Style Tip- Stop Saving Your Good Clothes for Later

Happy Wednesday, ladies. Today I thought I would start a new series. On the first Wednesday of each month, I’ll share a style tip I think can help us all dress better that day, that month, and for the coming years. This month it’s about the way we pigeon hole our clothes and how to stop saving your good clothes for later.

Most of us sort our clothes based on lifestyle activities.

  • Clothes for cleaning out the garage, gardening, painting, and generally stuff we wouldn’t want to answer the door wearing.
  • Clothes for relaxing at home, popping out to the mailbox, and are not ashamed to be seen in.
  • Outfits for running errands, grocery shopping, doctor visits and lunch with the girls.
  • Date night clothes for dinner and a movie.
  • Pulling out all the stops for the theater, ballet, a wedding or ceremony.

All too often women wear the same thing day in and day, never wear their nicer pieces.

Why do we save our best clothes?

  • Shifting lifestyles can make your clothes seem out of place which changes how often we wear them.
  • Our health changes so we wear more casual clothes.
  • We’ve bought clothes for a lifestyle we don’t have.
  • Most often- we are afraid to ruin them!

Whatever the reason, you need to shift everything down one level and start wearing your good stuff.

How to start wearing your good stuff

  • Those clothes you save for dressy events? Style them more casually for a date night out. Wear your sequin cardigan over a pair of dark denim and casual flats. Toss on your little black dress with keds and a denim jacket. Your nicest black pants would look great with a simple tee and so on.


  • Your date night clothing is easily dressed down for running errands and lunch with girlfriends. Who says you can’t wear a skirt or nice trousers to meet friends for lunch? That dress you wore to a baby shower looks perfect with flat sandals and a cotton cardigan.


  • The stuff you reserve for hanging around the house you can allocate for gardening, cleaning out the garage, and heavy housework.


  • Those clothes you don’t want to be seen dead wearing? Get rid of them. If they’re wearable at all, donate them but otherwise, tear for rags or otherwise render them unwearable.

How many of your favorite items are lingering in your closet that should be brought out to play?

All too often we save clothes for occasions that never come and they go out of style while we’re waiting. Don’t waste your money or squander the things that you love by letting them go unworn. Life’s too short to wear the second-best stuff so treat yourself well, and wear the best you own.

What have you been saving that needs to come out more often?

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Thanks for reading ladies and remember to only wear what makes you feel confident.





  1. I love this post – such a great reminder! I recently shortened a pair of wide leg black pants that I could only wear with a 2″ heel, but now they will be worn with flats for an everyday look. Next project: go through my wardrobe and mix things up.

    1. That’s smart Yvonne. Heels are a commitment, flats are easy.

  2. They call me the accessory lady. Never go anywhere without one of my funky necklaces on. I love scarves as well. I keep trying on different things from my closet until I feel I have it just right. I love to create a great look. We only go through life once so make it fun an interesting

  3. Christine says:

    Great post! For me, this includes my jewellery. So easy to not bother with accessories…..now I match earrings to my daily outfits, wear my necklaces, wear a spritz of perfume. My husband often compliments me, and that is lovely! I do feel a bit embarrassed when people say “why are you all dressed up?” But then I think, that’s my issue, not theirs!

  4. Mollie M. says:

    Love this post Jennifer. I agree with you. I wear all my clothes each day. The better I feel put together the more productive I am. I often get compliments about how I dress. I feel you are worth It. You only live once, so make the most of it.

  5. You’re reading my mind again today! It’s so reassuring to know that I’m not the only one who does this. I’ve found that I really do need a few pieces of “old clothes” to wear for the reasons you mentioned before. But that I really only need a couple – not nearly as many as I’m hanging onto that are taking up space in my house.

  6. I love this post. I need to not be afraid to wear my good clothes and accessories. What am I saving them for?

  7. Jennifer! Love, love, love your blog! I am 71 years old. I have been trying to dress up a notch when I go to the market or other errands. On my last doctor visit he commented how nice I was dressed! Made my day! I also like to give compliments when I see a lady who you can tell took a little extra time to make herself look pretty.

  8. Since I lost my parents a few years ago, I’ve been dressing up for everything–even to Costco and Sam’s. I also use my crystal, china and–drum roll please–the dining room! Now, I’m carefully transitioning my husband from Dad jeans and a tee shirt to khaki’s and a Hawaiian shirt. I tell him he’s one of my accessories and believe it or not, he laughs and goes along with it. I love your ideas about how to take a sequin sweater and dress from date to daily. It would be a great topic to explore with you as an example.

    1. I bet your husband loves being told he’s one of your accessories and that he enjoys rising to the occasion. Very fun!

    2. I’m sorry about your parents. It’s such a life-altering loss. I’m working on my husband too:)

  9. The only outfit I have that I Wouldn’t Want to Be Caught in is my painting outfit, an old pair of capris & tee. I love to spray paint outdoor furniture and there is always overspray, so I keep them. The rest of my wardrobe gets a good looking over just before the beginning of every season, so that is four times a year.
    The only pieces of clothing I don’t wear often are dresses. I don’t like wearing dresses so they only make an appearance on our yearly cruise, a wedding or funeral. Everything else gets worn. If I no longer like it or it doesn’t fit, I donate. There is no sense in having clothes sitting in your wardrobe becoming outdated when someone can be enjoying them.
    I must admit
    I do fall into the comfy clothing rut on our boat. Cropped leggings & tees take up less space where storage is precious, wash easily, and are comfy for lounging, tootling around in the dingy or in the kayak. I have one good outfit for “Going ashore” to shop or dine. I suppose I could up my game while boating. ? Yes! I’ve decided this year I will take nicer pieces.
    Thank you for the reminder that “We Are Worth It!”

  10. Sandy Baron says:

    Oh gosh you must have been hiding in my closet this morning. I had an HOA meeting & then go to the mall for a gift card. I pulled out a “go to dinner top” but put it back. I don’t need to wear a good & expensive top to a meeting of old crabby people that are never happy. Lol. Then I thought this top is a cold shoulder and who knows if it will still be in style next season. I wore the top! And it felt good. This is the first of many changes.
    I am going to start using my China too. I was so proud I have had it almost 50 years and no broken pieces. If I break a piece while using it now who cares. My children aren’t interested in having it and it will probably end up at my local Goodwill when I bite the dust. Thanks for the timely hint. I’m changing things TODAY.

    1. Way to go Sandy. My kids don’t want my china either. I love it so why shouldn’t I use it? No Reason!

  11. I am so on board with this concept!
    China, crystal, and clothing.
    I need to just lose the stuff that isn’t “good”,
    like the 47 pairs of black yoga pants and leggings , and the 65 t-shirts. That way I won’t just gravitate towards them and will have to choose from only the “good” stuff.
    Thanks, Jennifer.

    1. That’s a challenge for many of us so just removed unflattering temptation.

  12. anna mills says:

    Exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you. This is so true for me.

  13. I am fashion dysfunctional at 76; yes, it’s true.

    I am finally making an effort to care about clothes and put together a capsule wardrobe for each season though we don’t have many seasons here in Southern California.

    I am confused: Used to be you didn’t wear denim on denim in the same wash (Texas tuxedo) but now I am beginning to see it. What’s the definitive answer on this pls.

    1. I do it! If you want to, go for it! You can also mix different washes if that feels better to you.

      1. Paula, I agree, wear the denim the way you think you look best! I am starting to think the Fashion police are young kids, we all remember trying to get our moms to wear their dresses shorter.

  14. If I could get into my closet without having to move his “gaming” chair, I’d probably wear more of what’s in the closet! This is a great idea since I’ll probably never wear half of what’s in the closet ever again! Most is too small and waiting for the day when I’ll fit into it again!! I can dream can’t I?

  15. Great blog. Gets me thinking. Plus I love the picture of the woman having tea!

  16. Oh my gosh, I have everyone of those thoughts: too nice to wear, “ too something,” every single day! I then grow out of it or it doesn’t suit me later, etc. I need to start taking your advice and wear everything I own no matter what the day holds. Thank you so much for this blog!!! I needed to be reminded to live everyday and wear everything I own or get rid of it!! I really enjoy all your blog posts. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for being here Teresa. We all deserve to wear our best.

  17. Claudette says:

    This post made me laugh as yesterday I had this same conversation with myself. That save your good clothes is so ingrained from childhood that I almost feel guilty when I wear good clothes just because. You have made me really look at things differently and I appreciate your dedication to improving our daily lives.

  18. Love todays blog, can’t wait till next Wednesday. ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Catherine says:

    Great advice. I am working my way down to 2 categories, work and casual. I mix the two to give me anything in between. I use to have a “cottage” category which was the stuff I didn’t really like but didn’t think I should get rid of etc. This winter I decided that I am worth looking nice no matter if I am in the city or cottage. I did one pass through the cottage closet and another is coming this weekend.

  20. Jennifer you are scary! ? I just brought out a handful of my favorites that I could not donate and now that I am on my serious weight loss journey they are going into my clothing rotation! Thank you for your efforts on our behalf.

  21. Karon Prom says:

    What a timely topic! I just wore a nicer dress to work yesterday (very casual dress code), but dressed it down with a denim jacket and flat booties. It made me feel good about how I looked all day!

  22. Ann Yawornitsky says:

    Love this post – went into my closet and saw some things I wore once. No more…going to use all of it. We live in a 55+ Retirement Community in an apartment. A perk is breakfast on the top floor each morning . Most people are very casual and I often get “oh, you are so dressed up” ( nice khaki and a sweater/scarf) so I can only imagine what comments I will get now. Yes to using the nice stuff, the dishes, wine glasses….everything. When my mother in law passed away there were things we found that she never used. Not going to have that happen to me ! Thanks for all your great posts!

    1. Let them enjoy how you’re dressed! It feels so good to be dressed nicely.

  23. Great advice and I plan to do just that……what on earth have I been saving them for??? I get in ruts and tend to not think outside the box. By mixing in my more casual things with the nicer ones makes total sense and will suit my lifestyle (retired) perfectly.

  24. Pamela Lutrell says:

    Yes! We should treat each moment as a special one. Drink from the crystal, eat on the China, wear the nice garments to the grocery! Life is short so enjoy each moment to its fullest! Great reminder!

    1. I just have one thing to say about the china though…usually can’t go in the dishwasher!! Don’t want to spend all that time after dinner handwashing dishes. I decluttered my china years ago 😉 I’m not trying to be obnoxious, just had to throw that out there. I do agree with the basic idea, enjoy what you have and be grateful! Great post Jennifer.

      1. I use my china and put it in the dishwasher. Neither of my daughters, nor my daughter in law, want my china so if it gets ruined while I’m enjoying it, who cares! ??

      2. I might be the only one, but I actually enjoy hand washing china and crystal! Perhaps using the short cycle on the dishwasher and just drying off the dishes with a beautiful tea towel would make it worth it. I think I am going to use my dining room tonight and wear something better than a tee shirt.

  25. Such a smart concept! I’m going to try to put this idea into action, and wear those “good” clothes that I’ve saved for certain events. This falls in line with using your good china, etc. that’s rarely put into service. I’m thinking of several items that are relegated to too dressy for every day wear. Don’t want to die, and have daughter-in-laws wonder why tags are still on!!

  26. Gaye Higgins says:

    So spot on! “Why do we save our good clothes?”
    Even my good clothes were probably bought on sale! As the saying goes:
    Life is short
    Buy the shoes
    Take the trip
    Eat the cake!!!!

    1. You’re so right Gaye! Now more than ever, we need to treat ourselves to the best we can afford and have.

    2. That’s my motto, Gayle! Love mixing up my clothing, less boring that way 😉 I buy on sale, consignment… whatever catches my fancy!
      Love this post, Jennifer.

  27. Linda Johnson says:

    This morning I’m going to the grocery store. I went through three t-shirts. One is for heavy cleaning, one for decluttering, then I found the one for grocery stores. Seriously, It’s March 4 and all would be covered by a puffy jacket anyway. I had to laugh because I am guilty of sorting my clothes. But I have to keep the ones, that should be thrown out because I am presently (SLOWLY) decluttering the attic and basement. Love your articles!

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