Holiday Gift Guide – Stocking Stuffers For Men

I always look forward to the holiday season but this year more than most. This has been such a hard year for many people that I think some joy and time together with family will be very welcome. Seeing the holidays through my grandson’s eyes is especially magical and just what I need.

Just like last year, we’ll be sharing some of our picks for Gift Guides this year to help with your shopping! I would love to hear in the comments if there are any specific people or gift guides on your list this year!

I always struggle to find clever gift ideas for the men in my life, but most especially their stockings. Several of you have asked me for stocking stuffer ideas for the men in your life so here are a few.

Nothing says getting cozy quite like a new pair of slippers. I love the look of


Wow! What a cool concept. This wireless charger will charge AND clean them using UV technology. I read an article last year about how many germs are on our phones (Spoiler alert: it is really gross!) I like the idea of a dual-purpose cleaner and charger.

Oblio Wireless Charger & UV Cleaner

Cozy hats are always a favorite around my house. I’m not able to do any knitting this year due to my hand surgery so I’m glad to be able to find lots of snuggly options. This classic beanie is great for men to be able to tuck into a jacket pocket or keep in their car for cold snaps.

Merino Wool Ribbed Beanie

Now, for those who are looking for an investment item! My kids absolutely love their Apple Watches. It’s pretty incredible what they can do – both in terms of the applications you can run and the fitness tracking. There are so many options, it boggles the mind! They’re great for the older and younger men in your life. This one comes in lots of colors to suit everyone.

Apple Watch Series 6 GPS Aluminum

With all of us in close proximity these days, we’ve found noise-canceling air buds invaluable!!  We can all listen to our heart’s content without annoying other people in the room:)

Wireless Noise Canceling Earbuds

In my household, masks are a permanent staple when we go outside. Our faces are not all the same size and it’s important you have the proper fit to be comfortable. My masks don’t come anywhere near close to covering my husband’s face so he needs ones like these, which fit, look good, and are highly rated.

Essential Adult Face Mask

Last but not least, for the wine lovers in your life.  A new aerator and bottle opener is the perfect stocking stuffer!

Vinturi Red Wine Aerator
Le Creuset ® Lever and Foil Cutter

Actually, I did save the least for last. I like to include a mind-bending puzzle of some sort in everyone’s stocking. We have fun laughing about who can and cannot figure them out plus it keeps people busy while they’re recovering from the gift opening excitement.

Have you started shopping yet? Who is the hardest for you to buy gifts for?




  1. Buying for the men in my life is always difficult, especially my husband! He just orders everything online as he needs it so all my ideas go out the window. Anything regarding golf is always a hit.

  2. Thanks, Jennifer for these great ideas! I’ve just ordered the phone cleaner/charger for a couple of men in my life. I love the practicality – plus they’re nicely designed.

  3. I’ve done a bit of shopping and hope to do more this weekend. This will be a very different Christmas for us and I will have only one stocking to fill, my husband’s. For the first time in our 44 years of marriage, we will be home alone together for Christmas! Just the two of us! We were supposed to be at our son’s in Vancouver, but due to the upswing in Covid cases, we have made the difficult decision not to go.

  4. Well timed Jennifer. (Have five men to purchase for.) Love your suggestions. Thank you!

    P.S.: Re the face masks — in lieu of Xmas Cards this year am sewing some and giving them instead as our postage rates (here in Canada) are through-the-roof anyways so might as well make it worth my while … lol! Chose winter themed fabric for both genders and anticipate they will get some use out of them as pandemic regulations are still a tad crazy where I am.

  5. Great ideas and I can vouch for the UGG leather slippers. My husband is really hard on slippers and I always had to buy him a new pair each year. His UGG slippers purchased four years ago need to be replaced this year only because the interior has finally worn down to nothing. Not a single hole-leather still looks great and he wore them into the backyard and garage many times 😐 😅.
    Highly recommended! Pricey but worth it!

  6. Thank you Jennifer i am going to get my son some puzzle toys, he will love the slippers too! Perfect cheers! BTW I bought those Nordstrom black velour slippers for $30 and they look amazing, now i am hoping i have someone i can buy slippers for in my husband’s family, they look so classy.

  7. Sorry to backtrack, but I neglected to tell you that 2 days ago I ordered the velour top and pants from Talbot’s at your suggestion. I can’t wait to see them and I plan to wear them Thanksgiving weekend. We spend the winter in Florida, where I wouldn’t need an outfit like that, but we are traveling to NJ to be with our family for Thanksgiving. Granddaughter!

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