Adding Collagen To Your Diet

I’ve never considered my hair to be my crowning glory and my nails are a train wreck. They’re papery thin and tear no matter how short they are. It finally occurred to me that I may be lacking in collagen. Since collagen is principally found in animal products and I haven’t eaten meat since 2007, it’s not much of a stretch to think I may be deficient in it.

Our collagen production slows down as we get older, so if I am already lacking because of my diet, it’s a double whammy. My sister-in-law has been adding collagen to her morning tea for years and swears by it. I assumed I was out of luck because I don’t eat meat until Collagen For Her reached out.


collagen for her products


They asked if I would be interested in trying their product and sharing it with you. I initially said no because I assumed it would be made with beef. When they explained they make a pure Marine Collagen Beauty Blend with Biotin, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C, I was all in!


blonde woman holding up jar of collagen for her powder

It’s made from hydrolyzed fish collagen and has added hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Biotin, Natural Flavor. OK, that’s a perfect formula for me because I know taking Biotin helps your skin and hair plus hyaluronic acid helps boost skin elasticity. Collagen in skin creams is nothing new and it makes sense that the best way to get it into our bodies is from the inside out. Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve got a great collagen face cream it can’t hurt, but what we put in our bodies also makes a huge difference.

woman scooping out collagen for her powder

I simply add one scoop to my afternoon tea and it dissolves completely leaving no floating gunk and it has no taste!  To be honest, I assumed it would have a fishy taste, but nada. I can’t tell it’s in there.

scoopful of collagen for her marine blend pouring into tea cup

Collagen plays a key role in the elasticity of our skin and a lack of it can cause dry skin and wrinkles. Hand up here because my skin is dry, dry, dry. Collagen also helps relieve joint pain. I don’t know about you, but some mornings I wake up, and every joint hurts. I do have a lot of arthritis in my hands these days and I’m hoping that adding collagen to my diet helps. Collagen is supposed to have some pain-relieving properties


What are the benefits of adding collagen to your diet?

Multiple studies report:

  • it helps relieve joint pain from arthritis
  • has the key amino acid glutamine, which helps prevent inflammation in the gut wall and healing leaky gut syndrome
  • aids in weight loss by boosting your metabolism
  • may help build bone density
  • helps increase muscle mass
  • maintains healthy joints and tendons

These may be lofty claims but I’m willing to try it and see if it helps with my nails and arthritis. How’s that for priorities? 🙂 If adding a tiny scoop of collagen powder to my tea once a day can help, I’ll be a happy camper.

pouring collagen powder into cup of tea

Since I am sharing with you, they also sent me their very popular Collagen Peptide Powder and Multi-Collagen Capsules…which would be super easy to take on the go.

My supermarket and beauty store shelves are lined with collagen supplements, which tells me I’m not the only one using them for health benefits. I like that Collagen For Her was created by a woman for women plus I’m always happy to support companies who give back.

‘Collagen For Her donates a portion of our proceeds to charities that support women empowerment in order to create a happier, healthier generation of women.’ ~ from their website

over 50 blogger jennifer connolly of a well styled life drinking tea with collagen powder added


The time it takes to see results varies with each individual but it can take up to 12 weeks to start seeing results so I will keep you posted on my progress.

Collagen For Her is generously offering my readers 10% off any order with the code WELLSTYLED at checkout here. You can also shop the entire line through their store on Amazon here.

Do you add collagen to your diet?

Thank you to Collagen For Her for partnering on this post, all opinions are my own.






  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I have always had strong healthy nails. I do use Nailtiques Formulal 2 (2 coats) . The product is used for soft, peeling, bitten, weak or thin nails. I have been using this product for at least 35 years. This is used as a base coat, then use your polish, The best top coat is Seche Vite, it’s a dry fast top coat, then leaves a nice shine. You can find the products at CVS, Ulta, Amazon.
    I have had RA for over eight years and under the care of a Rheumatologist. I also use Voltaren for arthritis pain. Voltaren is now available as a OTC medicine, Costco carries now as well. You probably are aware of it.
    I used to have super thick hair, now it’s very thin. I think we are the same age about.

    Good luck.

    1. I’m using the Voltaren too. I think you’re right about age. We’re all dealing with a lot!

  2. Appreciate this post Jennifer and shall definitely give it a try. (Unfortunately it doesn’t ship to Canada so will have to search out another brand or once the border opens up have it shipped to my USA broker’s address where I can pick it up). (Have pinned it to my Pinterest Board to jar my memory.) Actually do not require it for weight loss (as actually am trying to put on a few pounds nor for my nails which are strong (thanks to the intake of gelatin caplets or its byproduct a dish of flavoured jello once every week or so) BUT if it works for joint pain I am more than willing to give it a try as noticing a few more creaks in body parts than before. Not to mention ; who knows perhaps it will also work for crepe skin as during this past year my arms appear like they could use a good ironing as well …. lol!

    1. Lol, let me know if you find a way to iron our upper arms!! Mine sure need it 😉

  3. Hi Jennifer! I’ve never submitted a comment before but I’m very interested in these supplements. (And I really like you blog—because of its topics and thoughtfulness.)
    But here’s a question:

    I’ve been a vegetarian for decades and a vegan for nearly 10 years so of course I’ve skipped all of the collagen products I’ve seen. Is the marine supplement algae based d therefore vegan?

    Thanks so much for researching this. And I’d like to hear more about your commitment to plant based eating.

    1. As I understand, vegan means you eat no animal products of any kind. The Marine Blend is made from fish so it’s not vegan.

  4. Can’t wait to try it! One note, since it contains biotin…biotin does not interfere with your thyroid medication, but it does interfere with your thyroid blood test and can mess up your numbers. Stop taking biotin at least 2 days before having a TSH blood test done.

    1. Yes, great point. I actually stop all my supplements a few days before getting blood work.

  5. Janet Higgs says:

    I just bought some to try, Jennifer. My hair is thinning and my skin is getting dryer. I hope this helps, at least a little. Thanks for this information.

    1. We will find out together!! I hope it helps us too

  6. I sometimes wonder if we can make any big changes to our bodies we were gifted with by our ancestors but hope springs eternal. I have good skin through nothing I do. I have never used creams or anything on it but on the other hand I have these veins that show on the backs of my hands. If I could find something to help that, in a New York minute I would try it, so I say if something won’t hurt you, go for it. I’d certainly try it if I had weak nails. Why not?

  7. Francesca B. says:

    I am taking collagen now in my morning tea and sometimes l put it in smoothies instead of a protein powder. I am on a mission to lose weight and l am doing HIT workouts and more daily exercise than before and l find it really helps with all the aches of osteoporosis, and my nails have improved.

    1. My arthritis is the pits so I’d be thrilled if it helped that too!

  8. Elaine @ Following Augustine says:

    I’ll be interested in hearing how this works out for you. I’ve tried Biotin and didn’t notice any difference, but I haven’t tried collagen. I’m in Canada, so I’d have to look for a different brand. I’m curious though, why no beef products, but fish is okay?

    1. I read a few books about the meat industry and could never eat meat again. For years I didn’t eat poultry but do eat it in small amounts now.
      I basically don’t eat anything that gives birth to live young. No mammals. Fish just doesn’t seem the same to me.

  9. Diane Mandt says:

    I’m very interested in trying this. I bought a collagen supplement from Costco, but it’s six chalky chunky pills a day. Ugh. The powder form sound delightful in a spot of tea.
    I’m an active 80, hoping to stay this way, and keeping healthy hair, nails, and especially bones is vital.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful finds. I hope you and your fans have a wonderful, blessed week.

  10. Pink Azalea says:

    I have never tried taking collagen. I wonder how it’s absorbed after it is digested/broken down. Does the collagen pass into the intestines to be absorbed or is it absorbed in the stomach? I do take biotin 2500 mcg daily plus a multi vitamin and I can always tell a difference if I don’t take it for a week or two. 2500 mcg is 8333% the daily requirement which seems like a very high dose. Biotin is one of the water soluble B vitamins so any excess is excreted. I’m only talking about my own experience. Because we are all different, it might be a good idea to have a healthcare provider give the OK just to be safe. I’ll be interested to hear how Jennifer’s taking collagen turns out. My nails are fragile so I hope it works. PS, I’m a nurse by background and continuing to learn.

  11. After a severe autoimmune disorder set in, three years ago I had dramatic hair loss. Daily collagen has been the most helpful factor in stopping the hair loss. I haven’t noticed regrowth, but I’m at peace with no further hair loss. I’m half way through growing out my nails from years of gel applications, so am hopeful they are healthier and stronger, either way. Collagen available in Canada seems best priced from Costco or Amazon. Cheers Jennifer!

    1. Thanks for sharing Donna. Hair loss is so hard on our confidence. Mine is in a shedding phase these days 🙁

  12. My hairdresser suggested I try Collagen several weeks ago. She has several clients who highly recommend it as their hair improved within two weeks. I have very thin, fine hair and a high forehead (I’ve been wearing wigs for years), so I thought I would try it. I found Collagen at Costco and bought the liquid and the powder. I just started using it several days ago, I thought I would try it as there aren’t any side effects and it won’t hurt you.

  13. I had a torn meniscus in my knee and subsequent surgery last year to remove all the jagged pieces. I read about collagen peptides and have been taking them now for over a year to help with joint pain. It’s hard to tell if it works because arthritis is always present and I take a number of supplements to help with join pain. But my nails grow really fast and are hard and strong and my hair grows like a weed (fast and plentiful — I’m 76). So I’m assuming that it is also working for joints.

    Sometimes the best way to tell if a supplement you’ve been taking for long term is actually working is to stop taking it for a while and see if there is any difference. That’s how I weed out those supplements that I may no longer need. When the change/result is gradual we can easily forget how painful/distressing a problem was before we started the supplement.

  14. I’ve been taking Collagen for about five months. I see no difference in my nails and as to losing weight – hasn’t helped. I hope it will help with my arthritis. It can’t reverse it but if it slows it down, I’ll be happy.

  15. I have seen the collegian supplements everywhere! I haven’t tried any yet but have been taking the biotin supplement tablets for years. There are so many supplements on the market today without any real hard, proven results. Most reviews are based on individual results that can be very subjective to a personal perception. If you started using a new facial regimen but had not used one before, you probably would notice significant improvement. I will be looking forward to your review in a couple months. I also feel that a lot of these products are not a one and done. They require a lifetime commitment. I already have an arsenal of products that I seem to need and would prefer to cut back on. I also am very cautious to ingest anything that may cause more issues than actually help.

  16. Wonderful info and looks to be a great product, one I would like to try, however the Company doesn’t ship to Canada, just an FYI for your Canadian readers.

  17. They don’t ship to Canada.☹️

  18. I started using Collagen for Her a few months ago. I put a scoopful in my coffee when I break my fast (I do IF.) No taste, never know it is there. I think it has helped my nails, hair, and skin. I hope it will benefit my joints and muscle mass.
    I didn’t know about their support of women (no surprise with a company founded by a woman.)

  19. Do you use only the powder or do you also use the capsules?

    1. I only use the Marine Collagen. I’d take the capsules but their made with animal collagen and I don’t eat meat.

  20. Rose Oelberg says:

    Yes, I have used collagen for many years and have put it in my coffee every morning. I also have very ‘thin’ dry nails after years of wearing gel/acrylic nails and feel they are getting stronger but far from perfect. Most noticeable for me are my joints, etc. I have a partial tear in my shoulder and 3 tears in my right knee…meniscus. I chose NO surgery but with physical therapy and my collagen
    I take bone broth also) I am fine and have great range of motion. I have always exercised for many years and that has done wonders for me. I am 79 years old and feel like I’m in my 60’s.
    I’m not on any medication. I am all for healthy eating, exercising, and taking vitamins and collagen.

    1. I’m more and more interested in alternative therapies as I get older. My body seems to require more and I prefer the least invasive approach I can find. I’m hopeful it will help my joints too! Thanks for sharing your experiences Rose.

  21. Thank you for this post – looking forward to hearing about your results. I just ordered, this was the push I needed. I’ve been thinking I wanted to try it and there are so many products out there that I have been just overwhelmed and kept putting off ordering something. BTW- it was cheaper on Amazon than through their website, even with the offered discount. Thanks Jennifer, I enjoy your blog alot!

  22. I decided to try this product and ordered some. I have the same issues with my hair and nails. Your code didn’t work. It said to put in a valid code, so I used the one they suggested for 10 percent off. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to try this. Thank you, Jennifer.

  23. Robin Hillyer-Miles says:

    I’ve been taking a vegan collagen tablet and might try these as well. Haven’t eaten meat since Jan. 2011. Thanks for the tip!

  24. Please keep us posted on any benefits you experience!

  25. This sounds like such a good idea, and I have been resisting taking collagen supplements because of the “bovine” issue. I know we need collagen, so I try to add bone broth made with chicken bones to recipes, but I don’t use it daily, so the marine version of this will really help. But your coupon code doesn’t work! They had their own for welcoming new customers, which was also 10%.

  26. Lee Ripley says:

    I have been using Absolute Collagen for a little over a year–it is also marine based. It comes in little sachets. It made a big difference to my nails and hair. I think it may also have benefited my slightly arthritic knees. I am 70.

    1. That makes me more excited than ever to see my results because my arthritis is getting so painful. Thanks for sharing Lee.

  27. Paulette Levy says:

    Good morning! . No I haven’t checked on this particular collagen products and GF properties, but I will. It sounds worthy of trying it. My nails are paper thin like yours but I don’t have problems with my hair. It’s thick and fairly strong. When I did have issues with hair loss after a severe sepsis bout with kidney stones and weeks in hospitals, my dermatologist suggested a product by Isdin, Lampdaphil (sp?) that is zinc, b vitamins, biotin but not collagen. id like to hear if your nails improve on Collagen for Her. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Good info, thank you. Where did you get the beautiful cup?

  29. I have been taking a collagen supplement for joint pain for almost four years. Obviously it helps since I’m still taking it! Bonus for me – it’s also helped with my paper thin nails & thinning hair!

    1. Which brand do you buy?

  30. Hi Jennifer,
    I have been taking collagen for several years now and will never be without it. Like you, I have paper thin nails, but they have always been that way. The collagen helps my hair to grow and my nails are a bit stronger. My skin looked better within a few weeks of starting, but the biggest benefit for me was that I felt like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz after he got his oil job! I am 61 and I don’t have any aches and pains. I also had osteoporosis at one time, which I have reversed with diet and exercise and I am confident that my daily collagen contributed. I have never tried a collagen cream for the collagen benefits as it is my understanding is that the molecule is too large to be absorbed. Any benefit seen is from the other active ingredients. Good luck to you! I hope you see fabulous results!

    1. That’s a wonderful endorsement! Thank you so much Dolly. It’s also hilarious the way you described it:) Have a great day.

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