Straight Leg Jeans On My Agenda

I reach for denim more days than not, so I like to keep my looks both current and classic. Denim styles change slowly, but they do change enough that I slide certain styles to the back of the rod to reach for more modern options.

I am honored once again to have this post sponsored by Nordstrom and ShopStyle Collective. Thanks for supporting the brands that allow me to bring you fresh content.

eileen fisher cardigan nordstrom

Skinny jeans that look like leggings are on their way out, and wider options are moving in. A slim straight leg is always flattering and a great look for fall. I tend to prefer darker washes in the fall and always have a great black pair in my wardrobe.


These Paige High-Waist Slim Fit jeans have a straight leg and are very stretchy. They come in sizes 23-34. I went up to a 29 because I know Paige jeans will stretch, but they don’t bag out.


I’m wearing a classic white poplin shirt by the Nordstrom brand. It’s a great crisp cotton blend that stretches. To be honest, my sunscreen wreaks havoc on the inside collar of my white shirts, so I never like to pay too much for them, yet I want them to be nice quality and well-made. The Nordstrom brand fits that bill for me. They make timeless classics that are easy on the budget.


I’m sort of over the moon for this Eileen Fisher organic cotton and silk cardigan. The Rye color is hard to describe. It’s a cool, ashy taupe that seems to coordinate with tons of colors.  The knit is soft, drapey, and lightweight enough to feel substantial but not heavy. It’ll be a year-round cardigan for me. It comes in sizes XXS (0)-XL (14). I sized down to an XS because her things run large. Here are some other Rye-colored pieces.


This Kate Spade bag is the perfect size for me. I love its clean lines and streamlined shape in color-blocking neutrals. It has a detachable crossbody strap that’s adjustable and a wider shoulder strap that really stays put. When a bag has two shoulder straps I always find one keeps slipping off, which is annoying and I hate garments or accessories that need constant fussing. The shorter strap is also the perfect length to hold in my hand without the bag touching the ground.


This bag holds a lot but is still compact, and the leather is nice and soft. Plus, they were smart enough to make the bottom black and flat, so it will stand up and not show dirt! I also loved this bag in the same colors, but it was overwhelming for my height.


Another great straight-leg option for fall is these NYDJ Marilyn jeans. They come in four blue washes, and I’m wearing the Quinn. They come in regular, petite, and tall, sizes 00-18. I’m wearing the 6 petite, and they’re plenty long with an inseam of 29 1/2″. I’ve been buying and wearing NYDJ for years and know them to be a reliable fit at a great price.

I’m wearing them with this softest little cardigan that I now have in several colors. It’s a blend of recycled fibers and just 2% cashmere but feels like it’s all cashmere! It comes in five colors this year, sizes XXS-XL. I’m wearing a medium.


Last and certainly not least are my super comfy loafers. Munro is one of the brands I count on for comfort in timeless styles. They are an investment, and one I’m happy to make because I wear them for many years. Chunky loafers are a big trend. I consider my feet large for my height and don’t want to make them look even larger than they are but want to get the look. These are perfect. They have an extra light molded sole, breathable lining, and a removable contoured footbed, so they’re not heavy. They also come in three colors, in sizes 5-13, 4A, 2A, B, D, and EE.

You all know that Nordstrom is my favorite department store. Their incredible selection and great customer service with free shipping and returns make shopping so easy. Joining the Nordy club here is free and allows you to earn points towards notes you can use to shop plus you get free basic alterations. They also offer BOPUS, ROTUS (reserve online, try on in-store), and curbside pickup.

Are you updating your denim game this fall?

Thanks for reading, and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident.



  1. Love the clothes today, but I really love your hairstyle today Jennifer! Looks really cute and updated.

    1. Thank you so much Kate

  2. I am in Canada and you know we don’t have the selections you have but I did just buy 2 pairs of 312 slim straight leg Levi’s. They fit my flat behind and my thin legs so I am happy. The only store that I know carries them is Marks I can only be jealous of all the choices you have.

    1. I know how limited the choices are in Canada. I always get frustrated shopping there. But you do live in the most fabulous country.

  3. Katelyn K says:

    PS: I laughed when you spoke of the alternate Kate Spade bag being oversized for our 5’4″ stature. Today I was also in Anthro and saw the most adorable and stylish neutral colored handbag….sadly, it wore me and I had to pass even though I loved it. I need the Kate Spade you are modeling to go with my new fall wardrobe. Perfect colors, shape and size!

    1. It is so perfect I pinched myself when I found it.

  4. Katelyn K says:

    The EF Rye colored Cardigan looks great on you Jennifer. I have EF rye in a short sleeve silk/linen blend lightweight sweater I wore the heck out of. Only complaint was when I washed it for the first time (in garment bag on gentle cycle with sweater care detergent) the color faded gradually and it now looks washed out. I still love it though. Classic. I miss wearing sweaters but Florida weather rarely allows for them or I’d snap up that cardigan right now. The jeans are unfortunately not flattering for my body shape (hourglass). I did try on the Chico’s wide leg ones you modeled yesterday and they went home with me immediately. Strangely, I tried on the same size as you and it fit albeit a bit snug in the waist. The sales person said wear them for a day and they will stretch out. I’m hoping she was correct (as previous jeggings from Chico’s stretched out to where they fell off me between washes). Oh don’t you immensely dislike how sizes these days are irrelevant despite what the merchants push on us? So frustrating.

    1. Sizing is all over the map. Even within the same retailer and yes, it is so frustrating.

  5. Mary Frances says:

    I’ve just gone back over all your outfits looking at proportion. It was so easy with skinny jeans and tunic-length tops because they were always 2/3 top and 1/3 jeans at the bottom. Now, going from slim to straight to bootcut and maybe to flared, the required top lengths differ as well as jacket/cardigan lengths. I have to put it all on to see if it will work. I just purchased a short cardigan that is perfect for full length pants, but did not work at all with a knee-length t-shirt dress. It seems such a waste to need outer layers in three different lengths in each color. I’ll be watching for more help with this.

  6. Jennifer, could you explain the difference in quality and fit between a pricey Paige pair of jeans and less expensive Talbots and NYDJ? I just can’t wrap my head (or budget) around jeans that are $200+. I’ve been wondering about that every since the designer jeans started getting such visibility on blogs, and now yours. Many thanks! I still have several rye EF pieces from years ago and am delighted to bring them back. Timeless.

    1. Many very pricey jeans seem unjustified to me, but others love them, so the value is in the eye of the beholder. Paige prides herself on making jeans that fit well and do not stretch out. I also prefer finished hems, and they can be few and far between these days. NYDJ lets you know up front that they will stretch with wearing so to size down. It’s all preference and budget. I love that Rye color:)

  7. Love this look! Definitely my style and looks comfy and classy, but this would be a good outfit for ‘splurge or save’. Other than the white shirt, the items are not in a price range I would spend.

    1. All outfits can be great sources for splurge vs save. I think that’s why I love creating them!

  8. I really enjoyed this post and I LOVE the first outfit – it is just my style! The cardigan is pricey, but it is classic and I can see myself wearing it for several years. I also like the shoes, they are much more attractive in your photographs than the website. And, they come in narrow sizes! Since I have retired I obviously don’t need as many clothes, so I find myself buying higher quality over quanity. Another perk of retirement! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

    1. I am gravitating to higher quality over quantity, too, because a streamlined closet is so much simpler for me.

  9. What a great look! I never thought to put the grey sweater with the denim and the black. Very sharp!

    Thanks for modeling complete accessorized outfits. It inspires me to think in new ways about what I put together and buy.

  10. Hi Jennifer, I like every outfit featured in today’s post! I especially like everything about that first outfit, with the longer sweater and the Paige jeans. I’ve never tried Paige jeans before, but I think that I’ll give them a try. I also really like the color block purse and the loafers. I also really like the color of the first sweater – I only have black sweaters and I really want to get some other softer neutrals and I think that color would work for me. The only thing that I might do differently for myself is substitute the white poplin shirt for one made of a softer fabric such as rayon. I love the look of the button down under a sweater or jacket, but I prefer the softer fabric. I appreciate your helpful descriptions of the items that you try on, and I agree with you about Nordstrom – in my mind it is hands down the best department store.

    1. I’m loving this Rye color. It plays well with so many other colors too. Nordstrom has it all for me 🙂

  11. Christi S. says:

    Great look today! Would be perfect for Fall and for travel. Love a cotton and silk sweater – so soft and comfortable. Love the bag but it is too large to fit into my “personal” bag on flight. We’re biting the bullet and only packing carryons and personal bag each for our October trip. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas, Jennifer!

    1. When I bring a larger purse like this, I put it in my personal bag, standing upright, and fill it with soft clothes. Then use a waist pack for lipstick, passport, tiny wallet, etc, so I don’t need to get the purse out until I have arrived at my destination. I never carry a purse when I travel.

  12. Love your looks today. Especially love the cardigans! Those loafers look so comfortable.

  13. Catherine says:

    I would love to update my fall denim wardrobe and have been looking for some wide-leg denim jeans. Yesterday I saw a pair by Edwin for $298! Wow. No thanks 😅

    1. I’ve never heard of Edwin…googling now to see.

  14. You look fab in both styles Jennifer! The colors you have put together are one of my favorite year round color schemes. Being a petite I do not like the look of long cardigans on my body type, but would opt for the shorter option. I have many to choose from in my closet. I have one pair of Paige jeans I found in a consignment store for $6 brand new and many pairs of NYD jeans. For the bargain shoppers out there if you can find a Dilliard’s Outlet store near you they carry Eileen Fisher and NYD jeans at a fraction of the cost! I recently found this blog and am enjoying all the daily inspiration!

  15. These outfits are my usual styles. I love Eileen Fisher cardigans–they pack down better than any others I own. I’m not sure why that is, but somehow they take up less room. They are pricey, so I’ll usually look for them on sale or second-hand. I, too, love that rye color–it was available a couple of years ago, also, and am glad to see its return. I’m 5’3 with a 29.5″ inseam, but I do better with the regular NYDJ than the petite, even though I have to shorten them. It’s not so much the length, it’s the rise. Sunscreen on anything is the bane of my existence now that Whisk detergent (“ring around the collar”) is no longer available. What to do?

    1. Her cardigans are just gorgeous. I have some of her pants from a few years ago in a similar shade that’ll work well with this Rye. I adore monochrome outfits. Collars and white shirts need a solution! I just had to donate two that were unsalvageable. I’m going to to more research on this.

    2. For the sunscreen, try Dawn dishwashing liquid with a topping of corn starch: straight Dawn, rubbed in and then covered with cornstarch, wait at least 10 minutes (I’ve been lazy and waited over 24), wash as usual. For me, this works better than any commercial stain removers and so far, hasn’t harmed any fabrics.

      1. That sounds amazing! I’ll have to see if I have cornstarch. What an interesting combo.

      2. Dawn original mixed with some hydrogen peroxide works miracles too. Love Dawn (blue one) for stains!

  16. I do like straight jeans. I think they are classic and always look great.
    I still like slim leg jeans also. Not ready to give them up just yet.

    1. Christi S. says:

      Lin, I have problems with the same issue. My solution: Shout spray, and the Stain Soak and Perfect Steam options with the Whitest Whites setting on my washer. It keeps the white shirts (and tees) looking fresh.

      1. Thank you, Christi!

    2. You shouldn’t give them up. Slim is always in style. I love them. They’re such a great alternative to “spray painted” skinnies. Much more flattering for me.

  17. Well, I love every detail of your featured outfit today! All pieces are very versatile and would interchange with your existing wardrobe. I feel that your minimal use of accessories truly elevates a more modern look.
    For each season, my capsule wardrobe keeps getting smaller. I reach for certain pieces that work together and just rotate those selections, over and over. Several new items that I tried to add just lay there, never making it out the door.

    1. I’ve just done a closet weed out this week and am noticing the same thing about myself. I do love accessories but prefer a more minimalistic look so many of mine are hibernating lately. If I do a bolder piece, I’m liking just one per outfit.

  18. Love your offerings today and you look so comfortable, ready for anything. Thanks for the suggestions on purses. I intend to look at all of mine with a different look. I like the way your purse looks on you as a crossover.

  19. Over the years, as I observe your post, it strikes me how great you look in jeans. My favorite look is blue jeans and a white classic shirt! I am not very good at the “finishes”. Spent too long in corporate I guess!
    Would you consider writing a blog on capsule wardrobe for 3 week travel, esp. to Europe? Not that there are not enough blogs…but what you would pick. I am thinking build from Eileen Fischer capsule – black and gray pants and a pair of nice jeans?
    Best wishes!

    1. I’m about to build my own for two plus weeks away and I’m thinking the same thing. EF base with her washable crepe. I seldom bring jeans on long trips and don’t to Europe. They’re a staple at home but not when I’m on the move from city to city because they’re heavy to pack and I only use carry on. Great idea for a post. I’ll try to work on one.

  20. Cath🇨🇦 says:

    Good Morning Jennifer, it’s been a hot day and very warm overnight here , so am up earlier than usual to see your post. For fun, because I noticed the lux brands , I added up the items on your initial outfit and was rather shocked…that’s quite the cost…and at US prices. Gulp!😮The white blouse was the most reasonable item for retirees cutting back on expenses in these rather challenging financial times.
    After seeing your Saturday mannequin post, I checked out Chico’s, and found three items …a well priced leopard print top ( great for my autumn colouring ), and two 1/2 off items… a fun chunky necklace, and a short kimono / jacket lined in lime , in CAD $ that were easy on the wallet. After consigning good quality summer clothing, I felt I could use my ‘new found wealth’ on some items. They are already on their way.📦
    Your hair has turned out a very flattering soft grey blonde. Are you happy with how it has changed? Recently, people who haven’t seen me for quite some time mentioned how different ( in a good way👍)
    I looked… shoulder length strawberry blonde ( colouring roots) transitioned to a short cut with grey hair and platinum around my face. Quite the Covid induced transition , but so much easier… daily styling and monthly cuts.
    Expecting a few more hot days 🥵… then back to normal coastal breezes on Vancouver Island soon.

    1. It’s funny you mention my hair color. I’m a bit on the fence because it seems to be changing so slowly. Some times I look and see mostly blonde. Other times I see lots of silver/white. The melange makes wearing colors more challenging to get right so I’m leaning back into lots of neutrals for now.

  21. I always like your posts . It gives me ideas to refresh my look. I do not like straight leg jeans. I really like slim leg high rise. Not tight but slim leg. I also have a problem with the sunblock on the collars but I also have a problem with makeup on the collar . I did find a strip you can put on the collars but I did not like it. I am one those people who cannot stand tags in the collars. All my tags are removed.

    1. The strips sound interesting but I’m betting they would be itchy or scratchy.

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