Restyling a Mannequin

Happy Thursday ladies. I spotted a mannequin that I thought I took a photo of, but my phone reveals that I didn’t. Can anyone say, distracted? I went back to grab the photo yesterday so you could compare it with how I tried to restyle it.

As always, you can click the red text for more info and to shop the items at no additional cost to you.

This floral ruana wasn’t working on me but the gal trying it on next to me looked amazing wearing it so I kept trying and realized the proportions needed to change for my height.


It turns out, the ruana is out of stock, go figure. Which reminds me, January first I read an annual horoscope for Leo, and the final sentence was, “don’t worry, 2023 will be better”.

The cotton tunic is too long on me with this so I tucked it in and much prefer the proportions. It might work over leggings, at this length, but over jeans it makes my legs look shorter.


Then I tried the tunic and several jeans with a more structured jacket that has quilting and prefer it on me. Again, I prefer it half tucked in the front to show some shape and help my legs look longer. The boyfriend jeans come rolled, but I unrolled them to elongate my look.

What are your thoughts on the ruana?

How about the tunic top with jeans?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



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  1. I love that ruana! Color, quilting, border print. I am, in fact, an old granny, and I outgrew my need for approval from random passers-by. If I like what I’m wearing, I’m happy. Don’t like the way I look? Look at somebody else.

  2. The ruana is not for me. I think broad shoulders plus large chest make loose things look dreadful on my 5’4” self. But I have a green quilted jacket from Style & Co., and it has a mandarin style collar and needs some pizazz so I bought the scarf! I love the scarf! It has so many colors in it that I think it can work with a lot of my clothes. Generally if it looks good on you it will on me, color wise. Incidentally I tried to let my hair grow out and it turns out my dirty dishwater blonde hasn’t changed a bit in the twenty years I’ve been coloring it. So we lightened it again and for fun put in some peekaboos. I have no silvery pretty gray but the stuff that looks an awful lot like dryer lint.

  3. This is a good styling teaching moment. I am very high waisted (thanks dad hahaha) and so tunics do look better on me. I didn’t like the pic on left at all but love those on the right. And so interesting how the slightest change in scarf and jacket open or closed made such huge difference.

  4. Gwen Ewing says:

    You look great with tops shorter because you are tiny! Longer tunics overpower you. You always share good tips for all of us ladies!

  5. I bought the green quilted jacket yesterday. Love it. Plan to wear it in place of cardigan sometimes and as an outer jacket in the spring. My shoulders are small so I have trouble with Ruanas. I bought a couple a few years back and ended up donating.

  6. Peggy West says:

    Nice restyling with the structured jacket. I would wear the middle panel jacket with black leggings. The ruana and white cotton tunic are cool but there is too much fabric right where I don’t need it. Nice job with the necklace, though.

  7. Jeanne Claire says:

    I do like the quilted jacket and the scarf, and definitely prefer the tunic tucked in. Both the jacket and scarf would be a nice addition to my wardrobe and would be great for travel…when we get there again. The ruana is definitely not my style and since I am 5’2” it would make me look like I was wearing a quilt.

  8. beth byrd says:

    I really like the ruana with your tunic tucked in … it makes such a difference in the look. I think the print and color of the ruana is beautiful, but fear the quilting would make it too bulky. It does look nice on you, though!

    I have a similar scarf that I purchased from JJill last year … I can’t wait to wear it this spring with the beautiful blue and green pastels. I also like it against the soft white of the tunic.

    This post has me soooooooo looking forward to spring colors!!

    1. beth byrd says:

      By the way, I received the chandelier earrings earlier this week. I LOVE them and can’t believe how they were priced!!

  9. I’m in the ‘the ruana looks like a granny bedjacket’ camp, and I’d never wear a long white tunic doing my weekly chores. So impractical. The green jacket looks nice on you but not enough to make it worth buying — just compare it to the gorgeous blues you’ve been wearing recently. Everything about this was just boring, I’m afraid.

    1. Me too! I do have the same feeling about ruanas. I got one for Christmas last year, it’s light weigh pale grey merino but it’s not practical to wear in a car so I parked it on the couch and use it as a wearable throw after the furnace shuts off but I’m still watching tv. I fell in love with that scarf though. I’m a pale blonde with light blue eyes and very fair skin, the kind that never tans ever.

  10. I do like a shorter ruana, however the material of that one is just too bulky for me. The color palette on the mannequin is done very well though, the necklace and ruana are a perfect combo.

  11. Nancy Choat says:

    I would agree with Eve & Jan 100%. The Ruana somehow doesn’t look right….too much on a small figure. And the quilted jacket looks more like a bed jacket! Sorry Jennifer! I’ve shrunk from 5’4” to 5’2” & have to be so careful not to overwhelm my look with too many items/accessories or bulky clothes! It’s a challenge!

  12. I am not a fan of Ruanas. They always add bulk and shorten my height. I am 5’4” and am short waisted so, not good for me.
    However, I do like the sage green quilted jacket, neck tunic and scarf. Very classy!
    Also love the jeans and those cute sneakers. My kind of outfit. 😊

  13. I love the quilted jacket and definitely the tucked in look. I always need my base layer to be shorter than my jacket. I was 5’4” but have shrunk to 5’3 now, so seems even more important. I don’t care for the Ruana. I feel more comfortable in a jacket or kimono and particularly a cardigan. Have you noticed the Sherpa or fleece cardigans and lightly quilted jackets are getting a bed jacket feel and look to them lately? Or is it just me?

  14. Whether it’s a slight front tuck or a first layer that’s more sleek, it creates a must more streamlined look when topped with a longer garment. I have struggled with this and your photos show the huge difference between too much volume and how you can elongate your profile very easily. Just a few small tweaks and the result is huge! Thank you! When you can see it, you can do it!

  15. I love all the outfits! Love the boho feel of ruanas 😊

  16. You do more Justice to the floral ruana than the mannequin does with your top half tucked. I’m not a small floral lover like you & many others have said, especially at this age. I do find I can use some texture in my tops to provide a little more interest.

  17. I agree with the other comments about the ruana. It looks as though someone threw a bedspread over the shoulders to keep warm. And it certainly looks grandmotherly, maybe great-grandmotherly!

  18. I like the necklace on the first mannequin, and the scarf on the second, but I wouldn’t wear either of those tops. I’m old enough to remember “leisure suits” worn by teachers and parents, so the green is an avoid-at-all-costs look.

  19. No, not wowing me at all. Looks like the ruana should be worn with pj bottoms around the house.
    Some of the new clothing ideas don’t really flatter women of a certain age even though we might think so. When I was younger I could wear almost anything, and be able to pull it off.

    Thanks for showing me how these truly look on women of age, so I don’t make a mistake buying them and they just hang in my closet.

  20. Ann Hyles says:

    I like both pictures with the shirt tucked in on you. Looks much more polished.

    1. I like tucking for my short legs too and it does feel more polished.

  21. Littleredky says:

    Both of these tops/jackets are a no, no for me. I agree with Sharon, they look matronly. The only place I could see the ruana is over my pjs sitting on the sofa with a good book while it snows outside. The jacket is just a no…. Neither color is good for me. I’ve learned by following you the past year tops look better with at least a half tuck. I had always left mine hanging loose to hide that “muffin top”. At 5’ with very short legs I don’t need anything to make my legs look shorter.

  22. I always want to like adornments such as the ruana because i have several such things hanging in my closet but i never wear it. I’m attracted to such things because i like to add a piece of boho/retro to my overall look. All Talbot is just too classic for me. The ruana feels ‘grandmotherly’ and probably looks that way on me, too. And we don’t want that!!

  23. I can just feel that ruana flopping off me every other minute…I like how they look in theory but I just don’t find them comfortable to wear. As for the tunic with jeans, I don’t think that looks great on anyone whe is less than 5′ 10″. I think the proportions of tunic tops look best with leggings or skinny jeans. so I find it weird that so many tunic tops are on the racks when women are wearing fewer leggings or skinny jeans now. And

  24. Frances P. says:

    The color of the quilted jacket on you in the dressing room looks so different than the J Jill on line picture. Also, the champagne slip on shoes are really pretty too.

  25. The ruana looks memaw to me….and I don’t love the other jacket either…something about the quilting and the colors looks very matronly and cheap….maybe I’m just in a mood today🤣I like the darker jeans but would have liked to see them cuffed with a bit more of your ankle showing as is my eye goes directly to the shoe…

  26. I’m not a fan of any of these looks. I think the ruana looks like a bed jacket. Love the shoes, though!

  27. Loved your trip to J.Jill. The ruana would be great for spring/summer with just a tank under it. The tunic seems like too much fabric. I am starting to tuck in most of my thin tunics, love the look with the belt. The quilted green jacket is lovely, and I’m always a fan of scarves! J.Jill has the best boyfriend jeans as well.

  28. Joann Czarny says:

    I am not a fan of the look on the mannequin. The Ruana looks like a dish towel draped over your shoulders. Tunics are always great wardrobe staples and boyfriend jeans are great additions to anyone’s closet. I do not like the paint spattered ones as I feel this is a trend that will fade. The Shacket looks more spring green in your pictures (which I like.) In the J Jill catalog it looked darker.

    1. It’s sort of in between, like a dark mint

  29. The ruana is a no for me, I am petite and it would make me look square, ugh. The tunic is hard decision because it makes my legs look too short.

  30. If the ruana’s fabric was lighter, I would buy it for sure. No offense, but the quilting makes me think of a giant potholder.

    1. 😆😆 I was thinking a tea cozy since I had just put mine on the teapot and sat down to read the post!