Viking Riverboat Cruise Wardrobe- The Final Mix

Here’s the final installment in what I wore for our Viking River Boat cruise and two weeks traveling in Europe. Part one is here, part two is here. The red cord of my audio-tour guide box is not my favorite accessory but I wore on almost every day. I packed everything into an 18″ wheeler carry-on plus a small handheld. I’m working on a wrap-up post with lists which will make it easier to replicate with your wardrobe. This now feels so long ago but it’s only been a few weeks. Vacations wear off too fast:)

Day 9- Passau, Germany

Our last stop on the cruise was the most charming little town. Passau is one of Bavaria’s oldest cities. It sits at the intersection of the Inn, Danube and Ilz rivers.

I wore my belt bag plus carried my tote. My shoulder was getting sore and the waist belt held enough to lighten the weight of the tote:) I buttoned the top button of my cotton cardigan to protect the skin on my chest because sunscreen can only do so much. Next time I’m bringing my sun parasol.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life sharing how to stretch a travel wardrobe
leopard cardigan | black tank | black jeans | bracelet | sneakers

We did a walking tour of the city and topped it off with an organ concert in St. Stephens Cathedral.

It’s has of the largest pipe organs in Europe with over 17,000 pipes. Every seat in the church was filled for the concert which was breathtaking.

The church itself was simply stunning. The weather was insanely hot so after lunch, we stayed aboard and packed to leave the next day.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life dressed for dinner on the Viking Cruise ship to Budapest
earrings | cardigan | blush colored tank | handbag | pants

For dinner that evening I changed into my other cardigan (anyone tired of leopard cardigans yet? I am:) Changed to the wristlet strap for my handbag and added $12  earrings.earrings | cardigan | pants | wristlet | shoes similar

Day 10 – Prague

We left the ship early and boarded a luxury coach for a 4-hour drive into Prague. It was a twisty, hilly, narrow road. I kept thinking we were going to get sideswiped by the huge trucks that we were passing but the worse thing to happen was a violent case of motion sickness for me.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life at the new Prague Hilton
duster similar |earrings | ivory tank | stretch pants | sandals | hat similar | tote similar | bracelet

We stayed at the new Hilton which was undergoing some renovations. Couples from our ship were furious about the inconvenience but we didn’t hear a thing.

Day 11 – Prague

I have no idea what I wore this day but you can assume it was black, ivory or featured a leopard cardigan;)

We took our normal hop-on-hop-off bus which was a disaster. The weather was stifling hot and muggy and many of their buses were out of commission. The city is amazing so it was fun to get a tour of it but it would have been better with narration and air conditioning.


Day 12- Prague

We toured Prague castle and saw the Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral. Prague castle seen on a Viking Cruise

It was still hot and muggy. By this point, I would have been happy to stay in the air conditioning but we had a special lunch planned I did not want to miss.Prague castle guards on A Well Styled Life

I was not that tourist who stands next to the ceremonial palace guards for the cheesy photo op. I didn’t want to stand next to the serious fellow with the gun either. Go figure.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life touring Prague Castle with Viking Cruises
cotton tee | checked pants similar | bracelet | hat similar | sandals

One of the highlights of our trip was a privileged access tour of Lobkwicz castle. Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life in private diining room at Lobkowizs castleWe were treated to an elegant lunch in the original private living quarters and a private concert in the Lobkowicz baroque concert hall.

It was magical. If you take this Viking Cruise I highly recommend this extra tour. It’s exclusively for Viking guests and elegantly spectacular.

Day 13

Our last day we took a bus to Kunta Hora. Our first stop was a seriously creepy spot called Sedlec Ossuary. It’s a Roman Catholic Church decorated with human skeletons. Next, we took a guided tour of the gothic St. Barbara Cathedral. It took over 500 years to build because of the town’s economy.St Barbara cathedral in Kunta hora on A Well Styled Life The cobbled stone streets are tough on your feet so although it was hot, I opted for sneakers.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing no-iron white shirt and Eileen Fisher pants in Kunta Hora
no-iron white shirt similar | ponte knit pants | sneakers

We had a traditional Czech lunch followed by a walk around the little town.


Day 14- Travel Home

It’s funny how much more space dirty clothes take up in your suitcase..kidding. I wore the same exact outfit to fly home that I did to fly to Zurich at the start of our trip.

I did not have laundry done on this trip but I did rinse a few things out aboard the cruise. More to come on that later.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.




  1. Thank you so much for your post. Leaving next week on first Viking River cruise and stressing about what to pack. Great job! You look terrific and comfortable. Love all your shoes! Very helpful!

  2. My husband and I just spent a beautiful week in Sweden. As I crossed a canal to get to an airport train to go home, I thought about just dumping my carry-on suitcase in the murky water. I’d packed black and navy pants that I liked , t-shirts, scarves, pink sweater, grey jacket, and an olive linen midi skirt for a break from the pants routine. After a week of mix-n-match I wanted to wear something bright and fun and I didn’t have the option. Next time I won’t be quite so practical.

    1. I totally understand! That’s how colorful scarves and accessories can rescue us from boredom. I’ll pack more next time. And try not to lose any.

  3. I enjoy all your packing posts and even though we have very different styles, I have found some good clothes and shoes through your links. I look forward to your upcoming summary. Thanks.

  4. When I first saw your cool tone leopard cardigan, I made a bee-line to Banana Republic to check it out. I was very surprised to learn that what I thought were black spots are actually dark blue. This was a thrilling discovery for me since navy – not black – is my go-to color. My question for you is: is yours blue also, and, if so, do you wear it with black solids (pants/tops) or navy? BTW, I’m very impressed with how much you were able to pack in that little bag. We will be in Mexico for six weeks later this year and I intend to take only one small bag too. My travel colors are navy, gray, and raspberry/purple/pink. It makes packing a breeze… the only bummer is that I’m wearing the same clothes in all my travel pictures… even years apart.

    1. Mine is the white leopard. In answer to your question, I would absolutely wear navy with black. They are low contrast and look fabulous together. I like your color combos!

  5. I had a laugh about you having to wear the red lanyard while touring. I need to wear a lanyard with ID badge everyday for work. This might be an interesting post – How to style your ID badge for work! LOL!

  6. Could you list an inventory of what you took, including the travel outfit? You may have already but I missed it. We travel a bit, (4 trips/year) and I always over pack. I’m getting better, but just a carry on would be my goal next time.

  7. When you wear your hair with a banana clip, would you please take a picture from the back? I want to see how your hair looks styled in that way. I’m interested to try the clip but I need to see how it looks on others with hair about the length of yours. Thanks.

  8. When you’re making that list, could you include one telling us what you carry in that heavy-looking tote? When out and about on similar trips, I try to carry as little as possible. Just curious as to what you consider essential.

  9. I would be interested to see what your packed suitcase looks like. I’ve learned to roll my clothes and use cubes, etc. I’ve done island/beach vacations with just carryon luggage, but not one where you’re wearing “street clothes” and visiting cities. That is my goal! Thanks for all your advice.

  10. Thank you Jennifer for you packing tidbits!!! Very informational. I/we cruise ALOT and since we do “check on “ a bag…..I tend to pack more. I usually wear everything I pack and my husband is just as bad! We also take a lot of shoes (we pack a separate suitcase for them) !! Thank you for sharing your trip and pics with us…..I’ve been to a few of these places myself.

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed your posts on your travel wardrobe for the riverboat trip. I am going to Dublin and London in September and may just copy you on your black/white/leopard color scheme! You always looked so pulled together. I have overpacked in the past and it was miserable to lug a heavy suitcase around. Lesson learned. Now I go light with an 18″ carry on.

  12. I think I told you already, but I’m going on a Baltic Cruise in late July and your posts are really helping me organize my wardrobe. Our advantage is that we can take a big suitcase on the cruise ship, but we have planned a side trip to Norway with a folding duffel bag for a few things (and pajamas).

  13. I’ve so enjoyed hearing about your trip and your pictures were amazing! Also learned so much about packing. It seems tricky but you looked great.

  14. I’m enjoying reading about your trip and your packing hits or misses. Is there anything you’d do differently on your next river cruise?

  15. It is so easy to get tired of wearing the same clothes over and over on a trip. I am packing for Boston and then onto Paris for a week! How warm was it on your trip? I am taking some Bermuda shorts to wear since it can be very hot in Boston and warm in Europe in July. I cannot tolerate wearing long pants when it is hot! Taking pants to wear at dinner. I also am taking a pair of capris. I am sticking to a black/navy/white color scheme. I am of course, taking a few of my Hermes scarves to wear in Paris! On our trip to Ireland last year, I did wash out undies and socks and a few tee shirts in the sink at the hotel. Hotels charge an exorbitant fee for laundering!!! Highlights in Paris will be: Eifel Tower, Versailles, Giverney (which is Monet’s garden) and Louvre! Also plan to visit Montmartre for the art.

  16. Really have enjoyed all of the beautiful pictures and what you wore each day on your trip! Have always wanted to take a river boat cruise. Yours was magical, indeed!

  17. This post was so interesting for me. I’ve visited several of these places but all my travel between was byvtrain not bus so no highway stresses! It was a decade or so ago so I also have zero recollection of my clothes. Probably neutrals though. I love your pics! Despite the heat you always look so energized! I have never been good at pulling that off. I’m not a great traveler……

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