Splurge or Save- Grey Leopard Print Outfit

Happy Friday, ladies. I’ve had several emails requesting certain looks for these splurge vs save posts. Today’s is from a lady who loves animal print but doesn’t wear warm colors. She’s still working on her three style words and wanted to see what urban, polished, and contemporary might look like. Here is my splurge or save interpretation of a grey leopard print outfit

There are some interesting dupes in both outfits. I swapped several items in the collages as I found items at better price points. Many pieces are from discount merchants, and a few are from a budget-conscious store. There are also several investment pieces mixed in.

These posts aim to give you some ideas for outfits you can either duplicate by shopping in your closet or purchase at varying price points because great style can be had everywhere. Can you tell just by looking at these which outfit is the splurge or the save?


Most leopard prints have orange in their pattern, so I’m always happy to find ones that don’t. These longer cardigans can act as lightweight coats in the fall. Bootcut jeans are on trend, and both of these have a smaller bootcut so you can ease into the look comfortably. The deep wash is more elevated than lighter washes. I added a crisp white button-down because she likes to look polished.


The two-toned cable link bracelet is a modern classic. Both pairs of shoes have a soft sheen, and their pointed toes give a more polished vibe…sorry for the pun. Crossbody bags are current and very convenient.

The splurge outfit comes in at $2,530.00. The save outfit comes in at $316.29.

I would splurge on a few items here and not on others. There’s nothing trendy here, but I always try to spend less on pieces that won’t stand the test of time in my wardrobe. My husband spotted the save outfit instantly. Can you tell what gave it away?

Do you have a style you’d like me to recreate in a splurge or save post?

Thanks for reading, ladies, and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. The sweater was what clued me in to the splurge vs. save outfit. Everything else, I would need to see in person to know for sure. I have cool coloring, so this was a helpful post. I love the splurge sweater, but I am not that fond of animal print. Still, it was nice to see it in the gray tones. I love your blog, Jennifer!

  2. What fun!! The accessories and shoes gave it away for me, but the Save option no slouch!

  3. Bonna J Nichols says:

    The Ray Ban glasses and shoes were my first clue to the Spurge.
    Alone with the others I enjoy these post.

  4. Great post! A previous commenter said that she doesn’t look good in white but she has “cool” coloring. White is one of my best colors to wear and I think I’m a “winter.” This whole color/season theory of dressing has me so confused!

    Another issue for me is that I’m petite (5’3″). Many clothes overwhelm me. I would like to hear your take on petite vs. regular sizing. That is also confusing to me. Love your blog!

    1. Cool skin tones vary from very cool to slightly warm, so our whites will differ. I am very cool, so any warmth in white makes me look sallow. If you are a “winter”, you are likely better off with a white that has no warmth.I wear petite and regular garments depending on the fit of each piece. I am short but I have long arms so petite sleeves are often too short. At 5’3″ you probably do better in petite clothes.

  5. Shellia McCormick says:

    I noticed the shoes with the brown heels and the purse with the red stitching quickly. They don’t look as expensive as the other shoes and purse. I didn’t notice the banding on the sweater until I read other replies, but it does say cheaper, too, but I would still wear that outfit, because I don’t think anyone I would see would really notice it.

  6. I find I will spend more money on basics, shoes, etc., but trendy or fads I pay a lot less. Some of these styles just don’t last, or my interest in them is not there for very long.

    1. A very important point about our interest in an item!

  7. Congratulations. You do a GREAT job with this feature, Jennifer. Please continue.

  8. Jennifer, I love the splurge and save post.
    It is kind of cool to be able to look at a expensive outfit and reconstruct for a reasonable price.
    That is how I justify getting 2 or more outfits for the price of one. Love to shop, so this is a wonderful challenge for me.

  9. This is a great post! Thank you. I have a request — white does not look good on me at all. I sometimes wear it when I don’t know what else to wear, but it would be so very helpful if you could do some outfits that have alternatives to a white button down — maybe even posts that have a white button down along with an alternative. A grayed beige/ecru looks so much better than white on me but doesn’t always look right with the ensemble. My coloring is cool. Thanks!

    1. I’ll see what I can find for you, Elle

  10. The shoes gave it away for me—(hope I’m correct) I haven’t read the other responses. The shies with tan heel don’t look quite as good. The sweater too.

    1. The shoes are what my husband noticed too.

  11. Great outfits, though I’m not into animal print. I was thrilled to see the Cole Haan shoes. I purchased them in Lt Whiskey suede at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale for $99.00 can’t wait to wear them when the weather is cooler. I realized I have the components of your outfit already in my closet…including jewelry. Love your classic take on clothes……

  12. The banding on the Save sweater caught my eye instantly. I don’t know why this would say, “cheaper!” but it did, and very loudly! I ❤️ the Splurge sweater, and the price is very reasonable. It just might jump into my cart! 😍

  13. I noticed the shoes right off the bat looking more expensive. I often purchase at Kohls and have been very impressed with the quality. Thanks for the post! We can’t all afford to buy at Chico’s.

  14. I noticed the David Yurman insignia on the bracelet first, but the shoes also looked higher end. But that dupe bracelet is amazingly close! I love these posts!

    1. The dupe bracelet would certainly pass the 10-foot test.

  15. Agree, love the save v splurge post!!

  16. Janice in Ky says:

    Love the save/splurge blogs. They just show we can looks up to date on a budget. I just might have to have that save cardigan. I can shop my closet for all the rest 🥰 and I do love animal prints. I have clothes, shoes, purses and jewelry in various animal prints.

    Please keep these type of blogs coming. Would love to see you in this outfit, think it would look lovely on you, just saying.

  17. The shoes and handbag say splurge. The cardigan with the banding seems of lesser quality to me rather than the cardigan finished to the edges. Hmmm. Love your splurge or save posts. I’m still trying to figure out my three words. I am definitely casual, classic and stuck on my third. I’ll get it. Thank you for pointing out this closet organizing technique.

    1. Maybe try to drill those ones down more as well. Is it tailored or clean lines? Quality fabrics? Easy care fabrics?

  18. Just ordered the sweater, thanks so much for this post! As a true summer, I have been on the hunt for a few cool toned leopard prints to fill some wardrobe gaps (not that easy to find!), This fit the bill nicely!

    1. I love cool toned leopard print too

  19. I am a sweater connoisseur, having spent decades in the frozen northern midwest…it was the sweater that clued me in to the “save”. However, I was surprised to find out that the “splurge” sweater wasn’t expensive either!

    1. Exactly my thoughts

  20. I am really enjoying these posts. I like the suggestion to shop my closet and find that this helps me identify items I should buy.
    The shoes were the item that helped me identify the splurge outfit today.
    Thanks for doing these splurge vs save posts Jennifer,

    1. Shoes did it for my husband too

  21. My Yurman bracelet! Love these ‘save or splurge’ features!!

  22. I love my shoes so I might splurge on the black shoes but I really think the less expensive outfit is just as gorgeous. Nice job

  23. What happens to the shirts and tops with the long tails!? Are they still on point?I’m sure we all have one or two and I am still seeing them in fall colors at local stores. Some seem even too long to tuck in.So what happens to that style that’s been going on for awhile. You do such a great job with style and fashion!

  24. These are my favorite posts. So much fun!

  25. Although I’m not an animal print lover I think this is a beautiful outfit which would compliment my now gray hair. The splurge outfit does look a bit classier but is way beyond my reach. Please keep doing these!

  26. The jewelry immediately gave it away for me. I love when you do these save/splurge outfits!
    Have you found any bootcut jeans for short people? I love the look of the splurge jeans and the way they elongate legs, but I don’t have the time to search high and low for a shorter version. Shortening them is completely out as it would change the proportions too much.
    Thanks for what you do Jennifer! I look forward to my cuppa joe and reading your blog every morning!

    1. The Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution High Waist Itty Bitty Bootcut Jeans (the Splurge jeans) come in Petite, but the trick is to find your size in stock. I am 5’3” with a 29.5″ inseam–I think the Petite inseam is 30″, which is a little long for many petites, but the regular is 32″. I bought these in the Regular and shortened them, and didn’t think I lost that much shaping. I love this brand–the waistband is nicely forgiving. Wit & Wisdom, exclusive to Nordstrom, seems to be a sister brand of Democracy jeans which are carried by many department stores and Zappos, including identical styles of Ab-solution Itty Bitty. I haven’t tried them yet, but am about to, since I can easily try them on locally.

  27. Angela Grafe says:

    Liebe Jennifer, just like to say “Thank you” for your great idea of “splurge/save”! Your blog is each time inspiration for me and also love reading the comments!
    Would love to see an outfit for embarkation Ft Lauderdale , keeping in mind lovely (1st) photo and next hours without luggage…–
    Thank you for all your efforts!!!!

  28. I love the save/splurge posts!
    I could spot the difference because the shoes and bag. It’s really hard to get it ‘right’ with these items if they are cheaply made. For me, Nice shoes and a bag elevate something basic into more polished and I never save on them.

    1. I agree, bag and shoes are key pieces for me too

  29. Another great post Jennifer. I like those 3 words “urban, polished and contemporary”. I spotted the splurge with the Coach bag. It’s usually bags and shoes that give away the splurge or save to me.
    My 3 words are in flux and I don’t know if I’ll stick with 3 as I’m noticing my summer wardrobe is more casual, colourful and less polished than my fall/winter clothes. Or I may be the one in flux – LOL. But it’s fun to contemplate.

    1. It is fun to contemplate, and nothing is set in stone. I’ve been narrowing mine down and think refined must be one of mine because I am fairly persnickety.

  30. You do a great job of putting together the save or splurge outfits. After reading the comment that your husband quickly spotted the save, I took another look. Is it the shoes that gave it away? Or maybe the bag. Thanks for putting this post together, Jennifer.

    1. Kathy Little says:

      Well, I, too, gave it a second look…. to see if I was as savvy as your hubs!! I did pick the pricey ensemble… because of the shoes! But honestly, today’s comparison was tricky— I thought BOTH sweaters brought the stock down! They both looked kinda cheap! And actually, they both were!! But it was that bracelet that ran the cash register up! And while I’m sure “in person” there were be a significant difference, in the picture that cheap-o bracelet seriously looked a whole lot like the expensive one!! Good job today, on bringing us to look twice!! 😂

      1. The bracelet surprised me too

    2. Donna Dobbins says:

      Hi Jennifer , I enjoy reading your blog each morning while I wake up with my 1st cup of coffee.
      The jewelry gave it away for me today. I own the spurge bracelet (love it … wear all the time … classic)
      I’m more of a jewel tone person …gray , cream , white just don’t look good on me.
      But I love seeing what you put together & will go take a look at other colors in outfits.
      Thanks for sharing.
      Take care ,
      Donna Dobbins

    3. It was the shoes that tipped off my husband

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