White Shoes: The Edit

Fresh trends are hitting the stores now so I had a peek to scout out what might be wearable and flattering. I like to add a touch of trend to my look to stay current and look modern. Designers parade some bizarre looks down the runway but by the time they trickle into our stores they’ve been toned down and made easy to wear.

I’m always on the hunt for attractive shoes that are comfy so that’s what I looked at first.

White shoes are continuing to be popular from last year. I don’t remember the last time I wore white shoes but I might have been wearing them with a pinafore and white gloves on the way to Sunday School. The more I see them now, the fresher and more wearable they seem.

Sam Edelman white mule on A Well Styled Life


I love the texture of this woven mule and the roundish toe will be comfy. It comes high on the arch so it will stay on easier than mules with shorter toe boxes.

Louise et Cie White mules on A Well Styled Life
Lousie et Cie Mule

The twist of leather on top of this mule is a nice touch. I put it into my cart right away because this brand runs wide enough for me, plus it’s on sale!

The zipper on top of this slide makes it look modern and sleek. It would look great with cropped pants, slim pants, and skirts all spring/summer. This pointy toe flat will elongate the look of your leg and go with everything. I love this edgy slingback with a classic shape. The black and red version show the details even better.

Robert Zur white driving moccasins on A Well Styled Life

You’ve seen me wear these driving mocs in black, many times. I love them. They’re so soft and comfy, I can walk in them all day. They’re available in white now so I’ve put them in my cart and we’ll see because they’re also available in a gorgeous aqua color. They’re an investment, but I have been wearing my black ones for years, so my cost per wear is pretty low. I talk more about cost per wear here.

White boots and booties are everywhere. This shape and fabric are very popular but I can’t get over the Go-Go Boot vibe it gives me. If you love them go for it because they’re on sale! What I do see and love are these, the which would give a fabulous lift to any gray, rainy day.

Seychelles white bootie on A Well Styled Life

These booties give a touch of feminity with the ruffle which softens the cowboy shape. These would look great with ankle jeans, leggings, or a skirt.


There are white sandals, sneakers, and pumps in the store and online, with the best ones going soon so if this is a trend you want to incorporate, now is the time to check out the offerings

Do you wear white shoes or do they remind you of something? Elvis perhaps?

Please share in the comments.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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  1. Hmmmm…… not a big fan of white shoes but then again it depends on the style and how you wear them.I don’t mind a white sandal though.

  2. I have purchased white shoes in the past and just could not bring myself to wear them. I feel they make my feet stick out like a sore thumb!! That said, I did sport some FABULOUS white vinyl go-go boots when I was 10. (with pink hot pants)

  3. Like you, they were my dress shoes for Sunday best as a child. And of course, white sneakers. But they’re a lot of work to keep clean as I recall. They always remind me of nurses…my mom wore white clogs on every shift. I think I’ll pass, but the ones you posted are cute.

  4. I wear white shoes and sandals with all my warm weather light-weight clothing. But perhaps that’s because I live in Florida 🙂

    Personally, shoes are very hard to buy because I have very flat feet, somewhat narrow, and a bunion. To keep sandals or partially open styles on my feet are difficult. So the thong (between the big and next toe) works best to keep my feet from sliding right out the front. I even have that problem with peep toe shoes – which made them very painful to wear. I guess we all have our foot challenges!

  5. Hi Jennifer:
    Glad to hear my taste is still relevant. Purchased a cute pair of white driving moccasins at the end of summer. Cant wait to pull them out for a test drive. Thanks for keeping us all up to date.
    Cheers, Judy

  6. I’ve tried a couple on but I find they are the only thing I see. My feet preceded me through the door. Nope! White sandals, absolutely! White runners – of course! I do have a pair of white & black oxfords that are cute, so thry’ll Be my nod to this trend.
    Having said that, my mind is open to change. ????

  7. I love those booties! Can’t picture white shoes in my wardrobe. I feel like they would stand out like a sore thumb. They remind me of that Christian singer from the 60’s. Gosh can’t think of his name. Maybe if you provided an example of how you would wear them?

  8. Wore white boots as a majorette (with BIG yarn tassels; ahead of the trend by several decades :)) and white shoes as a nurse, so I’ve had my fill. I do have a pair of black and white Munro Antila sandals that I like a lot though.

  9. Who knows? Size 10 feet on a 5’5″ frame makes choosing good-looking footwear a priority lol
    I’ve tried on every mule out there and they’re horrible on my feet, feel awful and look awful… the search continues… maybe there will be white booties at the end!
    I’m not feeling sorry for myself as I have a collection of gorgeous shoes. LOL

    1. Miles may not be your thing Lea. I’m 5’4” and wear a 9 1/2 so I know what you mean. That’s why I’m willing to spend more if a shoe is comfy and looks pretty.

    2. I agree, haha! I have size 10 feet and thin legs, so I always look like Minnie Mouse to myself when I try them on. Everyone, please wear them and enjoy them for me — know that I’m looking on with admiration!

  10. I will wear white sandals with white jeans or slacks, but that is about it. The flats you’ve shown would look cute also. I had Go Go boots too like Janet! Remember Shindig and Hullabaloo?!?

  11. I have very wide feet, so I tend to shy away from white shoes. The only exception being thin, strappy sandals, but those are difficult to find in my size.

    The mule with the twisted leather is really cute! If I had smaller feet I would definitely wear those.

  12. Yikes! I cannot imagine wearing white shoes unless I magically transformed into a super tan, leggy twentysomething or they were part of a required uniform. Since that’s not happening, no way white shoes for me. White shoes on white feet? Don’t think so.

  13. Never say never! I bought a pair of white patent booties from Rockport (I think) about 5 yeats ago and wore them all the time until they wore out. They went with everything and were great in rainy weather. I’d love another pair. It made up for not getting GoGo boots in the ’60s!

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