How To Use A Style Point System For Accessories

Accessories are the one category in my wardrobe that survives my closet cleanouts and wardrobe purging. They’re the easiest way to make a unique statement with our style and allow us to stretch our wardrobe. They can also make the difference between being over or under-dressed. Today I have a style point system for accessories that you might find fun.

“The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” ~ Clairee Belcher, played by Olympia Dukakis in Steel Magnolias

Style Point System

I found several point systems on the web so I’m not sure where it originated. You may find it a fun way to put your outfits together. Start with one point for each garment you have on then add:

  • Shoes = 1 point
  • Handbag = 1 point. In a bold color =2 points. If it has metal details = 3 points
  • Hat = 1 point
  • Scarf = 1 point
  • Manicured nails = 1 point
  • Red lipstick = 1 point
  • Belt = 1 point
  • Eyeglasses = 1 point
  • Earrings = 1 point
  • Necklace = 1 point. Statement necklace = 2-3 points depending on size
  • Watch = 1 point
  • Bracelet = 1 point each unless large, then 2 points
  • Rings = 1 point each
  • Makeup on = 1 point
  • Dramatic eye makeup = 1 point
  • Visible pedicure color – 1 point

As mentioned, there are varying “rules” about this system, saying that if your outfit has over 16 points, you are over-accessorized, and if you’re under 6, you’re practically naked. Most of my outfits fall somewhere in the middle.

10 Points

woman wearing black hat and teal sweater vest sitting on wall

One of my favorite accessories is a hat. Many women aren’t confident wearing hats, but they protect my skin from the sun and add a pow factor to my outfits. I do wear them more often in the summer, but winter hats are just as fun. Most hats look best when placed straight across your forehead. Tipping them back off your face is a popular look these days, but I’ve always looked goofy wearing them that way.

11 points

woman wear black hat, plaid scarf and blue jeans

I hesitate to say a scarf is my favorite accessory, but it’s pretty close. They have saved many a vacation by allowing me to make the same outfit look different and are a great way to add color or pattern to an otherwise neutral outfit. I love to hold them in place with a pin that adds another level of interest to the outfit.

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8 points

women wearing greay sweater, blue jeans and scarf as belt

Most of us have some favorite jewelry, so it’s fun to switch up how we wear it. Mix your metals and break up your collections. Wearing all gold or silver used to be the thing, but not anymore. I have several sets of earrings and necklaces but seldom wear them together. Matchy, matchy sets feel dated, and that’s not a look I’m going for.

10 points

fashion blogger wearing long blackl sweater and grey outfit

I always have my eye out for a handbag or tote bag in an unusual shape. It adds fun to a totally classic outfit.

9 points

woman wearing gray sweater, scarf, gray jeans and leopard booties
WEARING 9 POINTS – SWEATER similar – JEANS similarBOOTIES new colorHANDBAG new color

I almost never wear patterned garments, but I’m a big fan of patterned footwear. Leopard, cheetah, zebra, you name it. It adds a dash of fun to simple outfits.

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Have you tried a style point system for your outfits?

Thanks for reading, and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident and amazing.



  1. Elaine @ Following Augustine says:

    What a fun idea! I recently watched Steel Magnolias for the first time in many, many years and the accessories quote jumped right out at me!

  2. I think a scarf just adds so much to a look. I really don’t wear bracelets or rings because I don’t like to call attention to my hands which have the blue vien look on the back but I love scarves. Thst pink one with the grey just drapes so beautifully. I love the blue one too. I wonder if the intensity of a color should get a number? Like my hot pink cardigan prob deserves a 2.😊

  3. Mary Ann Pickett says:

    LOVE you in that hat, Jennifer. And those cool boots! Nice job!

  4. The right eyeglasses are worth more than one measly point. Who needs a scarf, earrings, a hat, bright makeup when people only notice your fabulous (but not as fabulous as Dame Edna’s) glasses?

  5. I’ve never heard of the accessory point system and I would be way under 10 points each day LOL. My style leans towards minimalist. I have a lot of bold, unique items and like to show one piece at a time as the “star”. I love the look of multiple bracelets, but on me, find that too busy – I would wear one large silver cuff bracelet instead.

  6. I’ve never heard of the style points system, but think it might be a very useful tool to help with accessorizing.
    I love hats and have found a few I really like because they don’t totally ruin my hair. The one I wear when it’s windy and chilly out is a very light weight beanie that’s easy to tuck into a coat pocket. I found it at my favorite hat store, Roberta’s on Government St in Victoria. They have such an array, from practical to whimsical and are quite affordable.

  7. Why is it that women (older, mature women) are tucking in the front part of their shirt? When did this start? I think it draws attention to an already thicker waistline. I feel it is flattering on a younger, thinner lady, but not so much on the older crowd (me included).

    1. beth byrd says:

      It’s not a look for everyone, but I don’t think age matters as much as what style looks good on a woman. I think it is a flattering look on Jennifer.

  8. “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” ― Coco Chanel
    This quote works for me. Less is more is my style.

      1. I am in total agreement! The “less is more” also applies to decorating my home.

  9. Claudette says:

    What a fun post. I thought the first picture with the blue scarf was stunning and shows how one piece can totally change your look. You really inspire me in how to present myself and I like the point system.

  10. Actually its the first time I’ve heard of the ‘accessory style point system’ and like yourself I average between 8 and 12 points. Unfortunately I can never find bracelets that fit (as my wrist is small) so my choice in watches compensate whereas don’t wear earrings as much as I use to as currently more of an obstacle than a fashion statement between having to wear hearing aids, masks (sometimes with a lanyard) and transition eyeglasses (when driving) on top of it, not to mention my hairstyle covers them. For special occasions I do make a point in wearing them though. As to hats; I do love them but only have two for tropical wear whereas particularly for winter in recent years and for street-wear, find myself converting many of my longer rectangular scarves into infinity ones that I can adjust over my head to form a hood if raining, snowing or windy. (Do have a few felt brim ones and a leather one as well.) To sum it up; being in my early seventies I guess I’m travelling lighter now than I use to …. lol! i.e.: No more handled handbags/totes either as only cross body and wristlet ones though plain on the most part but are colorful or embossed. Great article, Jennifer!

    1. I really related to your comments—especially about earrings, hearing aids, and masks! 🙂 Older ladies are just as interested in looking fashionable as younger ladies. We just have to try a little harder to pull it off! 🙂 Which is why I like this blog!

  11. Oh, I just love the idea of the point system! Thank you! During this awful stay-at-home pandemic, I have almost forgotten about my accessories. I happen to own many interesting and colorful scarves, and you are right – they add pattern, color, and interest to an outfit. Plus handbags and jewelry are terrific accessories too. I am actually going out for an appointment this afternoon, and I will add up my points as I put together today’s outfit. Something fun to think about! Thank you.

  12. Wonderful post – great suggestions! Since I wear reading glasses – a lot! – I think that would be considered an accessory for me and I have several that I love! Also – manicured nails and visible pedicure are a staple as well as simple earrings most days – but I do have more “noticeable” earrings for certain times/outfits. I absolutely love hats, but never wear them because of my hair. I consider my hair/hairstyle to be one of my accessories – I have medium short white/silver hair that I believe is one of my best features. I also have a wonderful stylist that gives me a great cut and I love the way it’s styled – once I style it and spray with super hold hairspray I am done for the day! So even though I absolutely love seeing stylish ladies such as yourself rockin’ those awesome hats, I won’t be joining y’all! 🙂 And I LOVE the Steel Magnolias quote! One of my very favorite movies – lots of great quotes from all the ladies in that movie!

    1. Yes, to Steel Magnolias! “The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize”.

      1. Lol, that was a great movie:)

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