Dressing Room Diaries: Cozy and Petite

Happy Friday ladies! Is it cold where you are? It’s gotten cold here but nothing like what the Northeast is struggling with. It was a storm just like they’re suffering through that sent us packing to California in 1978. I’m sorry if you’re dealing with horrific temps and hope you can hunker down and stay warm

I wanted some cozy clothes for bundling up in our cool temps and hoped to find them on super sale. Sadly, most everything I liked was sold out in my size, which is par for the course during after Christmas sales, but it did give me some great ideas.

Several of you mentioned J.Jill in my survey so I stopped in to see their petite section. I’m borderline when it comes to petite sizing and can go either way depending on how I want a garment to look but for many women, it’s a necessity.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing J Jill

The soft color and cozy chenille attracted me to Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life shopping J Jill

I loved Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing J Jill Chenille

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing J Jill denim shirt

I love a great denim shirt but they need to be soft. Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing J Jill textured cardigan

This textured cardigan is a great length and the color is pretty. Sadly, the shape does nothing for me and would look better on a woman who has a few more curves. A scarf would have improved this neckline on me but the entire shape is too boxy for my straight silhouette. This is a petite M.

I’m looking forward to hunkering down on the couch with a good book and just relaxing this weekend. We do have a small dinner party planned here for Saturday, but they’re very close friends so it’ll be very casual.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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  1. Barbara L says:

    Hi Jennifer – I had a question about your comment on the green sweater dress/tunic. You were wearing a petite small and said the sleeves were too short? They looked about right to me. So … what is it you prefer to see in sleeve lengths when they are long sleeves? Thanks – love your dressing room diaries commentary.

  2. I’m chuckling a bit about the old saying “the grass is always greener”. I’m almost 5’8” and in wandering around stores, I invariably end up in petites by accident and think why do they get all the cute clothes?!? It’s 12 degrees here in sunny South Carolina!

    A dressing room cautionary tale for all of us ladies. An older woman here was trying on clothes and removed her rings so as not to snag the sweaters. As she was paying for her purchase she remembered the rings, ran back, and they were gone. She had recently lost her husband of 60 years and now her wedding rings are gone. Despite tearful pleas on tv and a reward, they have not been returned.

    1. That is so sad Roxanne! I never remove my rings, but I do spin them inside so I don’t catch them on things. The grass is always greener…I would love to have a few more inches to work with:)

  3. Julie from Melbourne,Australia says:

    I love the first jumper(sweater) on you the best.
    Isn’t sizing so frustrating?I’m a petite in some brands and wish there was more consistency:that’s why we need to try things on and use those dressing room mirrors well.

  4. I really enjoy your Dressing Room Diaries, Jennifer. And it’s nice to see you at JJill. I have had some luck with them, but like others I need to try their clothes on…the sizes seem to vary. As well, they’re often not very flattering on me, but when I find something I like, it wears like iron.

    Super cold here in the Midwest and I’m staying warm with layers and doing indoors tasks until we get back up to the 30’s (!) next week.

    1. Consistency in sizing is so important for the consumer. I wish brands could help us out more. Stay warm Laurel and Happy Weekend.

  5. That gray sweater looks very nice on you! I too agree on the denim shirt..love it! I’ve got a lot going on this weekend…headed to see the movie Lady Bird this evening, Cal basketball game tomorrow afternoon and Sunday the Alameda Vintage Fair…nice change from all the holiday festivities of the last month!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

    1. I’m looking forward to seeing that movie too Renee. I’ve heard great things about it. Have fun in Alameda. Great faire!!

  6. Why do they not pjs for petite women. The bottoms are always too long.

  7. I’m an ex-pat living in Australia right now, but any time I get back to the US, I head to J Jill. I love their quality and I can always find great basics in attractive colors. I love their petites and I love their linen.
    So I’m wearing lots of J Jill downunder…

    1. What a fun adventure Helen. I’ve slways wanted to visit. Enjoy your time there

  8. Marian Thompson says:

    Jennifer, I have a denim shirt that I have never worn because I don’t have anything that goes with it and don’t know how to dress it up. The denim is heavier and dark blue. any ideas? I love your blog! Perhaps I should mention I am apple shaped.

    1. How about wearing it over black stretch pants? If it’s too long have it shortened? How about with white denim pants? I’d wear it open, with the sleeves rolled up and a tee shirt underneath. Email me a picture Marian.

  9. Really like that denim shirt! I’m going to have to go try it on.

  10. Sandra Matthews says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Love the Tencel Denim shirt. I too am borderline petite. Petite pants are usually 1/2 inch too short. Regular tunic style tops are too long, so I often purchase petite and treat the sleeves as 3/4 length.

    Really enjoy your blog…thank you.

    1. I do the same with sleeves Sandra. Then I roll or push them higher because 3/4 sleeves help us look taller. Win/win ????

  11. cheryl liberty says:

    Minus 20 wind chill here today in Rochester, NY-J.Jill used to be my fav. but they are not too interesting as of late. cheryl

  12. Janet Williams says:

    I love all of these tops, especially the denim one! I wish we had more selection in the stores here in Canada. I still want to shop in stores and skip the hassle of returns but probably need to expand my horizons.

    1. You are limited there Janet. I remember my frustration over selection when I lived on Vancouver Island. Now I usually visit a store first then buy my size online.

  13. JJill is definitely a company that needs to be tried on. Their clothes are often hit or miss for me…especially in Petite…and I’m one who only wears Petite sizing. Thanks for your Dressing room Diaries.

    1. Very true Cyndi. That’s why I don’t naturally gravitate to petites. Sometimes I’m better off altering a missy garment. Fit is critical and getting it right is a challenge.

  14. I like the look of the JJill clothes but when I try on most of their styles, in petite, they don’t do much for me. It’s disappointing. I too appreciate these dressing room posts.

    1. I find that true in many stores Gloria, you’re right! Petite garments can’t just be cut smaller. Their proportions need to change from missy sizing to fit us properly.

  15. I think you know I worked a small stint in retail in the last three years, and I discovered the biggest needs were for petite ladies. I know it is a huge help for you to do this for them. Keep up the great work!

    1. Petite ladies do struggle. I’m so glad brands are finally catering to us!

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