Vanishing 360 Perfect Coverage

Sometimes the best things are invisible or they should be. Last month my son begged me to ensure he wouldn’t wake up to see a picture of me in his Instagram feed, wearing my bra.

That’s not unreasonable and got me thinking he’s right! The Soma vanishing collection doesn’t show under your clothes so I need to show you how they vanish under my clothes.

I don’t know about you but my body has soft, fleshy parts that are easily squished by lingerie edges. That’s never a flattering look so I’ve been a huge fan of the vanishing edge lingerie from Soma since I discovered it.

Vanishing 360 bra and panty on leopard stool
Vanishing 360 Perfect Coverage BraVanishing 360 Hipster

The newest addition to the Vanishing Edge collection has invisible edges all the way around! This vanishing edge bra on A Well Styled Life

I’ve talked about nude lingerie here and here so you know what matters most, is that the color matches your skin tone. My most invisible is Adobe Rose because I have a lot of pink in my skin. Luckily, Soma makes multiple nudes so you can choose the one that blends with your skin best.

White pants are notorious for panty line show through, especially if they’re thin and stretchy. Here’s a side by side comparison of the same white pants with regular panties vs the new vanishing edge panties.Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life showing comparison of 360 Vanishing Edge panty

Several years ago I replaced all my panties with the vanishing edge ones from Soma. I have most of their styles but tend to wear vanishing 360 panty on A Well Styled Life

These panties have raw cut edges at the top and around the leg openings so nothing digs in. The 4-way stretch fabric is soft and comfy. The stay-put exposed spandex at the back means these do not ride up. They stay in place with no slipping so you can forget you have them on. I’m not planning to wear a bikini anytime soon, but it’s nice to wear panties that look like bikinis once again. They make me feel younger and pardon the pun, hipper 😉 You can shop the entire Vanishing Panty collection here.

soma bra and panty on A Well Styled Life
Vanishing 360 Perfect Coverage BraVanishing 360 Hipster

Have you tried the Vanishing Edge collection from Soma?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


A big thank you to Soma for partnering on this post. They provided the bra and panties, I was compensated but all opinions are my own.



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  1. I’ve gone to Soma on two different occasions to try their Vanishing bra but did not have any luck with fit and comfort. I think I tried on every type of bra on my second visit. Most didn’t fit well and the two that did were not comfortable for me. Still searching….

  2. Sons are adorable! I too love the vanishing edge panties you’ve recommended and placed several additional orders when they are on sale. I find them extremely comfortable even in this very hot south Texas climate. I really like the fact that they take up less space and quick drying when traveling. I did try the vanishing bra on in the Soma store and prefer my Wacoal.

    1. They are! He cracks me up. Today’s msg was “thanks Mom”:)

  3. First of all, I laughed out loud at your son’s request. Secondly, I love love love the vanishing edge high leg brief with lace trim. I do have to make sure the legs are flat (not rolled) but once they’re in place they don’t budge and are truly vanishing. Haven’t tried the bra yet, but I will! Also love their pajamas.

  4. I do have 5 pair of these panties, yet I Do understand about the sticky edges. I wear them still, but avoid on really humid days, does that make sense? It works for me! I still have not purchased this particular bra, as I don’t want any padding. I have 4 Soma bras, and 2 of another line that I also like! No padding but comfort. Comfort rules!

  5. I also did not like it. It rolled up terribly. Comfortable but not vanishing on me.

    1. I wonder if you had the correct size. I’ve never had that issue with them.

  6. I have never liked the Vanishing Edge at Soma. When I tried them years ago, they had a sticky edge that stuck to you whether you were moving around or not. I just hated it! I wonder if they have improved….

    1. These hipsters have a different type of silicone. They still stay put but aren’t as wide.

  7. I love Soma! I too have switched over all of my panties to their vanishing edge. I also love their new bralette-with the pads left in. I’m a smaller person so they have enough support and lift for me and are super comfy.

  8. oh yea! My Soma is next door to my Chicos, over the years, the ladies in Chicos always mentioned when Soma was having a sale as well, but i never visited…well one day I went in hoping I could find something, lets say revitalizing….and luckily the saleslady was in my age “range” and understood just what I wanted, and my issues…she hooked me up with the vanishing edge line bras, and boy did I leave happy! they are pricey, but worth every cent.

    1. They’re great! I keep my eye out for the sales and stock up then.