The Most Popular At-Home Beauty Tools and Devices for Women Over 50

There’s a wide array of at-home beauty tools and devices available for women these days, and I’m here for them. These tools go beyond traditional skincare and haircare products. Many provide innovative solutions for common beauty concerns we all face, and some are super helpful. I’ve shared various ones I’ve tried throughout the years, and today, I’ve rounded up the most popular at-home beauty tools and devices that have gained traction among women over 50 right now. I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of them before and what your results were as well!

Best At-Home Beauty Devices and Hair Tools to Try for Women Over 50

The Dermaflash Luxe+

This deplaning device is a 2021 New Beauty Award Winner with very positive reviews. I decided to give it a try which I shared in this blog post. The cliff notes are…I’m blown away by it and love how smooth it leaves my skin. I’m using it about once every ten days and find my products go on easier, plus I can apply less because it spreads further.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

I upgraded my drugstore hairdryer to this Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer a few years ago and love it. It’s got a cult following that I now understand. My hair dries in half the time it used to take just using medium speed and heat, which is much gentler on my hair. Sephora currently has their exclusive version of the Dyson on sale for $329 if you don’t want to wait until you can shop the Nordstrom Sale.

Canopy Humidifier

I ordered this humidifier because it has smart sensors that keep it running until the unit is completely dry inside. That means there’s no water left behind for mold to grow in. I also love that the parts are all dishwasher-safe. They also have this larger model, which covers a bigger area.

This humidifier works differently than others. After you fill the tank, the water flows into the tray, where it is treated by passing through UV light. The water then goes through a paper (replaceable) filter. Then it’s evaporated by the fan, so clean, hydrated air is dispensed invisibly.

TheraFace PRO Set

Did you know the same people that make a massage gun also make a beauty device? The TheraFace PRO Set is a multifunctional at-home beauty tool that combines advanced technologies for comprehensive skincare treatments. It offers LED light therapy, radiofrequency (RF) therapy, ultrasound therapy, and microcurrent stimulation in a single device. With its versatile features, the TheraFace PRO Set aims to rejuvenate the skin, reduce wrinkles, promote collagen production, and improve overall skin texture. I’m sort of intrigued by this one and tempted to try it out.

DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro LED Light Therapy Device

The Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite FaceWare Pro is a powerful LED mask that emits red and blue light to stimulate collagen production, reduce wrinkles, and combat acne-causing bacteria.


Nuface Trinity Face Toning System

This is an FDA-cleared handheld device for facial stimulation with the same microcurrent technology used in top spas and medical offices. There are a variety of attachments that come with this device, so make sure to determine what you are really going to use it for.

BEAR™ Facial Toning Device

This is an FDA-cleared full-facial toning device with advanced microcurrents to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. It seems like a rival to the NuFace and gets better reviews. I’m definitely intrigued to hear if anyone has tried it!

8-Inch Sensor Mirror

A good mirror with good lighting is mandatory for me. I like to refer to mine as the bubble telescope because I need bright light and strong magnification to really see well. These Simple Human mirrors have been on my radar for a while. They come in various sizes and prices. The #Nsale has a smaller version marked down, but if you really want to splurge and see what you’re doing, I’d get the bigger version that’s cordless, rechargeable, and has 1x, 5x, and 10x zoom. I have this bigger version at Amazon in my cart to purchase on Amazon Prime Day (July 11) when it’s more than $120 off.

GHD Soft Curl 1 1/4-Inch Curling Iron

I know many of you use a curling iron, sometimes daily! There are quite a few on the market, but this is the one that seems to be the most popular right now. While I prefer hot rollers, I think this one is a great option, based on the reviews. They also make a straightening iron!

T3 SinglePass® StyleMax Flat Iron

Just like curling irons, it can be overwhelming to pick a flat iron. I like that the T3 is at a budget-friendly price point, is simple to use, and has an auto-world voltage (meaning it won’t fry if you take it abroad!)

More Popular Beauty & Hair Tools for Women Over 50



I am an at-home, do-it-yourself beauty tool user, so I love all these types of devices. But you need to remember that while these devices have all received positive feedback, your experience may vary. Be sure to consult with your dermatologist or skincare professional before you start using any of the skincare devices.

Are there tools you love to use at home?


  1. I’ve been using a Cleopatra LED mask on the green light setting and it’s helping both my brown spots and my migraines. My husband has even started using it for his migraines.

    1. Wow, thank you. Mine only has red but I know the other colors are have important healing properties.

  2. A question about the Deplaning tool. Does the facial hair grow back like stubble or more course?

    1. I grows back just as fine as when I removed it. The peach fuzz doesn’t get caorse when you shave it, but the ends are blunt.

  3. I have the Dyson dryer brush and love it!

    1. Great to know, thank you!

  4. Have you seen a difference in your skin since using light therapy? If so, how?

    1. It seems to help soothe my skin when the rosacea acts up. I don’t notice line smoothing but it does seem calmer.

      1. Thank you for your review. I have no skin issues so I don’t think it is an item I need.

  5. Hi Jennifer! I have used a Conair brush dryer for years. My hair is slightly shorter than yours and naturally wavy. It wants to tip up on one side and under on the other. I finish just the ends to dry under with my brush dryer. It works great! Cheaper than the L’ange and smaller but only high and low speeds. I generally use a volumizing mousse. My hair is cut in a Bob every 8 weeks. It is fine, low density and naturally wavy and white with silver streaks. I wear bangs in a light fringe. They cover years of wrinkles!

    1. Thanbks, Sydney. I’d have to grow a breard to hide the worst of my wrinkles but I do appreciate that my bangs cover lots of sun damage:)

  6. I have tried two of these items. One yay, one nay. I bought and returned the NuFace three times….I know, I know!!! The payoff with the NuFace is temporary. The amount of time in the morning to go through the routine is too time consuming vs. benefit – to me. The NuFace mini does not have the same power as the Trinity. Three levels of power vs. five levels. I have the Omnilux Contour Face LED mask. Love, love, love! Immediate results. My 69 y/o sagging lower face is now plumped and my skin is smoother. Omnilux has sales regularly around holidays. FYI, the Face device can be used on the neck and hands by bending it. No need to purchase the neck and hand devices.

    1. Good to know! I have the neck and chest LED light and use it on my hands.

  7. Jennifer, my hair is the same length as yours and I use a hair dryer brush to poof up my do on the days I don’t wash it. It will work fine for your length. I also love my Dyson hair dryer. Bought it when it first came out and it still works great. Pricey but a good investment.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. My hair texture is so different since it went “natural” I’m having a hard time working with it.

  8. suzanstew says:

    OK. My skin care was limited to soap and water until just a few years ago. Now I use serum and moisturizer and sun screen. Despite that lack of care, my skin looks better than that if many of my friends. I have never smoked. I am wondering of all these devices what is the most important thing to do.

    1. You’ve been blessed with good skin. Sun screen is the most important thing you can use.

  9. I can’t live without my hair dryer brush! I was never able to get the volume I wanted with a dryer and round brush. It is so much easier for me to style as well and it’s much faster. That being said, I like to give myself time after shampooing to let my hair air dry 50-75% while I do skin care and/or makeup or if I’m really not in a hurry relax with a book or magazine. By letting my hair start to dry naturally, I expose it to less heat. Since I don’t wash my hair everyday, it is also a wonderful tool for a quick style in the morning, especially if it flattens from sleeping – a quick spritz with a protectorant and a few rolls with the brush on low heat and it’s back! As a side note, I broke my arm 2 weeks ago and my hair would be a disaster w/o this as I can use it one handed!

    1. So sorry to hear about your arm! I’ve heard great things about those brush dryers. I woner if my hair is long enough to use one.

      1. Yes. Plenty long. My hair is about the same length and similar style as yours – sometimes a bit shorter – very few layers – modified bob with shorter side swept front “curtain bang.” I got the L’ange smaller brush (60 mm) and it’s great.

      2. OK, thanks! I’d love to try one and see what sort of volumne I can get.

      3. Sent you a pic via email so you could see my length and style.

      4. Thanks you, Maureen. Your hair look fabulous!

  10. Just stuff that you have to store and remember to use. I am trying to simplify my life. The curling iron is a maybe.

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