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What Makes You Memorable?

Memory foam isn’t just for mattresses these days. Soma has come out with a new bra collection called Memorable that is remarkable because it molds to your body for ultimate comfort.


Soma’s newest bra collection, Memorable, is made with memory foam that conforms to your body, creating a custom shape with less gaping. It’s a T-shirt bra at it’s finest!

I chose this full coverage, underwire style in light nude. My nude.

Nude alternatives in the Memorable Bra from Soma

Style Tip- Nude lingerie must match your skin tone to be invisible under white and light colored garments.

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This unique bra goes through the same 70-point testing all Soma bras are subjected to which ensure exceptional comfort, fit, and high quality.

Memorable bra collection from Soma

The design of this bra allows you to switch to a racer back style… from the front!

Memorable Bra by Soma

If you find your bra strap is showing in a top, you can simply unhook the straps, cross over in the back and rehook in front. Easy peasy.

Like all Soma bras, this is tagless and has a cushioned hook and eye closure for a no-feel connection. No more bra tags sticking out or closures that dig in.

Memorable bra hooks from Soma

I’ve worn many T-shirt bras that were made in their shape, not mine! I like that this one molds to my silhouette and feel confident knowing that it looks natural under thin knits.

How to care for your Soma Memorable bra

Did you know that folding bras in half with one cup inside the other, will affect the shape of the bra? I didn’t!

Nude bras from the Memorable collection by Soma

It’s best to store your bras in a row, so the cups fit into each other.

I rely on T-shirt bras most days and this Memorable Bra from Soma is the smoothest I’ve worn.

Do you wear T-shirt bras?


xo Jennifer

Thank you to Soma for sponsoring this post. They supplied the bra; all opinions are my own.





  1. I love soma bras – and panties too! My older sister has a Soma bra drawer that looks like a Soma store. All lined up in a rainbow of colors with a large swath of cream and beige. But then her closet looks like a Chico’s store. And she always looks well dressed. Love that there are retailers who keep women of a certain age in mind.

  2. Oh how I wish this brand was available in Canada! I hate bra shopping, but this is exactly what I would go looking for. I could order online, but without the opportunity to try on first, I would be taking a big chance and shipping, while not completely prohibitive, is expensive. Sigh!

  3. I’d like to take this one further …. What does make you memorable? Your voice… Your expression … Haircut… Thoughtfulness… Your Style? Just a thought.

  4. The Soma bras are among the most comfortable that I have ever owned. I am replacing my supply with Somas as the old ones die and go to bra heaven.

    1. That’s a great way to describe it, Kristien! Bra heaven :). I’m so impressed with how well engineered these bras are! They’ve thought of everything to make them comfortable!

  5. Thanks for today’s post! It is indeed very helpful. I need to be fitted again as my girls (grown women actually) have gravitated to the south. ha! The two stores in my area who carry this bra are not too far away. The prices are better than what I paid for my last bras.

    1. I used to pay ridiculous prices for my bras, thinking them better. I’ve found that isn’t necessary. These bras are wonderful.

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