Smart Way To Save Money This Memorial Day

Memorial Day is upon us and with it, a record-breaking number of sales from most of your favorite brands. Rather than go crazy buying things just because they’re on sale…only to regret it later… here are a few things to keep in mind that may save you money this Memorial Day Weekend.

Let’s remember that we celebrate Memorial Day to honor those who gave their lives to protect our freedom.

Check your basics

These are the workhorses you wear several times a week. Do your white tee shirts look dingy? Are your summer sandals looking downtrodden? If they could use a refresh, check the sales for just those items. Try to avoid the chino’s you don’t need that are so discounted they seem free 🙂

What did you wear the heck out of last year?

If you wore shorts more days than not last summer and you need some replacements, by all means, go shopping. If that summer skirt never saw the light of day, do not fall for another one, no matter how affordable it seems.

Skincare and beauty products You Use on repeat

Sales are the perfect time to stock up on products you know that you love and finish on a regular basis. Why pay full price if you don’t have to?

What not to buy at the Memorial Day Sales

That 4th pair of basic white pants. Don’t get in the habit of buying the same item repeatedly when the ones you already own are in great shape. It’s better to spend more and own better quality pieces you adore.

I will have more sale updates for you as the weekend goes on, but for today, the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale is here with up to 60% off. Here’s what caught my eye.

This Caslon striped hoodie and most all their other soft cotton tees are seriously reduced and a great value. I bought this one.

more Sale caslon

If you haven’t updated your summer handbag, and you’re due for one, Nordstrom has some super cute options marked way down.

Kate Spade Wicker Crossbody

Some beauty on sale

These UGGS are 50% off and will be perfect for someone next winter and a smart way to start Christmas shopping early.

More shoes on sale

Are you doing anything fun for the weekend?


  1. Christi S. says:

    I like you advice: shop only to replace what you absolutely need. Shopping seems to be our national pastime. What happened to baseball?

    I have a question from yesterday’s wonderful post about sunscreen. I have the “proper” order down for my face, but what about our bodies? Should the sunscreen go on immediately after getting out of the shower before we apply our body moisturizer or should it go on after our body moisturizer? I’ve been applying after the moisturizer.

    Thank you and have a wonderful Memorial Weekend and do remember to thank our veterans.

    1. The same order applies for our bodies. Chemical sunscreens need to absorb to be effective so they should be applied first, then body lotion. Physical sunscreens are occlusive and sit on top of everything so they get applied last.

  2. Curious about the striped hoodie fit. Read mixed reviews on the website. What size did you order? Looks like you got a good fit 🙂 I am 128 lbs and 5’3″. Thanks!!

      1. Thanks, I have it on order! Have a wonderful Memorial Day : )

  3. Excellent advice. I would venture a guess that most of us have more than we need. Thanks for reminding us that it’s best to proceed forward with restraint.

    1. I do show a lot of clothes, but I want us to shop wisely

  4. I love a great sale but like you, I try to benefit my closet by not buying just to buy.
    Thanks for the wonderful tips on how to make a sale a bargain 😊

    1. Have a great weekend, Lin!

  5. Great advice, thanks. I was thinking the same thing yesterday as I tried on my new jeans. They are a summer weight and skim my ankles, so I plan to wear a lot — but I certainly do not need another pair of jeans at the moment!

  6. Yes, I plan to shop this weekend and will look to replace a few of my basics that work for me. I love your red & white top and the purse is a definite yes. Other than a black striped SAK purse, I don’t have a summer purse with black trim. Jennifer, I really enjoy your daily posts.

  7. I just bought a new pair of white jeans but I swear I really needed them, lol. Love the Caslon brand at Nordstrom. We are having rain this holiday weekend but we are golfing anyway. Have a fun weekend.

    1. Lol, I believe you. I want a straight or wider leg pair of white jeans myself.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the heads up about white pants. I went to my closet and counted 6. I will stop now.

    1. I have 4 pair of white jeans so have to retire a pair if I want another one 🙂

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