Quick Update

Quick Update

Happy Tuesday ladies. I received a call from my thoracic surgeon yesterday and want to share it with you. It’s always unnerving to answer your phone and hear your doctor’s voice on the other end. The last time that happened I got some very frightening news.

Last week, I masked and gloved up to go to the hospital for a contrast MRI of my chest, so I was expecting the call. There were signs out front announcing that no visitors were allowed in the hospital. It makes me so sad to think of sick patients who can’t see their loved ones!no visitor sign in front of a hospital

Orange cones blocked the entrance and funneled me to a podium near the door. A masked and gloved guard asked my name and why I was there. After he checked his list, I was approved to walk 10 feet further into the building where three masked nurses rechecked that I was scheduled for an appointment. This was seriously spooky.jennifer connolly of a well styled life wearing face mask

Long story short, I do not have a tumor between my lungs! The surgeon called it a fatty cyst. I have never felt so lucky to have something fatty and wept on the phone. I don’t need a followup and she doesn’t want to see me again. How lovely!!

I’m beyond appreciative of your thoughts and prayers which I know are helpful. I’m not totally out of the woods because my insurance company has denied approval for the breast MRI the doctors need me to have. My doctor is referring me to a breast specialist to see if a request from them will help. I will be so glad when this is all over.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’ll never know how much your support, love, and prayers mean to me.





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  1. suzanne
    June 13, 2020 / 7:45 pm

    so glad to hear this news.

  2. P Sledge
    April 23, 2020 / 7:55 pm

    Thank goodness! And thanks for letting us know. Hope your insurance problem is solved quickly.

  3. Deanna in Victoria, BC
    April 22, 2020 / 10:58 am

    sweet, sweet relief… from my house to yours…virus free…and delivered with a virtual hug

    • Jennifer
      April 22, 2020 / 12:42 pm

      Thank you so much

  4. Miriam
    April 22, 2020 / 8:06 am

    Thank you for sharing with us! Continued prayers for you and know that we are with you in spirit!

  5. Susan
    April 21, 2020 / 8:19 pm

    So glad to hear that wonderful news!!!

  6. Heidi Davis
    April 21, 2020 / 5:50 pm

    I’ve had to wait for that scary doctor call, too. Jennifer, I got teared up when I read your news today. So glad for you!

  7. Lori
    April 21, 2020 / 4:36 pm

    Praise the Lord!!!

    What wonderful news!!

    I will pray your MRI will be approved right away and you will get excellent results from that as well.

    • Stacey
      April 21, 2020 / 6:17 pm

      Oh Jennifer, I am so happy to hear your great news! I love your blog and follow it faithfully.

  8. Carolynne
    April 21, 2020 / 4:05 pm

    That’s wonderful ewes, Jennifer. I know what that feels like to get a call directly from the doctor. Praying you’ll be approved for your MRI soon. ( that is not one of my favorite tEsts, but you get through it)

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 8:07 pm

      I’m claustrophobic so they’re scary but I’m happy to have as many as I need to get a clean bill of health

  9. Marie Tomlinson
    April 21, 2020 / 3:35 pm

    Wonderful news

  10. Janne Bradley
    April 21, 2020 / 3:06 pm

    So pleased for your good news. It is so scary waiting for news like that. Also going into the hospital getting checked is very daunting but also good they are keeping everyone safe.

    I go to the hospital every week for chemotherapy and they have devised a plan for cancer patients not to go through with general public, we have to go to the basement level 1 and meet a nurse who checks us in and a few health checks and then we get escorted to chemo ward in a staff lift. They have also split the staff and patients into 2 separate wards so if one staff member in the team goes down there will still be a second team able to administer our treatment.

    I am feeling very grateful to be kept as safe as possible and also grateful you are clear, such great news.

  11. Jennifer
    April 21, 2020 / 3:05 pm

    Hooray on the fatty cyst! Was praying for you. So happy for you! Hope you get the testing you need.
    As a Canadian health care worker, I caution your readers on having any misconceptions about our “free” and wonderful health care. Its certainly not free; 40% of our taxes goes towards health care. You won’t go bankrupt getting health care here however you could become an opiod addict waiting 12 to 18 months for your “rationed” knee or hip replacement. You could deteriorate, or die, waiting 6 to 12 months just to see a specialist, then another 6 months to get a CT or MRI. Its a slow and inefficient system. If you have a heart attack, you will get quick care….. But something non life threatening? Be prepared to “wait your turn” 6 to 12 months. Just keeping it real. No utopia here folks.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 8:05 pm

      I do know that about the Canadian system. My brother waited a year to be seen for his problem then another year for the testing. Thanks for being here

    • Susan
      April 21, 2020 / 9:30 pm

      Hi Jennifer. Your story about the Canadian health system can pretty much be echoed by any country with supposed ‘free health care’ and should be a warning to Americans believing politicians who tout ‘free health care for all’. Nothing is free. Luckily in Australia we have 2 systems private and public. Everyone has free public hospital care but you can also pay for private health care as well which bypasses waiting lists for elective surgeries. It is also easy to get any sort of imaging, MRIs etc if you want it. Those on low incomes (or aged pensioners) pay nothing, whilst the rest of us pay a contribution. My sister (an American) was gobsmacked when she went to my local GP in Oz, asked for a referral for an MRI of her leg, was given one and the next day shehad the MRI- total cost $180 (Aust) I pay $350 for my Breast MRIs (usually with a 2 day wait). Whilst I wouldn’t want to be a public hospital waiting list for elective surgery, I really cannot fault Australia’s system.

  12. Kathy L
    April 21, 2020 / 2:56 pm


  13. Ruth torphy
    April 21, 2020 / 1:45 pm

    Wonderful news 🌞

  14. Barbara
    April 21, 2020 / 1:39 pm

    That’s wonderful news – so happy for you. You are my favorite blogger and I look forward to reading your posts each day.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 8:01 pm

      Thank you Barbara xx

  15. dee driscole
    April 21, 2020 / 1:12 pm

    So happy! prayers really the best medicine

  16. Kathy
    April 21, 2020 / 12:49 pm

    I was almost afraid to open this post but was so glad to learn about your good news! Keep smiling!

  17. Debbie Z.
    April 21, 2020 / 12:28 pm

    I am so thrilled to hear it is only a fatty cyst! You have been on my mind ever since I read about your medical issues. May your breast testing results be equally as benign. You are so dear to all your readers and you are loved and respected more than you can possibly know. Take care, dear lady.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:59 pm

      You are all so dear to me too. Thank you Debbie. Be well xx

  18. Kay
    April 21, 2020 / 12:22 pm

    Hooray for things fatty!

  19. Penny L. Luckenbaugh
    April 21, 2020 / 12:11 pm

    On a grey day in PDX, you sent a ray of sunshine. Such joyous news, and how glad I am for you.
    Don’t start me on the subject of ins. companies. They make insane profits and yet make it difficult to get necessary, potentially lifesaving test.
    I read the comment from Canada , and their system. I have some experience with it, since all my remaining close family lives there. I agree with her that it isn’t perfect, but it is sure better than what we have. We need better here, and fast.
    Keep on smiling……know you have a huge cheering section.
    Best wishes;

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:58 pm

      Thanks so much Penny xx

  20. Susan B
    April 21, 2020 / 11:57 am

    I got a lump in my throat over your great news! I’ve been thinking of you often over the last several weeks and was hoping you’d receive good news. I can only imagine the relief you are feeling.😘😘😘

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:57 pm

      I cried until I laughed. It feels like a miracle. Thanks so much

  21. Becky
    April 21, 2020 / 11:29 am

    Wonderful news! Thank you for the update.

  22. Jen
    April 21, 2020 / 11:25 am

    Oh, that is such good news. You’ve been on my mind and I’m glad your doctor was able to put you at ease. Stay well! Xx

  23. BethW
    April 21, 2020 / 11:24 am

    What wonderful news! I pray that you are approved by the insurance company quickly for your additional test and it shows good news as well.

  24. Val
    April 21, 2020 / 11:23 am

    Great news. The feeling of relief is wonderful, speaking from experience.
    Very happy for you

  25. Beverly
    April 21, 2020 / 11:11 am

    Such wonderful news, Jennifer! Thank God, no tumor. Blessings.
    I hope the insurance people will come around for your MRI.

  26. - Vicki Mikola Dack
    April 21, 2020 / 10:45 am

    G-R-E-A-T News! Hang in There!

  27. Judie
    April 21, 2020 / 10:38 am


  28. Elizabeth
    April 21, 2020 / 10:22 am

    Wonderful news!!!!

  29. Susan R
    April 21, 2020 / 9:57 am

    So happy your news was good! No way let the insurance company deny you what you need! Try ( or have dr try) different codes. Can make all the difference. Keep fighting. We’re all rooting for you!

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:55 pm

      Thanks Susan. We’ve been turned down for two codes but the fight goes on

  30. Virginia
    April 21, 2020 / 9:46 am

    So glad the news is good! Thinking of you and wishing you well!

  31. Kathy
    April 21, 2020 / 9:45 am

    Happy Dance! I am sincerely overjoyed. Take care and thank you!

  32. Julia
    April 21, 2020 / 9:14 am

    Jennifer, what wonderful news! Prayers answered! Will be praying for you and your upcoming procedure but you can now sleep and breathe much easier.

  33. Dawn
    April 21, 2020 / 9:05 am

    Jennifer, your good news made my day!! I am so happy for you! Your online girlfriends are all pulling for you. One down now, one to go. You are always a bright spot during my mornings, and going forward you will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. 🤗

  34. Barbara Shapas
    April 21, 2020 / 9:00 am

    So happy for the good news about the cyst, and now on to the next fight! I’m always saddened by thoughts of those people who don’t have a support system or can’t advocate for themselves when it comes to insurance company issues. Especially if someone is so very sick that they just cannot deal with all the hoops insurance companies make us jump through.
    Stay strong and be well. You’re in my thoughts. <3

  35. Linda Henderson
    April 21, 2020 / 8:58 am

    Such good news! Stay well and strong. I enjoy your blog.

  36. Lori
    April 21, 2020 / 8:49 am

    Thank goodness! This is truly wonderful news! I am so glad to hear that you checked out a-ok.

  37. Janet
    April 21, 2020 / 8:48 am

    I’m so glad for you. What a relief! Thanks for sharing the good news.

  38. Elaine @ Following Augustine
    April 21, 2020 / 8:42 am

    What wonderful news! Our prayers have been answered! Now we continue until the breast MRI issue is also resolved.

  39. Francesca
    April 21, 2020 / 8:41 am

    Fantastic, wonderful news Jennifer, so very happy for you and yours! Thank you for sharing, your health has been much on my mind.
    Vacation planning time I think! Somewhere truly gorgeous…

  40. Ann
    April 21, 2020 / 8:37 am

    Wonderful news! Prayers continue …

  41. Eileen
    April 21, 2020 / 8:36 am

    Thank goodness, what a relief! I was so worried for you, and with all the hospitals working so hard, it must have been a super frightening day, i can’t even imagine. Deep breath, and maybe a long walk outside if possible ( carefully of course), or a long nap. Thanks for the good news.

  42. Lauryn
    April 21, 2020 / 8:30 am

    Wonderful news Jennifer! Good luck with the breast MRI.

  43. Cynthia
    April 21, 2020 / 8:29 am

    How wonderful! News like this makes so many other problems seem trivial. Here’s hoping your insurer will listen to the experts!

  44. Ellen
    April 21, 2020 / 8:13 am

    Praise the Lord and pass the gravy! Great news!

  45. Ann M
    April 21, 2020 / 8:07 am

    What wonderful news – thrilled for you! Gah, the health care system in this country…

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:53 pm

      You have that right. The insurance companies make things so hard.

  46. Deanna
    April 21, 2020 / 8:01 am

    God is good all the time! All the time God is good!

  47. Bab
    April 21, 2020 / 7:55 am

    Best day ever, Jennifer. What a relief for you. Be persistent with your insurance company. I think we all have pet names for them 😉

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:52 pm

      I sure do. Thanks Bab xx

  48. Anne
    April 21, 2020 / 7:45 am

    THAT IS WONDERFUL NEWS! Never have a been so happy to see the word fatty…lol Have a fantastic week:)

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:52 pm

      Me too:)). Thank you xx

  49. Donna
    April 21, 2020 / 7:43 am

    You are one of those people, like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. You already have everything you need to get you through any circumstance, no matter how frightful. You have heart, courage, brains and have built the support system that will carry you home.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:51 pm

      Thank you for the kind words. I feel so blessed xx

  50. Susan Blakey
    April 21, 2020 / 7:40 am

    Oh, that’s wonderful news Jennifer! I’m so relieved to hear it.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:50 pm

      Thanks Susan. It’s been a pretty scary time xx

  51. Maxine
    April 21, 2020 / 7:32 am

    WAHOOOOOOO!….darn I am so happy for you…my birthday is coming up and you just gave me an early birthday gift…..my sister was just pronounced in remission….after 4 long years of fighting and after losing our brother to the ugly stuff….I am sitting her with tears in my eyes for you!….YOU GO GIRL!

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:49 pm

      Thank you. I’m so happy to hear your sister is in remission! Sending hugs xx

  52. Colleen
    April 21, 2020 / 7:30 am

    So glad that you are over one hurdle! I truly don’t understand your insurance company especially if you have a family history of breast cancer! I am blessed to live in Canada and not have to worry about being denied a test our systems not perfect but I wouldn’t be going through the worry that you are! Take care, stay safe!

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:48 pm

      Oh believe me, I know. Thanks so much

  53. Barb
    April 21, 2020 / 7:30 am

    Yes! That’s what we wanted to hear! Now we’ll pray that you get the MRI approved and that it comes back negative. It’s time for you to move on with your life without the gray cloud hanging over you!

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:46 pm

      I agree. Thanks so much Barb.

  54. Debbie Bell
    April 21, 2020 / 7:29 am

    How do you spell r-e-l-i-e-f ?!?
    Know God and ‘your people’ are with you as you move forward and continue to inspire and, in this case, help shake up the insurance industry to take their responsibility, regardless of whether you could pay for it out of pocket.
    So, now- any desire to advise the medical garment industry for more useful and cheerful outfits for our front line workers? LOL
    From a beach in Canada

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:45 pm

      Lol. Thanks Debbie. Enjoy the beach

  55. Katie
    April 21, 2020 / 7:26 am

    So happy to hear your good news – the testing and waiting is often the most stressful time since we are geared toward having a plan and moving ahead. That all is on steroids right now with so many things on hold. I literally just finished giving a zoom presentation to graduating nursing students at a university I taught at and am very anxious about them going into their first job during this time but they are eager to move forward and care for us all. Thanks for your blog and wishing you continued good news!

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:44 pm

      Thanks so much Katie

  56. Deb
    April 21, 2020 / 7:25 am

    Thank you for sharing your health issues with us. We are like a family and all care deeply about you! Now give that insurance company hell!

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:43 pm

      Lol, I am a burr under their bottom. Thank you Deb

  57. Ellie Bonner
    April 21, 2020 / 7:21 am

    So glad to get this news. Have been thinking of you. Hope all goes well with your breast MRI and that your insurance covers it, as it should.

  58. Kate
    April 21, 2020 / 7:19 am

    Yay Yay Yay!! Major 1st hurdle done. That’s great Jennifer! Praying you will get the second test you need to put your mind fully to rest. In the meantime…. everything is unfolding exactly as it should… not my words but I love them.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:42 pm

      Thank you Kate. I love those words too

  59. Bea
    April 21, 2020 / 7:19 am

    Fabulous news! Good luck with the next test – we will be waiting to hear the results. By the way, you looked wonderful in that blue and white striped dress/top you were wearing when you went to the hospital!

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:41 pm

      Thanks Bea. It’s that Talbots dress worn as a duster over white jeans.

  60. Joanna
    April 21, 2020 / 7:17 am

    Good news! What a relief, Jennifer! 😀

  61. Sharon
    April 21, 2020 / 7:17 am

    Congratulations! Having a great attitude and sense of humor is key. Stay safe.

  62. Margaret
    April 21, 2020 / 7:14 am

    I am very glad to read your good news, although I know the MRI approval still looms. Wishing you and your family peace of mind!

  63. jmp
    April 21, 2020 / 7:13 am

    What wonderful news! Continued prayers for you through this strange, strange time. Stay strong!

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:16 am

      Thank you so much

  64. Melinda
    April 21, 2020 / 7:13 am

    I am so happy for you and your family!

  65. Jo
    April 21, 2020 / 7:07 am

    Hooray, Jennifer!! Will join with others in celebrating your great report from the doctor.

    Sorry to hear about your claim; it’s just not right that insurance companies love us to bits when we are paying the premiums, but don’t want anything to do with us when we actually need the insurance. Don’t cave, keep fighting. 💪🏻

  66. MollIe M.
    April 21, 2020 / 7:04 am

    Wonderful news Jennifer! Waiting is very stressful. Such a relief for you and your family.
    I am so happy for you.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:11 am

      Thank you Mollie xx

  67. Rita
    April 21, 2020 / 7:00 am

    So very happy for you! Such a scary thing to go through! Hoping you get the insurance worked out next and can have a big sigh of relief!❤️🙏

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:10 am

      Thank you! It’s quite a harrowing time. Be well xx

  68. Mary
    April 21, 2020 / 6:58 am

    I’m so relieved about your good news, Jennifer. Prayers answered! Now your insurance needs to approve the MRI. I’ll continue to send good vibes for that to happen! Thank you so much for the update, and stay strong!

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:07 am

      Thank you so much Mary! Xx

  69. Linda
    April 21, 2020 / 6:56 am

    Oh, yay! I am so happy and relieved for you.

  70. Julie Anne
    April 21, 2020 / 6:55 am

    Fantastic. You would have felt the weight coming off your shoulders.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:06 am

      I sure did. Such a relief. Stay well

  71. Debbie Davis
    April 21, 2020 / 6:52 am

    That is awesome news – never has the word “fatty” sound as good as then! Continued prayers for the insurance company to think “human” instead of “dollar sign”.

  72. Linda
    April 21, 2020 / 6:50 am

    Good news indeed! So happy for you!

    Don’t let the insurance company do that to you. Fight and they will cover that mammogram!

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:05 am

      I am fighting them. It boggles the mind that they could deny (twice) what the medical team says they need for a proper diagnosis. Unreal! Stay well xx

      • Brenda Starcher
        April 21, 2020 / 10:00 am

        When I went through this with my insurance company, I was told to get an ultrasound of my breasts and then they would probably approve the MRI. Your doctor needs to be very specific and write all the reasons you need it. I changed doctors because my GYN wouldn’t do any of it. I’m so happy to hear that you are ok. I was so happy to hear the great news. I love your blog and hope that soon all this is over for you. ❤️

        • Jennifer
          April 21, 2020 / 7:56 pm

          I’ve had the ultrasound so hopefully a specialist can get it approved.

  73. Linda
    April 21, 2020 / 6:49 am

    I’m so happy for your good news!

  74. Leslie Lord
    April 21, 2020 / 6:48 am

    Oh what a relief! Great news Jennifer thank you for letting us know.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:04 am

      I am blessed. Stay well Leslie xx

  75. Rose
    April 21, 2020 / 6:46 am

    Oh wow the best news ever! Hang in there!

  76. Marie Anderson
    April 21, 2020 / 6:41 am


  77. Karen H.
    April 21, 2020 / 6:34 am

    Happy Tuesday! Your news is the best, Jennifer! Everyone is relieved to hear this news. Hoping your insurance gets their act together and pays for your MRI. Take care.

  78. Donna Nance
    April 21, 2020 / 6:26 am

    Woohoo! Our Elohim is faithful to answer prayers.

  79. Gloria. Randle
    April 21, 2020 / 6:17 am

    GREAT NEWS! GOD is good. Thank you for sharing .

  80. Ellie
    April 21, 2020 / 6:13 am

    An answer to prayer!

  81. Debra Einhorn
    April 21, 2020 / 6:12 am

    Thanks for sharing your journey and the great news! You’re awesome!

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:14 am

      Thank you Debra. You’re awesome too. Stay well XX

  82. patricia valentic
    April 21, 2020 / 6:12 am

    I am happy to hear your good news. Covid19 is scary but having to deal with health issues on top of it must be challenging to say the least. Hang in there Jennifer. Thanks for posting during this difficult time. You bring a ray of sunshine to a dark time. patval

  83. Rae
    April 21, 2020 / 6:11 am

    That’s great! What a relief for you.

  84. Karen Sheehan
    April 21, 2020 / 6:10 am

    Jennifer, that’s wonderful news. I have tears in my eyes right now for you. The Power of Prayer🙏🏻.Blessing to you always. I Love your Blog. Thank you for all of your hard work that you put into this everyday..
    Faithful Reader,

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:13 am

      Thank you so much Karen. I am so very grateful for your prayers. Stay well my friend XX

  85. Laurie
    April 21, 2020 / 6:06 am

    Good news! Thank you for sharing your journey. It is useful to see how being honest with difficult and scary things is OK. We can all lift each other up and learn from others.

  86. Kay
    April 21, 2020 / 6:00 am

    Such fantastic news to wake up to today! Hoping and praying about issue #2 for the same good results!

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:12 am

      Thanks so much Kay. Me too 🙂 xx

  87. Karin
    April 21, 2020 / 5:57 am

    I’m so happy for your wonderful news!

  88. Nicole
    April 21, 2020 / 5:56 am

    Wonderful news! You are a trooper going through what you did. Scary enough just to get through the lines at the hospital. Prayers are answered.

    • Ellen
      April 21, 2020 / 6:15 am

      Yay! No one should have to be worrying about a thing like this at a time like this.
      Good news, too, that your hospital has a sound and appropriate and sane approach to dealing with necessary non-virus issues, such as yours.
      Thanks today and everyday for your kindness
      and willingness to share, not only your style and beauty, but your not so glam experiences.

  89. April
    April 21, 2020 / 5:50 am

    Wonderful news for you! I’m sure you’ll be able to relax!

  90. Violet L O'Brien
    April 21, 2020 / 5:50 am

    So happy for you! Prayers were answered. This type of worry is horrible anytime, but right now makes it so much worse. Take care, trust all will be well. Really enjoy your blog….it’s like having a friend visit. Thanks for being you!!

  91. Diane B
    April 21, 2020 / 5:46 am

    So very happy for you and your results. It can be almost as scary getting into the hospital with all the stop points as the tests themselves. Just want to get home and have a shower. Good luck with the insurance. That is always the pain in the ……. Stay well and thanks for lifting us up daily.

  92. Barbara Daley
    April 21, 2020 / 5:44 am

    I am so happy and relieved for you😁💗

  93. Dianne
    April 21, 2020 / 5:44 am

    Great news🙏🙏🙏

  94. Jane
    April 21, 2020 / 5:41 am

    I’m so happy for you! 🌸🌸🌸

  95. Dianne
    April 21, 2020 / 5:41 am

    Jennifer, that is wonderful news. Stay safe and know that prayers are still going forward.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:03 am

      Thank you Dianne xx

  96. Doris Harding
    April 21, 2020 / 5:40 am

    What wonderful news! So happy for you! Will continue to hope and pray for your good health.

  97. MaryAnn
    April 21, 2020 / 5:39 am

    Wonderful news. Very happy to hear this!

  98. Gladys Feliciano
    April 21, 2020 / 5:39 am

    So happy for you! Continued prayers until you’re completély out of the woods.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:01 am

      Thank you so much xx

  99. Alison
    April 21, 2020 / 5:37 am

    This is awesome, thank you so much for sharing, we need good news. Blest.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 6:59 am

      I feel very blessed. Xx

  100. MP
    April 21, 2020 / 5:37 am

    The wait is the worst. So happy for you Pam.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 6:57 am

      Thanks so much xx

  101. Julie
    April 21, 2020 / 5:34 am

    So glad to hear this! Praise God for this good news!

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 6:56 am

      Yes!! Thank you XX

  102. Connie
    April 21, 2020 / 5:33 am

    Wonderful news.Bravo.Love from Athens,Greece 💕💕💕🌺🌺🌺

  103. Deborah
    April 21, 2020 / 5:30 am

    Jennifer, that’s wonderful news!

  104. Marlene
    April 21, 2020 / 5:26 am

    Yahoo—that’s fabulous news!!

  105. Janet
    April 21, 2020 / 5:20 am

    Soooo happy for you! Wonderful news! 💜

  106. Melinda
    April 21, 2020 / 5:16 am

    I am so happy for you. I know how unnerving this can be. The wait and not knowing is horrible. You are such an inspiration to us all! Be safe!

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 6:55 am

      Thanks so much. xx

  107. Sue Daugherty
    April 21, 2020 / 5:06 am

    So glad you got such wonderful news.

  108. Kelly H
    April 21, 2020 / 5:03 am

    Jennifer, that is the best news I’ve heard all week — I am thrilled for you and your family. Thank you for sharing this with your online/”other family”!

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 6:54 am

      Thanks so much Kelly. Have a great day and stay safe xx

  109. Arna
    April 21, 2020 / 4:57 am

    So glad you received good news. I am sure the doctor’s office will file a review to be approved for the other test. (My daughter’s insurance company refused her treatment for cancer 2 years ago, and the doctor’s office filed for a review, and it was approved.) My brother, a physician says this happens all the time – his office often has to file reviews to get approvals. He said that the first “approvals” are done by non-physicians, and the reviews are done by a panel of doctors. Crazy, right?!

    • Denise
      April 21, 2020 / 5:48 am

      Nice to hear good news for a change. Very pleased for you.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 6:53 am

      It’s crazy but I’m pretty sure my insurance company is not happy to have me with them this year. Fingers crossed

  110. Joi
    April 21, 2020 / 4:56 am

    Wonderful news! Praying for continued healing. Thank you for all your insight into fashion, traveling, diets, and health. You are a bright spot each day.

  111. Sharon
    April 21, 2020 / 4:53 am

    Wonderful news, Jennifer! What a relief for you and your family. And stay strong going forward with your insurance company!

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 6:50 am

      Thanks Sharon. We are on our third round of requesting so I hope they come through. Be well

  112. Ann
    April 21, 2020 / 4:51 am

    So thankful you got good news, will confuse to pray.

    • Ann
      April 21, 2020 / 4:55 am

      Sorry for spelling, Will keep praying. Have a wonderful day.

      • Jennifer
        April 21, 2020 / 6:51 am

        My spelling is atrocious so no worries. Xx

  113. Lorilee
    April 21, 2020 / 4:50 am

    Such wonderful news! Good health going foward…

  114. Nancy
    April 21, 2020 / 4:48 am

    One down, one to go! What good news! More positive prayers!

  115. Gina
    April 21, 2020 / 4:45 am

    I’m so glad things are going positively for you. Hopefully, after you get the chest MRI, all will be well. Best wishes.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 7:12 am

      Thanks Gina. Finger crossed

  116. Kristine
    April 21, 2020 / 4:44 am


  117. Janie Peppler
    April 21, 2020 / 4:44 am

    Oh Sweetheart…I’m so thrilled of your wonderful news!!!! I know how scary those phone calls are! Praying that your insurance will cover it! Sending lots of love to you Beautiful friend!💗💞🙏😘

  118. PatB
    April 21, 2020 / 4:42 am

    So glad you got good news. Sorry you have to use your time and energy to deal with insurance issues. All the best going forward.

  119. Nyla
    April 21, 2020 / 4:41 am

    Bless you honey! What a roller coaster!

  120. Cathy Cunningham
    April 21, 2020 / 4:39 am

    Dear Jennifer, what wonderful news. Love and Blessings for good health. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

  121. Laurel
    April 21, 2020 / 4:39 am

    What a relief! And I hope you insurance company will come around with a request from a specialist. Honestly, dealing with healthcare and insurance companies is a part time job now. Wishing you the best!

  122. Melissa
    April 21, 2020 / 4:33 am

    Fabulous news! I have received those phone calls and when the name comes up, the heart stops beating for a second. I have had breast ultra sounds but not an MRI. It is terrible dealing with insurance. We pay dearly for it, then denied. I hope this issue is resolved for you quickly! Have a great day🌸🌞

  123. Joyce Reardon
    April 21, 2020 / 4:33 am

    That’s wonderful news!! Praying that the insurance company moves quickly and this is all resolved for you!

  124. Pat
    April 21, 2020 / 4:32 am

    That is great news! I am so happy for you. I know both you and your family are relieved. Take care!

  125. Kathy
    April 21, 2020 / 4:31 am

    Prayers answered! I am so happy for you!

  126. Judy
    April 21, 2020 / 4:30 am

    What wonderful news! Congratulations and best wishes for continued good news!

  127. Linda Gaertner
    April 21, 2020 / 4:29 am

    Such scary moments for you. Glad your ok and doing what you do best. Fingers crossed for your breast testing to go forward…

  128. Cynthia Brown
    April 21, 2020 / 4:27 am

    Yay, yay, yaaaaaay! So happy to hear the good news. Keep after that insurance company. They always say no first, second and third, but I’ve found that persistence (kind, but firm) can win out!

  129. Shari
    April 21, 2020 / 4:24 am

    Prayers answered!
    One down , one to go!
    I’ve been thinking and prayer ing for you.
    You are such a bright spot for so many of us!
    Thanks for sharing with us, your people!

  130. Lana I Peterson
    April 21, 2020 / 4:24 am

    Great news! Hope it continues,

  131. Yvonne
    April 21, 2020 / 4:24 am

    That’s wonderful news Jennifer! You must be so relieved.

  132. Natalie Rees
    April 21, 2020 / 4:19 am

    Congratulations…..I’ve had that call before and it is an almost indescribable relief. Be safe, keep moving forward and love life.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 6:48 am

      I’m so glad you are ok too. Thank you so much

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 6:48 am

      Thank you! I’m glad you’ve ok too. Stay well.

  133. Rosemary Davis
    April 21, 2020 / 4:18 am

    I am so happy for you, Jennifer!
    I will continue to pray for good news on the breast issue too!

    Take care,
    Love and Hugs,


    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 6:47 am

      Thank you so much Rosemary XX
      Stay well

  134. Judith Pfaff
    April 21, 2020 / 4:17 am


  135. Lynn
    April 21, 2020 / 4:14 am

    I’m tearing up with relief to know you dodged a bullet during this trying time. In the morning, I always read you first to start the day on a kind, thoughtful and fun note. Thanks so much for putting yourself out there in such a generous and delightful way.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 6:46 am

      This just teared me up:). Thank you for being part of this community xx

  136. Susan
    April 21, 2020 / 4:13 am

    Good news about your ‘fatty cyst’, not so much the MRI though. Can’t see how your insurance company would deny the breast MRI if the Specialist orders one, as they are the gold standard for screening. Can you pay for it yourself? I have to pay for mine as I am over 50 as there is no subsidy either from the Government or any rebate from my private insurance.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 6:45 am

      I may have to pay for mine too. They’ve got me rattled about it and with my mother’s history of breast cancer, it’s not something to ignore. Be well xx

  137. Penny
    April 21, 2020 / 4:09 am

    Great news, so happy for you. You have been in My thoughts and with all the tension created by this virus I feel like I have something to celebrate. Congratulations.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 6:44 am

      Thank you so much Penny XX. We will get through this together xx

  138. Linda O
    April 21, 2020 / 4:07 am

    Congratulations and WHEW!!!! So very happy to hear this wonderful news! You may have a “fatty” cyst but I bet you feel 20 pounds lighter after that phone call!!!!!

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 6:43 am

      Lol, I sure did! I cried until I laughed. Thank you xx

  139. Billee
    April 21, 2020 / 4:06 am

    So glad for your good news! Have been and will continue to keep you in my prayers.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 6:42 am

      Thanks so much Billee xx

  140. Deborah Boykin
    April 21, 2020 / 4:06 am

    Great news! I know you are relieved – continued prayers and love coming your way.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 6:41 am

      Thank you so much xx

  141. Jane B
    April 21, 2020 / 3:48 am

    I’m so very happy for you! I have thought of you daily. Continued prayers for the breast MRI to happen quickly and be a non-event. Sending lots of love!

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 6:40 am

      Thank you Jane! I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. XX

  142. Adele
    April 21, 2020 / 3:42 am

    So thankful that you had such good news! May you continue to be well and safe.

  143. Karen J
    April 21, 2020 / 3:34 am

    Wonderful news! What a relief. Best wishes for continued good health.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 6:37 am

      Thank you so much xx

  144. Alison
    April 21, 2020 / 3:27 am

    Hooray! Oh Jennifer this is wonderful news! What a scary experience but I am glad you are okay.

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 6:37 am

      Thanks my friend. This has been a very scary time. Xx

  145. Paulette Levy
    April 21, 2020 / 3:06 am

    Oh Jennifer I’m so happy and grateful that you are okay on this issue! Prayers going forward!
    Be safe!

    • Jennifer
      April 21, 2020 / 6:36 am

      Thank you so much

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