Would You Wear It: Pale In The Winter

Happy Saturday ladies and welcome to the weekend! It’s just three weeks until Christmas and I need to get myself in gear! I’ve been so busy doing other things we haven’t even gotten our decorations out. We hope to do it this weekend. It’s time for would you wear it. Each week my friend Pam and I find a mannequin to share with ask if our readers would wear it. We do this to better understand your fashion ideas and style goals.

2 mannequins in casual outfits from Loft
white sweater / corduroy skinnies  –   floral bell cuff blouse / velvet jeans

I love to hear your styling ideas, how you would style these to make them work for you.

Are they the right shape for your body? Do you wear these colors? Does the style fit your lifestyle?

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Now let’s go see what Pam’s mannequin is wearing here.

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.

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  1. beth byrd says:

    I actually like both outfits and am a fan of monochromatic outfits. The pale colors are beautiful at this time of the year.

    However I feel like the stylist just threw these outfits onto the mannequins with no attention to fit or detail. In my opinion, accessories would have been helpful here … necklace, scarf, purse, etc.

  2. I would wear the all white outfit. The sweater looks warm & cozy, & the pants would be a nice change from the usual black. The weather might prohibit the white pants at times because the slush & snow of a Midwest winter & white pants are not a good combination. I wouldn’t wear the print top & tan pants. The top is a bit too boho for my taste, & the length of the pants is not a good fit for me.

  3. No, I wouldn’t wear either. I prefer loose tops to cover my hips. This look is too boxy with the skinny trousers. With a more shapely top they would look better. Or maybe with a slight flare leg to give some movement. Individually they are quite nice, just not together.

    Thanks for your blog. I always look forward to reading it.

  4. Julie Anne says:

    No, because of the winter snow and muck. I need colour for a mood pick-me-up.

    Otherwise they’re very nice outfits.

  5. Both are cute. I love the velvet skinnies with the button detail and the floral blouse is a cute design. It looks like it would fit nice with the seaming and flare at bottom. The sweater looks cozy so a win for me. I’m not top heavy so the thickness is not a factor. I’m not sure I would wear white skinnies though. Being in corduroy, the material might be thick enough to not be clingy.

    1. I just took a closer look. The floral top is not seamed & fitted as the mannequin suggested but falls straight. The floral almost looks like a watercolour. Very pretty! I might have to visit Loft this week. ?

  6. I like both outfits but would probably wear darker pants for winter.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Yes to the one with the white sweater & skinny pants. Nice to wear pale colours in winter. No flowered tops for me, regardless of the season.
    Went to Pam’s site, but would not wear this look because it’s too shapeless and bulky for my straight figure.
    PS- saw a link to your blog on your Iceland trip & it brought back so many good memories of our time there. We did the entire loop, 3 weeks, ran into snow storms on the east coast but as hardy Canadians, was not a problem! But I agree with you about the lack of fencing around some dangerous looking areas. Just use common sense said the Icelanders!

  8. Absolutely yes to the floral blouse. I bought it but have not worn. I tried on corduroy jeans at Loft but thought they were a little thin so I ordered a pair of off white ankle skinny jeans from Everlane which I love. I plan to wear the blouse tucked in the off white jeans with a belt as well as blue denim. The white sweater is pretty but since I live in southwest florida I don’t wear many sweaters.

  9. I do wear light colors in the winter ( no snow here). I have worn my cream cords ( similar) tucked into tan leather knee high boots, with a cream cashmere turtleneck, scarf, tan leather bag, and a tan trench ( for rain). I’ve worn this for a couple of years now, so I’m switching to wide leg/ high rise pants this year. I also wear cream/ ivory dresses to winter parties, I’m leaving the black and red clothes to those that look great in those colors ( winters !) As a pear, the silhouette in the picture isn’t my best look, better on other shapes.

  10. I like the all white look on the mannequin, at least in theory. When I wear it I feel like a painter, or orderly, or ice cream vendor. I got rid of all my white pants.

  11. Linda Lennon says:

    I like winter white and beige and they work well in the winter of Southern California. Neither of the tops appeal to me. I would prefer a less bulky knit; maybe one of my cashmere sweaters would suit me better. Very few floral prints appeal to me and I would pass right on by this one.

  12. Susan McClelland says:

    I would wear the white sweater. It looks cozy and I could wear it to work over slim pants. I would wear the velvet pants in another colour. Like other readers, I like in a cold, snowy climate and they would be hard to keep clean. The colours in the other top would not suit me so I would give it a pass.

  13. I like the all white outfit, but the sweater is too boxy. The floral print is top is not for me. I like both pants, but not at this time of year, (snow is in the forecast) and I would size up.

  14. For myself, a yes to the pants but a no to the tops. Not so much the sweater as would prefer it in a V or turtle neck but do like its cut and knitted pattern so might team it up with a turtle-neck underlay however the floral top is too retro for my liking and I would not choose it for that reason. (i.e.: It’s peasant style sleeve and floral fabric.) As to the jeans; regardless of their description I am wondering if they are actually a velveteen rather than a velvet as their nap does ‘not’ appear all that plush to me. Also for my climate in relation to color; both would be more apt to be worn as early Spring wear. -Brenda-

    1. I’m guessing closer to velveteen for the pants. Brands are sort of “casual” with their fabric descriptions these days 🙂

  15. no, not for me….i dont wear ankle jeans, im never comfortable in them. the winter white I would wear in different style. this sweater is too boxy for me, but longer jeans and lighter sweater perhaps in a V neck and a bit longer would work for me….the other outfit, the top is not one that would stop me and make me look. i do have some pieces in the same fatigue color as those jeans, though.

  16. I remember as a kid/teen that every year at this time out would come the sweater sets and matching wool skirts in creams, baby blues, baby pinks, light turquoise and sometimes pale yellow. In fact, the year we were engaged my soon to be husband gave me a gorgeous skirt with all of the aformentioned shades except yellow. Winter white was the mixer color or part of the mix/match options. St. Louis is not known for mild winters at all and I remember all of us wearing our beautiful pastel wool outfits (mostly for dress-up) while still keeping the tried and true darker sweaters and skirts which were most of our wardrobes. Personally these days I’m much happier and comfortable in the darker colors–jewel tones and black so the above outfits wouldn’t get to a dressing room with me. However, I could see a dark velvet blazer with the pants, or vice versa a dark pant with either top. Depending on the colors in real life you could do a navy or deep teal or wine with the top on the right.

    1. @Carol: I recall the pastel outfits you speak of but IMO they were truly wonderful as it was a time when wool was wool and perhaps with the exception of wool crepe; blends were uncommon. No spandex or viscose for example and it was common ground if their garments were imported, they came from Europe.

  17. I love the all white, it looks so cozy & warm, and as you say, column dressing makes you look taller. It is also an unexpected color for winter. I also,Ike the velvet pants, the buttons are a great style point., but I’m not a floral person – so no to the top.

  18. It’s too wet and cold here for light color pants-you can absolutely ruin those quickly. That being said, I do own a pair, but am careful about when I wear them. Neither top appeals-the textured one would make my full chest look even bigger, and I’m afraid the floral print is a little much for me-I prefer geometric or stripes, and never feel comfortable wearing big flower prints.

  19. Pamela Lutrell says:

    I would walk past this one for several reasons. I love darker colors and rarely do I go light in the colder months. The shapes are not flattering for a curvy lady like me! I think on me the floral top would be aging. I prefer V necks.

  20. The textured white sweater on white pants wouldn’t work for me. Change the pants to a brown cord and boot length. Also not skin tight!

    The other outfit seems to me to be a spring or summer wear, so out if place in the winter. Maybe put a sweater on over it.

  21. I like both outfits. I have to try the trousers in a larger size as I don’t like cat whiskers at the crotch.

  22. I Like the shapes of these items but honestly would not buy them. I already own an ivory sweater (the Everlane one you have as well!) and I find I do not wear it enough to need two. Ivory pants do not work in my climate where dirty snow can quickly make those pants look like you must have just moved to the Midwest from California! I do not care for the floral print–I think it would look very frumpy on me given my age (58) and my coloring. Agree with others who do not like the buttons on the pants–harder to tuck into tall boots too.

  23. I like the pants on both mannequins but as someone else’s said the white sweater would accentuate my large bust and the pastel print is too pale for a Indiana winter. Maybe switching out the pastel print top for a jewel tone or warmer putty tunic would be a nice accent to the velvet pants and a nice change from an all dark colors.

  24. I do like dressing in one color but not the way it is shown here. I like the sweater on the left. I would wear it if it fit a bit better with a colorful scarf. I like the corduroy pants but not in this color. The outfit on the right is a NO. I don’t like floral or buttons on the pant legs.

  25. I love the monochromatic look, but the sweater is too boxy for my large chest. I’m not crazy about the floral sweater, and ivory is not my best color. I could wear the ivory pants with a different color sweater.

  26. I would not wear either of these tops, only because I am very short-waisted and prefer tops that hit below the hip to make my torso look longer.

  27. Carolyn Cook Ewell says:

    Sometimes I feel like taking a picture of what I have decided to wear and send it to you and ask “ should I wear this outfit” ! Some days are just that way!

  28. I actually like both of the outfits, but I would not wear such light colored clothing in Indiana during the winter. The outfits would definitely lift your spirits during the dark dreary months of the long winter season. But dark and dreary usually means cold and wet around here, and those clothes would be hard to keep clean. I especially love the velvet jeans and might be able to wear those with a sweater and some booties. Otherwise, those colors and patterns are better suited for Spring.

    1. I agree, Michele. Color can be such a great pick me up during the dreary months.

  29. Paulette Levy says:

    I do like the all white …pale..outfit here, on the mannequin. The sweater, however would amplify my chest with its crew neck and heavy nubby texture, I feel. I’d prefer V neck, a slightly less heavy fabric, though the pants would work just fine. Now, the floral top does not appeal to me at all. Pants ok. I’d pair them with a cashmere
    sweater in complementing color.

  30. Gail Schwartz says:

    I like both outfits today. They would be easy to put on for a casual evening or lunch with friends. The light colored velvet pants are a pretty option instead of the usual dark ones. In Florida they would be a nice choice for the holidays

    1. That’s what I was thinking too! A great holiday look when you don’t want o wear dark colors.