A Study In Texture

I wear a lot of black. Mostly because it’s easy, but also because I have a lot of interesting pieces from when I managed women’s boutiques. I like to play with tone and texture which keeps black interesting. Today is a study in texture. Black with gray and white. Simple, yet not boring if you play with texture.

A Study in Texture- My Refined Style

 Things to notice:

-the contrast between the shine of the pin and the felted wool of the vest.

-the contrast between transparent white top and the opaque vest.

-the similarity between the ruffle on the sleeve end and the swirl on the vest.

-the contrast between the free-form swirls on the vest and the precise swirl on the pin.


A Study in Texture- My Refined Style

Things to notice:

-the contrast between the suede of the belt and the smooth pants, trust me, it doesn’t show here.

-the varying texture in my watch, bracelet, and earrings. They are all gray.

-the matte gray of the earrings, contrasting the shiny belt buckle.

A Study in Texture-My Refined Stylethe woven texture on shoes adds more interest

A Study in Texture-My Refined Style
more casual Robert Zur Driving Moc vs a dressier AGL Ballet Flat on right


I also love the contrast between the matte and shiny leather in these shoes on the right. They are my favorite pair of Ballet Flats. I have worn these shoes for almost 9 years. They’re worth every penny I paid for them.

I bought these Driving Mocs for my cruise this summer. They are the softest leather I have ever worn. I love them with jeans and pants.


A Study in Texture-My Refined Style

These are one of my go-to pair of Eileen Fisher pants. Machine wash and dry, I wear them constantly. They’re out of a heavier knit than my other pairs, and dress up easily.

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A Study in Texture-My Refined Style

Today was the first day of cool temps with a drizzle of rain. It’s prompted me to start transitioning out my seasonal wardrobe.

Do you play with texture to add spice to monochromatic looks?


Thanks for reading and have a great day!




  1. Love all the different elements in this outfit. It appears simple at first glance, but there are so many interesting details. Those ballet flats are awesome.

  2. Totally love your silver pin! I’ve been scouring the stores to find something similar. Care to share your source? Thanks so much!

    Janet Majors

  3. Adore this fashion look Jennifer. I am very much into black and white in my wardrobe!!
    I will be checking the links out!!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. I love that vest.

    I must admit I’m more of a fan of colour and pattern than I am of texture and monochromatic but I am slowly squeezing a bit of it into my wardrobe as well.


  5. I adore the texture, style and length of this vest! Very polished look with fun edge to it!! Happy inaugural MRS linky day lovely lady!!

    1. So glad you joined us Pam! The vest is a recent purchase, I make very few, but I’m really having fun with it!

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