Spring Home Décor To Lift Your Spirits

As the wind howls and rain pummels my windows, I’m dreaming of spring. I love hunkering down and being cozy when the weather is nasty, but the house feels pretty bland, and the gray skies aren’t helping. If you’re looking out at cold, dreary, or bleak February weather, let’s cheer ourselves up with some spring home decor ideas.

I order most of my spring decor items from Amazon because they come quickly and are easy to return if something doesn’t work out!

Tips for Freshening Up Your Home

Here are some simple switches you can make to get ready for spring in your home:

  • Change out your throw pillow covers. It’s much more cost-effective to use the same pillows and just change the covers. Plus it saves a ton of storage space.
  • Trade your heavy winter blankets for lightweight throws…unless you live where it’s frigid for a few more months.
  • Add a wreath to your door! It’s nice to look at as you come and go. We finally took our Christmas one down and are awaiting its replacement.
  • Set the table by switching out your tablecloth, table linens, and napkin holders.

Spring Home Decor from Amazon

Bee Guest Towels

I love Bees. I’m fascinated to watch them in the garden, and I like things imprinted with their likeness…even though I dislike yellow. Go figure. This spring, I purchased these Bee Guest Napkins, which we use as towels in the powder room. I’ll occasionally use these for dinner napkins, but we usually use fabric.

Throw Pillow Covers

Switching out your throw pillow covers is such an easy way to update your decor for each season. A good insert (like this one) is important for making an inexpensive cover look its very best. I just unzip my current covers, wash them, and store them until I’m ready to use them again. All shades of green feel so fresh for spring.

Embroidered Pillow Covers

I also thought these covers were pretty too, and would add a little texture and interest to a couch, chair, or bed.

Knit Throw Blanket

There’s nothing quite like cuddling up under a nice throw blanket while you drink your favorite cup of tea or coffee and dive into a new book! Throw blankets look wonderful across the end of the bed or on the back of your accent chairs. I took my Barefoot Dream blanket up to our apartment in Vancouver because the color matched perfectly. I replaced it in our California home with this one, which is a fraction of the cost!

Artificial Cherry Blossom Branches

Flowers around the house certainly make it feel more like spring! These cherry blossom branches would be beautiful in a vase on a nightstand, coffee table, or kitchen counter. I’ve read that dried flowers and plants are not good for the Feng Shui of your home, but silk or artificial flowers are just fine!

Artificial Orchid

Speaking of flowers, if you have a black thumb (like yours truly), you’ll love this impossible-to-kill faux orchid. This would be great if you travel a lot or if you have a room with no windows or very little natural light. I know a gal who brings her real orchids back to flower each year. It’s uncanny…and I call her the plant whisperer.

Lavender Kitchen Towels, Set of 2

Replacing your dish and hand towels is another extremely simple and affordable way to update your spaces for each season, especially if you like to hang one from your stove or dishwasher handle. I liked the look of these lavender kitchen towels, as well as these sage green ones.

Soap Stand

The bottom of my hand soap always tends to leave a little ring on my counter, so I thought this rustic wooden riser was an attractive solution. If you aren’t worried about aesthetics, this silicone one looks very easy to clean and super functional. BTW- Switching out your hand soap for a fresher fragrance is another way to uplift your kitchen. I love this one and use it to refill my containers.

Abstract Wall Art

While I’m an advocate for buying art from local artists and small shops, I’ll admit that I didn’t realize Amazon had such a large selection of artwork. Our new apartment still has very little on the walls, and I spotted a few pieces, like this abstract piece by Julia Purinton, that I thought would add a little color and personality to our space.

Bee Glass Tumbler, Set of 2

I shared these last year, but I still love these bee glasses. A few of ours have been chipped and had to be tossed because of careless dishwasher emptying, but I will never complain because my husband is doing the work! We have the tall set and this short tumbler set.

A gallery wall is a great way to fill a large empty space on your walls, especially in a hallway or above a piece of furniture. I would probably fill mine with some family photos since I have a lot of new photos of my grandsons, but these colorful wall prints would look great, too!

Storage Display Box

I hate clutter, so anything that contains it is a favorite of mine. You could use this beautiful and functional brass and glass storage display box in so many different ways around your home. It would look pretty sitting on a dresser housing your most worn jewelry, corralling remotes on a coffee table, or holding keys and other odds and ends on an entryway table.

Spring Wreath

I know many of you update your front door wreaths with each season. It’s a simple way to update the exterior of your home and brighten up your curb appeal. I thought this purple one would look beautiful for spring, although I also like this blue forsythia version. I just ordered this one because I thought it would look stunning against our black front door.

Gardenia & Ylang Ylang Scented Soy Candle

If you choose to burn candles in your home, it’s a great time to swap them out for a clean spring scent. Don’t forget to grab a wick trimming set to keep your candle in tip-top shape.


We burn candles all the time. These La Jolie Muse candles are great because they have a wooden wick that crackles slightly when you burn them. I’m obsessed with lavender everything so we’re burning this one a lot these days.

Artificial Olive Tree

While I’d love to add real plants to every room of my house, I know better than to think I can keep them alive. Luckily, faux plants and trees have come a long way, and many of them look very realistic. Olive trees are very popular right now, as are fiddle-leaf figs. Our one and only fiddle-leaf plant died a gruesome death when we were away last summer, so I have my eye on this faux one. Just be sure to put yours in a lovely pot and cover the top with some mossy-looking stuff.

Do you decorate your home for spring?

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  1. Artificial greenery is so much improved from years past. I sometimes can’t tell what’s real and what’s not.

  2. I love the Bee glasses by La Rochere. I have the tall steins, footed wine glasses and the large size glasses. From what I understand, the company uses some of the original over 200 year molds designed for Napoleon. The bee was incorporated in his personal symbols since the bee stands for imortality and regeneration. Macy’s sometimes carries them and I’ve found them on sale a few times. If you watch the movie “Master and Commander” set during that era, the British Royal Navy used La Rochere footed glasses, without Napoleon’s bee of course!

    1. I just ordered the mugs and am anxious to get them!

  3. thanks for these great ideas. I never heard of a candle trimming set, and I am always getting black fingers cutting wicks. I ordered a set for my daughter also and those cute bunnies. Since my husband is an artist, I have no need for wall art, but I do like what you showed from Amazon.

  4. Why not look at thrift stores or consignment stores for original art or beautiful copies for your apartment? Many have gorgeous frames and matting. I’ve picked up a few – two flower watercolours and an acrylic of a park close to me. I recently found two pressed flower ones that look more modern, not old fashion, with the perfect frames to flank my new headboard in the guest room. I find they add more character than purchases from a big box store. A lovely mirror to reflect the light and view from you apartment windows might be nice. I found the perfect one at my local thrift store for over my mantel. Just a suggestion 😉

  5. I love the La Rochere bee glasses!
    My favorite restaurant, The Cherry Creek Grill, in Denver (part of The Hillstone Group), has the champagne flutes in that pattern.
    During our annual holiday shopping trips with my Mom, sisters, daughter, and niece, we would always start our late lunch with a bottle of Schramsberg, served in the bee glasses. Great memories
    Love that March is just around the corner! Not quite spring here in Colorado, but warm days ahead!

    1. What fabulous memories!! I’m so ready for spring!!

  6. Thank you for sharing these fresh spring ideas. I’m painting and decorating our living room and guest bedroom for the first time in many years. It’s been fun to pick new furniture and colors. These finishing touches are perfect for our California home. Spring is almost here!

  7. Love the ideas to welcome Spring. All ready ordered some bunnies and green kissing balls for spring to hang on my lamp post.

  8. I am continuously amazed by the products that can be purchased from Amazon….truly unbelievable and you do such a terrific job researching options for anything! Thank you for your hard work.

    1. Amazon does seem to have it all.

  9. You found some great things from Amazon. I love changing things up for all the different seasons and I add decorations for each holiday too. It just makes things seem new again.

  10. Sharon K. says:

    Thanks for the reminder. Easter comes early this year and Daylight Saving Time is only a couple weeks away! So even though we will surely see more snow in Denver, it’s time to put out the spring kitchen placemats and table runner in the dining room. Maybe a few bunny pieces too! But I’m on the hunt for pillow covers so thanks for those links.

  11. Janice in Ky says:

    Thank you so much for list with the pictures and links of spring decor. I see several items I’m going to put into my cart. I’m ready to change out the after Christmas snowmen for bunny’s 😊.

  12. Linda Shearer says:

    You found a great collection of spring items. I think the pillow covers are a great idea.

  13. Uplifting ideas! I’ve collected the authentic French bee glasses for years, finding them in places like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Home Goods! I even have the footed wine glasses. They have endured many years of daily use and still look beautiful.

    1. I found two at TJ Maxx as well! They’re a treasure.

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