Sweater Dressing: Weeding Through The Sales

Happy weekend ladies! I hope you’re staying warm and dry. After this weeks sweater dress fail, I decided to do some online perusing for one I like, in a size that will fit me, at a price I’m willing to spend. That shouldn’t be too much to ask and it wasn’t.

I’ve been wanting a casual sweater dress to wear with tights and flats or boots. It’s a warm way to dress that’s not dressy but very comfortable. I haven’t owned a sweater dress since my 40’s and because there are lots around this season, I decided it was time to revisit the look.Theory Sweater dress on A Well Styled Life

I love the casual look of Cashmere sweater dress from Lord & Taylor on A Well Styled Life

When I found Sweater dress from the Loft on A Well Styled LifeI have high hopes for Michael Kors sweater dress on AWSL

This sweater dress has a v-neckline underneath its removable cowl. I’m a sucker for V-necks and love the buckle detail on the cowl. It’s marked down 50% which makes it quite affordable.

Most of these dresses would be appropriate for a 9-5 job or be dressed way down for weekend wear, which I will be doing.


Do you wear sweater dresses? Please share how you style them in the comments.

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous weekend!


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  1. Jane Woodward says:

    I recall my sweater dress from the ’80s as a constant battle with static and having to carry a tin of anti-static spray with me. Too bad I didn’t know about the safety pin trick then!

    1. What is the safety pin trick? Please share. I have used dryer sheets to reduce static cling but also find a good slip works wonders.

  2. My issue with sweater dresses is STATIC ELECTRICITY! I had to return a gorgeous Talbots cashmere sweater because I kept electrocuting myself and my hair looked like Medusa. I could power my house if I wore a cashmere sweater dress!

  3. Jennifer once you have worn the dress a few times would you comment on any pilling? I purchased a gorgeous L&T cashmere sweater last year ( on sale but not as great a discount as yours:) It pills horribly and I have to ‘shave’ it before every wearing.
    Yet I purchased five cashmere sweaters from the Shopping Channel have worn them constantly with no pilling. All are 100% cashmere with the L&T being slightly heavier. There were some lovely L&T cashmere sweaters on sale after Christmas but I didn’t purchase. Very interested to know your experience with this brand.

    1. I will let you know Allison, assuming it fits and I keep it. I usually shave my cashmere everytime I wash it, but before every wearing sounds extreme! I hope I can report that’s not the case with this one.

  4. I found a Calvin sweater dress last year about this time–charcoal grey with black suede pockets. I tried it thinking it would never work, but wonder of wonders it did. And I am not small (size 14, and 5’9″ tall). The knit is heavy enough to fall away and does not cling at all. It looked fab in Paris with tights and ankle boots, and was warm without being hot (it has long-ish short sleeves) so I could wear a poncho over it if needed. Or the ever present big scarf. I loved it, made me feel hip and young! Hubs loved it!

    1. That sounds like a great outfit Susan! I think the secret is to have it fall away from our bodies. Long gone are my days of sweaters hugging my curves and looking flattering. Those sleeves sound perfect too!

  5. They look comfy but I’m not really a dress person anymore. I had a knee replacement and it is now slightly bigger than the other one. Might not be anything another would notice but….I do! You’ve picked some cute ones though.

    1. The joys of aging, but I bet you’re much happier out of pain Joanna. Some are below the knee but it has be comfortable for you:)

  6. My last sweater dress was in my 20’s, and I also wore one in my HS graduation picture. They’re just not forgiving enough for me, now. I’d have to wear shape wear and I don’t love them that much. That said, I look forward to seeing you style one on the blog!

    1. I seldom wear shapewear and if I do, I size up so it’s not strangelwear. I hope to get by with a non control full slip and fuller cut dress:) You’ll be the first to see Laurel.

  7. I haven’t had one since my 40s either but loved them. I’d like another if I find the right one.

    1. My hunt has begun because I really like the look. There’s a lot of them out there these days so it’s a great time to find a fit you like Janet.

  8. I can’t wait to see how you style the cashmere dress,
    I used to wear sweater dresses often in my youth as they were very flattering. Now I shy away from them as I fell like they show every bump and bulge. Oh how I hate aging.

    1. I’ll be wearing a full slip under mine…they don’t have to be sucker inners (technical term) to slim some bumps. I’ll keep you posted Creal!

  9. Any type of sweater dress looks like a potato sack on me, or I look like a stuffed sausage. I am only 5”1; and a little on the chunky side. I would love to style the one with the owl neck on me, but don’t think it will look good.

    1. I’m hoping these look the way I want. I may need to add a hip belt and will keep you posted Mj.

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