Splurge or Save- Faux Suede Midi Skirt Outfit

I thought it would be fun to do another splurge or save post today. This time with a faux suede midi skirt outfit. There are days when I just don’t want to wear pants, and I think an outfit like this would be perfect.

Knee boots go together with midi skirts like peanut butter goes with jelly. It’s been a popular combo for as long as I can remember and a very workable way to wear flat footwear with a skirt.


I chose a cable sweater to play off the faux suede texture, then added hammered gold hoops for even more texture. I like the way faux suede updates the classic midi shape.


The splurge outfit comes in at around $3,542, and the save is around $267. Can you spot the difference between the faux suede midi skirt outfits and what tipped you off?


Great style is available at all price points. I hope these posts will inspire you to try new combinations and shop your closet with fresh eyes.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. Love the save outfit. It was the purse that clued me in to the splurge one.

    1. Thanks for sharing how you figured it out. I never can figure out the splurge v the save, but from now will try this purse idea.

  2. The earrings gave it away for me. The splurge earrings have a better/more secure backing, in my opinion.

  3. I was wrong on this one… Looking at the pictures I thought the details on the sweater and two-tone boots with the buckle was more “high end“ :).

  4. The handbag in the Splurge is beautiful – and was the giveaway – but even if I had that amount of money, I would not buy it, I’d look at it but wouldn’t use it much – lol. A couple of things: the Splurge skirt comes in petite sizes and is a lot shorter than the Save, so for me it’s a better choice. The Save boots are polyurethane, which is a horrible synthetic’ and stays in landfills forever. If you don’t like leather, a cloth bag (maybe a holiday plaid) would be a pretty Save alternative that would add a splash of colorr to the outfit.

  5. It was the purse, boots and actually the hems of the sweater (more tightly weaved) that gave it away for me, however I prefer the style of the ‘save’ skirt which IMHO could be worn with more different cuts in tops that would even include outerwear. -Brenda-

    1. Francesca B says:

      Wonderful outfit thank you l would wear that in a heartbeat. I recognized the model and thought that was a Talbots sweater as l wanted the blue cashmere from last year ! Though l prefer the faux suede skirt on the save side. Love those hammered earrings:)

  6. Thanks for showing that we can look gorgeous without spending a fortune! Love that suede skirt!

  7. Of course the handbag gave it away. It’s beautiful! Love this classic look. I would try to find more of a cowl neck sweater but this is a perfect outfit.

  8. Love the look. Faux suede/microfiber is a fabric that I particularly like – it is lightweight but warm, washes beautifully, and is very resistant to wrinkles. What caught my eye, though, were the hammered gold earrings–love that textured, hammered look. And they come in silver.

    1. I really like faux suede too

  9. The purse gave it away. I do like the outfits, but don’t wear tall boots or long skirts these days. Women can look nice and stylish on a budget.

  10. I do enjoy the high/low end outfits.
    It goes to show me, I can look good without spending a fortune.

  11. For me, it was the purse that gave it away. It’s a pretty design but I’d never spend that much on a purse, just can’t see the value. The splurge skirt looked more expensive to me because of how it draped. But maybe it was just the cut considering the save skirt was still $98 regular priced. Loved the outfit. Very cozy and comfortable looking!

  12. Pat Englund says:

    Love these splurge or save posts. I would wear the look in a different shade of brown or it would be striking in black. Of course the bag gave it away. I tend to stay clear of stamped logos on anything, authentic or faux. Fun post!

  13. Janice in Ky says:

    Love this type of post. The model on the high end post gave it away for me, but the purse on the low end was the one give away on that end. I have a black A-line faux suede skirt I’ve saved, need to pull it back out and wear again. Win win.

  14. Such a classic look – never goes out of style. The purse, too, gave it away for me. Wow!

  15. It’s always the purse that gives it away for me. Preloved?! Wow!

    1. Love the less expensive looks you show that are close to the expensive look. I am retired and have to watch what I spend. I love most items you show, but many are more than I can spend. So nice to have some lesser priced alternatives. Thanks!

    2. I’m shopping preloved bags myself this fall.

  16. The boots and sweater from the splurge were the first things I fell for, then looked up the purse etc. I had a suede skirt many years ago, but never felt comfortable in it, so ended up getting rid of it. Just too heavy and did not move enough. Love these posts.

    1. You’ll find faux suede much lighter, stretchy and comfy.

  17. Well, I guessed wrong! Love the look. Would wear it in cool colors.

  18. The bag gave it away, but wow. I like the lower priced skirt and sweater better! Thanks fir the fun start to the day.

  19. What a fun blog! I love the budget sweater and it’s very affordable too! It comes in a gorgeous blue also.

    1. That blue is one is one of my favorites 💙

  20. I adore these outfits – so classy and appropriate for our winters.

    1. They seem so wearable for me too

  21. Angela Pea says:

    LOL…the Model gave it away for me! She’s a regular in many higher end clothing catalogs!

    This outfit is lovely, a perfect cold season go-to!

    1. Lol, I did consider cropping her head out of the picture for that reason.

  22. The boots and bag gave it away for me. I couldn’t tell a difference in the skirt.

  23. The bag and the boots are what tipped me off.

  24. The bag tipped me off. Love the whole outfit!

  25. Joanne W. says:

    Jennifer…I love the splurge/save posts! So much fun. Thanks.

  26. Pat Patterson says:

    Jen, fantastic choices this morning!
    Reminds me of a brown suede wrap skirt I had many years ago which I wore with boots, my go to outfit for s crisp fall day. Have s great day💕

  27. These high/low features are my absolute favorite. In this case it was the bag that gave it away for me. This whole outfit is something I would wear IF the skirt could be found short enough. I am only 5’1″.

  28. Love you do looks for less! Very nice outfit

  29. I really love when you do the High/Low outfits, sometimes it takes a while to figure it out. Either way great outfits today, but the LV bag gave it away!

  30. My favorite type of post. This proves we can still look nice and stylish on a budget. Thanks.

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