Dressing Room Diaries: Petite Fashion at Banana Republic

This dressing room diary experience made me feel shorter than ever. It also made me grateful for companies that scale garments for petite women. There are two Banana Republic stores close to where we live. I typically hop into the closest one but last weekend I hit them both and found success at each one.

My closest store doesn’t carry petite and has a smaller selection. I like this because I can focus on color and shape.

shopping petite fashion at Banana Republic

These pants are labeled cropped but were full length on me. I loved the color and fit! The top did nothing for me. It’s 3/4 sleeve meant I wouldn’t need it in petite, but the lack of shaping did nothing for my straight figure.

trying on petite fashion at Banana Republic

Next, I zeroed in on color in classic shapes. I loved the cute little buttons at the end of the sleeves on this sweater. The problem was I had to scrunch the sleeves up too much around my elbows to even see the buttons. There’s also too much sweater ruched at my waist. This would be a better fit in petite.

Petites at Banana Republic

Even on my tip toes, these pants are too long for me. Notice the extra fabric at the top of my legs. The rise is too high for me and rise can’t be altered…I needed these in petite.

pearl necklace at Banana RepublicI loved to this pearl necklace which comes in 3 colors. Almost everything I tried on is now on sale!

The larger Banana Republic in the opposite direction from my home does have a petite section.

trying on petite fashion at Banana Republic

These Girlfriend jeans were very comfortable but at 5’4″, I try to avoid rolled up hems as they shorten the look of my legs.

I love this white blouse with pretty picot edge around the sleeves and collar. It’s dainty but not fussy.

in the dressing room at Banana RepublicYou can see the same scalloped edge on the back of the shirt and you can also see that this was too small for me. A blouse or shirt should not pull across the back like this one does.

trying on fashion at Banana Republic

This trench coat rang a lot of bells for me. I loved that it was knee length so would look great worn over pants or a dress. The crisp lines are softened by the pretty color which would be fun to wear on a gray day.

shopping at Banana Republic

Sadly, this was not a petite but so I would have to order it online. It is also available online in tall and has gone on sale…score!

Banana Republic label

Shopping at a store that doesn’t carry petite won’t stop me from finding things I love. I always look for this tag and order online to get the fit I need.

Wearing- V-Neck sweaterTrenchcoat | Girlfriend jeans | white blouse | pearl necklace |

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  1. Allison Jones says:

    those were the best outfits I’ve seen yet, young looking !!!

  2. That pink trench coat looks awesome on you! Interestingly, when I followed your link to see it on the Banana Republic website, it didn’t look anywhere near as good on their model as it looks on you. It really POPS on you.

    Your dressing room diaries remind us that we shouldn’t buy clothes just because they fit or because they are currently the style. We need to buy why really makes us POP!

  3. Jayne Finkbohner says:

    I love the Banana Republic outfits on and agree with you about the dos of every outfit you modeled. I have to say though the blue sweater was to big that color was stunning on you. I have the same problem with being 5’3″” ! I do love shopping at Banana Republic, it is one of my favorite place to get classic outfits that alway look sharp and stylish!

    1. I adored that blue too. Color gives such a lift to everything.

  4. Your hair is looking luxurious these days! Thanks for sharing your shopping trip with us… I just might need that necklace.

    1. Thanks so much Sarah! It was a very pretty necklace and it would jazz up lots of simple outfits.

  5. I’m another fan of your dressing room diaries! My favourites this time are definitely the sweater with the buttons on the sleeve (the colour is perfect on you) and the pink trench.

    1. I also loved that trench and the sweater with the buttons, Elaine.

  6. Gosh, the perils of being a petite and having to deal with the wrong proportions in prêt-à- porter. If only I were rich….

    Have you heard about the retail ice age? We are losing bricks and mortar stores to internet shopping, which is great for many things but no substitute for actually seeing, touching and trying on clothes. Your dressing room diaries are proof positive of that.

    Keep up the good work, my friend.

    Cheers, M-T

    1. Thanks, my petite friend!

  7. I also love the dressing room diaries! And I think I need to go to banana republic ????

    1. They’ve got a great sale going on and some really pretty new things, Anita.xo

  8. Need to stop reading your blog…I had never set foot in a Banana Republic Store, thinking it was too young for me. After your last tour to their dressing rooms, I made my first visit and now am a dedicated Banana Republic shopper.

    1. LOL…I am becoming a regular too! Thanks for reading.xo

  9. I loved you in the blue sweater, I think it must be your colour, also loved the trench coat.

  10. Love the diaries. Thanks for addressing petite sizing, styles and stores that carry petites. I’m short too with a high waist and have found that petite dresses especially are perfectly cut so the waist doesn’t sit on the hip and top blouse all over the place.

    1. My pleasure, Lesley! We are all such different proportions, nothing is one size fits all anymore!

  11. Love, love, love, Dressing room diaries!! Please feature your shopping trips as often as possible.I find your description of fit and style so helpful in my journey as well.

    Thanks, I’ll look forward to following your styling travels.


    1. I’m glad, Pat, Thanks! I’m happy to take my readers with me. I also enjoy reevaluating as I look at the photos (blurry though they may be) too!

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