Season Spanning Duster

This week is passing in a blur which makes me all the more grateful for our time at the coast last week. We arrived home to several offers on our house and after lots of discussions, it is now pending. I’m excited to move on to our new adventure…wherever that may be. 

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing season spanning duster by Bobeau

Our temps have gradually inched into the 60’s and 70’s with more dry days than wet. Yesterday was warm and breezy. Friday is supposed to be cool and rainy. This type of weather calls for lightweight layers that span the seasons and

We grabbed some pictures in Pleasanton yesterday after a trip to our tax accountant. It’s funny how people will stop like a deer in the headlights and stare if you’re getting your picture taken:) #embarassing

A sweater duster is a great 3rd piece which adds polish to a simple tee and jeans. It finishes an outfit, much like a jacket would, but in a more laid-back way.

This soft to the touch cardigan is a melange of navy and gray, making it easy to coordinate. It’s an all over loose rib knit that has spandex built in. The sleeves are roomy enough to easily wear a blouse under it.

The simple lines and shawl collar of this sweater make this an unfussy topper for every day. It was perfect for a day running errands, meetings, and lunch out in small-town suburbia.

Do you wear a third piece to finish your outfits?

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  1. Janet Williams says:

    Very happy for you! I wish real estate was moving here but it isn’t and we can’t retire until our house is sold. You are looking good as always!

  2. Love the duster, and nice that it is not wool (sooooo sensitive) and reasonably priced.
    If I was wearing it, though, I would also be wearing socks! Thanks for sharing Poppy with us.
    Congrats on your house selling so quickly. Hope it all moves along easily.

    1. Thanks Anne:) Spring will arrive for you has to.

  3. People are just curious Jennifer. They might wonder who that star is wandering their streets. ????
    I have a red duster that you just reminded me to pull out from the back of my closet. We’ve been having lovely spring weather on the Island during the month of March into April. It’s raining today but I’m happy as my garden seems dry.
    House sold ✔️ On to the next adventure! Have you narrowed down your options? It’s a big step picking your forever home.

    1. We are a little stunned at how fast this happened so are ramping up our rental search as fast as we can. Most likely closer to my grandson and then decide from there.

  4. Damn you Jennifer! Of course I completely fell in love with the duster and immediately ordered it (thanks for the coupon code!). Seriously, it looks so versatile. And congratulations on selling your house so quickly!

    1. Thanks Barb! I packed my stash last week and it was an eye-opening, embarrassing experience. How did I get so much yarn??

  5. Love that duster! It is a great casual but elegant look.

  6. Wow! Things are moving very quickly on your house. The real estate market in our area is much more stagnant. We’re doing some upgrades to our house with an eye to possibly selling, but also realizing that we might be here for quite some time.

    I love the duster! It really elevates the jeans and t-shirt while maintaining a comfortable, casual look.

    1. Our market in on fire so we have our fingers crossed everything goes through as planned.

  7. L H Carter says:

    I’m glad that the process of location is moving along through another phase.
    I like the blue/ gray mix of your duster and the look of the duster on you.
    I believe in the 3rd piece. In the winter it’s easy. But now that summer is here, I feel stuck with just necklaces.

    1. I love bracelets and earrings in the really hot weather. Scarves can be too hot and I also find necklaces the same.

  8. Beverly Glotzbach says:

    Congrats on your pending contract!!!! (All of your hard work paid off….. and you are still married!) Send some of your luck to Georgia. We photograph Monday and list Wednesday!!!!
    Love your photos today.
    Good luck with your transition year!

    1. Good luck Beverly!! Seeling your home is very stressful. Plan to get out of dodge for awhile and save your sanity.

  9. I love the “third piece” concept to elevate tees and jeans. Keep them coming! Cardigans, scarves, and soft styles are so much more useful to me than a structured blazer. I’m always on the lookout for basic color pieces that have interesting design details — stylish yet versatile. Thanks, Jennifer!

    1. I prefer soft over structured too so will keep them coming.

  10. That’s a great duster. And I always love the pics from Pleasanton. 🙂 I remember well selling my house there…it was bedlam. But it’s nice to have it pending. Congrats! Enjoy the weekend.

      1. Back to the Midwest. Family and all…

        Slow response…I was at a women’s silent retreat with a gourmet cook this weekend. 🙂

  11. i love this look! You look long and lean!

  12. Barbara Testerman says:

    I’m far from artistic, but one thing I remember from my required college art classes was that lines can draw the eye wherever you wish (or don’t wish!). I love that this outfit draws your eye vertically giving a slimming look. I love the new longer length tops that help achieve that, plus the longer length necklace. Good for us that have gained some unwanted pounds as we’ve aged.

    1. Excellent point! I’m all for drawing the eye vertically. I also love the slimming effect of covering the outer 2/3 of my body

  13. Great outfit! You have a way of elevating a simple tee and jeans to a classic, chic look. Your sandals remind me that I need to up my sandal game for the summer, but I won’t start looking yet…the high for today is only going to be 34 degrees!

    1. Don’t wait too long or the cute ones may be gone in your size by the time it warms up:)

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