fit me in Frame and AG. I wear a 27 in Madewell so perhaps they do some vanity sizing?

  7. I have one pair of frayed hem jeans and enjoy wearing them, but I am always trimming off loose threads to keep them tidy. I’m not buying more, for fear this is a passing fad.

    I think many of us struggle with hemlines. Hardly any pants or jeans are full length. Cropped pants and ankle jeans are not the best look for me, so I buy tall sizes to get a hemline that works. This is tricky because hemlines on websites are not always what they say they are, if they’re listed at all. For some reason, full-length pants by some manufacturers skip from a 28″inseam to a 32″ inseam now, which leaves those of us with a 30″ inseam out in the cold. Whoever heard of a 4″ jump between inseam lengths? The struggle is real.

    1. You bring up such a great point! I love that you buy talls. Very clever!

  8. Both looks really suit you, and the jeans look great. I won’t wear frayed hems either. My one reservation is that the jeans are not sustainably made. If Paige is truly concerned with premium denim, why not use organic denim or one approved by the Better Cotton Initiative? When you are a quality brand, looking out for the environment should be part of your mission, especially when the jeans sell for $219! Kudos to you for donating your jeans to such a worthwhile cause!

  9. Have you done a blog on pocket size/placement? I’d be interested in learning more because they all look about the same to me when looking at the model photos when shopping online. I can’t image it making that much of a difference really. I’d have to see comparisons on the same ” butt” I guess! Anyway, thanks for introducing a new (to me) brand of jeans.

    1. That’s a great idea for a post! I’ll see if I can photograph it 🙂

  10. I like these jeans. They have no distressing and a finished hem. 👏 Sounds like they look good coming and going. I’ll have to look into Paige jeans. I need a long inseam as I’m 5’8”.
    You look wonderful in hats, Jennifer. I wish I looked as good in them but my head is small and they usually swallow me up. I have a Tilley that is adjustable but not anywhere as stylish.

    1. Perhaps a shallower brim is best on you. I often wear ones that swallow my whole but I love the coverage 🙂

  11. I love the styling of both outfits & especially love the camp shirt! I’ve never tried Paige jeans, so thank you for suggesting. I’m thick in the middle so I tend to have good luck with JJill but need to try some other brands.

    1. The cut is so important because you don’t want jeans that dig in when you sit down. I like J Jill jeans too.

  12. Great look. You sparkle in the gray cashmere sweater and the gray wool fedora. It’s beautiful with your coloring.

    1. Thank you, Nancy. I love charcoal gray.

    2. 0h, I agree too! Great looking outfit!

  13. Well, these are two styles today that I would love to duplicate! The search for really good fabric is where it all begins. I personally prefer the high cotton, low spandex fabric for jeans. I remember when “stretch” jeans first hit the market and I hated the feel and look. When you can find that great fitting jean, it’s a really big deal.
    You have certainly found a personal, signature style that simply radiates a fun, classic, happy vibe.

    1. Beverly Jo Anderson says:

      I really like the gray sweater and jeans look on you! I guess because it’s more my style. Have a happy day!

  14. Morning Jennifer. LOVE your take on fashion! I just ordered the Ilse Jacobsen slip-ons a d am hoping I will love them.

    1. I hope you love them too! They’re so comfy.

  15. What do you do with clothes you no longer want but are in excellent shape? For example with the Paige jeans with the distressed hem you mentioned – have you tried resale shops or companies?

    1. The jeans I bought with the frayed hem are by Frame. I haven’t tried resale. I donate my clothes to the battered women’s shelter.

  16. I always get my jeans at White House Black Market. They have lots of styles and almost all of them can be ordered in different lengths. They generally have classics as well as more trendy jeans. I’m tall (5’8″) and I have NEVER found a pair of jeans I can wear off the rack in a store (they’re always too short). So I go to the store, check out the jeans (and other items) and then order online in the long length. The other items in the store always make it worth a trip, at least for me. I love all their clothes.

    1. I need to revisit them. I haven’t been in for a while.

  17. I love Paige jeans. The fit is great and they look great for a long time. I
    love your cashmere and jean outfit, that’s my typical “uniform”. Only if I could keep my cashmere sweaters from not getting holes around the button area of the jeans. I usually buy my cashmere sweaters from Nordi’s too. I recently purchased the Gap fedora you featured a few weeks ago and can’t wait to wear it. I think that wool fedora will have to make its way to my cart too. 😊

    1. Those holes are usually caused by the stiff denim that pokes out above the button. Try one of the invisible belts I use. They work miracles https://shopstyle.it/l/bHDZo

      1. Fran Russell says:

        I’m a relative newbie to your site, and am very frustrated with the rolling waist (mine as well as the jeans!). didn’t know about the invisble belt. Thanks for such a great tip!

      2. They’ve been a game changer for me. They’re available in tons of colors too that makes them even more invisible.

  18. I’ll give Paige jeans a try – next winter. I never wear jeans in the summer in NC unless we vacation in the mountains. Overall, however, I do like your outfits, especially your camp shirt and perforated shoes which look like they’re cooler than canvas tennis shoes. With temps already in the 90’s dressing is all about staying cool.

  19. I love Paige denim and have been wearing it for many years. I have a rounder bottom and thin legs, and prior to discovering Paige, I always had a problem with waist gap. Paige jeans not only fit me perfectly (other than running long for me), but they stay looking good all day – no sagging or baggy parts. In my opinion, they’re well worth the price. Like you, I’ve also been struggling with finding a clean hem. I’ve tried to like the unfinished hem look, but it just doesn’t feel like me. On the plus side, since I usually need to have my jeans shortened anyway, I guess I could could have a finished hem added.

    1. Love the camp shirt in Ivory….a color I often search for but don’t find. Did you need to wear a shell or camisole underneath?

      1. I didn’t need a shell but I always wear nude lingerie.

    2. I’m so impressed with the fit of these. I feel like I’ve been under a rock for not having tried them before.

  20. This is my outfit right here, Jennifer! You nailed it. I just need to add a fedora. I might even splurge on a pair of Paige jeans. It’s looking ‘effortlessly’ great! Love it!

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