What to Wear Over 60

Fashion rules tend to multiply, the older we get. Always wear this, or never wear that lists for older women are everywhere! Do you follow them? Most are just other people’s ideas of what we should wear but some have tools we can use or discard based on our personal style. Today I’m sharing six things I’ve chosen to wear over 60 because they help me look and feel my best. No rules involved! You may find some of these work for you too.

This post always gets a lot of visitors from Pinterest so I thought I would update it for 2021.


Six ideas for what to wear over 60

A Supportive Bra

Few of us escape menopause without changes to the shape of our bodies. Things shift and usually drop. I’m looking at you, droopy knees…but of the other biggest drops usually happen to our bustline.


beige bra on leopard print stool


We know that many women wear the wrong size bra, but over 60, it’s even more common.

Do yourself a favor and get a professional bra fitting (when we can safely go out), to ensure you’re wearing the proper bra for your current body. Breast tissue loses firmness as we age so opt for supportive bra’s that keep those girls in place. You also might want to include several in your skin tone which will be invisible under clothes. Remember, everyone’s “nude” is different.

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Updated Haircut

Whether you’ve chosen to go gray or not, your hairstyle has a huge impact on your appearance. A stale haircut that dates you isn’t serving you well. If your hair texture performs best in a bob, tweak it to look more modern. Have the back stacked to a graduated bob or try adding some wisps in front or side-swept bangs.

Always wear your hair short? Use some gel to add texture for a piecey look and/or get a lift on top. Small changes can make your hairstyle look more current so investigate your options and experiment with new products.

Good Housekeeping has a new article here with some fresh hair cuts to try over 60. And of course, my all-time favorite source for inspiration is Pinterest.


Body Moisturizer For Mature Skin

By 60, our skin isn’t producing the same amount of collagen and natural oils as our younger skin. To counteract that, I’ve found it invaluable to slather a good quality moisturizer all over my body when I’m fresh out of the shower.

I find formulas that contain squalane, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, and lactic acid are some of the best for moisturizing aging skin. I also reapply to my legs and arms each night. It may seem like overkill, but the extra effort makes a world of difference.

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Wear What Fits Your Current Body

Buy and wear clothes that fit you right now. You deserve better than to squeeze yourself into things that fit 15, 10, or even 5 pounds ago. They won’t hang properly and are uncomfortable…both physically and mentally. Tight clothes also make you look larger than you are and who wants that?

If you plan or hope to lose weight in the near future, buy a few quality basics that fit, which will restore your confidence and help motivate you on your journey to healthy eating and weight. If you adore clothes that don’t fit you right now, move them to another closet so you don’t see them each morning.


Updated Jewelry In Midlife

Good costume jewelry has the ability to change the look of an outfit and add attitude to your look. Cheap, tacky stuff looks just the way it sounds so don’t go there. Most of us have that classic strand of pearls and tiny gold hoops we love. But when worn ala Grace Kelly, they can age you faster than lipstick wicking up the lines around your mouth.

jennifer connolly of a well styled life walking down stairs wearing denim jacket and white jeans


Try layering them with other beads or costume jewelry to make them look more modern. Supersize your earrings to draw attention to your face. Fun bracelets or brooches update your outfits with little financial investment. Here is where you can play with trends and for a small investment, get lots of bang for your buck.

Wear Sunscreen Over 60

a row of mineral sunscreens on railing by water


It’s never too late to protect your skin. Yes, most of the damage and skin cancer we’re dealing with now was caused by a lack of care in our youth. That doesn’t mean we should expose it to more assault now. Our skin is thinner and more fragile over 60, so it needs even more protection from the sun. Age spots on the back of our hands are from sun damage so remember to protect them as well.


What do you wear over 60?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



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  1. Love that many of us can go to our closets right now and copy this look! What elevates your style in this ensemble–and many others– are the statement earrings and fun clutch. I need to make time to put on such easy additions.

  2. You look so youthful in this outfit! Great combo. I will have to copy it wearing my new jeans jacket with white garments I already have. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Pamela Lindloff says:

    Great information! I just had a virtual bra fitting with Nordstrom since doing it in person wasn’t an available option here. It went very well and of course I had changed sizes since my last fitting over 20 years ago. She was professional and extremely helpful. Afterward she emailed me a list of bras she recommended for me with sizes. Ordering some or all is your choice. The free shipping/free returns with Nordstrom make this so easy in lieu of actually being at the store to do try-ons. Best 30 minutes I treated myself to in months!

    1. I’m so happy to hear that!! We do need to do these things for ourselves.

  4. Carla Mahaney says:

    Such good information – WFH for a year now it’s been so easy to overlook so much. My skin is dry, I let my hair go way too long before getting it cleaned up (finally did that last evening and what a boost it was), and I throw on clothes to sit at the kitchen table not caring what I actually look like. Your mention of wearing what fits now actually almost brought me tears of relief, allowing me to forgive myself for those pandemic pounds. Now I feel like looking for just a few things to give myself a boost coming out of winter in Maine.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdome!

  5. Francesca B. says:

    Hi Jennifer, love the post thank you for all the tips. I recently got my ears re- pierced after 32 years and I am loving the look and the fun of finding earrings again. My daughter went with me to the tattoo parlor for support! I am allergic to base metal but earrings have changed since then and now you can get some wonderful ones and I am loving how they frame my face! Something new at 57! Love those amazing white ones you are wearing with the denim jacket. Great look. Happy weekend:)

  6. Excellent tips Jennifer! Also IMHO, some great suggestions from your readers as well. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Re dying of garments. If done properly (which takes some patience) you shouldn’t have to worry about bleeding as often freshen up my ‘blacks’ and never have had a problem and/or the color rubbing off, like some dark denim jeans do even after numeroust washings…😲.

  7. I never had a professional bra fitting until I was 67 and getting ready for my daughter’s wedding. Knowing that most women wear bras that are too small, I proudly told the assistant that I wore a 36 or 38C. She pursed her lips (just like David Spade’s church lady on SNL) and shook her head as she measured me. When she said that I was definitely no more than a 34C, I protested that I need my bras to be comfortable. She replied, “But honey, that’s why your bosoms are falling out of the bottom of your bra.” I laughed so hard!!

  8. Thank you for the helpful information. I’ve been receiving your posts for about a month and this is one of the very best! You look amazing in your white outfit with the jeans jacket; I may try to copy that look. I was glad to see that all the sun protectors you recommend are corral & ocean safe: no oxybenzone, butylparaben, octinoxate or 4MBC. Many people don’t realize that even if you’re just sitting on the beach, these chemicals leak into the sand and wash into the water.

  9. Hi Jennifer, I just wanted to say I love your look today. It’s so fresh and youthful.

  10. I’ve gifted myself monthly gel manicures for the past several months. Since we aren’t traveling or dining out, I’ve enjoyed seeing my hands look their best since that’s what I see all the time. Bizarre I know! I also had my first French manicure which I love.

    1. Not bizarre sounding to me at all! I’ve been contemplating the same thing.

      1. Susan Murillo says:

        During pandemic, I have continued to put on some makeup and even some earrings and decent clothes, because I have to look at me too, and it just makes me feel better. Still love those leggings though, and no one sees those on Zoom.

  11. My favourite bottoms are still jeans. I’m not giving them up! My neighbour’s husband told her she was too old to wear jeans. Geeez! I’m 67 and probably going to be still wearing them when I’m 80.

    Thank you for the reminder to book a bra fitting. I’ve gained some weight and my current ones are too small. With lighter fabrics on the horizon, I had better up my game.

    I love your outfit today. So fresh and spring like,

    1. Men always have interesting opinions on what women should and can wear.
      Let me say this as politely as possible, they’re wrong 🙂
      All. The. Time. I will be wearing jeans for as long as I want.

  12. If only I knew then what I know now, maybe my skin care routine would be more simplified. Lol
    I am trying to streamline the arsenal of products that I seem to need these days. I love the tinted Australian Gold sunscreen. I actually use it as an overall makeup base, maybe dabbing a bit of concealer if needed. Since I use massive amounts of body lotion, I have found several drug store brands that work great. Maybe then, I can justify some of the more expensive products I love for my face and hair.
    I have a small strand of a pearl type necklace that I will pair with a denim shirt or jacket. I just like that high/low contrast. Kinda like wearing a blazer with jeans.
    Yes, to all your great ideas! Let’s make 2021 a year of renewals!!

    1. Yes! That high low contrast looks so modern to me. I love it too. I’m going to take my strand out today and play with ideas.

  13. Love the outfit and shoes. Along with little hoop earrings and pearls I find that trainers/sneakers on us older ladies are aging and make me think they have bad feet!!

    1. I have a hard time pulling trainers off. Maybe I just haven’t tried the best styles yet.

  14. Thanks for the great advice Jennifer! I didn’t notice a link for the shoes and jean jacket. Can you please share?

  15. Jennifer…. I LOVE your honesty about aging…. YES we will all get there…but doing it gracefully and comfortable is definitely the key. All of your tips are so helpful! Great article!

    FYI…I’ve been using a vitamin C serum from Beauty Counter products (on line) and a collagen powder with peptides daily in my morning tea….from Vital Proteins I actually think I see a difference… I know my nails are stronger. Time will tell. NO I AM NOT A REPRESENTATIVE…just a user.

    Enjoy the day…

    1. I’ve just started using a collagen powder too and am excited to see it it helps my nails.

      1. I’ve taken a collagen/hyaluronic acid/vitamin C powder for several years now and I especially love the way it keeps my heels moisturized. No callus build-up. 🙂

  16. You look lovely in the jean jacket and white Jean. While cleaning closets during last week’s cold snap, i ran across my blue jean jacket I bought years ago. I wore it yesterday with a lavender t-shirt and black jeans. It felt good to freshen my look with some classics I already had in my closet.

  17. Nicole glenda says:

    Thank you for all your tips and I love your outfit all white, Jean jacket, leopard purse and light colored shoes. Everyone’s comments were great like it when we all try to work together even with fashion! Thanks Jennifer for your blog always enjoy

  18. Great advice Jennifer.
    Thank you 🥰

  19. Always love your advise Jennifer. I had a bra fitting some years back but probably should have another one since I’m now 71. I want to try your white outfit with the jean jacket. Simple but classic.

  20. This was a great post. I am pinning it!

  21. Just a compliment, Jennifer. The column of white with that denim jacket is so flattering on you! Lovely photo. Great fit across your shoulders and waist, your legs look long for days, your hair style is sharp-lovely! Thanks for all the tips.

  22. Good advice!
    I just re-read your post “The One Bra You’ll Never Need”. I jave dyed all my white bras. I used
    Rit Dyemore Synthetic fabrics. It’s easy. Just test early and often for depth of color. Also, the dye doesn’t run in the wash. I can now wear bras that showed under my clothes ( there were 6 of them!). So it saved lots of money by not replacing them. I’ve also purchased a couple white bras on ebay that were my brand and my size, which is hard to find (32C unlined underwire) at an acceptable price.

    1. I didn’t know that Rit was stable in the wash! I always assumed it would bleed into other things. Thanks for the tip.

  23. Hi Jennifer, great tips. Being stylish really means being confident. Getting dressed “on purpose” is something that I have lived for the past 20 years. It means being mindful about clothing choices based on the day’s activities, and wanting to feel stylish even if I don’t leave the house.

    The other tip I would add is to consider teeth whitening. Nothing ages us more than a yellow smile. Subtle brightening can make a great difference. Cheers!

    1. I agree. Our teeth do yellow as we age. All my tea drinking isn’t helping either:)

      1. I ont give up tea for beauty. That’s just a step too far. LOL

  24. I can’t wait until I think it’s safe enough to get a professional bra fitting – I agree that bra fit is crucial to looking and feeling good. If you’re over 70 as I am you may remember the term “ foundation garment “ but a bra really is a foundation to feeling confident.
    As someone who for health reasons struggles to maintain weight I wish all women who are overweight would be kinder to themselves. If your doctor says you’re healthy just wear clothes that fit your style and your body and don’t mourn your younger, skinnier self. I would love to have plump cheeks!

    1. Thank you for saying that Janet! We need to love and embrace our current bodies. It’s a blessing to be alive. None of our aging body’s are without challenges but the grace we meet them with makes life so much more enjoyable.

  25. Dianne Jack says:

    We have just had 4 days over 40 degrees in Western Australia.
    Too hot to go out the door ! I am 70 this year and I wear beautiful flowing caftans at home
    and blow dry my hair and put some light make-up on.
    You never know who might pop in and it makes me feel good.
    And my husband always tells me how lovely I look. Love that man.Been married 50 years and he still compliments me.

  26. Have any of you heard of Iris Apfel. I rest my case.

  27. Christine says:

    I am 66 and have gained a little podge over the last year as I used to do lots of running until I slipped and broke my back in 2 places. Now I have returned to work and am finding that other than basics such as plain T shirts, I tend to choose better quality clothes that are classic and well cut. A great quality crisp white Button down shirt, skinny denim jeans or straight black pants for work and a slim blazer for example. I add some gold jewellery, dark slightly cat eye sunnies and red lipstick. I wear a longer blonde bob that I tie back sometimes (Miranda Kerr style and look) Simple and very classy is what I try to achieve now rather than the latest fashion. I can’t believe how many years it has taken me to find my signature style but I now know what suits me. I do love the balloon sleeve blouses out now so I may splurge on one to wear out with jeans but it will be in a luxe fabric. I wrecked my feet by wearing Very high heels for most of my adult life so now I find I can Still wear kitten heels with pointed toes and achieve the same look. I look for brands that are wide for comfort. A pair of red kitten shoes can really vamp up a pair of jeans or floaty wide pants too. Also I have invested in a couple of classy belts to add some interest. Getting older doesn’t mean looking old. Best wishes to all of you beautiful, mature, fabulous ladies.

  28. Kathryn A Dane says:

    A few years ago, I went to a department store where I had purchased bras for several years. The sales clerk asked if I wanted a bra fitting and I said I did. She stood right there in the middle of the lingerie department and measured me poorly on top of my clothes and said what size I should try. I thought she was bananas and tried on and purchased two bras the size she told me. They were the worst fitting bras I had ever bought. A couple of years later, I went to an upscale department store and the clerk in the lingerie department offered to measure me. She went into the fitting room with me and measured me, then brought me several well-made bras to try. She checked the fit of each of them. Some of them had a frame that was too wide for me, some had too little coverage for my body, and one very plain one fit perfectly and felt really comfortable. She suggested that I wear it around the department for about 15 minutes and then tell her how it felt. I did try it and determined that it was a great fit and comfortable, so I bought it after nearly fainting with sticker shock. I liked it very well, so I decided to see if I could find that exact bra on ebay. I did find it and ordered more at a significantly lower price than at the department store. I have bought bras on ebay several times since then, most of the time staying with the same style.

  29. Lucille Odden says:

    At 91years old, I wonder if there ‘special ‘ rules for us, too !! I keep my mind active by playing Scrabble and other games on my iPad. I’m not so active physically as I use a walker . I like stylish and colorful clothes that are not too tight . People remark that I look great !! Enjoy your blog and read it every time . I am 102lbs and 4ft 8in tall . Any suggestions for me ? Have a great summer !!

    1. I think you are amazing Lucille!! BRAVO! I prefer tools and tips to rules. My biggest tip is to dress to make yourself happy and feel confident! You could use the search function on the top of this page and it will pull up some posts on petite dressing.

    2. Yairelina says:

      Wow!!!! God bless you young healthy Lady…

  30. Cathy Holloway says:

    Great advice, Jennifer, and I love the practicality of you “6 over 60” list. I agree with each of these. If I made a list for myself it would be “7 over 70” and I would include shoe guidance. I love a heel, the higher the better, but for me that shipped has sailed. Two hip and two knee replacements, a spinal fusion and a toe joint replacement later I have to be very thoughtful & careful about footwear. But I refuse to wear stodgy comfort Oxford with no style. Happily, there are a lot of shoe manufacturers now who make attractive, stylish footwear. Takes a bit of work to find which brands/styles work best but they are out there.