Monday Musings- A Woman Who Inspired Me With Her Luxe Wedding Outfit And Flat Shoes

Happy Monday ladies. Today I am musing about what I’m reading, and a woman who inspired me with her luxe wedding guest outfit with flat shoes.

One of my goals this year has been to read more books. My daughter set book goals for herself last year that I found staggering. I’m not that ambitious so I’m just making a concerted effort to read more. I include audiobooks in my count (although I’m not really counting) because I listen to them while I’m walking, ironing, driving, etc.

Currently reading

along the infinite sea paperback book

This weekend,  I restarted Along The Infinite Sea, which I tried to get into last summer. I’m galloping through it this time, perhaps because I just finished another book by Elizabeth Williams so I’m enjoying her style of writing.

Newest shoes

The flats I’m wearing are my newest Margaux Demi’s in the color, Dove. I love a classic ballet flat but many hit right on the sore spot of my bunion. These come in tons of colors and widths, plus the drawstring is a working cord that I loosen on my left foot to give my bunion a bit more room. I debated buying another Cerulean Blue pair because I’ve almost worn them out, but I like this pale gray for summer.

BTW, when did the veins on the top of my feet get as ropey as the ones on the back of my hands?

Currently listening to

I think I read every book that Sarah Ban Breathnach wrote back in the 90s. She had a way of looking at life that appealed to me then, and now.


I actually still have my old stained copy of this hardcover, but I bought the audiobook because it’s read by the author and I find her voice as soothing as what she says. FYI, I still have 6 or more boxes of books in my garage that may never see the light of day unless we get going on those bookshelves I want.

Outfit of the week- Wedding Guest Outfit with flat shoes

Have you ever spotted a woman who was so beautifully dressed that you couldn’t help but stare? I saw one over the weekend as she headed into a wedding reception at a historic hotel. I hurried over to tell her how stunning she looked, which I believe we should all do more often. It also gave me a chance to get a closer look at how she put the outfit together.


She walked with the most amazing cane and wore flat shoes which goes to show, that the right flats needn’t derail a dressy outfit. Her makeup was soft and pretty, and she looked positively regal. Her jacket had less embroidery and looked closer to this one.

How often do you spot a woman you’d love to study closely to see how she puts herself together? Do you compliment her?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. Gorgeous outfit! And I am sure she appreciated having the ensemble admired.

  2. Even we old gals with canes can look good. As one who uses a cane, I can tell you heels would be a problem. Why does the old rule about heels with dresses still oppress us?

  3. Elaine @ Following Augustine says:

    I’m trying to compliment strangers more often as I’ve learned from experience how good an unexpected compliment feels and how uplifting it can be. I’m sure that that woman walked into the reception feeling on top of the world after receiving your compliment! The outfit that you shared is absolutely stunning and so versatile.

    1. I have learned that too so try to spread the love and compliments as much as possible.

  4. This is why I love this blog! It’s relevant to my life today and it leaves me with pleasant thoughts and plans to always keep moving forward! A compliment is such an easy gesture that can make a huge impact. It’s the same with a smile!
    I would wear the gorgeous wedding ensemble in a heartbeat! I have ms and with it comes balance issues. Thank you for showing us some options for wearing flats. I truly enjoy reading the other comments too. I feel like my pool of friends is huge and they share so many of my same thoughts and concerns.

    1. This audience is the very best. I am so blessed to have you wonderful ladies reading and sharing here. Have a beautiful day, Jan!

  5. Just a word to say how much I enjoy reading your postings. I’ve been looking for a new book, so I ordered the one you are reading by Williams, and your comment about comparing the top of your feet made me laugh and immediately make my own comparison (with the same observation!) It is so nice that you complimented the woman on her outfit, I’m sure that it made her happy and her outfit as you described it looks absolutely lovely. The long jacket over the palazzo pants is so attractive and elegant! Thank you!

    1. She really looked so amazing and to be honest, that pretty cane made her look even more elegant! Thanks for being here with us, Alexis.

  6. I like the idea of pants and top for wedding so I can wear comfy shoes.. I need ideas that don’t have heavy jackets. Summer is way too hot for jackets. I will be going to an outdoor wedding.

    1. I will be putting some more ideas together soon because it’s wedding season.

  7. Ann Symes says:

    Flats for weddings. I’m glad you are covering this topic. I stopped wearing heels a few years ago. My balance is off and I would fall. That’s not a good look at a wedding😀
    I am 5’3” I bought a beautiful 2 piece dress for this evening wedding, but not certain I can pull off flats with a dress. I am having the skirt shortened to about knee length. Maybe that would help with flats. Thoughts?

    1. What about a pair of wedge sandals? You feel like you are walking in flats but get a more dressy look.

    2. Flats work with long dresses top because they’re rather hidden. It’s not worth risking a fall for shoes that have a heel…smart lady!

  8. The outfit is so flattering and perfect for the occasion. I would have wanted a closer look too! I am all for compliments on a nice top sweater or whatever. We need to add some niceness in today’s world.
    My feet have the same ropey look so I rub lotion on them to give a smoother look. Just message them a minute or two. This only lasts a short while if I have too much salt in my system. Wish they would stay smooth.
    Thanks for the post.

    1. I agree, I have to avoid too much salt…especially for my blood pressure.

  9. Sue Henry says:

    Good morning Jennifer!

    Loved your post today!
    I too always compliment a well put together outfit! It feels good to give and to receive!
    I just returned from a trip to Vancouver where I found the perfect mother of groom dress at a store called After 5 in Richmond, B.C. Perfect shoes on upper Granville and I had 5 glorious days in the City! Even if it never stopped raining!

    I am going to iron all my summer clothes that I have just dragged out from under my bed today and thanks for the tip of turning on my audio book! Great idea!

    You always inspire me and love how I feel after reading your post. So relatable!


    1. I love that city whether it rains or not! It sounds like you had great success. Thanks for being here Sue

  10. Elizabeth says:

    My granddaughter got married this weekend. No pictures yet. But I wore Ecru flats with my midi dress and had also the same purse on ecru. It had a shoulder strap but for my entrance into the church I took the strap off put it inside the purse and carried it like a clutch. For the reception I put the shoulder strap back on to make it easier to hug, shake hands or pick up my food.

    1. It sounds beautiful. That’s one reason I love convertible shoulder straps on an evening bag.

  11. Rhoda Clark says:

    Still loving your posts. A couple of problems: after i updated my IO apple info on my ipad, i can no longer access your bullet points on your posts. A bit frustrating, but I’ll adjust. Love that linen jacket. But here in south Texas the lining would make it impractical for summer wear.

    1. The south has a whole different level of heat to deal with. I know I would dress very differently there.

  12. I have many times and reveived a few myself. Whether it is a hairstyle, clothing or accessory. It is such a small thing to do but it can brighten someones day.

  13. It’s a beautiful, feminine outfit that I certainly would wear with confidence to many occasions, including a wedding, the theatre, dinner on a cruise…I’m sure the lady looked very elegant and was thrilled you complimented her outfit.
    I always compliment a women who is beautifully dressed or has a pretty hairstyle if I’m in close proximity.

    1. It can make a woman’s day, week, or month to receive a genuine compliment. So happy you give them too 🙂

  14. It feels so great to give and receive a compliment. That really can make someone’s day. I love those ballet flats but I recently dislocated my toe and was told no more thin soled shoes for me. I am just starting to read Summer Wives, looks good.

    1. Ouch! Sorry about the toe…I have done that too many times in my life. Elevate it and reading is the best medicine.

  15. Marian Allender says:

    Thanks very much, Jennifer, for two recent no-sew baggy tee adjustment ideas. Tucking an edge through a belt loop will save me several hours of frustrating and ultimately less-than-successful alterations.
    More, please, of similar ‘quick takes’ would greatly please this loyal reader!

    1. I’m glad you liked it. I will keep them coming.

  16. What a gorgeous outfit that lady was wearing and I’m sure she was thrilled you noticed. I’ve made it a point to compliment others over the last few years, and lately I’ve been the recipient of quite a few. I think it’s the combination of white hair and the brighter colours that I’m now wearing as I certainly stand out. I even had a compliment from a young (20 something) gal the other day!

    1. Your hair sounds so striking Yvonne! I love that you’re getting compliments xo

  17. Jan Meyer says:

    Very pretty! I need flats so will be checking them out! A few months ago I told a woman in the oncologist’s office how pretty she looked in a fuschia top. She told me she had not felt good for months, but was making an effort. So you never know when a compliment might be just the thing!

  18. Josephine Riddle says:

    What a wonderful thing it is when someone notices, and lets us know, that they appreciate the effort we have made, in our clothing choices, or anything else! I am, like many commenters, trying to do that more often. Thank you for the reminder. I clicked on the photo of the ” less embroidered” jacket and thought that entire look was spoiled by the shoes! Anyone else feel that way??

  19. Love your elegant outfit with flat shoes! I just had a total knee replacement and needed such an idea. Thank you! Also, I am teasing Summer Wives and am really enjoying it! Thanks for that suggestion too!

    1. I wish you a speedy recovery! I know they do this surgery all the time but it’s still pretty major.

  20. That is a stunning outfit and I love the fact that it includes pants instead of a dress! I’m still stuck in the past where I wouldn’t even think of wearing pants to a wedding!
    I’d love to see a wedding guest post for late fall/winter weddings because my next wedding to attend is New Year’s Eve 2022! I’d love to look as stunning as this woman must have looked, and still be warm!
    A fancy jacket and pants may just do the trick! The beauty is, this type of outfit would get more wear other than the one occasion.

    1. Exactly! The pieces could be mixed and matched for multiple uses. Thus could easily be duplicated in a darker color like chocolate or charcoal, even black, for a winter wedding.

  21. Yes, I tell someone they look lovely. In my opinion, we need to make an effort to be kind to one another.

  22. I really never thought much about complimenting attractively dressed and groomed women that are strangers. However, a few weeks ago a women came up to me and said I looked “awesome”. I was so surprised and incredibly pleased to receive this nice compliment. I have thought about this incident many times over and remember how good it made me feel and how much I appreciated her comment.

    Now I am doing my best to extend this kindness to others. Only I want to carry it into my observation of not only how “awesome” someone looks but how awesome they act as well. I come in contact every day with both women and men who do many kind things for others and without any expectation of it being noticed or thanked.

    1. I agree Elaine! Our society criticizes others so easily, I’d prefer we were more positive.

  23. Now I know where to find the flats I like. Long drive to a Macy’s but haven’t found these close to home.

  24. It used to be easier to compliment people when they dressed up. To be honest, I see a lot of sloppy sweatpants, oversized t-shirts and flipflops these days. I do hope we return to something a little better than that as a standard. Just as comfy, but a little nicer, would be ballet flats, leggings and a tunic, for example. I’m not expecting ballgowns and tiaras, just something that shows the wearer was thoughtful in their choices.

    1. I agree Sue. I’m not sure we will see an improvement in the general population but I like to do my small part.

  25. Love that you let her know how beautiful she looked. I do that, you can see how a simple compliment like you look lovely today just lifts their spirit.

    1. It does and makes me feel better too!

  26. Celia Bass says:

    I often compliment friends as well as strangers when they look nice, or are wearing something that I like. That was often part of my greeting to each student as I stood at the door of my classroom welcoming students as they entered. Everyone appreciates being complimented, and it’s so easy to give a compliment! BTW bulging veins come with age as our skin thins, and valves in veins weaken. Anytime our arms and legs are below the level of our hearts, this increases the effort for blood to pumped up to our hearts, and our weakened blood vessels budge. I’m a retired science teacher if you cannot tell!

    1. Teachers are the best people! Thanks Celia. My feet and hand look nice and smooth when I elevate them.

  27. Simple Abundance is an inspiring book that helped me get through the first dark year after my daughter’s death.

    1. I’m so very sorry to hear about your daughter Beth. My heart goes out to you.
      Listening to this again, I find it’s as current today as it was then.

  28. Thanks for stopping to compliment a stranger on her outfit. To Carols point,
    that would’ve made my day.

    1. It’s such a small gesture and easy to do. I thought I did it a lot, but know I could do it more.

  29. Those shoes! I have never been able to wear this kind of shoe because of MY bunions. So sad! And novels are fine, but I read so many mysteries that I cannot read novels anymore—-I am always waiting for someone to be murdered! lol

  30. I’m sure you made her day by stopping to compliment her. I was walking to the car after returning my cart at Trader Joe’s when I woman who’d stopped to let me cross rolled down her window to say she loved my outfit. That continues to go a long way in making me feel good about dressing well every time I leave the house. Those small moments (to us) often have the biggest impact on the recipient.

    I’ll have to look into the shoes, but have difficulty finding anything with enough good support.

    1. It does help build us up. I give compliments as often as I can.

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