Itty Bitty Try-on session

Happy Friday ladies. I was able to shop the Nordstrom anniversary sale yesterday and wanted to share just a few things I saw. I promise not to go overboard promoting this sale, but I do have a sponsored post coming up for it and I’ll also be sharing what I personally added to my wardrobe. I love this sale, but I know many of you hit overload quickly so today let’s just start with a small try-on session at the Nsale.

My photos look rather goofy today because it was 95 degrees yesterday and I wore white sandals into the store. I would obviously never wear them with these outfits 🙂

nordstrom plaid jacket and jeans on woman in dressing room

I adore this cropped houndstooth jacket. I’m wearing a small which is too large for me so size down. It does go to an XXS, but I think an XS would fit me…they were already sold out of it. The houndstooth is a pretty blue/brown/gray combo that looks great with jeans and will coordinate with so many things.

BTW- this Nsale is slightly different from years past because now you can save things to a wishlist and plan your purchases strategically.

These bootcut jeans are Kut From The Kloth. The fabric is super stretchy, slim through the thigh and knee then flares to a nice bootcut. The anniversary sale price is $49.99, but on August 1, the price goes up to $88.


This faux suede moto jacket is buttery soft and the prettiest taupe shade. It also comes in red, chocolate, and black in sizes 00-18. I am wearing a medium 6-8. I like that this style is void of epaulets, a belt, extra zippers, and tons of extraneous snaps. This double v-neck tank comes in 5 colors, sizes 00-16W. I am wearing a small 4-6, so it runs a bit large. This pattern picks up the soft taupe of the jacket perfectly.

These  AG Mari slim jeans have a 29″ inseam, 13″ leg opening, 10″ front rise, and 14 1/2″ back rise. I consider this fit more of a skinny than slim. They’re on sale for $149.90 and go back up to $225 after the sale. They come in sizes 23-33, I am wearing a 28 so they run TTS.


I love the flat ribs on this cashmere blend tunic sweater which slim the shape without clinging. Many tunic sweaters are boxy but this one is more streamlined. It also comes in a wafer color in sizes XXS-XL. I am wearing a small. These cotton/spandex chinos have a 26″ inseam, 14″ leg opening, 10″ front rise, and a 15 1/2″ back rise. They come in a deep laurel brown/green as well as this slate in sizes 00-16W. I am wearing a 6.


This yummy cabled sweater is super soft, comfy, and not the least bit scratchy. The soft ivory color is neutral, not warm-toned. It comes in sizes XXS-XXL. I am wearing XS but would prefer the small because I like sweaters like this to be on the slouchy side. These back-zip pants come in this tan or black sizes 00-18. I am wearing an 8 which is a bit baggy in the front so they run TTS.


This stretch ponte blazer is as comfy as a cardigan, but a whole lot more polished looking. It’s machine washable with 3% spandex so has lots of stretch. It comes in regular sizes 0-16. They say it runs large but I am wearing an 8 which seems TTS for me.

These knit trousers are not on the anniversary sale but they’re a great price and fit. They’re a polished ponte knit that’s machine washable and tumble dry. They come in 7 colors, petite and regular, 0-16. I am wearing a 4 regular with a 29″ inseam, 15″ leg opening, 10″ front rise, and 15″ back rise.

I’m heading back tomorrow for shoes, beauty, etc and will keep you posted.

Do you take advantage of the Nsale?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



  1. I purchase a few investment pieces at the NSale every year, and this year is no different. At the time it seems an extravagance, but now I look at pieces purchased 5 years ago or more that I wear each fall/winter and am still happy I made the choice. The sale helps me fill in my fall/winter wardrobe with higher quality pieces I would not normally buy. And living in Chicago, a fall/winter wardrobe works from October through April.

    1. I think this sale is best for buying investment pieces because the discounts are the biggest on those.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I always looked forward to the NAS because the values were so good (I used to pick up something from Eileen Fisher that I couldn’t otherwise afford) but have really been disappointed by the offerings for the last couple of years, this year in particular. While I have a few items on my wishlist my purchases will be limited this year.

  3. I used to spend a few thousand at the NSale every year. I especially loved the footwear , sweaters, blazers, jeans and coats. But, about five years (maybe longer) ago, I started to be more and more disappointed in the selection and quality of items offered. I’m an Icon member, so I’ve already completed my NSale purchases for this year. One bra. That’s it. I have no plans to purchase anything else in the sale.

  4. Jennifer,
    I am considering the grey Vince chinos you feature, as part of my effort to reduce my reliance on jeans. How would you describe the fit? Vince pants tend to run small for me. How is the rise?
    Thanks for helping me a decision.

    1. The rise is not as high as many, but remember, I have a very long torso. I found they ran true to size. That said, I would order both sizes in case they sell out and return the one that doesn’t fit. I do that often because the shipping is free.

  5. I also LOVE the cropped houndstooth jacket. So different, I already have several longer cardigans. Thank you for the itty bitty try-on! Looking forward to shopping on Saturday.

  6. I do shop the NSale, though I’m finding less and less clothing-wise to impress me, perhaps because little of it fits in with my retired lifestyle. I keep an eye out for workout wear, but this year, the offering seems less than exciting.
    I’m also a little peeved when I see items in my wish list being “sold out” before I’m “allowed” to purchase. 😁

    1. Keep them on your list because they intend to restock this sale.

  7. Love all that you tried on! Can’t wait to get to Nordstrom for the sale.

  8. Do like the fall fashion. The taupe jacket and crop jacket were just adorable. The jackets looked very good with both pants of choice.

  9. I don’t shop the NSale. It seems to be a pressure driven sale and that is when you make poor choices. I’ll wait till the fall, check my wardrobe and see if I need anything at that time. I also like to find out what is trending for the fall and so far from all the blogs showing their NSale finds, there doesn’t seem to be anything new. I did notice though that higher shaft, sharp pointy toe booties seem to be the trend for this year, especially in white.

    1. I did see lots of pointy boots and shoes

  10. I do shop the Nsale and look forward to it every year. I will admit that it is overwhelming but I try to remain focused on items that I need (need??) to add to my wardrobe, especially my work wardrobe. It’s also a good way to get a peek at what the trends are for the upcoming Fall season. Thanks, Jennifer, for feeding us small bites of some great options.

  11. Nice clothes, but I must buy petites. Thanks for showing what will be in style for winter. We will be wearing summer clothes through October unfortunately here in Texas.

    1. I’m sorry they got rid of their dedicated petite department too.

  12. Love the styles on you, but as always, I fail to understand what Nordies has against petite women. Yes, pants and jacket sleeves can be hemmed, but it is so not worth the effort — and nothing can help adjust the really lovely knits. I’m going to spend on classic summer looks — LOL

    1. Nordstrom continues to whittle away at it its selection of larger sizes, so I shop there less and less. I do sometimes buy shoes or beauty product at the sale, but almost never clothing. Since I’m not shopping high end fashion as a retiree, I find I do better with clearance sales at Talbots or JJill, where I know the sizing and their sizing is reasonably consistent. I’m already sick of the blogger hype surrounding this sale. Some of these ladies (not you!) breathlessly refer to “stalking,” “scores,” staying up all night, “I’ve got all the (secret) info for you,” etc. Its not only juvenile, it diminishes their credibility to me, they are so shameless in their promotion. I understand and accept that promotions are part of “free” blogs, but this has become ridiculous.

    2. It isn’t only Nordstrom, it’s everyone: Macy’s, Bloomingdales, VonMaur, even Chico’s has reduced their petite offerings or removed the department from select stores. It is demoralizing not to mention inconvenient for those of us who need the clothes. And frankly, as women age and lose height, you’d think there would be more of us who need these items which would create buying power. Yes, we can shorten things, but actually altering pant rise or reducing bodice length is more work than I want to take on at this stage of my life. Maybe I’m just cranky today.

      1. It’s ok to be cranky about this. I increasingly need petite items and they’re fewer and far between

  13. I love Nordstrom, but the online NSale in Canada is less than impressive. Historically it has had half the offering of the US site, but we cannot order from the US site. Very frustrating as there are many pieces I would add to my wardrobe if I could. Sigh.

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