Welcome to the Weekend: White After Labor Day

I’m thrilled the weekend has arrived! Time to do nothing:) I came down with a summer cold last week and it’s been trying to turn into a sinus infection. I’m loading myself down with Tumeric, Vitamin C and using my Neti Pot several times a day… but the verdict isn’t in yet. I’ll do a lot to avoid taking an antibiotic, so all suggestions are welcome! I’ve had to take so many over the years that I’ve beat up my immune system and the older I get the stronger I need it to be.

I ran a ton of errands yesterday, so this weekend I’m laying low. It’s cooled off a bit here but we are a long way from fall temperatures so I wore linen.Jennifer Connolly of A well Styled life in white linen from J.Jill

I broke all kinds of unspoken fashion rules about wearing white after Labor Day. I’m old enough to remember when people really followed that rule. Now I wear white year round.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing white linen from J.Jill

Sweater (on sale) | pants similar | tank top similar | hat similar | shoes similar

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Eileen Fisher linen sweater
These linen pants are a bit too long to wear with my regular flat shoes so I opted for espadrilles that have a slight wedge…just enough to keep the pants off the ground. Dragging hems is a trend these days that you’ll never see me wearing:)

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing black and white linen

I’d been to the dermatologist the day before and felt the need to cover up so wore my wide-brimmed hat. Notice that it’s wide beige band coordinates with the soles of the espadrilles and my straw tote bag. It moves the eye up and down my silhouette.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing black and white linen

This is my favorite Eileen Fisher sweater and it’s on sale! The weight is perfect for warm temps but it passes for fall wear because it’s black.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing black and white linenThe thinner my hair gets the more I wear hats. I’ve been collecting haircut pictures and toying with the idea of a short cut, but haven’t worked up the nerve yet.

There’re some wonderful sales happening this weekend. I’m can’t wait to switch over to my fall clothes and there are some great buys right now.

Ann Taylor is offering 40% off your purchase with the code FRIENDS40.

Loft is offering buy one get the next 50% off on new full priced styles. This polka dot sweater is adorable and great for in between seasons.

Lord & Taylor is giving up to 30% off no code necessary.

J. Crew is giving up to 70% off original prices.

Nordstrom has some great Eileen Fisher on sale which is always worth a look!

I bet you don’t pay attention to the white after labor day rule, do you?


I’ll be back tomorrow with Style Sweet Spot, with my friend Pam Lutrell. See you then!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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  1. Carole Mauro says:

    If you go short,just make it edgy and easy. I color and highlight at a salon and have recently started using pureology hair products. They are wonderful to restore and hydrate. ULTA has travel sizes to trial first. I have not used a blow dryer or flat iron in over a month. Just some pomade to shape and spike. Very effortless.Love every article you share ! Also check out 2orchids on you tube for products ! They are two great ladies to observe! Love your sense of style!

  2. Rosemarie says:

    Sinus pain/infection is so painful. I have been avoiding this the past 10 years by using/doing the following as soon as I start to feel any symptoms:

    Over the counter saline spray

    Hot showers = water on the face. Or just putting my face over a bowl of hot water. This helps to break up any congestion.

    Vicks – they have a nose inhaler???

    1. Yes, yes! I also put Mentholatum under my nose and on my throat. Moisture and steam help a lot Rosemarie. I just let this one get too far before I started battling it. Dumb of me:(

  3. Your hair is lovely just the way it is. You always look so well pulled together.
    On wearing white – back in finishing school (in the dark ages) we were taught that the rule actually stated “white linen”, and had to do with the weight of the fabric rather than the color.

    1. Thank you Dee! I’m actually wearing white linen :-O. It was over 85 degrees that day!! I do remember those days too;)

  4. Hi Jennifer
    I’m sitting here wearing my white denims and sandals with a Fallish sweater. I live in Ontario. The heck with rules!
    When I’m not feeling well I listen to my body…i slow down & chill for a few days without guilt! Time to watch British mysteries on Netflix. 😉 If there is a hint of a cold I will take Oil of Oregano. (I don’t get sinus infection.)
    Another rule for hair is…there are no rules. It always looks good and short hair will grow back! Nice to have options isn’t it!!
    Take care!!
    Robin T

    1. Second vote for Oil of Oregano! It’s already on my grocery list. I know Whole Foods carries it. I love British mysteries. ALL of them and plan to watch them all day tomorrow. 🙂

  5. Echinacea is my go to whenever I feel the possibility of a cold coming on. Often it helps me fight it off completely and if I do succumb, the cold is usually shorter and less severe than if I haven’t taken any.

    As far as the no white after Labour Day, I completely agree with you!

    1. I’m with you about echinacea, Elaine! I don’t take it all the time, only when I feel something coming on and like to think it helps.

  6. Sorry about your summer cold. The minute I suspect I am getting a cold or flu, I use Anti-Viral by Natural Factors. (I am in Canada.) It is extremely efficacious. Years ago I used Vitamin C at the hint of a cold, then echinacea, but now that I have discovered Anti-Viral – I even travel with it. The minute you think you have “something” — just take two droppers full in water and do that for every two hours.. and get a good night’s sleep and voila! You are fine the next morning. http://naturalfactors.com/product/antiviral-potent-fresh-herbal-tincture/
    p.s. love this look on you – but then you always look fabulous!

    1. I’ve never heard of this! I’m ordering it now, it’s like nothing I’ve ever tried before but it sounds amazing Georgia. Thank you !

    2. I’ve never heard of this! I’m ordering it now, it’s like nothing I’ve ever tried before but it sounds amazing Georgia. Thank you ! I don’t think we can take too many anti-viral products this season.

  7. I swear by sinus rinsing, but shy away from the Neti pot b/c I haven’t the patience to wait for the boiled water to cool down enough. I usually use a since rinse spray first thing in the morning to keep my sensitive sinus’ clean.

    I love white jeans, slacks, and skirts. I wear white pants all year round too. I love how classic and chic white jeans, and skirts look with black or navy blue. I even like them with red, but not so much on me.

    Your ensemble looks fab. I’d wear it! I love your hat. Wondering if it comes in an extra small? I have the hardest time finding a hat that fits.

    Regarding your hair…I wanted to try a pixie for ever, but was always afraid to do it…Samson complex? Perhaps. 🙂 I finally got the nerve to do several years ago, and my hair loved it. I have curly fine hair. I got so many compliments on it too. I’ve been trying to grow it out to try a stacked Bob, and everyone in the family and close friends keep saying I go back to the first pixie I had. I’m braver now about cutting it, and keeping it on the shorter side since trying it.

    Perhaps go to a wig store and try on a few pixie or shorter styles to see how you look before actually cutting your hair off?

    1. I use the left over water from my tea kettle 🙂 I had a hard time getting used to it but fell it really cleans things out! If a hat is loo large, add rolled tissue under the inner grosgrain band. If it doesn’t have one, you can order felt strips with self adhesive that goes inside and narrows the head portion. I’ve tried wig stores and everything looks better than my hair 🙂

  8. Sandy Andry says:

    Jennifer, sorry about your summer cold. Google “garlic water for a sinus infection” and find a holistic remedy for putting garlic water in your nose to kill an infection. It works really well and is so much better than taking those antibiotics. I’m proud of you for many reasons – and now I can add “holistic healing” to the list.

    1. This is a new one for me. I’ve never heard of it. Googling now. Thanks Sandy!

  9. I too have been following your blog for most of a year now and enjoy it! I am older than you by more than a decade but seem to be on the same page fashion wise. The only thing I don’t do is wear hats:-) I just don’t enjoy how they feel on my head.

    As for your cold. I have fibromyalgia and started looking for ways alternatives to the medicinal route to treat it. I started doing a lot of research on natural remedies and though I still have some aches and pains, I am actually healthier than I was in my 50s. One of the things that I do is take fish oil and antioxidants in the form of encapsulated fruits and vegetables. I started with a very expensive version but found that a product available at Costco and Sam’s Club called Fruit & Vegetable Festiv works just as well that costs 75% less than the other one. The reason I’m writing is that since my husband and I started using this and bumping it up with some black elderberry if I feel a viral infection coming on is that I have only had one viral infection in the past 10 years and that was in Europe on vacation with one of our four children and their kids. My husband has pretty much the same track record. I have recommended this to friends and the one that took me up on it has experienced the same results! I am actually thankful for fibromyalgia because I am healthier because of it! We have four children who have given us 21 natural grands, so I don’t have time to be sick:-)

    Please keep writing your blogs, I enjoy them!

    1. I was just reading about that this morning! We can’t get enough nutrients from eating fruits and veggies. I bought some Elderberry liquid after reading your comment. We can’t do enough to boost our immune system and mine needs all the help I can give it

  10. My hairdresser recently cut my hair shorter. I was kind of in shock for the first few days, but once I learned how to blow dry and style it, I think I like it even better than the longer cut, when it was always in my face. I think it lifts my look, and is certainly easier and quicker to style. The thinning in front seems less evident since the shorter hair seems fluffier and less lank. It does not begin to approach a pixie cut, but looks a little edgy. Not all shorter styles need to look like old-lady cuts! I’m happy with it, and that’s saying something since I am always loathe to make such changes.

    1. A long pixie would better better on me than very short. Those are the pictures I’m saving. I bet yours looks cute Janie

  11. Kathleen O'Brien says:

    My favorite for sinus stuff is oil of oregano. It keeps me away from all kinds of immune issues. Mix it with a little juice and it goes down easier. While another poster said short screams aging, I think too long on older ladies screams I can’t bear to part with youth! Wear what makes YOU feel comfortable and pretty and is easy to deal with. I saw a young woman last nite with the most beautiful short spunky cut I had to ask her who she goes to! Gorgeous! Just like rules about white, the rules about wearing short hair are so old fashioned, thank God!

    1. Thank goodness we can ignore all those rules:) I’m tearing pictures and thinking of options. Oil of Oregano is intense stuff. I tried it once, straight out of the dropper and was shocked! Diluted in water sounds smart. I’ll get more.

  12. Jennifer, I discovered your blog recently and love it! Regarding your hair, I think thin hair on an older woman just makes her look older. Until about a year ago I wore my hair in a chin length bob. It required constant maintenance and rarely looked good. I finally found a wonderful hairdresser who gradually cut it a bit shorter each time, and now I have an edgy and not too short pixie. I love it. The trick is having it look a bit messed up. It has body and no longer looks thin. I get lots of compliments, which certainly never happened before. As someone else observed, you can always grow it back, so why not give it a shot?

    I really enjoy your blog and appreciate all the work you put into it!

    1. Thank you and welcome Cathy! That’s very true…I can always grow it out.

  13. Your outfit looks great! To me wearing white has more to do with the temperature, not the date on the calendar.
    As for your hair. I have the same issue you do. I made the decision to wear my hair short because even a chin length bob was to much weight (I have very fine hair) on the strands so I would lose hair at a rapid speed. There are so many chic short styles to chose from. My philosophy has always been “if you don’t like it grow it into a different style”. Work with your stylist to figure what length and style would work best with your face shape & hair texture. I’m incompetent at styling my hair so easy peasy is necessary for my cuts.
    As for your cold/sinus infection. Neti pot is essential. I also have a juicer, which I especially use when I’m sick or feel something coming on. I throw in a clove of garlic (only when I’m trying to ward off a cold or shorten the length of time I have a cold).
    Have a great weekend and feel better soon!????????

    1. Thanks Kim! I love your chic hairstyle. No one would know it was fine. Wow! You’ve got a fabulous stylist.

  14. I’m going to weigh in for trying a shorter cut. I’ve tried growing mine out a few times and always go back to a shorter style. Like Joanna, I get annoyed with the hair in my face and the extra time it takes. It’s just easier and I actually find longer hair ages me IMO. That said, you do need to have it cut more often. I’m not talking Jamie Lee Curtis short, although if I had her bone structure, I would cut it that short. 😉

    As far as sinus infections, I think you’re doing the right things. When I traveled a lot for work, I got them constantly. Mucinex and saline spray helped me clear my head and I used the NetiPot, took Advil for the headaches and slept a lot. My doctor is really reticent to hand out antibiotics. So unless it just got unmanageable, I didn’t take one. He said it takes about two weeks to fight it off with or without drugs. Most times, he was right.

    1. I agree Laurel, if I had Jamie Lee Curtis’ bone structure I’d wear it that short too! So easy! I thought I had this one under control but last night proved me wrong and I had to start an antibiotic 🙁

  15. Jennifer..I love your hair the way it is!! Thick or thin it’s a hood look. We have plenty of years to west short “church” hair!!! Black and white is a great look year round!!! Especially living in the West!!!

  16. I think a stylish pixie looks attractive on older women. Yes, the more severe cuts don’t suit us but looking on Pinterest there are so many feminine styles today. Personally, I like the asymmetrical look. I’ve let mine grow out into a bob style but am finding it takes more time to style. Blowing in my face is annoying the heck out of me, too. So, I’m dithering about cutting it again. A good stylist should be able to give you advice on the style best suited to your face shape. It wouldn’t hurt to ask.
    I love this look on you. The long sweater elongates your body.
    I have stored away your tip about the band on your hat matching your straw bag and espadrilles directing the eye to move around the body. I will try to use that when dressing.

    1. I’ve worn an asymmetrical short cut before but my OCD was not happy with the shape. I do love spunky styles but not sure mine will behave that way right now.

  17. I thought the “rule” applied only to white shoes. I also wear white year round, and have “relaxed” the no white shoes before Memorial Day and after Labor Day.

    1. Ah yes… I remember the white shoe rule. I ignore that too 🙂

  18. I agree with cutting our hair. I also have a pixie cut that is edgy. Edgy is the key word. You don’t want Buster Brown look. I feel, for me, that the longer my hair is, the more it pulls my face down. I actually look much younger with it cut. I get it cut, once every five weeks. Can’t give up the color and highlights, though! Something else that may help you with sinus issues, is diffusing essential oils, especially at night. I diffuse Thieves and have had no issues for several months.

    1. What is Theives? I’ve never heard of diffusing oils. Please share more Janice!

  19. Love this outfit! Casually sophisticated would be my description & certainly doesn’t say summer.

    I’m going to go against the crowd & say – cut your hair! I have very similar issues, thinning, fine hair & I recently cut my hair. It’s pixie-ish but a little edgy. I’ve gotten so many compliments & I find it much easier to style & maintain. It’s nothing like the ‘bubble’ style associated with older women. I think it’s much more aging to see hair that’s starting to look a bit scraggly (my issue). My hairdresser & I both feel my hair looks much fuller. It does need to be trimmed a bit more often to keep the shape but I’ll take that any day over stressing about more bad hair days than good. And besides, you can always opt to let it grow again. One last comment, I’ve felt less stressed, lighter & happier since I cut it. And that’s good for your immune system!

    1. I agree, Judy! I have issues with thinning, fine hair and finally cut it into an edgy, short style. Even my husband loves it! After I got it cut, everywhere I went, people who know me would comment on how becoming and gorgeous it was on me, often before they even said “Hi!” Yes, there are old-lady short styles, but there are stunning short styles, even for a woman of a certain age. BTW, I’m 66.

      1. Yours sounds fabulous Linda! I’m saving photos but I can’t go too short because I have a large face and broad shoulders.

    2. I love pixie cuts with an edgy look!! I’ve always envied the woman who can wear it. I can’t go that short because my hairline is too high in the front and back. It sounds like you made the right choice! Joy is definitely good for our immune system 🙂

  20. About the only thing I could advise is rest–all the other things relieve symptoms, but sometimes you just have to give it up and rest.
    Your hair looks very nice-I too struggle with thinning hair and have had to stop using Minoxidil. Appointment with dermatologist next week to try and see if there is any medical issue behind it. Very very stressful!
    You have changed my mind about white-it looks lovely in the fall light!

    1. Sending good thoughts your way Susan! It’s incredibly stressful to loose our hair. I hope you get some answers XX

  21. I too avoid taking antibiotics as I am working in strengthening my immune system – antibiotics are counter productive as they negatively impact the microbiome which is constantly trying to stay balanced. I think we have to look at the colds and flu, etc as the body trying to heal itself and telling us to rest so it can do it’s job…. I get caught up in thinking my to do list is more important than listening to what my body is telling me…
    And I love winter white… I love white anytime.

    1. I’m with you Olwyn! My body is telling me more self care is needed. I’ve run myself down and ignored how serious this sinus infection was getting.

  22. I have been following your blog for a while now and haven’t commented before. Your hair is fabulous, please do not cut it. Many older somen think short hair is more flattering, but I agree with Sally’s comment, it isn’t.

    1. Welcome and thanks for being here Susan! I do t want to cut it but I need to do something. Maybe a different style.

  23. Sally Craig says:

    Perhaps you are more sensitive to you hair because in photos your hair looks very nice. Your longer hair style looks stylish, though a short style at our age screams “aging woman.” Cutting it short will give you even less hair, and I have found is more work to maintain.

    1. Very good point Sally! I wore it short many years ago and enjoyed it but then, I had more hair and a younger face.

  24. Barbara Daley says:

    Love this outfit on you.

    And yes, I wore white yesterday.

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