Product Review: Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub by Bite

I’m always looking for the most efficient skin care and beauty products that are cruelty-free. I prefer to use products made by companies that test on human volunteers and use them whenever I can.

This time of year, my lips get parched and chapped no matter how often I reapply lipstick or lip balm. Exfoliating my lips by rubbing with an old toothbrush used to work,  but this year that’s just not cutting it.

I discovered Bite Beauty several years ago and recently tried their Lip Scrub. Bite Beauty is handmade in Toronto, Canada and cruelty-free. They focus on and excel at lip products.

Fashion and Lifestyle blog for women over 50 Lip scrub by Bite beauty

Their Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub is efficient and yummy. Let’s face it, anything you put on your lips ends up in your mouth.

I keep it on my nightstand. Every night I dab a small amount on my lips and rub until it disappears. The directions say to wipe off with a tissue, but I find it soaks right in.

Then I coat my lips with their Agave Lip Mask which coats my lips with moisture all night long. It has Jojoba oil and all kinds of other healthy ingredients with no Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates. An added bonus is it tastes delicious!

My lips are smoother in the morning and seem to stay more hydrated throughout the day.

I was so thrilled that I ordered several of their lipsticks in 3 intensities of my favorite shade, Pink.

Bite Beauty LipstickCall me unsophisticated, but it’s the most flattering color for me to wear on my lips. I’d love to wear red but it overpowers my own coloring.

I’ll let you know how I like their lipstick.

How do you treat dry lips this time of year? Please share so we all learn.






  1. Bite makes a lip liner primer that I love. My lip liners glide over it without tugging. It may be just the thing to use if the lipstick is dry…

    1. This sounds like a winner, Diana! I’m going to investigate this line further. Thanks so much for sharing here.

  2. I’m usually an Aquaphor user but I have noticed my lips need more this season so I have added Fresh Sugar lip scrub to my routine and it does help to prepare my lip to absorb the ointment better. I’ll see how that continues. I saw the Bite products in Sephora today, but I did not buy. Perhaps I will next time, as you recommend!

    1. I am finding the addition of a scrub very helpful too, CJ!

  3. Nola Rice says:

    My lips were so bad I went to the dermatologist, he determined I had a condition caused by fragrance in the lip products. After steroid shots I am only using Aquaphor and waiting for the lips to get back to normal. I was using Loccitane lip balm for years. Will have to check if the BIte products have fragrance. I was amazed to learn even Vaseline Intense Car Lip Therapy has fragrance.

    1. That’s terrible and so informative, Nola! I’m sorry to hear, that sounds very painful. They put fragrance in most things these days but I never thought about it being in lip products. I’m torn about using petroleum products on my body. They make me nervous although I know Dr’s use and recommend them. I’ll check to see if Bite has fragrance in it too. Thanks for sharing with us.

    2. Hi, I am allergic to fragrance in cosmetics as well. I found a lip protectant by Amanda Blakley online that is fragrance free and works well as a very basic product. It is harder to find lipsticks. Bite Beauty lip products are one of the few that work for my allergies. They have “flavor”, but not “fragrance”. While the lipsticks from Bite are drying, there is a Bite lip gloss stick in the Sephora stores (not online) that has a more moisturizing texture.

      1. Thank you for sharing this Carol! I am, in fact, finding this lipstick drying but adore the shade so I’ll look into the gloss stick.

  4. Let us know what you think of the lipstick. I ordered two lip crayons and a sampler of the Amuse Bouche lipsticks from Sephora Two of the lipstick colours did not suit me ( too plummy) so I gave away. Unfortunately I find the crayons and lipsticks while lovely and long lasting to be incredibly drying in our Northern winter climate…so I am surprised they are created in Canada! I will have try the lip scrub and mask. The person I gave the two lipsticks to ( works with me and a lot younger) also found them quite drying. We are trying to determine if we might just be sensitive to an ingredient as only one wearing makes a mess of our lips! I am curious if in your milder ( less central heated) climate you might experience better results! I adore your color choices.

    1. I found the crayons drying too, so it’s got to be their formulation! I have higher hopes for the lipstick because reviews seem positive about them. I’ll let you know, Allison!

    1. Lucky you that is enough!

  5. I think I am becoming the expert of the world on lip balms. I have tried dozens of them and have found for daytime Jack Black Intense Lip Balm is the best. Cruelty free with no parabens, sulfates or phthalate and it is SPF 25. It is in the men’s cosmetics section. I guess that is why it is only $7.50. Glad to hear about Bite because I need a good night treatment too.

    1. Good suggestion, Sarah. I never think to look in the men’s section. They know women will pay more. Not fair! I’ll check it out for day use.

  6. I have never heard of this company…and my lips are dry with all this cold weather that we are having…my hands too and I have been slathering on hand cream!
    Pink is a pretty shade of lipstick…I would never consider it unsophisticated.
    We should choose shade that flatter our complexions whether they are trendy or not!

    1. You have been having some amazing weather!! I agree, flattering is smarter than trendy, Leslie.

  7. Hi Jennifer. Check out Karigran.com sometime. They are a boutique ecoluxe skin care and cosmetic company. Wonderful ultra clean products made in small batches. Several of their products do double duty making both the skin care and makeup routines quick and simple. An added bonus is that they are reasonably priced. Merry Christmas!

    1. Hi Val! I did try a few of their products a year or so ago, and they are wonderful! Merry Christmas to you too xo

  8. Hi Jennifer, thanks for introducing us to this brand – and lovely that it’s Canadian. Can you tell us the names of the colours you have chosen? I have a pink like the one on the left for summer, but I’m looking for something a bit deeper for this time of year. The middle one interests me. Thanks!

    1. I ordered Soufflé, Gazpacho and Sorbet. The center color is Sorbet and I it expect to be my favorite!

      1. Thank you!

  9. I will check out Bite…these look yummy.

    At this (very cold) point of the year, I use Dermologica AgeSmart Renewal Lip Complex. And I keep EOS round chapsticks in my purse, car, and bedside stand. I also find the Mac lipsticks very moisturizing, so I use those most in winter.

    1. I’ve heard great things about Dermologica and they are cruelty-free too! Thanks fir the recommendation, Laurel!

    2. Thanks for the recommendation, Laurel. I’ve heard great things about Dermologica and they’re cruelty-free!!

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