Look of the Week: Blue or Black

Yesterday, we did a little Christmas shopping. The adults have all agreed to make it a “small gift” holiday since we just shared an expensive and fantastic holiday in Iceland for my 60th birthday. That gift ban does not include our Grandson so we are having a blast getting him things.

I love shopping at Lakeshore Learning. It’s a teacher and school supply store, so their choices are different and better than regular toy stores. We got him some cool things that I’m excited to give him!

It’s turned cold. Under my coat, I wore my Fit and Flare top by Covered Perfectly.

Fit and flare top from Covered PerfectlyI fell in love with this top during the photo shoot for Covered Perfectly a few months ago when I got to try it on in many colors.

Fashion and Lifestyle blog for women over 50

The practical me decided I had to own it in black and so it came home with me. It’s princess seams are slimming, then it flares out over my midsection which is a blessing these days. The 3/4 length sleeve covers what I want to conceal and helps me look taller.

Style Tip- 3/4 sleeves help you look taller.

Last week I got an email from Pauline, the owner of Covered Perfectly saying, “I want to get you in more colors. The next thing I knew this fit and flare top arrived in royal blue.

Fashion and Lifestyle blog for women over 50I already loved the shape and found this color energizing! Its scoop neck is a perfect showcase for necklaces and scarves, so I tried several options.

Covered Perfectly Fit and Flare top

I like it with this crystal and faux pearl bib necklace but I wouldn’t add these silver hoops. The necklace has enough going on, and the earrings are just overkill.

Fit and Flare top from Covered Perfectly

Since this pendant is long and the focal point is at waist level, I would wear the hoops with this necklace.

Fashion and Lifestyle blog for women over 50

I ended up wearing it with my silk scarf. I like the scarf and earring combo.

This fit and flare top is a winner in any color with multiple ways to style it. They are machine wash, hang dry. Once they’re dry, I toss them in a warm dryer for a few moments to take the wrinkles out.

I machine wash my fine knits and hang to dry. Once they’re dry, I toss them in a warm dryer for a few moments to take the wrinkles out. Voila, like new!

A Well Styled Life readers receive a 20% discount on up to two items! Use the discount code AWSL when you check out at Covered Perfectly. The discount will apply on up to two items. 

I think the best deal at Covered Perfectly leisure suit


  1. Where can I get that scarf? After seeing you in that top, I ordered it.

    1. It’s a scarf I have owned for over 20 years. Just look for a 54″ square in colors you like. I will try to post some for you.

  2. I love to see you in the blue, as I wear a lot of colour myself but you do also look lovely in black.

    1. I’m choosing more and more color these days to flatter my skin tone, Pauline and blues are my best.

  3. The blue is definitely your color. I have looked at this top but am afraid the neckline might be too low. I am rather busty these days. But I do like the lines of this top and the buy two-get one is a great deal.

    1. I am wearing a Medium in this top and don’t find it too low cut. Returns are free in the USA so you could order one and check how it fits, Libby.

  4. Buying gifts for little kids and watching them open them is the best!!!

    Beautiful top! I love it with the scarf!

    1. Children do make it extra special!! I like the scarf with it too!

    1. Thanks, Elaine! Have a great day.

  5. Joanne Long says:

    The blue is beautiful! I am not shopping right now as I have too much. I would buy that top in the spring to wear with grey or maybe white jeans.

    1. I’ll be wearing it with white jeans too!

  6. That top is a flattering shape and I like that it looks weighty enough so it does not cling (which these days I cannot abide!)
    The blue is a great choice, of course, although like you, my first choice would be black!

    1. The weight is perfect! I always reach for black but love this blue:)

    1. Me too! It’s pretty color.

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