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Riverboat Cruise Travel Wardrobe Part 2

Full disclosure here, I was deathly sick of my wardrobe by the end of our riverboat cruise. I brought a compact collection of clothes in neutral colors which made life easy but boring. On the plus side, I breezed through airports and never had to wait at a luggage carousel wondering if my bag would materialize.

All my clothes and accessories fit into

I combined my pieces differently for each outfit but I’m sure other passengers thought I wore the same thing every day. I shared my first travel day here, and the next four days here.

Day 5- Bratislava

We sailed all night and arrived in Bratislava midday. Castle in BratslaviaWe had time for a short walking tour of this medieval town which was jumping with tourists and very picturesque.

It was no longer raining and beginning to warm up so I wore my favorite knit pants, a black cashmere sweater, and lightweight silk duster.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing black andc white checked duster over colum n of black
checked duster not available | sunglasses | cashmere sweater | favorite black pants | sport sandals | tote same size, different color

The walking tour meant miles of cobblestone streets so I wore my stable, comfy Eileen Fisher sport sandals. This new version has a black sole so looks more dressy than other sport sandals. My hat was rolled and tucked into my tote bag until I was in the blazing sun. That’s the main reason I carried the tote..for my hat.Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled life showing how to stretch a travel wardrobe

I brought 2 pairs of these pants so you’ll see me wear them often.

Day 6- Vienna, Austria

The weather was warming up but still not blistering.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life taking pictures on Viking tour
hat similar | cotton leopard sweater | pants | knit shoes

We had several tours planned and it was going to be a long day so I chose my comfiest shoes. We did a walking tour of the city center and the Hofburg Imperial Palace, which is a must see.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing leopard cardigan, black pants and black shoes
hat similar | sunglasses | leopard cotton cardigan | ivory tank | stretch pants | stretch shoes | tote similar

We stopped to pick up some sunscreen and have a Mocha in a famous old coffee shop. The people watching was great fun and the pastries were amazing;)

jennifer connolly having coffee in Budapest
cotton leopard cardigan | Jenny Bird earrings

After lunch aboard the ship, we headed out to a tour of the beautiful Schonbrunn Palace. By this time it was blistering hot and the sun was brutal. We headed back to the ship for dinner then changed for a Mozart & Strauss Concert in downtown Vienna. My hair was seriously flat so it ended up in a banana clip again. I forgot to get an outfit photo but I wore this leopard cardi, this stretch pencil skirtsandals-similar and carried this bag as a handheld. If you go on this cruise, I highly recommend this optional tour of the concert. It was amazing!

Day 7- Krems, Austria

The next day we had a morning tour of Gottweig Abbey. Gottweig Abbey tour on Viking CruiseIt sits on a hilltop overlooking the stunning Wachau valley. Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Chico's no iron white shirt on balcony of an abbeyIt’s an active Benedictine Monastery which produces its own wine and special sparkling apricot wine.

Jennifer Connolly wearing no iron white shirt
no-iron shirt | gingham pants similar | sneakers

The day we visited, a monk was doing a blessing of the motorcycles. No kidding, the courtyard was filled with bikes and riders and the bells rang for a long time.

The three-story imperial staircase has one of the largest, spectacular frescos depicting the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI as Apollo.ceiling fresco in Gottweig abbey on Viking Cruise on A Well Styled Life

We got back on board for lunch then set sail down 18 miles of the most scenic stretch of the Danube. Dotted with charming towns and castle ruins, it is a photographer’s dream. I set myself up on a lounge chair on the top deck with my book but don’t think I read one word.

Day 8- Linz, Austria

The next day was Linz. It was steamy hot and we were really feeling it. We took a walking tour of the Cesky Krumlov Castle which is amazing.The moat of the castle uses bears for protection, although they seem like big pets now. She was not happy being photographed so took off as soon as we spotted her.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing no-iron white shirt as a jacket
hat similar | no-iron white shirt | sunglasses | black tank | pants | shoes | scarf-unavailable

Sadly I lost this scarf during the day. It wasn’t valuable but had priceless We wandered the cobblestone streets for several hours then enjoyed a lunch by the river.

By now I’m bored to death getting bored simply editing these pictures of my outfits. You must be getting bored too…so let’s stop.

I’ll try to wrap this up tomorrow then explain the one item I hand washed 3 times in my tiny sink.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Have you taken a riverboat cruise?



  1. We’re doing a Viking Danube River cruise next summer so I am really interested in your posts. I like the idea of doing carry-on but don’t think I can do it. I tend to over-pack. I’ve got plenty of time to analyze, though, so maybe …

  2. Shoes are the hardest thing to get right for a trip. Would you please give us a more detailed report on the ones you brought and how they turned out. I have the ECCO sneakers and find my bunion isn’t happy with them anymore. How are those knit shoes and the block heeled sandals?

    1. The block sandals are by Eileen Fisher and very comfy. I have many pairs of her shoes and find them wide enough to accommodate my bunions comfortably. The knit shoes are very stretchy. They are probably the comfiest on my bunion. The sole is not cushiony so you might like an extra insole in them.

  3. I’m curious to know if you asked any of your fellow travelers about their comfy travel shoes. Yours look great, but I also saw a couple of interesting ones in one of your photos. I’m always on the hunt for that perfect combo of comfort and cute.

  4. We river cruise in Europe too, but always in October. This year late October/early November. So a raincoat, a vest, a hat, gloves, and a quilted jacket are added to the mix. Cashmere sweaters, long pants (not ankle pants, too cold for those) and a few knit tops are enough to do, along with scarve and costume jewelry.. We usually spend time in Paris after, so I also pack a sweater dress that can be worn with tights and flat booties. Booties are a real plus for these trips, stylish and comfy too. Then I take a pair of leather flats, usually Clarks, but could be Ecco, and a pair of black sneakers with black soles, this year probably Abeos. Sometimes I deliberately pack older shoes that are comfy and worn and leave them in Europe. It’s the best way to make room for souvenirs! I also take just a carryon, but pack inside that a large flat duffel which I can check on the way home if my shopping has been out of control! Wine and cheese go in one of our carry-ons and it gets checked. I don’t care about having a checked bag going home, it will eventually make it home. In all our years of travel, we’ve only had one bag delayed-it wasn’t lost, it was just delayed. Last year I took a white shirt and I did wear it, but seems that it would be a better summertime layer.

    1. Great point. I’m not worried about checking my bag on the way home either. If it gets waylaid I have more clothes at home;)

      1. My checked bags would have my souvenirs so I would have been heartbroken if they got lost coming home.
        If my checked bag got lost at the beginning of the trip, it would be an excuse to go shopping. We have always done self guided tours so our days were more flexible, just had to make sure we were in the city where we booked our room for the night.

  5. EileenMcMurrer says:

    Jennifer, you looked great. You are an inspiration for traveling light. The photos are beautiful. I want to book a cruise soon!
    One question: my hair is very similar to yours—goes flat in heat and humidity. Try as I might, I cannot

  6. Rhonda sharland says:

    Terrific pics of your trip thank you. I loved your outfits but would love to see how you managed to pack all that into that wee carryon! 2 pairs of shoes must have taken up so much space. Do you use the roll method? Would love to know as we are cruising late this year & I always pack too much, need to scale down.

    1. I fold and press, not roll. I do have a handheld which carried two pair of shoes, my toiletries and a change of clothes.

  7. Great post and you looked fabulously put together without looking over dressed or over touristy! Great advice!

  8. Those Eileen Fisher pants are the mainstay of ALL my travels! Aren’t they wonderful?

  9. Your posts have been at the opposite end of the spectrum from boring! I love to live vicariously through your travels, wardrobe, dressing room diaries… Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thanks for sharing shots of your travels. I hope to do that kind of trip one day in search of family genealogy.
    In my opinion your clothing choices were perfect. Coordinated without being fuddy -duddy , casual and practical yet chic. Black is such a great basic and I can’t wear it. Makes capsule wardrobing more difficult because any other neutral besides white, is hard to find matching pieces. Unless you buy sets. Very frustrating. I don’t wear animal print either but I like your cute cardigan. And that long checked thing. For me, comfort is the main thing. But not sloppy or tacky.
    I’m amazed you could get all that into a carry on. Brilliant!

    1. Thank you, Penelope. Gray is a great alternative to black because they don’t need to match so long as you choose pieces with the same tone-warm or cool.

  11. Marlene Ward says:

    I love all of the packing advice.

    I was just wondering if you purchased any new clothes in Europe, and if you could show us some of them and explain why you bought them. What you liked about them.

    I have been to Europe and always hope to buy a lot but find their fashions different and worry they may not fit in here. When I do purchase, I find I rarely wear at home, but when I’m there I see it all around so want to buy them.


  12. Love all your outfits. They are not boring. You always have great accessories! Sounds like a wonderful trip. By the way I enjoy reading Karen White also.

  13. A friend and I are now on the exact same cruise but we started with a pre-trip of 3 days in Prague, Czech Republic. We love our Viking River Cruise and are in Linz, Austria today, heading for Krems tomorrow. Like your small wardrobe idea.

  14. Enjoying all your pictures and packing tips. I had to laugh reading your comment that you were deathly sick of your wardrobe at the end of your trip. We did the same when traveling to Italy for 16 days. We all only took a small carry on and tote bag. I have to confess that I used a lot of space in my husband’s bag. I don’t know how I could have done it otherwise. I’m a horrible packer!! You look great in every picture and look like you took quite a few clothes. It’s quite freeing to pack only what you can carry with you, but it is a challenge. And packing cubes are the only way to go!

  15. Sue L. Petersen says:

    I think you chose your outfits very well. I am sure you were one of the best dressed travelers on the cruise! There are advantages to carrying on your luggage. I have never tried it; however a story from one of my friends might make me think otherwise. Their group had trouble with some cancelled flights in the U.S. Some of the luggage did not get transferred to the other plane. My friend’s luggage did not show up until the 3rd or 4th day on the cruise. One of the other ladies in the group had no luggage for the entire trip.. She was a very tall lady and so unable to find pants to purchase that would fit her. The captain of the cruise ship offered her a pair of his pants. They did fit her and she has quite a story to tell about wearing the captain’s pants!

  16. Not bored at all, look forward to your photos. I have found no matter how carefully I packed , I end up with favorite outfits I want to wear over and over. Then come home with things I never wore ?

  17. We went on this same Viking Cruise the first of May and loved it. We did not have any warm days though, rain most days.?
    I loved how everyone dressed so casual.
    It was very relaxing!

    1. It is very relaxing to be casual. Some people take it to a whole new level but everyone looked comfy.

  18. NOT BORING! We travel a lot and travel lightly so these posts and you breaking it down are really helpful. I’m not a black wearer, but seeing how easily you change up the outfits makes me think about reconsidering. I don’t like black with my coloring/face, but putting the white and color on top really seems to help. Thanks for the ideas!

    1. You could do the same thing with navy or chocolate brown if black isn’t your thing. I just find it easier to find options in black.

  19. Linda Lennon says:

    The trade-off of a carry on vs. checking luggage is one to consider. We lugged a big purple bag on one car trip through Ireland that my husband nicknamed it Barney; a traveling companion on a river boat cruise had his checked bag delayed/lost/misdirected. We were in Paris & the airlines gave him some money to purchase what he needed; he’s 6’5” wearing a size 15 shoe. Lots of luck finding that size in Paris! You look wonderful & I love seeing your combinations. Neutral colors are sophisticated & classic.

    1. That is exactly why I only use carry-on. If I had to buy comfy shoes in an emergency I’d be in trouble.

  20. Amazing trip & very nice outfits. What is the cord you have your phone on? How handy is that! Thanks.

    1. That’s an audio box from the tour. My phone is just in my hand or pocket. I have seen small phone shoulder bags which would be awesome and convenient.

  21. I don’t see “boring” at all! I would love to see everything you took laid out together, though. I’m too lazy to go through every post to figure out how many tops, toppers, pants, shoes etc. that you packed ?. Is there anything you took that you wish you hadn’t (besides the scarf)—something you never or rarely wore? Anything you left behind that you wish you had taken? And I agree with one of the other posts—how did you get it all in one small bag?

    1. That’s a great idea for the visual. I’ll do that when everything is clean. I did have a handheld that I packed some shoes and toiletries in.

  22. So sorry about the scarf…at least you have some GREAT pics of yourself wearing it in that previous post. 🙂

    I had the same reaction to the clothes I lived in on our last trip, but I’m wearing some of them again without cringing. It’s always a joy to have our full wardrobe available after a trip with clothes on repeat. But what a job you did getting everything into that small suitcase. Kudos!

    1. It’s funny but I’m already wearing the white shirts. It’s blistering hot at home and all my linen is packed to move.

  23. I am also paying strict attention to your posts about the cruise and your clothing, as we are taking a similar trip {aboard the Tir too} this Fall. Love your photos and your advice about a versatile wardrobe. You look great! Can you comment about the no-iron shirt please? I have one I could take but wondered about keeping it fresh over the course of the trip. Many thanks!

    1. I have an entire post coming on those white shirts coming up. Plan to pack yours!

      1. Gretchen Waas says:

        That’s great! I will look forward to this!

  24. Becky Harvey says:

    We have taken eight river cruises! Three were Christmas market cruises, which I highly recommend. We travel a great deal (100 counties, all 7 continents, and all 50 states) and I still am not a great packer. I always pack too much. I can’t imagine only taking a carry on. Great job!

    1. Wow, that’s amazing Becky. Our next trip is in our trailer but I’m already thinking about where to go next. I love to travel.

  25. All of your outfits were different. You look stylish in every photo. I’m thinking you might have been the best dressed on the boat – not fancy, not over the top, just very well put together.

    I’m curious if you noticed much about how Europeans dressed, if they stood out from the tourists.

    1. Thank you. The Europeans were hard to spot in these small towns because there were so many tourists. The ones I did notice were casual and not too different looking from the tourists. This is the first trip I’ve seen that!

    2. We recently returned from our first trip to Europe… Lisbon, Rome, Florence, Milan, Paris, Bruges, Amsterdam. Everywhere we went, most people were dressed very casually. As Jennifer says, it was impossible to tell who was tourist and who was local.

  26. Leaving for an Alaskan cruise next week with only carryon as well…packing lots of black. I have problem feet, so the shoes are my biggest problem. Thanks for tips!

  27. I am so enjoying your travelogue (and seeing your outfits). On my first trip to Europe (for three months), I did a capsule red, white, and navy wardrobe. I was so tired of that combo that I didn’t wear those colors together again for over twenty years! So I understand. Amazed, too, that you got everything in that small bag.

    1. That sounds like a fun trip but I’d be sick of the colors after 3 months too.

  28. I have no idea how you fit everything into that little spinner! It’s YOU who were bored with the clothes. Those of us looking at your outfits don’t see all the clothes on repeat, just your great combos. WRT the scarf you lost – I’m so sorry. I lost an expensive bracelet while traveling and thought the same thing as you….I’ll no longer wear expensive/sentimental things when I travel. Then I thought about it and decided I could just as easily lose the item when I wear it at home, out for dinner, or going to the grocery. I sure wish your cruise had been to Alaska since I’m going there soon and would like to see the clothes you’d take for that trip!

    1. That trip to Alaska is next on our list. Bring warm clothes for viewing icebergs etc on deck. So true about losing things at home but at least I’d have a chance to trace my steps to find it. Traveling means you move on?

  29. Amazing so far! Not bored….you look pretty and chic in all of these pics! Even though Ive visited Prague and Budapest, it was not on a river cruise. I think I may have to look into the catalogs I receive in the mail. Wow! Plus, Ive never been to Vienna. Time to do that……

    1. Budapest was so amazing. They all were. You’ll have a wonderful time. The organized tours make it so effortless too.

  30. Melissa R says:

    Not bored at all. We are planning a river cruise for next summer so am really paying attention to what you packed and how you styled your outfits. I am not a great packer. Thank you for all of your tips. They are really helpful!

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