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A Quick Get-Away to The Bay Area- What I Wore

We just got back from 3 glorious days in the Bay Area. It was not a spur-of-the-moment trip, but it was a spur-of-the-moment packing job which is very unlike me. I’m usually extremely organized to the point of being too organized. This time I tossed things in a small bag in ten minutes and jumped in the car. Here’s what I wore for 3 days in the Bay Area.

view of san francisco through the golden gate bridge

We left early Friday to get a jump on the weekend traffic. After checking in, we drove up to the lookout above the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a magnificent spot to watch the city lights come on as the fog rolls through the gate.

man an woman smiling into camera with golden gate bridge behind them

It’s a magical site and always very windy so I knew enough to pack a silk scarf to cover my hair. The stronger the wind, the more my hair breaks so a scarf is always a good idea.

woman standing on bluff above the goldken gate bridge wearign denim jacket and jeans
WEARING –  SILK  SCARF  –  DENIM JACKET   –   STRIPED SHIRT similar   –  JEANS   –   SUNGLASSES  –  similar BELT  –  similar TOTE BAG

I wore denim on denim and was so glad to have the jacket. The Bay Area has natural air conditioning that we don’t get inland and I knew it would get chilly. I’d briefly considered packing a cashmere wrap, but the wind can go right through those so the denim was perfect.

The following day was sunny and warm. We had lunch with my sister-in-law, played several rounds of cards, and wandered around Sausalito.

woman wearing whote jeans and strippped tee in front of flower store

tea and muffin on chair

After tanking up on tea and pastries at the Firehouse Coffee shop we headed over to Muir Woods.

path in muir woods

There aren’t many tourists this year so the forest is quieter than usual, which to my mind, makes it more breathtaking than ever.

woman standing under muir woods sign wearign straw hat

By the time we got to the forest parking lot, my feet were beginning to swell so I swapped into these metallic sneakers which are the widest ones I own and super comfy. My white jeans got dusty but they’re stain-resistant so I didn’t worry about them. I swapped my tote for this convertible crossbody bag to keep my hands free.

After a few hours, we drove down the coast to Half Moon Bay and had dinner at a small fish restaurant on the dock. The fog was getting very thick at that point so I hauled on my trusty denim jacket and wrapped the scarf at my throat. The Bay Area is made up of micro-climates so you need to pack with layers and be prepared for it to change quickly.

fishing boats at half moon bay

The following morning we just sat on a bluff and watched the waves crash for hours.

woman standing in jeans and blue sweater in front of lawn and hotel at half moon bay

After several hours we drove down to the beach and walked the shoreline. I debated about wearing my metallic sneakers in the sand but they were fine!

woman standing on beach at half moon bay

After several hours we headed over to meet our friends…which was the purpose of this whole trip. Our dinner group has been getting together several times a year for over 30 years. We’ve been through it all together and I could not love them more. These are the kind of friends you can’t replace. Zoom calls are nice but they can’t replace a hug.


over fifty blogger jennifer connolly sitting on wall wearing blue cardrigan and blue jeans

This year has been hard on everyone, some more than others. You may remember that my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer last summer and had a lobe of his left lung removed. And he’s far from alone. Lung cancer has touched our group in a profound way.

Our friend Bonnie, whose home we met at, beat her own stage 3B lung cancer in 2004. In the years since she’s become one of the foremost advocates for lung cancer patients and co-founder of the largest lung cancer foundation in the world. Her foundation funds research into drugs to battle this awful disease but her main efforts are to educate patients and give them hope.

She’s written this amazing book, The Living Room, which shares powerful stories of  22 people who have beaten cancer and are not only surviving, they’re thriving thanks to the array of new treatments and therapies that have changed the face of lung cancer.

The Living Room is also the name of a virtual support group that is live-streamed internationally on the third Tuesday of every month where lung cancer patients find hope and learn that a diagnosis of lung cancer is no longer an automatic death sentence.

Of the 5 families in our dinner group, 4 have been touched by lung cancer. Younger and younger people are being diagnosed every day who never smoked a day in their life so we need to educate ourselves and this book is a perfect place to start. All proceeds from “The Living Room” will go directly to research and patient services.

Has lung cancer touched your life?



  1. Often attributed to Mark Twain: “the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”

  2. maryellen walsh small says:

    My husband had kidney cancer, removed in 2020 and now back and spreading, especially to the lungs. Treatment did no good so we have signed up for home hospice care though he has months to live. It’s free and we get a nurse visiting every week, a wonderful hospice doc to talk to, social worker and chaplain if we want them and a fridge full of pain and anxiety meds, including morphine which he has not yet needed. It is a big relief to have a team to navigate these months ahead, We are not alone. I wish people would not wait to the last minute to enroll in home hospice. What a help and what great people. And with meds at the ready if you need them.

    1. I am so very sorry, Maryellen! Hospice was invaluable as we cared for my brother-in-law as he lost his fight with liver cancer. I will keep you both in my prayers.xx

  3. Jennifer, please pass on my regards and a big “Thank you!” to your friend, Bonnie Addario. In 2019, a scan revealed a very small lesion on my lower left lung, and a biopsy confirmed that it was cancer. I had wedge resection to remove it and did not need chemo or radiation. I was never a smoker and never around smokers, but I have always lived in Southern California, so in 70 years I have had my share of bad air quality. Over the years I have always stayed on top of recommended cancer screenings, but lung cancer was not one of them. Had it not been for an aggravating and persistent bout of asthma, I would not have had a scan. After diagnosis, my lung cancer navigator at the Leonard Cancer Center gave me Bonnie’s book “Navigating Lung Cancer 360 Degrees of Hope.” The information was so helpful, encouraging and comforting, it definitely lowered my stress levels. Thank you for mentioning Bonnie’s latest book – I just ordered it!

    Oh, PS, I love the style, beauty and health tips in your blog. I’m a long time follower!

    1. I am so grateful your cancer was caught early enough!! I will pass your message on to Bonnie. She is amazing and I could not love her more! XX

  4. It is fun to get away. We are in Breckenridge for all of June meeting up with granddaughter and daughters, their husbands and my brother and wife. it has been over year since we have seen them. Granddaughter and daughter live in UK, and took quite the planning and preparation to get here. The other daughter is in PA school in Denver. FaceTime is great but real time and hugs are the best. Nice weather here. Very hot in Plano , Tx (Dallas)

    I know about the sadness and hurt from cancer. My mom died from ovarian at 57 and dad died of lung cancer at 80 from smoking 2 packs a day, He quit too late and loved it
    unfortunately. During covid my husband had his prostate removed robotically in time before it had time to spread. We are so thankful. He has done well with this type of surgery. Great doctor in Dallas. We are both 71 vigilant with our tests and screenings.
    Prayers for all of you who have cancer or have lost someone from it.

    Thanks for showing nice clothes and styles Jennifer.

    1. I’m sorry about your parents, Donna. Your husband is fortunate to have caught his cancer in time. I lost my Dad to prostate cancer which should never happen because it is usually slow-growing cancer.

  5. Christine says:

    To everyone who posted, I’m sharing in a separate post what I replied to Barb.
    I find the podcast Happier (Gretchen Rubin) helpful and inspiring. It’s broadcast each Wednesday. I decided to go back and start at the beginning, sometimes bingeing 2 or 3 episodes per day.
    If you have an iPhone, there’s already a podcast icon on your home screen, making it easy to search 🙂

  6. Christine says:

    Thank you for always sharing your adventures! I’ve made note of Muir Woods and Half Moon Bay for the next time we travel northward. The photograph (selfie?) of you and your husband is frame-worthy. And I love the scarf around your hair; dual purpose, protective and flattering 🙂
    My mother died from lung cancer in 1987, about 4 months before her 56th birthday. She was a lifelong smoker, as was my dad. I was 25 when she was diagnosed with benign polyps in her throat, which were removed, one side then the other, over successive six-week sessions. She switched from regular Winstons to Winston Lights, which caused a lightening bolt moment for me. I quit smoking, have never smoked since, nor wanted to. Two years later, she was diagnosed with small oat cell cancer, which had metastasized in her chest, a large nodule showing through her skin. Over the next two years, she underwent chemotherapy and radiation. I took off work and went with her to every session I could. In the end, the cancer had moved to her brain, with nothing to be done. Two months before my 30th birthday, I moved into the hospital and stayed by her side, held her hand as she drew her last breath. I spent 10 years not being able to speak about it without my throat closing and crying hard. The next 10 years, I talked some while crying. During the next ten years I slowly came to terms emotionally. It’s been 34 years this year, I’ve lived most of my life without her, always missed having her in my life. She and her granddaughter, born in 1991, never met. We were close, we are close. She’s always and forever in my heart.

    1. I am so very sorry, Christine. Thank you for sharing your very personal, and painful story with us. You were an amazing daughter and your mom was blessed to have you with her. Sending hugs XX

  7. Jennifer, I had to smile at your choice of scarf for your getaway … mine was delivered last week and it’s lovely. Blue& White rocks! I see it is now half price… never mind…still a good purchase.
    We have visited SF twice , for a week each time, however we ran out of time to explore Sausalito .
    Got to try next time we travel down.

    My brother-in -law is one of those unfortunates that present with stage 4 lung cancer at age 49.
    Non smoker, not job related . It is showing up more and is very much a challenge, however here in 🇨🇦there is great progress being made with targeted therapy, and it’s working 👍
    My thoughts are with those you dearly love having success with the miracles of science.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law! We need to hold onto hope as more and more targeted therapies are discovered. We must also do all we can to remove the stigma that lung cancer is always caused by smoking because it’s not!

  8. This is why we must always be kind. We never know what the other person is dealing with. This also says many folks survive or live with various cancers. Don’t count yourself out.

  9. retro-roost says:

    Sending positive thoughts to your family and friends for speedy enduring recoveries.💕 Might I ask the symptoms that prompted your husband to get checked for lung cancer? Thank you.

    1. He had a mild case of pneumonia and when the doctor learned he had smoked for 10 years, she ordered a CT, just to check. Thank goodness we had a conscientious doctor. I need to get one myself also.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Sounds like a wonderful trip. You did great for a 10 minute pack job! My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer in Feb 2021 and had upper left lobe of lung removed. We are fortunate that one of the major hospitals here (Houston) offers lung cancer screening CT scans for $250 making it affordable for most. I made the appointment for us both and he went kicking and screaming. He is so thankful he did as it was caught very very early. He had robotic surgery so the recovery was relatively easy. Will have follow up visits every 6 months for the next few years but no further treatment required at this time. Still a scary situation. I hope your husband is doing well. He looks well!

    1. Wow, that sounds so similar to my husband’s cancer. He is having a 6 month follow-up CT tomorrow and will do so for the foreseeable future. Early detection is so important but continued follow-up CTs are so critical. Sending prayers for your husband’s continued good health.

  11. What a great get-away and your clothing was perfect! I took note as someday I hope to visit there and this gives me ideas of how to dress!

    I am sorry that so many in your group got sick, could it be from air pollution? Living in Dallas, our air is frequently bad. It worries me, but I try to focus on what I can to help such as driving less.

    I will turn 68 next Monday and am grateful for every day that I have.

    1. Many things cause lung cancer including radon which is naturally occurring in soils. Often it just seems to come down to bad luck.

  12. I love your trip notes and pictures everything looked beautiful. Do the small purses ever go on sale?

    I recently had a lumpectomy and everything did come out very good but still need chemo pill for a couple of years. I was very blessed I have no family history it was just time for mammogram so it was only stage 1. It amazes me how many people you meet with the same problems.

    1. They do occasionally go on sale. If you sign up for their emails you’ll be notified when they do

  13. We are also in a dinner group, 5 couples total, for over 30 years. One got breast cancer and another cancer in the colon but otherwise everyone is extremely healthy. How nice you are all so close and there for each other. That is what life is all about!

  14. My sister in law has stage 4 liver cancer. Thor dread disease affects so many families. She is so cheerful and although she lost her hair from chemo, she doesn’t let it bother her. I feel like she might go into remission with that wonderful attitude.
    Really chic and cute outfits. The hat and scarf looks so good on you. You look like grace Kelly in a scarf. I look like the washer woman in those old movies.

    1. Sending prayers for your sister-in-law. Hope and prayer can do many many things!!

  15. First of all, extending complete recovery wishes to your husband and friends that have been inflicted with lung cancer. (Sadly six years ago, my eldest sister passed away from it as was already in stage three when diagnosed.)

    As to your trip; so glad that you had a wonderful time and the weather you describe sounds similar to what we have been experiencing (like today for example). Noticed your tote bag however those that you linked are not available to Canadians. (Sad face — though managed to purchase two casual canvas cross body bags vie an Etsy vendor (in Texas) so am pleased about that as many of our stores are still closed.) -Brenda-

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your sister, Brenda! Early detection is so important.

  16. Francesca B. says:

    Thanks for sharing such a gorgeous trip Jennifer.My husband I went to Muir Woods last year and it was just lovely and Sausalito is a real getaway. We just had dear friends for dineer and we all were very emotional to see each other and hug each other. What a year! Happy week:)

    1. Yes, we hugged long and hard!! It felt so wonderful!!

  17. Sometimes short, spontaneous trips are the best! You’ve shown great options with just a few things in your suitcase.
    Hopefully, catching up with friends was good medicine. I am a four year breast cancer survivor, and don’t know that I could have made it this far without support from family and friends. I have often thought that loved ones of patients have special and difficult challenges. Somehow as the patient I feel more in control.
    I am including my best wishes and prayers for a return to health for your husband and comfort for you.

    1. Thank you, Susan. Sending prayers and positive thoughts for your continued good health! XX

  18. Very nice post, really enjoyed it. Btw, your hair looks great! Are you doing anything new to your hair?

    1. Same old routine, wash, dry, spray with dry shampoo and finish with a spritz of hairspray:)

  19. Loved your 10 min. bag.
    All outfits were adorable, comfortable and classy. Hope you had a great time. 😊

  20. What an awesome trip and you looked lovely as usual! Our family has not experienced lung cancer but I’ve been a breast cancer survivor for 7 years now. Hard to find someone who hasn’t been affected by cancer. Glad your husband is doing well.

    1. Sending prayers and positive thoughts for your continuing clear health Rose! XX

  21. Thank you for this mini vacation blog post for us to have a vicarious experience with you. How do you keep your hat on, especially in windy conditions? I love wearing hats, but it seems I’m always holding them on with one hand. Also, I really enjoyed the joint video on skincare. Hope all continues healthy for your friends and family. I’ve noted Bonnie’s book. Thank you.

    1. If it’s windy, I clamp my hand on my hat too. That’s why I’m wearing a scarf above the Golden Gate Bridge because a hat would never stay on:)

  22. A lovely post. Both you and your husband look great. It’s nice to have long standing friends seeing each other through thick and thin. God bless us everyone and may we see the daily miracles in our life. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you, Nancy! Seeing the miracles and counting our blessings is what keeps hope alive.

  23. Hi Jennifer. I loved reading about your trip. Here in Southwestern Ontario, we are just starting to emerge from lockdown, so such trips are not permitted yet. At least I can get vicarious pleasure from the trips of others! I love the belt you are wearing, but, when I tried to order it, I discovered that Banana Republic Canada does not carry that item and the US stores don’t ship to Canada. It’s the same situation with Nordstrom which has such great merchandise available in the US. So frustrating…

    I do not have lung cancer, but I do have breast cancer that has metastasized to my lungs and liver. I have a great oncologist who is treating me with the best options available, but the cancer is slowing winning the battle. I am trying to be mindful and stay in the current moment, a strategy that works sometimes, but not always.

    I am really enjoying the Instagram series that you and the other women are providing. I was glad you hit on the topics of rosacea and scent-free products. You all seem to have such fun putting the videos together.

    1. I’m so very sorry to read about your cancer, Barb. Sending prayers, hugs, and positive thoughts your way! I found this belt at Joe Fresh which looks very similar. Xx

    2. So sorry for your illness. Prayers for you always 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    3. Christine says:

      Barb – sending you warm wishes, hugs, and hope. I can only imagine your efforts to stay positive and in the moment. My good friend was diagnosed in 2013 with Stage 3 advanced localized anal cancer, involvement in one lymph node, and has been in remission since 2016. If you are able to listen to U.S. podcasts in Canada, search out Happier (Gretchen Rubin). It’s broadcast each Wednesday. I decided to go back and start at the beginning, sometimes bingeing 2 or 3 episodes per day. It’s both helpful and inspiring.

  24. Suzanne Herder says:

    Jennifer, so enjoyed your travel photos. We have just ended a stay at home order in Ontario. The province is slowly re-opening in stages. We do miss our travel. Seeing your smile and beautiful photos is encouraging. Happy you have such wonderful friends to share life with. Friends are the icing on the cake.

  25. Deborah B says:

    As an only child, lung cancer has devastated my life. I have met few couples that shared the great love that my parents had for each other. Both died from lung cancer is their 60s (young!) Treatment has advanced in the years since their deaths, but we still need education and continued research. Thank you for your platform and making others aware.

    1. That’s devastating. I’m so sorry, Deborah. Sending hugs

  26. Karen Kasberg says:

    Looks like an amazing trip! Great to see life returning to some normalcy.

    Sending well wishes your husband’s way.

  27. Paulette Levy says:

    I enjoyed reading about your trip to the Bay Area, until I read about all the others in your group who’ve suffered through yet beat lung cancer. (I did know that your husband endured this in 2020).😔 I did not realize so many women experience this form of cancer until I did further reading…..
    I pray that your group of friends stays healthy going forward.
    I’ll look for the book…..

    1. It is news to me that lung cancer is survivable. That has not been the case for the people in my life who had it. So glad that others can benefit from life-extending treatments now.

  28. Are the Rothy Sneakers comfortable and do they fit TTS. They are so cute.

    1. They’re comfortable but do not stretch so if you’re between sizes you have to order up! I love that they’re machine washable.

  29. Pamela Lutrell says:

    So glad you got to go on a trip, Jennifer! My dad had lung cancer and I wish he had looked for stories of hope. I believe an optimistic, hopeful outlook makes a huge difference. He looks good in your pictures.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that, Pam. Modern treatments have come a very long way.

  30. I’m so sorry that lung cancer is so prevalent in your group of friends.
    Lung cancer hasn’t touched my life, but I have recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and am in for surgery next week. Unfortunately ovarian cancer is rarely diagnosed in the early stages, so by the time it’s discovered, it usually has spread to other areas. I will be having very invasive surgery to remove everything down there (and I do mean everything) as well as part of my stomach and possibly bowels. Then after 2 months of recovery from the surgery, I will have 6 months of chemotherapy.
    We are just starting to come out of lockdown here, so I can’t even see (or hug) many of my friends and family just yet.
    I’m looking forward to next summer when hopefully I will be able to travel a bit and get back to somewhat of a normal life.

    1. Yvonne, prayers and positive thoughts for you. May your surgery, chemo, and recovery go well and restore you to full health! Hugs!

    2. I’m so sorry, Yvonne. I’m sending many prayers, positive thoughts, and hugs to you. XX

    3. Yvonne, I am sorry sorry that you have this trial. Sending you a virtual hug. Be gentle with yourself.

    4. God Bless you and watch over you during this difficult time in your life. May God also watch over and guide the hands of your surgeon next week. Prayers and best wishes I am sending your way Yvonne

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