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Collagen For Her- An Update

Several of you have asked if I’m still taking the Collagen For Her supplement. Results take several months to be obvious, so I wanted to give it time before I shared my update on adding collagen to my diet. Yes, I sure am still using it and I’m very pleased with what I’m seeing. You can read more about my reservations and why I decided to try this one here

woman wearing blue tee shirt drinking collagen in tea

I’m just now noticing that my nails are better than they have been for many years. I will never have long, polished talons, and I’m fine with that. I’m just delighted mine are no longer peeling in sheets like an onion! They seem less dried out, and I can actually keep a pale polish on for a few days, which may not sound like much, but it’s a big improvement for me.


3 bottles of collagen for her on kitchen counter

Collagen For Her makes 3 formulas. The Unflavored Collagen Peptide Powder, the Multi-Collagen Capsules, the Organic Matcha Collagen, and the Marine Beauty Blend that I take. They also have a box of 20 single-serving Collagen Peptide Stick Packets to use on the go.

collagen for her individual serving sticks


I don’t eat meat, so the Marine Blend is perfect for me. It’s a unique blend of hydrolyzed fish collagen, 100% daily Vitamin C, biotin, and hyaluronic acid, so it has benefits beyond just the collagen. I add one scoop to my afternoon tea, and that’s it.

scooping pouring collagen for her powder into tea cup

I was afraid it might taste or smell fishy but it has no flavor and no aftertaste. It dissolves quickly and easily so I can’t tell it’s even in my tea. Trust me, if something ruined my afternoon tea, I wouldn’t use it.


over 50 blogger jennofer connolly of a well styled life adding collagen for her to her tea



Multiple studies report:

  • it helps relieve joint pain from arthritis
  • has the key amino acid glutamine, which helps prevent inflammation in the gut wall and healing leaky gut syndrome
  • aids in weight loss by boosting your metabolism
  • may help build bone density
  • helps increase muscle mass
  • maintains healthy joints and tendons

woman drinking tea with marine collagen added

I’ll continue to add the Marine Collagen Blend to my diet because with regular use, I hope to help reap the other benefits and help build bone density as well as maintain healthy joints and get relief from my arthritis. 

Collagen For Her is generously offering my readers 10% off any order with code WELLSTYLED at checkout on their website here.

Or you can also shop the entire line through their store on Amazon here and when you subscribe, you can save 10% on every order!

Have you noticed the benefits of adding collagen to your diet?

Thank you to Collagen for Her for partnering on this post, all opinions are my own.


  1. Diane Daggett says:

    I have arthritis really bad in my hands. I have tried so many things for it which none have really helped. I am going to try the Collagen for Her! I love your blog. I like knowing that a woman close to my age has tried it and had good results. Thank you for the 10% discount!

  2. diane Blanc says:

    I placed my order but did not receive the discount please advise or cancel the order

    1. I just tried the discount code on their website and it worked. It only works on their website which I linked to. If it didn’t work for you on the Collagen For Her website, I’m sure you can call customer service and they will help you.

  3. My friend’s thin/weak nails and thining/falling out of hair were related to thyroid condition.

    I like that collagen could help with arthritis.

    1. My thyroid condition is sure not helping mine either, but the collagen seems to be helping

  4. Gaynor Knight says:

    From Wales, UK
    I’m an avid follower of your wonderful posts Jennifer. They are just my cup of tea at 64!!
    I also love your lives with your friends. So entertaining and informative – perfect. Please keep sending them over the ocean !!
    I take Arbonne sachets daily, but not with my tea.
    I spread the powder over my muesli. I have no evidence with my theory but, I feel that hot water might kill the goodness!! Don’t ask me where I got that idea from!!😂😂
    My nails, skin and hair has improved so much.
    Much love to you all. Rain here today – much needed.

    1. Hello Gaynor! So nice to meet you. It does sound good over muesli. I will have to try that. Stay dry:)

  5. Henderson, Linda says:

    I have been using Collagen for Her Marine Beauty Blend for several months and I am pleased with the results. I add a scoop each morning in my tea. Easy peasy. My nails are stronger. My hair looks healthier and my skin gets compliments. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing this product info.

    1. I’m so glad you like it too!!

  6. I just listened to the travel talk you had. Very informative since I tend to overpack. What size is the carry on you have? Could you give us the name of luggage? Maybe on your website you could do a video ( a show and tell).

  7. I am happy that collagen works for you, Jennifer. My only suggestion is that any readers undergoing cancer treatments check with their oncologist or oncology pharmacist before starting or continuing this supplement. They may provide information helpful to their decision.

    1. You’re absolutely right, Susan.

  8. Deborah B says:

    My comment is not about collagen, but afternoon tea. I tried a London Fog at Starbucks today and this coffee drinker is hooked! How delicious it tasted. Picked up some Earl Grey tea … now to try and make my own. Any secrets? Thanks for expanding my horizons!

  9. You never know until you give something an honest try. My Dr. just added Vit D because it is good for seniors to take. You should be open to trying new things. You might be pleasantly surprised.

  10. This is a great update, thank you! Does it cause any GI distress? I’ve tried collagen gummies and they upset my stomach…if it’s something that would go away after I adjusted, I would push thru. But I’d love to find an option that doesn’t have that side effect!

    1. I haven’t noticed any GI distress. Perhaps it was the gelatin and sugar in the gummies?

      1. Ok, great! It’s possible it was a coincidence and those things don’t normally bother me, but I might try another product such as the one you shared. Thanks! 🙂

  11. Jane Woodward says:

    Am anxiously awaiting your results but may begin the collagen anyway. Like you, my nails were so weak and peeling that I added biotin but it seemed I took too large a dose and it was murder on my skin. I like the idea of the extra benefits of collagen you mentioned. Thanks for sharing this and all other helpful ideas. What would we do without you?

    1. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about your skin and Biotin! I haven’t noticed any
      negative effects from the collagen. It’s all been positive.

  12. Hi Jennifer,

    I started using “Collagen for Her” when you posted about it. I have noticed my nails are stronger and don’t split, also my hair seems to grow faster. I put one scoop in my morning coffee, that seems to do the trick. I was able to purchase two containers on Amazon during the Prime sale. I will continue to use it, thanks for posting the information on your blog.

    1. I’m so glad you’re loving it like it do. Prime is pretty cool!

  13. I have some – not this brand because I wanted to use up what I have before I purchased this. I have been very negligent however about taking it regularly, so you are inspiring me to be more disciplined about it. I wonder have you seen any differences in your skin? Since menopause I have noticed my skin changing and hope to help it along from the inside as well as the outside. Thank you for this post!

    1. I do so many thing for my skin it’s hard to narrow it down to just one thing but it’s not as crepey lately. Theoretically it should.

  14. Hi Jennifer!
    I was not able to see your Instagram post yesterday. I always do a barre class at 10:30 on Fridays so miss it live. Not sure if anyone else had problems but I couldn’t see it.
    Thinking of you being with your daughter in BC as we are in the Okanagan Valley but it so filled with heavy smoke in our area I do not recommend visiting! Enjoy your holiday.

  15. I might have to give collagen a try. I have a friend who is vegan and after a year of eating no animal products her hair is falling out. Collagen might help her.
    Hope you’re having a nice time in BC. It’s going to be in the upper 30 s up here in the Okanagan again this week, but probably just right in Vancouver.
    For some reason I couldn’t link to your replay of the travel talk on your previous post.

    1. That’s hot!! Wow, I hope you can get to the lake or a pool to stay cool. I think my not eating beef was definitely an issue with my hair and nails so I’m thrilled with this Marine Blend.

  16. I have been using a scoop of collagen in my morning coffee for about 4 months now and I have noticed a difference. My hair and nails which had always been very strong were starting to thin and weaken, but after collagen that has reversed and they are again thick and strong. In fact, my hair has re-thickened to the point where I feel the need to go shorter again. I believe that arthritis pain and stiffness is lessening, but weather can affect that so much that it’s sometimes hard to tell and I do Tai Chi several times a week so have maintained flexibility thru’ exercise.
    The collagen has been a good addition to my morning routine and I will keep adding that magical disappearing powder to my cup of coffee.

    1. I admit my arthritis is feeling better too. Especially in my hands, which were getting really sore.I love how easily it just disappears in my tea with no taste:)

  17. Hi Jennifer.
    I started using the Collagen for Her when you last posted about it. Unfortunately I have experienced no differences. My nails are just as bad. Gelatin works better for me. No effect on joints. Being honest about a product that has no benefit for me after using it daily perhaps it can benefit others.

    I am a faithful blog reader. As always, thanks for doing the shopping and reviews.

    1. I’m in the same boat as you, Marie, 5 months in. I figured I’d give the CfH a try too with no difference. Disappointing but worth a try.

    2. I’m sorry it hasn’t helped you and ahp[y to hear the gelatin works!

    3. I appreciate your honest appraisal of your experience with collagen supplements. It seems to me that so many of these supplements are subjective to personal results or perceived results. There is no guarantee that each person will have the same results.

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