Dressing Room Diaries: Everyday Sequins

It’s happened again. While going through my pictures for a Dressing Room Diaries post I’ve spotted an item or two I should have bought. I’m not an impulse shopper and see that as a good thing but it also means some items may be unavailable when I do decide I want them. Last week I was captivated by sequins.Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life trying Anthropologie sequined top

This sequined button down shirt caught my eye because it was subtle. I’ve never thought of myself as a disco queen so subtle appeals to me.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing AnthropologieThe clear palettes were a soft shimmer against the ivory fabric and so pretty. I like it tucked in and worn as a tunic over leggings or skinny pants.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing AnthropologieThese skinny jeans with bows down the side seam were intended to be cropped but were full length on me. They’re best for women with a straight shape or slim thighs because they do add visual weight. Honestly? I felt my legs were too short for this kind of ornamentation.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing sequin top from Anthropologie

This top jumped into my hand the second I entered the store. My inner disco queen raised her head and said hey baby! The color was intoxicating.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled life wearing sequins from Anthropologie

I took lots of pictures of it but couldn’t imagine how I’d wear it. Now that I have figured it out (jeans and casual shoes)…it’s sold out in petite. Snooze you lose comes to mind.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing fedora from Anthropologie

I loved the scale of this hat. Its jaunty brim and wine color is a classic for winter. I see this hat being stylish for years to come.

I always recommend imagining how you’ll wear an item and the ways it will coordinate with what you already own before buying it. Orphan pieces that won’t mix and match can end up a waste of money.

Do you impulse shop or plan how you can wear a new item before you buy it?

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  1. I love both tops! Can you say the name of the store?

    Your comment regarding “orphan items” is so true! I have made so many shopping mistakes. I’ve learned the hard way to wait and give it some thought before purchasing. Some boutiques have very strict return policies and if you miss their narrow window of time, you’re stuck and the item ends up hanging in the closet. It amazes me how often something seems like a good idea in the dressing room, only to get it home and wonder what on earth I was thinking!

    1. These are at Anthropologie. Boutiques frequently have those kind of return policies. They’re so much smaller they can’t afford the loss larger stores can.

  2. The pink top looks like a party and would surely be a favourite!
    Not a fan of the bows on those pants though…the shirt on the other hand is good and the hat too.

    I am not usually a impulse shopper…but I do like to try things that are a bit different when I see them as they add a bit of whimsy to my classic and conservative pieces.

  3. I buy way too many scarves impluse shopping. Now in the case of the those sequins, I would have bought the white blouse and worn it over a velvet legging – I see it during the holiday season for those home parties or where you want to get a little dressed up but not over the top. The hat was pretty cute as well.

  4. The hat is wonderful for you and is I. The perfect color for this season. This color is everywhere I also think it will be I. Style for years. Enjoy

  5. I love the pink top. Somehow I think that doing some drudgery task (paying bills? buying groceries?) would be elevated when wearing such sparkles.
    I don’t like the jeans. Maybe a bow at each ankle, but all the way down is just too much.

  6. You look like you had fun on this trip.
    I really love the hat on you and it will be a “keeper”.
    Enjoy your forthcoming trip.

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