Channeling Coco Chanel

We finally had some fall like temperatures yesterday and I got to have fun with my new jacket from Talbots. The minute I spotted this tweed in the store, I knew I’d play with it to channel Coco Chanel.

This is the Amherst jacket from Talbots new Parisian Collection and just one of their many fun things this season. You last saw me style it with all white and sandals here.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Talbots jacket from Perfectly Parisian collection.

I’m wearing the regular size, not petite because although I’m just 5’4″, the jacket is already slightly cropped and I didn’t want it too short. The sleeves are also cropped so bracelets will show with a shorter top underneath.

Jennifer Connolly wearing Talbots new Fall 2017

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I layered on several strands of pearls, some real, some faux and added a pin to my lapel. Although Chanel was known for simplifying women’s fashion she was also known for piling on the pearls. The more the better and they were all famously fake.


Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life channeling Coco Chanel look


I piled on some extra attitude with my vintage Kate Spade handbag. A little bit of leopard goes a long way for me and adds just enough punch for the outfit. To my knowledge, Coco Chanel did not design with or wear leopard print so I’m taking creative license here but it seemed like the right touch.

Jennifer Connolly wearing Amherst jacket from Talbots

I’ve been on the hunt for a tweed jacket for several years. They feel classic and of the moment at the same time. Most are collarless and have a round neckline but my broad shoulders are in better proportion with an open lapel and v-neck, which this has!Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life modeling Talbots Amherst jacket

Do you like to play with fashion? Have you got a tweed jacket?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!





  1. I have a very similar jacket I bought at Zara last year – I did a double-take when I saw yours is from Talbots – they’re almost identical. If you’re anything like me, you’ll get a lot of use out of this jacket. I love that I can pair it with navy blue or black and, like you, I think a collar and lapels is a nice feature on a Chanel-style jacket. The red lipstick looks great – what make/shade it is? I’ve also wanted to ask about your eye-shadow – it appears to be a soft grey-brown (taupe?). I’m always on the hunt for the right shade of shadow for my blue eyes.

    1. I agree, I’m going to get a lot of use out of this jacket Lianne. The shape and color are so perfect for me. I’m testing several new red lipsticks in my hunt for one that is truly flattering. You’re very observant! I’ve been testing new eyeshadow and I have found one that I absolutely adore it. I hate to sound mysterious, but I’ll be sharing it in the future post.

  2. Good morning! We have the same coloring and i always struggle with lipstick. what shade and brand did you find that looks good? thank you cheryl

    1. I am still experimenting Cheryl! The base tones make such a difference and they also vary in intensity. I will definitely share when and if I find “the one”!

  3. I need pearls! Lots of pearls. Are you wearing those ArtfulHome jeans? I just ordered them. I love the high low look. I also like the idea that they are comfy! We all need that in our life. Pearls and comfort. Who could ask for more. Maybe Chanel!

  4. I love these kind of jackets, Jennifer!! They make me feel so grown up and sophisticated (not that I am, but at least I feel that way—ha ha)
    And that lipstick? Perfection on you!!

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