Travel Diaries: In Comfort With Easy Spirit

Comfortable shoes are mandatory for me, no matter what my day holds, and I know the same is true for most of you! We have several travel adventures planned over the next few months, and I want my feet to be comfortable for all of them. When Easy Spirit reached out to send me some of their comfiest shoes for the trip, I jumped at the chance. Easy Spirit has also generously provided the discount code JENNIFER20 for my readers to use at checkout and save 20% off their already great prices!

Easy Spirit has earned loyal fans with its balance of fun designs and exceptional comfort. Whether it’s the cushioned insoles that provide all-day support or the lightweight materials, Easy Spirit will pass any road test exploring a new city or any of your summer adventures.


Our first vacation this summer included a long drive up the West Coast. Road trips are no different than other travel adventures for me because my feet swell when I sit for long periods of time.

I knew day two on the road would be my longest day behind the wheel, so I wore a no-iron white shirt, stretchy pants, and these Travelstamp Clogs.

The Easy Spirit Traveltime Clogs are a #1 bestseller for over 15 years, with over 7,500 five-star reviews on Amazon. Their easy-on, easy-off style makes them perfect for travel, whether driving, flying, or sightseeing.

This slip-on walking mule features a cushioned and removable footbed with arch support. They’re available in extended widths, M, N, W, and WW, in sizes 5-12. I really appreciate that Easy Spirit makes half sizes because there’s a big difference between a nine and a ten. Nines are usually too small for me, and my feet swim in tens.

After 11.5 hours on the road, we got to Seattle, and I was grateful to get out of the car. I always plan to drive fewer miles and stop more often along the way, but in the end, I want to get to my destination in as few days as possible, so we push through.

The next day we planned to do some sightseeing and grab lunch before we got on the highway, so I opted for a comfy knit tee and pants with these Easy Spirit Meadow Slip On sandals. They’re super flexible, with a woven upper that’s airy and supportive, and an outsole designed for superior traction.

It was sunny and mild that day, so I donned my straw hat, and we headed up to Kerry Park to catch a panoramic view of the Seattle skyline, Space Needle and Elliott Bay. You can faintly see Mount Rainier to the south.

I find black very easy to travel in, so that’s what I’m wearing, but these sandals also come in either two metallic colors, blue, brown, or white. Ladies who need narrow shoes will appreciate that their feet won’t slide straight through these. My foot is medium/wide, and the medium fits me perfectly with no pinching anywhere.

I like a slip-on option when I’m driving, but some ladies prefer their sandals to have a back strap. This Easy Spirit Mar Sandal looks the same as mine and includes the back strap. Both the Meadow and the Mar sandals have great arch support and a super comfy footbed.

We crossed the border into Canada at the Peace Arch, just in time for dinner on the third day. I was so grateful to have our Nexus cards because they allowed us to breeze through immigration quickly.

The following morning, we laced up our sneakers and headed down to the Vancouver seawall to breathe in the fresh salt air and get acclimated. It felt so great to go for a long walk and soak in the sights. Vancouver is one of the most picturesque places I’ve seen. Sea Planes taking off and landing, cruise ships coming and going, tanker ships in the harbor, and tons of sailboats everywhere.

These ultra-flexible Easy Spirit Marible EMOVE Walking Shoes are super comfortable and supportive. They’re orthotic-friendly with removable footbeds so that you can customize them for your specific foot needs with your doctor-prescribed specialized inserts.

The Maribel EMOVE walking sneakers come in sizes 5-12, in M and W. The medium is a perfect fit for my foot. They’re ultra supportive and comfy with the orthotic-friendly removable footbed and provide extra arch support for walking and standing.

If you’re looking for comfy footwear for your daily activities or wherever your travels take you this summer, check out Easy Spirit. Remember to use the code JENNIFER20 at checkout to save 20% off your order!

Have you got any travel adventures planned this summer?


  1. Just a heads up for others – I wear a 7 about 90% of the time. I ordered 3 pairs of Easy Spirit shoes that all ran “true to size” and felt that 2 of the 3 ran slightly small. The difference is so small I’m not even sure I could go up a half size without them being too big but they definitely felt a skoosh too small when I tried them on. I should have gone somewhere to try some of this brand on before ordering.

  2. Jennifer 20 does not work for me.

    1. It only works in the US, I do know that.

  3. Thanks again Jennifer for the shoe recommendations and taking us on your travels!

  4. It has been a few years since I had Easy Spirit shoes, but I have had the clogs and loved them. Time to look for some more! Do you wear footies (or toe footies?) when you wear clogs?

    1. I do not wear footies in mine.

  5. Easy Spirit shoes have so many cute and comfortable looking shoes but for some reason, they just don’t fit my feet. I have had much better luck with Skechers slip ons. They have my 6.5 in wide and fit perfectly on my arthritic toes, high arches and help the best with my peripheral neuropathy pain. I am grateful for your suggestion a while back as I have now 8 pairs! Enjoy your vacation!

    1. That’s awesome. Thanks, Sydney.

  6. Very informative post on something I need! Good looking comfy shoes. Will definitely check out the postage stamp clogs. They look great on you. We love Seattle and hope to return there soon. As a tourist did you run into any issues while walking around?
    Is it “tourist friendly” again?

    1. We didn’t have any issues walking around and were carfeful where we parked.

      1. Thanks Jennifer! That’s good to know.

  7. Thank you for the comfy shoe post. I, too, have to have the most comfortable at this age.
    Can you tell us about the gauze top you have on in the last pictures? I love it tied up like that.

  8. Thanks for sharing these shoes, I especially like the slides. Could you let us know what striped top you are wearing in some of the photos? I’m guessing that the black pants are Eileen Fischer?

  9. What a great view of the Seattle skyline!

    Speaking of fallen arches, one of my feet has one. Not sure why the other doesn’t, but add that to the foot challenges, lol.

    1. LOL, I hear you. Things are anything but predictable for my feet these days.

  10. Love Easy Spirit! I just purchased a navy blue pair of slip ons. They are really comfortable and I was so happy to find navy! Seattle is so pretty to visit, I live in Spokane and my daughter lives in Everett. Enjoy your travels!

    1. We loved Spokane. Such a pretty town and area. Lucky you, Rosemary!

  11. My question is about your suitcase. What brand is it and how is it holding up as far as scratches or dents?

    1. It’s a Monos. I love it but they do scratch. No dents tbough so it’s pretty durable that way.

  12. Your discount is on top of the discounts/special offers on website. 👍🏻👏🏻

    1. Their prices are pretty great right now!

      1. The website says JENNIFER20 isn’t available with the 2 pairs of shoes in my cart that are featured in this post. ?????

      2. I just tried it and it works for me. I’m not sure what the issue could be.

  13. Joanne Fowler says:

    Your ostrich patterned tote? Did I miss where that was from?

    1. Sadly it’s sold out. It’s from Longchamp several years ago.

  14. Celia Bass says:

    I’m always on the lookout for comfortable shoes that ease the pain of my plantar fasciitis and arthritic big toe. I’m currently wearing Hokas when I walk daily with an orthotic insert, but they are not very roomy with the added orthotics. Do I remember correctly that you too have plantar fasciitis so do you think these shoes adequately address that problem? And did you add those Vionic orthotics you ordered from Amazon recently?

    1. No planter fasciitis for me, just a bunion and fallen arches. My feet also seem to have lost all the padding on the bottom so I need all the cushioning I can get. I didn’t change the inserts in these ones.

  15. Thanks for the post on comfy shoes. Love those red slip ons from Kohl’s.
    I just came back from a short VT getaway with quilting girls and we walked our way through VT, NH, and MA looking for quit shops. Glad I had my most comfortable shoes.

  16. Hi Jennifer, when you will be sitting all day in the car, have you thought about compression socks? They are not my favorite to wear for a travel day, but they really do the job. No more swollen ankles and they are supposed to help guard against deep vein thrombosis. I am grateful I don’t need them every day, but if my trip is going to take more than four hours, I put them on. Good luck!! Jo

    1. I think I need some. Thanks for recommending them, Jo.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Can you link your outfits?

    1. Some of the items are sold out but I’ll make some looks of them in my shop page.

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